Smoothie Sunday – Chilled Eggnog

So technically this isn’t really a smoothie recipe (it contains no fruit AND wasn’t made in a blender)…  But I wanted to keep with the smoothie tradition, so I decided to create my own chilled Eggnog recipe.  We do not have white Christmases in South Africa (I wish we did!), we have hot & humid Christmases.  And that’s why I’m doing a chilled Eggnog today.

Let me just say:  I LOVE Eggnog.  If done the right way, it’s deliciously creamy and reminds me of pancake batter (yes, I am one of thoooose people who eat raw pancake batter).  But if the whole idea of raw egg freaks you out, don’t fret, I cook my Eggnog on the stove  first and then chill it.

The amount of ingredients below make about 500ml, so if you’re having friends / family over, then double or triple the measurements.  This is a super easy recipe, I promise.  If I can do it, you can do it!


♥  2 Whole Eggs

♥  1 Egg White

♥  1 Cup Milk (low fat or full fat)

♥  1/4 (quarter) Cup Honey / Agave Syrup (I used a mixture of both)

♥  Pinch Of Salt

♥  Pinch Of Cinnamon (depends how spicy you like your drink)

♥  Pinch Of Nutmeg (depends how spicy you like your drink)

♥  1/3 (third) Cup Low-Fat Greek Yoghurt

♥  1/2 (half) Teaspoon Rum (or Sherry) – I added a bit more Rum after the drink was chilled

♥  1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract (or Vanilla Essence)

♥  Ice


Prepare an ice bath (a big bowl filled with iced water and a couple of ice cubes).  In a double boiler (I just used 2 pots stacked on top of each other), whisk together the milk, whole eggs, egg white, honey, Agave syrup and salt.  Heat up the mixture, whisking constantly, until it reaches 75 degrees Celsius.  If you don’t have a thermometer, 75 degrees means the liquid is hot but NOT boiling.  If you don’t keep whisking the mixture, it might curdle (become scrambled eggs) so put some elbow grease into it and WHISK!  It only takes about 5 minutes…  I have absolutely NO strength in my arms and the whisking part was no big deal for me, so you’ll be fine.

Transfer the mixture to a bowl sitting on top of the ice bath and chill, whisking occasionally.  Add the yoghurt , vanilla extract, rum, nutmeg and cinnamon.  Once the mixture is chilled pour into your favourite glass / jar and sprinkle with cinnamon.  If you make this on a particularly hot day, chill in the fridge for a couple of hours first before serving.

This Eggnog recipe is a bit healthier than your average Eggnog recipe because I substituted the cream for low-fat Greek yoghurt.  To be honest, though, there are no beauty or health benefits to drinking this wonderfully delicious drink.  There is, however, a psychological benefit – it makes you happy because it’s Christmas in a glass.  Enjoy!



  1. Betsie
    22 December 2013 / 18:27

    Oooh that looks Wonderful! I will try this on xmas morning.

    Thanks Luzanne…

    • 23 December 2013 / 08:48

      Let me know if you enjoy the Eggnog, Betsie, and have a lovely Christmas!

  2. alissa
    22 December 2013 / 19:28

    Your photos are incredible, wow!

    This sounds so tasty, will definitely make it!! ♥

    • 23 December 2013 / 08:47

      Thank you so very much for your kind words, Alissa! 🙂

  3. Chicara
    22 December 2013 / 23:20

    Yummy! I also love eggnog but I’ve never made it myself. I will definitely give this a go. Fab pics as always! 🙂

    • 23 December 2013 / 08:47

      Thanks so much, Chicara! It’s really easy to make, just have to keep whisking… 😉

  4. 22 December 2013 / 23:39

    Love eggnog – fond memories of my mum and sister making it. Your smoothie Sundays are too cool

    • 23 December 2013 / 08:45

      Thank you so much, Anjana! And I hope you have a lovely festive season! 🙂

  5. 23 December 2013 / 01:31

    I’ve actually never tried eggnog, it has never really sound appealing to me, I do want to try it, but I have to say I’m rather scared. Haha! I don’t know what to expect.

    I can’t imagine having a hot, humid Christmas, but I’m sure you are used to it, since that’s all you guys have.

    Happy Holidays my dear friend!! <3

    • 23 December 2013 / 08:44

      Wow! Really? I though Eggnog was a big thing in the US?

      I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Lily. xxx

  6. Stephanie
    23 December 2013 / 01:46

    I am so trying this!!!! Love your set up 😉

    • 23 December 2013 / 08:44

      Thanks, Stephanie! 🙂

  7. Tjoppie
    24 December 2013 / 11:45

    Hope I get to taste some of the lovely eggnog you described! Cute pic!

    • 26 December 2013 / 18:23

      Maybe next Christmas, mom! 🙂

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