Review – NEW! Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Review

Happy Monday, lovelies!  I’m here to give you the lowdown on the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks – look & feel, ingredients, how-to, pricing…everything you need to know!  I have been a HUGE fan of sheet masks since they first arrived on the market (I think Sorbet was the first brand in South Africa to create these types of face masks) – they’re quick & easy to use, plus you can leave a sheet mask on your face for way longer than the packaging says and it won’t turn your skin into a raisin (clay-based masks) or melt the skin off your face (AHA / BHA masks).

I remember the very first time I used a sheet mask: “It was on a dark Summer’s night, the wind was howling outside, and the lights went out…  Neal (an avid mountain biker) was busy working on one of his bikes in the garage, when suddenly he heard a door creak…  He could hear footsteps approaching, but didn’t know where they were coming from…  UNTIL…  A face appeared behind him (with a flashlight shining underneath the face #scaryflashlightface), Neal could hear shallow breathing behind him, so he quickly turned around…  He screamed like a girl, and ran away.”  Okay, that was a bit dramatic BUT it really was at night (the lights were on though), and as I was walking toward the kitchen, Neal came around the corner and literally jumped backward when he saw me (plus he did give a little shriek).  There’s no denying these sheet masks are fun – they make you look like Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th reference), and I kinda like that!

** Neal, if you reading this…  I love you, but you know these masks scare you – haha! **

So, without further ado…let’s take a look at the 3 new Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks from Garnier.  Are they different to your regular ol’ sheet masks that have been around for ages?  Keep on reading, I got you covered!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Replumping Mask Review

Asian beauty products have become super mainstream during the past few years – cushion makeup, lip tints, BB creams, bubble masks, CC creams, and the humble sheet mask.  The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks are inspired by Asian skincare trends, and serve as a bomb of hydration to achieve replumped, energized & glowy skin.

The Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks contain 100% natural cellulose fibre tissue that adheres perfectly to your facial contours and works like a hydrating compress by infusing every part of the face with moisture.  Each mask contains Hyaluronic Acid, a hydrating serum, and natural actives that quench the skin by recharging the superficial layers of the epidermis with moisture.

Super Hydrating Replumping Mask For Dehydrated Skin – The mask in the blue packaging (above) is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, a hydrating serum and superfood Pomegranate extract.  It enhances skin radiance and reduces fine lines, whilst refreshing and quenching skin for intense rehydration.  Certain compounds present in Pomegranates stop certain enzymes from breaking down collagen, they also assist in the growth of fibroblasts (cells that produce elastin and fiber to ensure that your skin remains smooth and supple).  Free radical damage often leads to problems like age spots and hyperpigmentation – Pomegranate extract is very beneficial in this regard because it protects the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and facilitates cell regeneration in the epidermis and dermis (inner layer).  The result?  A fresh and radiant complexion.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Soothing Mask Review

Super Hydrating Soothing Mask For Dry & Sensitive Skin – This mask is infused with Chamomile extract (a flower known for its soothing and calming properties), as well as Hyaluronic Acid and a hydrating serum.  It promises to relieve sensations of tightness and rehydrate the skin.  Skin is left feeling soft, soothed, and best of all…super comfortable.  Remember, sensitive skin can also be problematic skin that is prone to acne breakouts, redness and overall sensitivity.  Chamomile extract really is a great active ingredient that is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic too (not just soothing).  It’s also high in antioxidants, which helps reduce acne inflammation & breakouts AND actually increases the penetration & effectiveness of other skincare products.  Chamomile is the type of ingredient you want to include in your skincare routine (whether you  have normal skin, acne prone skin, dry skin, or pigmentation areas) because it purifies the skin, increases skin repair, and promotes a healthy glowing complexion as it heals and restores.  This one might just be my favourite one out of all three masks!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Rebalancing Mask Review

Super Hydrating Rebalancing Mask For Normal To Combination Skin – This mask is infused with a hydrating serum, Hyaluronic Acid, and Green Tea extract (known for its mattifying properties).  It promises to rebalance the skin for a mattified, purified complexion with tighter pores.  Because Green Tea extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, it protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals (environmental pollution and the sun’s UVA & UVB rays).  It’s also a good anti-inflammatory agent that reduces inflammation (acne breakouts), and helps to inhibit collagenase (a collagen-reducing enzyme that breaks down collagen) to maintain firm, plump and supple skin.  This one is not suitable for sensitive skin (the other two are), mainly because its mattifying properties.


In the Asian beauty world, sheet masks are typically aimed at daily use and not the occasional once-a-week treat (I’m sure that’s why Asian women’s complexions are so glowy and healthy-looking).  Realistically speaking, I don’t see myself having the time or money to pop a sheet mask on every single day.  That’s why it’s important for me to choose products that really pack a punch – for example, these Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks contain a whole week’s worth of hydrating serum (it’s a lot more intense than most other affordable sheet masks I’ve used).  I’m not saying you should replace your everyday serum with one of these masks, but it is a nice add-on to give your skin a boost.

Each sheet mask features 2 layers – a soft 100% natural cellulose fiber sheet, plus a protective blue film.  I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure why the ‘protective film’ is included because you peel it off as soon as you’ve applied the tissue mask to your face.  I’ll ask Garnier about this, and will update the blog post as soon as I have received feedback from them.

Getting back to the actual tissue mask that remains on your face – it’s drenched in a cocktail of all the skin-saving ingredients (but doesn’t drip).  Not only does it feed the serum into the skin, it locks it in place too.  Each mask contains enough serum / essence to keep it on your face (without slipping or sliding around) for longer than the recommended 15 minutes.  I’ve been writing this blog post for about 30 minutes now and I STILL have the Rebalancing Mask on my face.  The mask stretches quite easily and clings to your skin so every nook & cranny gets the good stuff.  The mask has several openings for the eyes, nose, mouth and even the ears (so that you can hook the mask around your ears).  I have rather large features, and found that although these masks fit perfectly on and around my face, I wasn’t able to hook the slits around my ears.  It’s definitely not a train smash, because like I mentioned earlier, the mask stays put (even when you’re sitting in an upright position).  As the serum is absorbed into the skin, the mask does start to get a bit drier and dare I say a teeny tiny bit ‘stiffer’ but it still feels very comfortable on the skin.

As soon as the mask is applied to the face, it feels super hydrating and refreshing (during the hot Summer months you can even pop it in the fridge beforehand to give your skin a nice cooling treat).  After removing the sheet mask, you can either leave the leftover serum to absorb into your skin or you can wipe it away with a cotton pad.  If you’re planning on applying makeup after using one of these masks, I recommend removing the excess serum with a cotton pad because once absorbed, it does leave the skin looking quite shiny.  I like to give my skin a treat during the evening, and since it’s part of my night-time skincare routine I usually leave the serum on until the next morning.

It’s important to remember that certain skincare ingredients produce results immediately, some can take a few hours, and others can take a few weeks.  When it comes to these types of masks, it’s more about how my skin FEELS afterwards (refreshed, soothed, hydrated), rather than how my skin looks.  The active ingredients will deliver noticeable results after continued use (clearer, glowy and more radiant skin), but you’ll have to be patient.

The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks are a cheap and cheerful way to give your skin an instant dose of moisture with minimal effort (whether you’re at home or travelling).  When I compare these Garnier masks to other locally available masks, there is definitely a difference in how my skin feels afterwards.  When I used the Hydrating Soothing Mask this past weekend, I forgot to apply my moisturiser afterwards and my skin still felt super soft and hydrated after watching 4 episodes of Game Of Thrones (each episode is 1 hour long).


If you’ve never used a sheet mask before, it’s super quick & easy!  Tear open the packaging and carefully unfold the mask.  Apply the white tissue side to cleansed skin and peel off the protective blue film (it should be the outer layer).  Adjust the mask to the contours of your face, you can pull and stretch the mask to cover your face all the way up to your hairline and all the way down to your jawline.  Plus, like I mentioned earlier you can try to hook the ear slits around your ears but I found it to be difficult.  Leave the mask on for 15 minutes (I like to leave it on for longer), then gently peel the mask away.  You are more than welcome to massage any remaining serum into your skin or remove the excess using a cotton pad.


The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks retail for R49,95 each at Clicks, Dis-Chem, and Foschini stores.  You can also purchase them in the Foschini For Beauty online store right now!



  1. 28 August 2017 / 18:12

    Oooh! These look amazing! Thank you so much for your thorough review. Looking forward to trying these, especially the one containing green tea. I haven’t seen them at my local Dischem yet but will definitely be keeping a close eye for when they hit the shelves.


  2. Nita
    28 August 2017 / 19:47

    Awesome review, thanx Luzanne. Im going to buy all 3 when I see them at the shops. 🙂

  3. Angela v H
    28 August 2017 / 20:32

    Wow! These look so cool, and I like the fact that they have a double layer. Even though you don’t know why lol, but it seems so high-tech. 😀

    Love your blog Luzanne, thank you for always posting such beautiful content. X

  4. Samantha Herald
    28 August 2017 / 22:16

    Lol love your humour!! I don’t blame Neal though, those masks make people look like serial killers 😉

  5. Desi Chamberlain
    29 August 2017 / 10:46

    Oooh can’t wait to get my hands on these!

  6. 29 August 2017 / 11:37

    I ordered one of the blue masks (it was before they expanded the range) and I LOVED it! It was much juicier than other sheet masks I’d tried, yet still didn’t drip, and it made a big difference to how tight my skin had been feeling.
    I’ve found these in the Foschini at the Pavilion in KZN, but only the blue and green, not the pink. I was a bit disappointed, as I’m not too excited by the green one, as my skin needs soothing or hydrating more than re-balancing. I did pop 2 of the blue ones in my basket though, and I plan on slapping it on tonight while I catch up on Jamestown – if you haven’t watched it, it’s SO good!

  7. Brooke Marshall
    29 August 2017 / 11:45

    Definitely want to get the pink mask, my skin has been so dry and sensitive lately.

  8. paula
    29 August 2017 / 12:01

    Thank you for this review, Luzanne. I love how you always introduce us to the latest beauty products. XX

  9. 29 August 2017 / 12:51

    I am obsessed with sheet masks, so will definitely look out for these! Great review.

    And LOL…yes I love how creepy these look on the face. The oxygen bubble one is also a goodie. he he.

  10. ziyanda
    29 August 2017 / 13:32

    LOL loved the part about Neal 😀 😀 😀

    I have never used a sheet mask but will go buy one of these to see what all the hype is about. My friends love them and since you love them they must be good


  11. 29 August 2017 / 16:16

    I definitely have to try the one for dry skin! Camomile works wonders for my skin usually! With regards to the blue protective sheet, I recently received a few sheet masks from Hong Kong. The protecting later helps you put the mask on. Usually the mask just sticks together if the protective layer isn’t there, especially with the super thin masks 🙂 hope I’m making sense!

  12. Melanie Moodie
    5 September 2017 / 08:59

    Thank you for the great review 🙂

    I definitely cannot wait to try these- mostly the green tea one! I haven’t seen them around yet but I will definitely be grabbing a few when I do 😉

    Looking forward to the next post xxx

  13. Alison Smith
    8 December 2017 / 07:47

    I worked in the UK for 8 months recently and was using the Garnier SkinActive Multi-Protecting Hydrating Mist. It’s an awesome product, just spray on and go! Unfortunately it’s not available in SA, any idea if/when it’ll be available?

  14. Reza-Astrid
    19 December 2017 / 15:20

    I just bought the pink mask today and I was looking for reviews! Thank you for being so incredible. I love this! I’m excited to use it .

  15. 16 August 2018 / 12:26

    Very nice review….
    I definitely can’t wait to try these 🙂

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