What I’m Packing – Body, Hair, Nails, Skincare

We’re going on holiday on Friday!  YAAAAY!  We’re leaving early on Friday morning (very early, like 3am) and driving down to Cape Town.  Now, I know a lot of you are thinking:  “This poor girl, why on earth would you drive from Centurion to Cape Town!?”  But it’s not like that at all, we love driving down to Cape Town (for those of you who aren’t familiar with South Africa, it’s about a 14-hour drive).  Taking a road trip down is part of the fun, Neal LOVES driving (have I mentioned his obsession with cars and racing?  Not drag racing, don’t worry) and I like packing ‘padkos’ to nibble on and seeing the beauty that is South Africa.  We’ll be in Cape Town for 2 weeks and I’m actually drooling at the thought of this holiday – boy, do we need it!

Another reason why we’re taking the car, is because we are going to do a little shopping at LUSH.  Travelling down by car means ample space for LUSH goodies and wine from the wine farms.  I can’t wait!

So I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peek into what I’ll be packing for our trip.  Taking the photos for this blog post actually really helped me, because now I have all my things in one place ready to be packed into my vanity case. I’m the type of person who leaves packing until the very last minute.  This causes stress and frustration, not a good combination.  I’ll be doing a separate post for my makeup items because I always over-pack on makeup (so there will be a ‘Part 2’ to this blog post).

I try to only pack ‘travel sized’ products when we go away on holiday.  I feel like a total nut-job because I keep all my little travel-sized products reserved for holidays only.  And when we get back from holiday, I won’t finish using a specific product (unless it can go off, obviously), I’ll just keep for the next time we go away.  Does anyone else do this?

*chirp-chirp*  *chirp-chirp*

Ok then…

In addition to the products I photographed, I will also pack tool-y type things like earbuds, cotton rounds, brushes, a hair straightener (I also use my straightener to curl my hair), a shower scrunchie, toothbrush, a razor, shower cap, nail set etc.  I won’t go into too much detail why I’m packing each product because it would be a very loooong blog post.


All are sample / travel sizes except for the Balm Balm body oil, Nivea deodorant and LUSH lip scrub.

TRESemmé Conditioner (this one is in the right category, I like to use conditioner as shaving gel) | Balm Balm Relaxing Bath & Body Oil in Rose Geranium | Refillable Travel Perfume Atomiser (filled with Miss Dior Cherié | The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish | The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter | Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate | The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel | Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant | Vaseline Blue Seal (this is for my lips, I always travel with vaseline for my lips) | Various sample-sized perfumes (only one photographed) | LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub


All are sample / travel sizes except for the It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In spray, Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray and LUSH shampoo bar.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush | John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo | John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner | It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in For Blondes (this is also a heat-protectant, amongst other things) | Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine | LUSH American Cream Conditioner | LUSH Godiva Shampoo Bar | Moroccanoil Treatment Oil in Light


All are full-sized but they’re so tiny, I think they can pass as travel sizes – haha!  I’m also not packing any glitter polishes because I don’t really feel like packing tin foil.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (used as base coat) | Essence Nail Art Nail Polish Remover Ultra (best nail polish remover in the world!) | Essie Nail Corrector Pen (for clean-up, as I’m not packing any brushes) | Essie Cute As A Button | Essie Splash Of Grenadine | Essie Van D’Go | Essie Mint Candy Apple | Inglot #671 | OPI A Butterfly Moment | Mavala Quick-Finish Top Coat (fastest drying top coat I’ve tried, thanks to Chicara for the recommendation)


All are sample / travel sizes except for my Clarisonic Mia.

Clarisonic Mia | Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream | Sisley Floral Toning Lotion | Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules (there are 2 silver Skin Illuminating Night Capsules in there too) | Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream | Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser | Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover | Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser | Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Eye Cream | Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

So that’s what I’m packing on my holiday – it’s not that much, is it?



  1. Ronel Marais
    24 September 2013 / 23:46

    Wow, thats a lot of stuff to pack! LOL!

    I tend to under-pack and then have to buy stuff when I’m on holiday but Im sure you wont have that problem. 😉

    Enjoy your holiday Luzanne!

    • 25 September 2013 / 07:39

      Hahah! Neal also thinks I pack too much when we go away but he’s a guy, so I don’t really trust his judgement. 🙂

      Thanks, Ronel, I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful holiday! 🙂

  2. 25 September 2013 / 02:34

    I LOVE road trips, they have to be my favorite types of trips. My hubby and I took a road trip to Las Vegas, it was about a 14-hour drive as well, but we had so much fun! And he also loves to drive! 🙂

    I tend to leave all of my packing as a last minute thing as well, I wish I could be better at it! As far as makeup, I OVER pack as well. 😀

    I don’t think it’s too much, especially since you’ll be gone two weeks.

    I hope you have fun! Caps Town sounds wonderful, and looks beautiful! (I saw the pictures Loren posted on her blog.)

    Lily | beautywithlily.blogspot.com

    • 25 September 2013 / 07:42

      A road trip to Las Vegas sounds lovely! I wouldn’t mind taking a road trip to LV! 🙂

      Thank you, Lily – Cape Town is amazing, we always have the best time when we visit there! x

  3. Bianca
    25 September 2013 / 10:31

    Great post! Luzanne where did you get the perfume atomizer from? Have been searching for one of these for ages! x

    • 25 September 2013 / 17:47

      Thanks so much, Nicole! xxx

  4. 25 September 2013 / 13:55

    enjoy your holiday Luzanne 🙂 I hope the weather clears and you have a fantastic time! xXx

    • 25 September 2013 / 17:46

      Thanks, Cassidy! I’m lighting a candle every night for the weather to be wonderful. It can snow on the first day we’re there (I LOVE snow) but it needs to be cleared up by the second day!

      Looking forward to our coffee date when I’m back! x

  5. Chicara
    25 September 2013 / 14:16

    Have fun! Yay. You can pack all that into MY boot, thanks. 😉

    Thanks for the mention! Love the nail colours you chose for the trip. I actually love everything you’re taking. I won’t even bother with my weekend away packing post now – nowhere near as cool as yours. 😉

    Enjoy and be safe 🙂 xx

    • 25 September 2013 / 17:45

      Hahahaaaaaa! I love your comment! 🙂

      Nah, you should def do a weekend away packing post – I’d love to see what you pack.

      Thanks, we’ll definitely enjoy it! And I might return with a little sumthin’-sumthin’ for you from LUSH! x

      • Chicara
        26 September 2013 / 10:57

        Yay! Enjoy LUSH and remember go crazy in case they decide to leave S.A 😉 Ha, ha.

        And don’t forget to have some bubble tea for me. 🙂

        • 26 September 2013 / 21:24

          I will def go crazy – haha! Don’t even say that, they’ve been in SA for about a year now and I’m already getting nervous that they might leave soon! 🙁

          I can’t wait to try the Bubble Tea – Yum! xx

  6. Zee Mohlapi
    25 September 2013 / 16:28

    I might run into you in Cape Town becoz that’s where I live! You can NEVA pack too much beauty products on holiday, Luzanne! 😉 xXx

    • 25 September 2013 / 17:42

      Haha! That would be awesome, looking forward to running into you! 🙂

  7. 26 September 2013 / 18:04

    Ohhh how exciting!! I hope you have a gorgeous time away and please, please have a moment while you are in Lush for me. Just stand there and take a big ol’ sniff. Thanks 😉
    I love seeing what you pack for your trip. I also think it is a ton of stuff BUT i would much rather be prepared and have too much than not having enough. 🙂

    Do you not find the essence polish remover is a little harsher than other removers? I used it for a while and even though it works really well, I struggled with extremely dry skin and cuticles with peeling skin etc. I don’t know if it was the remover so I am scared to try it again. I did like how well it removed though. I guess I should suck it up and try it again 😉

    Hope you have a safe trip and an amazing time while you’re there. 🙂

    • 26 September 2013 / 21:31

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Michelle! x

      I will most certainly stand there and give it a lekker sniff! 🙂

      I agree, the Essence polish remover is industrial strength but that’s why I LOVE it. I tried using the normal Cutex nail polish remover today for cleanup and it was terrible, it hardly did anything! So I unpacked my Essence one and used it and I was like: Aaaaaaahhhhh… I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my cuticles, but maybe I’m not paying enough attention. 🙂

  8. Tjoppie
    27 September 2013 / 12:50

    Have a lovely time shopping in Cape Town and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

    • 2 October 2013 / 09:13

      We will! Thanks so much! x

  9. 17 November 2015 / 16:16

    I have only travel sizes make up! It is amazing how useful are they! I love traveling and I am solo traveler. It is impossible to travel with more than one backpack for me. So space is really limited in it. I love travel size packs! Best regards!

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