Review – Stella McCartney POP Bluebell EDP

Stella McCartney POP Bluebell

Today we’re taking a look at the new Stella McCartney POP Bluebell fragrance, mainly because I’ve been REALLY into fragrances lately.  I tend to stick to the fragrances that I know and love (my signature fragrances) but these days I’m really trying to dip my toes a little bit more into trying different scents.  You may / may not know that fresh, fruity and slightly sweet fragrances have always been my go-to (and they still are) but there’s nothing wrong with trying something new every now & again…right?

Because of this, I’ll be featuring fragrances a bit more often here on the blog going forward – and I might be able to arrange a giveaway (or five) to spoil you guys.  Reviewing fragrances is a tricky thing, mainly because the ‘smell-o-vision’ is yet to be invented.  By the way, can someone please get on that ASAP?

I always try to include as much info about the top, middle, and base notes of each fragrance & explain what it smells like to ME – but – it will be best if you pop in to your local department store to go give it a sniff (if it sounds like the type of fragrance you might enjoy wearing).

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Stella McCartney POP Bluebell Eau De Parfum is an intriguing new twist in the story of Stella McCartney’s original POP fragrance.  In POP Bluebell, though, the generation of pioneering young women Stella celebrated in the original scent take their journey deeper, darker, in a reflective mood (born of experience and their developing inner strength).  Where POP was a celebration of uniqueness, authenticity and adventure – embracing life supported by your friends – POP Bluebell takes these qualities into even more assertive and self-assured territory.  Stella McCartney explains: “True and lasting friendships are how we grow, creating a deeper sense of intimacy, generosity and courage.  The Bluebell flower reflects this perfectly.  It’s extremely beautiful, however, its principal quality is strength. It gives itself the firmest foundations so that it’s ready to bloom.”

Known for its delicate, yet very distinctive scent, the English Bluebell brings a new balance, depth and personality to the original POP’s Tuberose and Sandalwood.  POP Bluebell tempers the bright, delicate, and dewy bloom of the Bluebell with a deep and intriguingly sensual sandalwood base.  During Autumn, the English Bluebell buries its root system deep within the earth to establish a firm foundation for its future.  It chooses its environment – protected under woodland canopies – then owns it, never to be toppled or uprooted.  Then, in Spring, it can flower forth, expressing its vibrancy and individuality; nature at its most elegant and exuberant.

I remember when I lived in Scotland, I was always so fascinated by the beautiful flora Edinburgh boasted during the Spring and Summer months.  These iconic blue-purple flowers and multi-coloured Tulips were my absolute favourites during the warmer months.  What I found even more fascinating, was that I never saw a single soul pick the flowers in the parks or on the side of the road (I imagine wild Bluebells and Tulips would probably be picked even before they had a chance to bloom here in South Africa).

Did you know? The English Bluebell is an endangered species and it is illegal to pick it.  Unlike other Bluebells, it boasts an incredible fragrance: Bright, delicate, and dewy.  POP Bluebell uses biomimicry out of respect to this precious flower – this means that the flower’s distinctive scent can be captured without any damage to the plant, or its existence in its natural state. It also makes POP Bluebell the first perfume to capture the flower’s actual scent, rather than an interpretation.

Let’s quickly talk about top, middle and base notes of a fragrance (I often get asked what the difference is).  Every fragrance features 3 classes of notes, these are descriptions of scents that are smelled (smelt?) when you spritz a perfume on your skin.  Top notes are sensed immediately after application, and consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly.  They form the initial impression of a perfume and thus are very important (for me, the top notes need to be pleasant otherwise I probably won’t buy the fragrance).  Middle notes emerge just before the top notes fade, and form the ‘heart’ of a fragrance.  They often mask the sometimes unpleasant initial impression of intense / overpowering base notes, which become more pleasant with time.  The scent of middle note compounds is usually more mellow and rounded, and will appear anywhere from 2 minutes to 1 hour after application of the fragrance.  Base notes usually appear close to the departure of the middle notes (the base and middle notes are the main theme of a fragrance), and bring depth and ‘staying power’.  Base note compounds are used to hold and boost the strength of the lighter top & middle notes, and consist of large, heavy molecules that evaporate slowly.


♥  Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Green Mandarin, Tomato Leaf.

♥  Middle Notes: Bell Flower, Violet, Tuberose, Frangipani.

♥  Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk.

I really, REALLY like this fragrance!  It smells fresh and youthful, perfect for the Spring and Summer months ahead.  If you are someone who likes a floral and slightly sweet fragrance that is both uplifting and easy-to-wear, then I highly recommend you check this one out!  POP Bluebell also has great staying power without being overpowering, plus I’ve receive quite a few compliments since I started wearing it.  Neal is very much the type of guy who will comment on the fragrance I’m wearing – without fail, he has said something along the lines of “You smell pretty!” each time I’ve worn Stella McCartney POP Bluebell.  This fragrance is definitely a winner in my book!


Stella McCartney POP Bluebell EDP retails for R815,00 (30ml), R1105,00 (50ml) or R1475,00 (100ml) at selected department stores nationwide.  If you’re keen on giving this lovely fragrance a sniff, then head over to Edgars and Red Square stores.



  1. 23 August 2017 / 18:37

    This sounds very interesting. I hate sweet fruit scents and this doesn’t sound like one. I’m definitely going to check it out. I am in the market for a new scent.

    Your perfume reviews are amazing and so detailed! I literally don’t think I could ever do one. lol.

  2. Brooke Marshall
    23 August 2017 / 18:39

    Definitely want to go to Edgars to smell this, it sounds right up my alley.

    Thanks, Luzanne 🙂

  3. kendra
    23 August 2017 / 19:24

    I love the look of the bottle, very chic and minimalistic. Perfume giveaways would be amazing, Luzanne, becoz I can’t afford to buy myself nice perfumes. 😀

  4. Nandi R
    24 August 2017 / 11:16

    Hierdie parfuum klink asof dit so lekker ruik, ek wil defnitief ‘n draai by die winkels gaan maak hierdie naweek.

    Dankie, Luzanne xxxxxxx

  5. geraldine
    24 August 2017 / 11:31

    So glad to hear you’ll be doing more fragrance reviews! I really love your reviews because they’re always so interesting and detailed. 🙂

  6. Jenny
    24 August 2017 / 17:44

    Hi Luzanne, thank you for this review. My birthday is coming up, so I might ask my hubby to get this for me as a gift. 😉

  7. Nita
    24 August 2017 / 17:56

    Loved this review and your photos are amazing!!!!!

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