What I Got For Christmas

We all know I’m a Christmas fanatic, but I’ll let you in on another secret about me.  I’m VERY nosy when it comes to what people receive as gifts for Christmas.  I am subbed to quite a long list of Youtube beauty guru channels (if you would like me to suggest a few good ones, send me a mail) and towards the end of December, I spent probably more time than I probably should have, watching videos called ‘What I Got For Christmas’.

I can spend hours watching Youtube videos, period.  But a video called ‘What I Got For Christmas’ REALLY tickles my fancy, it’s almost an OCD thing where I just HAVE to know what each person got for Christmas.  I find it interesting to see how some people prefer one big gift and others (like me) prefer an array of little gifts.

Ok, so this isn’t a video…I know that’s a bit of a downer BUT you do get to see what I got for Christmas.  The other day I asked on Twitter whether some of you guys would still like to see a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ blog post from me even though we are waaaay past the festive season, and some of you guys replied with a resounding ‘YES!’.

I’ll first start off by saying that I received the below gifts, as well as a couple of bigger gifts too.  I didn’t take photos of the bigger gifts because I couldn’t get a nice shot (I’m way too OCD to just slap any photo on my blog).  So the bigger gifts that I received for Christmas, but that are not pictured are:

♥  NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto Genio – is it just me or does this little coffee machine remind you of a penguin?  As some of you guys might know, we also have a Nespresso coffee machine here at home.  I asked Neal to get me the Dolce Gusto (this one also works with pods) for my home office work area.  That way, I don’t have to worry about milk for my coffee because some of the Dulce Gusto coffee ‘flavours’ come with a milk pod too.

♥  Various NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto pods i.e. Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Chococino.

♥  A pair of Truworths Outback Red bootleg jeans.

♥  An ice crusher.  Yes, I asked for this because I prefer my drinks with crushed ice, rather than ice blocks.

♥  Homemade salted caramel sauce (my sister-in-law made it for me) and I already finished it!  I love anything salted caramel – hhhmmmmm…

Let’s get on with the photos – I won’t go into too much detail (or pricing) on the products, otherwise this post would be way too long.

Makeup & Beauty

Clicks Anti-Aging Pore-Refining Peel-Off Mask (Raspberry) | Essence Blush Stick in Miss Peachy | Smashbox Bronzer in Sunkissed Matte | Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Trio | The Body Shop Mini Body Butters (Ginger Sparkle, Vanilla Bliss, Cranberry Joy)  | Beauticology Pink Peppermint Body Butter | The Body Shop Foot File | Wet n Wild Eyeshadow in Nutty | Wet n Wild Eyeshadow in Brulee | Hey Gorgeous Watermelon Body Scrub | Beauticology Cherry Candy Cane Shower Gel | The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Hand Cream | L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Universal Rosy Blush | ghd Style Heat Protection Spray | Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Repair Balm | Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Fresh | NYX Butter Balm in Parfait | Forever New Macaroon Lip Balm Set

Kitchen & Nibbles

Pastel Measuring Cups | Pastel Measuring Spoons | Red Espresso | Watermelon Gumballs | Tea Strainer | Horlicks | KinderJoy Egg | Fireball Jawbreakers | Mr Price Hot Chocolate Mix, Marshmallows & Heart Cup | Le Creuset Pale Rose Cappuccino Mug | Beyers Carvo Caramel Vodka Chocolates (I had one and they’re not great)

Miscellaneous #1

Typo Owl Ornament | Tin (filled with fudge – yum!) reading: “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” | Typo Macaroon Mini Polaroids | Forever New Makeup Bag | Bunny Serviette Rings | Sass Diva Silver Bow Earrings | Bunny Ring Holder | Gold Sheep Storage Jar | Wood Die-Cut Deer Head

Miscellaneous #2

Accessorize Bow Flip-Flops | Woolworths Pyjamas | Urban Mint Cardigan | Urban White V-neck Top | Urban Black Boat-neck Top | Urban Neon Coral V-neck Top | Cotton On PJ Bottoms | Forever New 2014 Organiser



  1. Stephanie
    19 January 2014 / 17:58

    LOL I love when the YT girls start with there ‘What I got for Christmas’ as well. And then when they say ‘just as a disclaimer im not bragging’ I just want to say I don’t care. Shooooooow me what you got 🙂 Love all your little goodies 🙂

    • 20 January 2014 / 07:57

      Haha – I actually thought of putting that disclaimer at the beginning of my blog post but then thought: Nah, noone is going to think I’m trying to show off. Anyone who knows me personally, knows I’m not the show-off type.

      Thanks for commenting, Stephanie!

  2. Ronel Marais
    19 January 2014 / 19:39

    Whoah! You received some VERY nice gifts there, Luzanne! I love E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

    Where can I get the fireballs, they were my favorite sweets as a child. I would love to taste them again.

    Ronel x

    • 20 January 2014 / 07:58

      Thank you, Ronel! 🙂

      You can buy the fireballs at some Spar stores, or sweet shops like ‘Sweets From Heaven’ – they are SOOOO goooood! 😉

  3. Estee
    19 January 2014 / 21:50

    This is my first time commenting, although I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I love everything you received and I also got the Dolce Gusto for Christmas – I am loving it! Have you tried any of the other flavoured coffees? They’re not easy to find but they’re divine.

    Thank you for a beautiful blog.

    Estee oxo

    • 20 January 2014 / 07:59

      I haven’t been able to find the really special flavoured pods in PnP or Checkers but I recently found them on Takealot.com, so will probably buy them from there. 🙂

      And thank YOU for commenting, Estee. 🙂 x

  4. Lauren Henderson
    19 January 2014 / 22:23

    Total youtube beauty guru addict here as well *raises hand*

    Well done on doing a blog post about your Christmas gifts, tho… Making a video is way easier in my opinion! Taking photos of all the stuff must be so time consuming.

    You received some fab gifts, Luzanne – lucky girl!


    • 20 January 2014 / 08:00

      Hahahaaaa – definitely an addict here! 🙂

      I agree, videos must be a lot easier because you hold the product up and that’s it.

      Happy Monday, Lauren! 😀

  5. 20 January 2014 / 06:15

    I love seeing what others got as well! Hehe! 😀

    You got SO many amazing goodies!! Lucky you!!

    I’m such a YouTube fanatic! I watch it more than TV now! How I wish I could work up the courage to start making videos….it just looks like so much fun!! <3

    • 20 January 2014 / 08:01

      Thank you, Lily – I was spoilt with all the gifts. Boy, do I loooooove receiving gifts – I’m like a child!

      You should definitely start making Youtube videos, I’ll be your first subby! xxx

  6. Zee Mohlapi
    20 January 2014 / 07:40

    Amazing amazing amazing wow! I love shopping at Urban too, they have the best quality clothes!


    • 20 January 2014 / 08:02

      They do! And the sales people are always so helpful too!

      Thanks for commenting, Zee. 🙂

  7. Chicara
    20 January 2014 / 09:03

    Some gorgeous goodies! You were spoiled rotten! I had to take two of gifts back last week. 🙁

    Love everything! How cute is that gold sheep jar. 🙂

    Do you prefer Dolce Gusto or Nespresso?

    • 20 January 2014 / 15:22

      Oh no, what gifts did you take back?

      Check out my comment to Karishma, I explain the difference between the 2 machines. I can’t choose… 😉

      • Chicara
        21 January 2014 / 10:14

        My fossil bracelet and charm. 🙁

  8. 20 January 2014 / 10:01

    Thanks for doing this post 🙂 I loved having a snoop. You got such gorgeous things and a great mixture xxx

    • 20 January 2014 / 15:20

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Nicole (you were one of the mail reasons I did it!). 😛 xxx

  9. Karishma
    20 January 2014 / 11:17

    You got such amazing gifts!
    Do you like your Dolce Gusto better than your nespresso? I have a nespresso too but am thinking of getting a dolce Gusto for my sister.
    Love reading your blog<3

    • 20 January 2014 / 15:19

      Hhhmmm… To me, they’re 2 completely different types of coffee machines. I love the Dolce Gusto because you can make something really special with it i.e. Caramel Macchiato, Tea Latte, Iced Coffee – with the Nespresso, you can’t really do that. The Dolce Gusto pods are also a lot easier to find than the Nespresso ones (the DG pods are sold at PnP, Checkers & Game stores).

      But, Nespresso makes REALLY good coffee. Dolce Gusto also makes good coffee, but Nespresso just tastes a little bit more luxurious… In saying that, though, Neal had a Dolce Gusto Espresso pod the other day and he REALLY liked it (and he’s quite the coffee snob!).

      Thank you for your kind words, Karishma! 🙂

  10. adajeannie
    20 January 2014 / 12:04

    oh such nice goodies! Love watching those videos too *guilty* Thank you for the info on takealot. i will have to go and get other flavors seeing i also can only find limited pods. xxx

    • 20 January 2014 / 15:15

      Not sure why PnP & Checkers don’t sell the other pods too, so disappointing! But at least we can order them off Takealot – maybe we should put a combined order in? xx

  11. Tjoppie
    20 January 2014 / 13:32

    You are such a lucky girl! Great photos!

  12. KateF (FergliciousKate)
    20 January 2014 / 13:54

    I am so the same!!! I always want to know what people got for Christmas or their Birthdays! I even enjoy a good haul video!

    You got some stunning gifts!!

    • 20 January 2014 / 15:14

      Yah, me too! LOVE haul videos…I really should start doing more haul blog posts, hey?

      Thanks, Kate! xxx

  13. 20 January 2014 / 16:29

    I too love these types of posts!

  14. Mary
    20 January 2014 / 19:26

    Wow, so nice!

    I got nothing – zip, zero, nada, nil.
    That’s what happens when you’re older, divorced, childless, parents gone, only child, best friends overseas or up country, workaholic and don’t have time to cultivate new friendships. Note to self – work less, make time for others (I’m doing well, have already made one new friend this year)and start putting away money now to at least be able to buy myself a present. How’s that? 🙂

    • 21 January 2014 / 13:24

      Oh no, Mary! That sounds very sad! 🙁

      You should definitely get yourself something for Christmas and your Birthday (even if it’s a choccie).

      On the bright side, you’ve already made a new friend!! 🙂

  15. 3 December 2014 / 08:48

    I got the pastel measuring cups and spoons and the Forever New organiser last year for Christmas too hahahaha! I love that organiser beyond anything, and plan on going to Waltons to see if I can get pages to fill it for this year, as I badly want to reuse it!

    • 3 December 2014 / 15:21

      I agree, Siobhan, the organiser is fab! Just need to find the perfect inner for it for 2015…let me know if you find one, please? x

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