Unboxing – Little Black Bag ♥ Loadshedding Edition

Little Black Bag Handwritten Card

As a child, I was obsessed with lucky packets…  The thrill of opening up a surprise bag filled with sweeties and little toys totally rocked my world back then.  Today, at the ripe ol’ age of 32, I still adore surprises!  I love discovering new subscription box services here in South Africa, and when Chantelle tweeted about ‘Little Black Bag’ about a month ago, I immediately signed up to receive their May 2015 box (or bag in this case).  I’ve reviewed monthly subscription boxes from Lucky Dog, Retail Box, Elephantshoe and Rubybox during the past 2 years, you can go take a look at those blog posts here.

Little Black Bag (LBB) is a once-off or monthly subscription service, here’s how it works:

♥  Join Little Black Bag by selecting their 1-month, 3-month or 6-month subscription service.

♥  Each ‘LBB’ costs R 249,00 per month, and they provide discounted monthly fees if you opt for a 3- or 6-month subscription.

♥  Pay for your monthly ‘LBB’ by entering your credit card details.  If it’s a once-off box, your account will be debited once only but if you opt for a 3- or 6-month service, your account will be debited each month for the remained of the subscription service period.

♥  Add your delivery details (name, address, contact number) – delivery is FREE.

♥  Unwrap your ‘LBB’ filled with handpicked designer fashion, home décor, beauty and food items.

♥  Each month features an array of products with a specific theme, for example:  May 2015 = Loadshedding, April 2015 = Eggtastic, March 2015 = Change Of The Season Essentials, February 2015 = Be Our Valentine, January 2015 = Stop. Pause. Rewind.

♥  You’ll always receive full-size products.  It’s such a relief because I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t deal with any more sample- & travel sized products (it just feels like it’s never worth the money).

♥  Your bag will be sent via courier service & I’m happy to report everything arrived in 1 piece.  The bag was packaged snug as a bug in a larger box, with a big ‘FRAGILE’ sticker on each side of the box.

♥  Each ‘LBB’ bag contains all your lovely goodies, a handwritten note (love the personal touch!), plus an informational pamphlet telling you a little bit more about each product you received.  The card also indicates the value of each of the items included in the box, plus a total value.

♥  You need to sign up for your ‘LBB’ bag before the end of each month, to receive the bag for the following month.  That means, if you would like to receive the June 2015 bag, you have until Sunday midnight to sign up.

Little Black Bag Loadshedding Edition

As mentioned above, the May 2015 box / bag was filled with goodies to help make those loadshedding evenings a little bit more bearable & enjoyable.  I think this month’s bag was such a cute idea, especially since most of us loathe loadshedding.  I think I just invented a new word: “Loatheshedding” – haha!

Let’s take a look at what I received in the #loadshedding themed ‘LBB’ bag this month:

Little Black Bag Treat Company Marshmallows

First up we have a delicious bag filled with squishy marshmallows from the Treat Company.  You can see these aren’t just any marshmallows sold at your local supermarket, these are the good quality stuff.  Roasted marshies are some of my favourite treats, there’s nothing quite like biting into a warm marshmallow with a smoky & crunchy outer and soft & gooey inner.  Value = R 49,00.

We also received a wooden marshmallow roasting stick, I think it looks quite rustic & cool!  Value = R 49,00.

Little Black Bag Abstract Lantern Long Matches

Next up we received a very unique abstract lantern, I love how old school it looks.  We’ve already tested it out and it creates a relaxing ambient light, plus you can pop the glass top off to roast those marshmallows too!  The wooden design with glass top is the perfect mix of modern meets vintage.  A tealight was also included.  Value = R 159,00.

The next item was probably one of my favourite items included in the bag – Light ‘Em Up long matches.  I know it sounds silly / trivial, but these old school long matches really float my boat!  I also love that they took the time & effort to brand the box.  Value = R 39,00.

Little Black Bag Deck Cards

We also received a little something to help get us through those 2+ hours of loadshedding, plus perhaps make a bit of money too!

Little Black Bag Jumbo Deck Cards

Included in the box was a deck of jumbo playing cards.  You can obviously use the cards to play Snap, Old Maid, Go Fish, Rummy or…POKER!  The informational pamphlet mentioned something about a ‘friendly game of poker’ but I have no idea what that means.  *chuckle*  Why not make an extra bit of cash to spend on makeup or other beauty products?

Little Black Bag Deck Cards Poker

Challenge your partner, friend or family member to a game of poker but make sure you understand all the rules of the game.  Little Black Bag kindly included a paper that shows you the poker hand rankings, plus a short pencil to keep score.  Value = R 59,00.

Little Black Bag Ralo Cosmetics Nail Polishes

Lastly we also received 2 nail polishes from Ralo Cosmetics – a neon pink (glow in the dark) and a neon orange-y yellow shade.  To be honest, I didn’t really care for these 2 nail polishes as I’m not the biggest fan of Ralo products.  I swatched the 2 nail polishes for interest sake, and found they were very sheer.  Value = R 45,00.

The total value of the May 2015 #Loadshedding bag was R 400,00 – not bad for a subscription price of R 249,00!

So, there you have it!  Let me know if you think I should sign up for the June 2015 ‘Little Black Bag’…  Or do you know of any other interesting subscription box / bag service that I need to check out?

Remember, if you would like to sign up for the June 2015 bag from Little Black Bag, then you’ll have to sign up before this week Monday.  Click here to go check out their website.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!  And don’t forget to enter my #BeautySpree R500 Voucher giveaway, and my Beanies Stash Box giveaway.  The Spree voucher giveaway ends TODAY!



  1. 29 May 2015 / 11:09

    wow this Little black bag looks really amazing. I am so tempted to subscribe 🙂 And i think you should sign up for June 🙂

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:45

      I think you’re right! 😉

  2. Geraldine
    29 May 2015 / 11:13

    Yes, Yes! sign up for June as well, I’d love to see what’s included in the next box!

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:45

      Ok, cool! Holding thumbs it’s a good one again! 🙂

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:46

      I agree, it’s a very unique concept & I like that they include all kinds of different goodies…

  3. Talya
    29 May 2015 / 11:29

    Love the idea of this one! So much better than just getting a bunch of samples. Please get the next box as well, and if its a good one, I will sign up for the next!!!

    🙂 Talya

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:46

      Agree 100%! Ok, let’s see what the June 2015 bag holds…

  4. Rhea
    29 May 2015 / 11:31

    I am so glad that i have signed up for June. This is a very cute concept!

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:47

      Yay! I hope it’s a good one again! 🙂

  5. 29 May 2015 / 11:38

    I loved the May bag! I have high hopes for the following months.

  6. Missy
    29 May 2015 / 11:39

    Tempting 🙂

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:47

      Thanks for popping by the blog, Missy. 🙂

  7. Kele
    29 May 2015 / 11:56

    I am also tempted!

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:48

      You won’t be disappointed! 😀

  8. Kele
    29 May 2015 / 11:57

    I think for not to sign up it will such a “I should have kinda thing” so YES do sign up! it looks great!

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:48

      I totally agree with you, Kele. Wouldn’t want to miss out… I’ll sign up for the June box again! 🙂

  9. Lida Bruwer
    29 May 2015 / 12:08

    What a great idea for a subs box!!! 😉 Please sign up for the next one, I’d love to see what you get.

    Very keen on this concept, I’m also totally over the whole sample size subs boxes!

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:48

      Done, I’ll sign up for the June bag tonight. 🙂

  10. Qondiswa N
    29 May 2015 / 13:09

    A fab idea for a monthly box, this looks so interesting! Very intrigued to see what will be in the next box. 😀

    • 29 May 2015 / 13:49

      Me too, I think I shall sign up for the next one! 😉

  11. farzana
    29 May 2015 / 13:52

    Pls check out the Ooh! Box and The Smile Box, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    I like the look of this Little Black Bag box tho, might sign up for the next one.


    • 3 June 2015 / 17:23

      I’ll definitely check them out, thanks Farzana! 🙂

  12. Lalannie
    29 May 2015 / 13:53

    This is different. Yes, please sign up again. I have signed up to other boxes before and usually get disappointed afterwards, so let’s see what June holds.

    • 3 June 2015 / 17:24

      I signed up for the June box / bag again & will feature it on the blog again… It looks like it has something to do with rainy days or rainy weather. 😉

  13. Pietrie Morton
    29 May 2015 / 14:12

    Wow DAAI lantern!! Definitief waarde vir geld, was 2 jaar ‘n Rubybox subscriber en die samples is nie altyd genoeg om die full experience te kry nie. Sal definitief gaan kyk na die LBB xxx

    • 3 June 2015 / 17:25

      Dis ‘n mooi lantern, nê? Baie spesiaal! Dankie dat jy by die blog kom inloer het, Pietrie. 🙂

    • 3 June 2015 / 17:25

      I’ve never signed up for a Lingerie letter… I’ve thought about it, but just never got round to it. Perhaps I’ll sign up for their July letter. 🙂

    • Sammy
      1 March 2016 / 16:46

      I am receiving their panties every month and loving the treat. Lingerieletters is SA’s best kept secret for sure. You won’t regret it!!!!!!!! Everyone should sign up for a panty in the post 😉

  14. Sarah
    29 May 2015 / 21:05

    Yes lingerieletters have the cutest knickers! Got a gift subscription from a friend for my birthday last year and loved the pairs I got sent! Worth checking out!

    • 3 June 2015 / 17:26

      Sounds great – will definitely check them out! 🙂

      • Sammy
        1 March 2016 / 16:43

        I also got it as a gift subscription but signed up for myself after the 3 months. LOVE it. It is really worth checking out. My fiance also got me a cute nightie from them for Valentine’s day 😉

  15. Tjoppie
    1 June 2015 / 12:05

    Lovely memories, my girl always on the look out for lucky packets! Love the great variety of goodies you received!

    • 3 June 2015 / 17:26

      Such an interesting & unique idea to do a lifestyle themed subscription service like this! 🙂

  16. 3 June 2015 / 17:22

    Ah I was a total Lucky Packet girl too! I hate sweets even as a kid so whenever we got to choose something mine would always be a Lucky Packet. Love that the Little Black Box is a mix of things not just beauty or lifestyle.

    • 3 June 2015 / 17:28

      So true, Abby – it’s great that there’s a real mixture of different things. I think LBB is going to do really well in the future. 🙂

  17. Marné
    11 June 2015 / 10:30

    Hi, my name is Marné. I am a total subscription box addict.
    Thank you for fuelling my addiction, I will be forever grateful 🙂 lol.

    LOVE this idea, and just love the way you write about it. Be blessed Luzanne, and many more happy writing/reviewing/blogging hours for you to come xx

    PS, have you ever checked out The Test Box’s monthly subs box? = Hair care. Even though it’s sample sizes, I think it’s pretty good value for money xx

  18. Lez
    11 November 2016 / 08:24

    Hi Luzanne,
    I have just come across your blog for the very first time! Arrived here because I am looking for reviews on Little Black Bag in South Africa. There aren’t any apart from yours & another blogger amazingly! Please could you be really honest with me & let me know if it really is worth the money? I want to subscribe, but just need to know it isn’t a load of rubbish as so many sub boxes are. Did you carry on with the subscription after June? Many thanks 🙂

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