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Real Techniques South Africa Review

Hey beauties!  I have some great news to share with you today – Real Techniques South Africa now has a dedicated online store where you can shop their all brushes to your heart’s content.  Over the past few years I’ve become that person, you know which one I’m talking about…right?  The person who prefers to shop online for almost everything – mainly because I can shop in my PJs with a little dog snoozing on my lap, all while sipping on a glass of wine.  What’s not to love?  Plus, there’s none of that heavy lifting with a basket filled with products AND best of all….no queues!

Real Techniques is a brand that has become a regular here on Pink Peonies blog, and I’ve written many reviews on their makeup brushes and Miracle Complexion Sponge.  If you would like to read up on Real Techniques as a brand (how the colour coding of the ferrules work, whether they’re a cruelty-free brand etc.) take a look at this blog post.

I thought it might also be helpful to list all the Real Techniques products I’ve reviewed and featured here on the blog or on my YouTube channel (in case you might be interested in purchasing some brushes for yourself):

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The local Real Techniques online store stocks all the brushes and sponges currently available in South Africa (even the small Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges) and I imagine they’ll be the first to release any new brushes / sets / sponges that launch locally.  Super fast courier delivery is FREE for orders over R350,00 and you are able to track our order on their website too.

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set Review

When the lovely people at Real Techniques SA first told me about the new online store, they also sent over some of their new brush sets for me to test out.  So, I reckoned I’d share my thoughts on the kits in this blog post as there might be something that tickles your fancy.

First up, we have the Flawless Base Set featuring 4 brushes AND a handy-dandy brush cup!  Three of the four brushes are new and improved versions of the brushes in the Core Collection Set (Buffing Brush, Detailer Brush, and Contour Brush), and then there’s also a brand new brush called the Square Foundation Brush.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been using Real Techniques brushes for years and so I know what each brush is best used for in any makeup routine.  The Square Foundation Brush features densely packed bristles to apply and build coverage with any liquid foundation (think of it as a large version of a flat eye definer brush).  You can also use the unique shape of this brush to apply cream contour products to specific areas of the face (even down the sides of the nose).  The Buffing Brush is more fluffy and will be your BFF when it comes to buffing and blending out your liquid, cream and even powder foundations; plus I also love using this brush to apply and blend my cream bronzer and / or blush products. I like to use the Detailer Brush as a concealer brush to spot conceal, clean up around the edge of the lips; or as a lip brush to apply lipstick.  And the trusty Contour Brush works like a charm to apply and blend any contour or highlight products (cream, liquid, or powder).

The plastic Brush Cup is a really nice touch, and is large enough to fit a couple of extra brushes inside.

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review

Next up we’re taking a look at the Sculpting Set featuring 3 brushes, as well as a brush cup to keep them organised.  The idea behind this set is to give you the tools to accentuate your favourite features, and enhance your natural bone structure.  The Sculpting Brush is a soft angled brush containing densely packed bristles to apply and blend cream / liquid bronzer or contour products.  The shape of the brush really helps to lay down your contour in a precise area, especially the cheekbones because it fits the hollow of the cheeks so perfectly.  Because the brush is slightly larger (and softer) than some of my other contour brushes, I hardly have to do much to blend out my cream contour products…it does the blending for you!  The Setting Brush is one of my favourite brushes from Real Techniques – there are just SO many uses for this little brush.  Over the years I’ve used it to blend out concealer, set my under eye concealer, highlight my features, blend out contour products in small areas, set my eyeshadow primer, and the list goes on.  The brush is also super soft and the bristles are fluffy enough to diffuse powder products in the most natural-looking way.  I love this brush!  The duo-fibre Fan Brush has also become one of my faves (fan brushes are so popular these days) because it softly sweeps powder highlighters to the tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, above the arch of my brow, and along the cupid’s bow.  It’s soooo good!  You can also use the soft bristles to sweep away any excess powder products (if you like to bake) for a natural finish.  What I like about the brush is that it initially adds a soft application of your preferred illuminator, but you can definitely build it up for that blinding highlighted look that is so popular on Instagram and YouTube.

As mentioned this set also includes a bonus Brush Cup that easily fits all 3 brushes with extra space for some of your other brushes.

Real Techniques Enhanced Eyes Set Review

We’re moving on to the Enhanced Eyes Set featuring 5 brushes and a cute little brush cup too.  This is one of their newest sets and includes all the brushes you need to create a complete eye makeup look (perfect for someone who is just starting out with makeup).  The Essential Crease Brush is a soft tapered brush that fits perfectly into the crease of the eye to blend and diffuse powder shadows.  You can also use the brush to apply a soft dusting of inner corner or brow bone highlight.  The Medium Shadow Brush is the perfect size to apply eyeshadow primer, cream shadows, or powder eyeshadows all over the lid.  I like using this brush on days when I don’t have a lot of time to spend on an eye makeup look – I use the brush to apply a cream shadow like MAC Indianwood all over the lid, then use the fluffier tip to blend out any harsh edges…that’s it!  I’ve also used this brush to blend out my nose contour or apply a powder highlight to very precise areas i.e. tip of the nose, cupid’s bow etc.  The Shading Brush is slightly smaller (and denser) than the Medium Shadow Brush and it’s the ultimate multi-tasker – use it to set your eyeshadow primer, apply cream / powder eyeshadows to the lid, blend out shadows or eyeliner on the lower lash line, add a pop of highlight to the inner corners &  brow bone, and blend out any small concealed areas on the face.  The Fine Liner Brush is very thin and is great for precise application of liquid or cream eyeliner.  And last but not least, the Lash Separator is a metal comb that helps to separate mascara clumps…this, my friends, is what my lashes have been waiting for!  Those old school plastic combs never worked for me, because the ‘teeth’ weren’t thin enough and so they never did a good job of separating my lashes.  But this nifty little tool features thin metal teeth that expertly comb through my lash hairs.  Be careful when using it, though, you don’t want to poke your eye out…

This set also comes with a small plastic Brush Cup to store your new Real Techniques eye brushes.

Real Techniques Eye Detail Define Review

The last set I’ll be chatting about today is the Eye Detail + Define Duo featuring 2 eye brushes AND a neat liner guide tool designed for precision eyeliner looks with liquid, cream, gel or powder liners and shadows.  The  Definer Brush is a firm angled eyeliner brush that can be used with basically any eyeliner product, it applies cream & gel liners with precision and smudges powder shadows into the lash line really easily (and don’t forget to use it to tightline your upper lash line).  But I think where this brush really excels is when used with powder / gel brow products because it is so small and slightly more ‘fluffy’ (if one could call it that) than any of my other brow brushes.  I find that it does a great job of applying and blending / smudging a soft layer of brow product for a very natural brow look.  You can also use this brush to carve out the brows (top or bottom) with a liquid / cream concealer.  The Square Detailer Brush is their smallest brush to date and is the perfect size (teeny tiny) for applying and smudging out any type of eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line.  And if you want to get fancy, you can also use this brush to apply a bold red or dark vampy lip colour in a very precise way.  The Liner Guide tool is one of those products that probably isn’t for everyone – some people might find it really helpful, and other people might think it’s gimmicky.  It looks like a plastic guitar pick that you can use to create your winged lines if you struggle doing it freehand.  I found the best brush to use with this guiding tool is the small Square Detailer Brush, all you have to do is apply your cream or gel liner as per usual to the base of the lashes and then line the guide up to the outer edge of your lash line where you want your flick to be.  The next step is to fill in the gap using your brush, and voila! The key here is to have a steady hand to keep the guide in the same place while filling in the wing-shaped gap.  It works well for me on the odd occasion that I do want to rock a winged liner look, but I imagine it might be a tricky gadget for makeup newbies.


Real Techniques SA was kind enough to supply me with a 25% OFF discount code for the first 25 customers who use the code to complete their purchase – the code is PINKPEONIES-AUG-2017 and you can purchase all your Real Techniques goodies here.

Please note this is not an affiliate code, and I do not earn commission from any sales.

Next on my shopping list is the Expert Concealer Brush, InstaPop Face Brush, InstaPop Eye Duo, and the Multi-Tech Collection – Real Techniques, please bring them to South Africa so that I can add them to my makeup brush collection?  Pretty, please?  *bats eyelashes*



  1. xoliswa M
    19 September 2017 / 14:18

    Awesome thanx Luzanne!! 😀

  2. Gemma
    19 September 2017 / 14:52

    This is such great news, I have been wanting to stock up on RT brushes.

    G xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Marlize Kirstein
    19 September 2017 / 14:55

    Your photos are so pristine! 🙂

    I have never used Real Techniques brushes, only Cala (thanks to your blog post a while ago)..but I’m interested in trying their brushes. I am thinking of buying the eyes set first to see if I like them..

    Love your blog

  4. farzana
    19 September 2017 / 17:50

    The Flawless Base Set looks like something I need in my brush collection.

    Thank you for the great reviews, Luzanne.


  5. estee jacobs
    20 September 2017 / 12:13

    Their blush brush and Bold metals powder brush are amazeballs, better than my Mac brushes. 😉

  6. Vivella
    20 September 2017 / 14:36

    I am personally very happy with all my Real Techniques brushes, but I bought the Core Collection for my daughter and the Buffing Brush started shedding the very first time we washed it! All the bristles just came out in clumps, I was so upset. I ended up giving her my Expert face brush to use instead. I find it so strange because I also have a Buffing brush and mine is fine after many uses and washes.

  7. Liesl
    21 September 2017 / 13:28

    Just a shame that I have been waiting 3 weeks for my order from the online store…

  8. Mikela van Dyk
    22 September 2017 / 09:05

    I ordered online, still waiting for banking details email, its been 2 days now? Anyone else been struggling?

    • Liesl
      22 September 2017 / 09:35

      Yes! After waiting for 3 weeks for my order, I was the delivered the wrong brush set today!!

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