Products Popping Up – October 2015


Yet another month has passed by in a blur, and it honestly feels like I slept through September.  At the risk of sounding like every other person.  In the world.  Can we just take a moment to wrap our heads around the fact that we are officially in OCTOBER – there are just 12 weeks left of 2015!  I can’t.  Before we know it the ‘Christmas crazies’ will be upon us, and then…2016.  Things are slowly starting to wind down in the ‘new products launches’ department, I think a lot of brands are waiting for the new year to celebrate their new product releases.  I still have a good amount of new collections and releases to show you, so let’s take a look!

I just want to touch on something quickly:  I rely heavily on my brand- and PR contacts to send me both timely and correct information on new product launches.  Each month I make a point of asking them only to send me information on products or collections that launch the following month (exclude anything that has already launched).  Unfortunately most PR companies have no control over when exactly the products will launch during a specific month, plus sometimes the retailers might push the release date out by a month too.  There have also been a few times when there have been delays in getting the products on the shelves due to shipping or delivery issues (as was the case with the Max Factor Creme Puff blushes and Stila La Quill eyeliner brush last month).  If, for some reason, I have featured a product in one of these blog posts and it hasn’t launched during that specific month, it will most probably launch towards the beginning of the next month.

Ready?  Do you have your cup of tea or coffee to sip on while you read about all the exciting new launches?   Make that an iced tea or iced coffee – holy heck, it’s hot in Centurion… Let’s go!


MAC MACnificent Me – Whoever you are and whatever your style…put your heart and soul into it. Out of the many thousands of inspiring individuals who entered the MAC contest, MAC found 6 people who are truly 100% MACnificent.  These 6 individuals were transformed into the faces of the new MAC fall (autumn) colour collection.  The collection is HUGE and I’m only showing you the products that stood out to me personally, but here’s a list of all the products in the collection: MACnificent Me Eyesshadow X 9 Palette (R 650,00), Patent Polish Lip Pencil (5 shades – R 240,00 each), Sculpt & Shape Powder (R 650,00), Single Eyeshadow (4 shades – R 210,00 each), Opulash Optimum Black Mascara (R 210,00), Penultimate Eyeliner (R 240,00), Lipstick (5 shades – R 210,00), Lip Pencil (2 shades – R 190,00 each), Powder Blush (3 shades – R 260,00 each), Pro Longwear Paint Pot (5 shades – R 250,00 each), Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara (R 240,00), Mattene Lipstick (4 shades – R 210,00 each), Studio Nail Lacquer (2 shades – R 140,00 each), Kohl Power Black Eye Pencil (R 205,00).  MAC limited edition collections are available in-store at your local MAC counter (in EdgarsFoschini and Truworths stores) or in the MAC South Africa online store.

P.S. I bought the MACnificent Me Eyesshadow X 9 palette last week because it was just too pretty to pass up on.  It really is a stunning eyeshadow palette, and I did my research before purchasing it because I know the quality of these X 9 palettes have not been too great in the past.  Both Temptalia and Karen (from Makeup And Beauty Blog) gave this little palette a thumbs up.  If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!


Sorbet Sensual Luxurious Oil (from R 34,95) – This is a luxurious oil body care collection infused with exotic passionflower oil and the scent of citrus, turkish rose and sandalwood, to moisturise and delight your skin.  Passion flower oil known to be rich in Vitamin C & essential fatty acids assist in moisturising & revitalising your skin.  The collection of products consists of a Sensual Hand & Nail Cream (R 34,95), Sensual Body Bliss Body Cream (R 42,95), Sensual Oil Body Spritzer (R 38,95), Sensual Salt Scrub (R 44,95), Sensual Hand Wash (R 37,95) and Sensual Body Wash (R 45,95).


Mont Blanc Lady Emblem (R 695,00 to R 1095,00) – For Montblanc, diamonds are a signature. They symbolise love, purity and beauty.  They are also the most undeniable way to win over the heart of the women to whom they are offered.  In 2006, after many years of research, and in honour of the Maison’s 100th anniversary, Montblanc launched the Montblanc diamond.  Designed in the form of the Maison’s emblem, whose shape evokes the snow-capped peak of the six glacial valleys of the Mont Blanc, the Montblanc diamond is the patented result of incredible technical expertise: forty-three facets, a table and crown unlike any other in the world, and a perfectly pointed culet.  It is this masterpiece of elite gemmological craftsmanship that inspired Montblanc to create its new women’s fragrance: Lady Emblem.  A mystifying rose sake is the focal point and there is a slightly metallic hint of litchi and cut grass.  Pink peppercorn is a spicy head note, complementary to pink grapefruit.  To bring out the rose, jasminum sambac from China provides the feeling of real petals and exquisite pomegranate, as juicy as it is fragrant, makes the heart race.  Powdery, velvety sandalwood provides amber tones from the bottom to the top, and crystals of musk gently emerge.  This beautiful fragrance is exclusive to Stuttafords stores.


Studio Basics Dual-Ended Foundation Sponge & Blush Brush (R 99,95) – Studio Basics’ wide range of brushes, applicators, mirrors, complexion sponges and other accessories are expertly designed by makeup professionals to complete your beauty regime.  This dual-ended foundation & blush brush features a blush brush on the one side, and a makeup sponge that is adhered to the ferrule on the other.  There will be another brush available as well (I unfortunately don’t have a photo) called the Dual-Sided Foundation Brush & Sponge, which will have a flat paddle-shaped brush on the one side, and a slanted tip foundation sponge (much like the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge, just smaller) on the other.  Studio Basics products are exclusive to Foschini stores.


Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate (R 700,00) – This is probably the launch I am most excited about!  Kiehl’s new lightweight daytime facial oil features a specifically selected, highly concentrated blend of 100% natural origin ingredients including Ginger Root essential oils, Tamanu- and Sunflower Seed botanical oils.  Designed to reduce daily environmentally-induced oxidation, this non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, mineral oil free and paraben-free formula is lightweight, quickly absorbing and helps strengthen and protect the skin barrier for a smooth, fresh and healthy look all day long.  Kiehl’s products are sold at Kiehl’s counters in selected Edgars stores nationwide.


Morgan Taylor Fight Like A Lady Mini 4-Pack (R 220,00) – Never underestimate the power of a woman.  This October it’s time to stand up and fight like a lady.  The purchase of this mini 4-pack will help support the fight for breast health and fund research for a cure.  The set includes the following shades: Sweet Surrender, Sweetest Thing, Lip Service, and Prettier in Pink.  Limited edition Morgan Taylor nail polishes are exclusive to selected Dis-Chem stores (remember they also have an online store here).


Morgan Taylor Rocky Horror Picture Show Mini 4-Pack (R 220,00) – Start glowing in an-tic-i-pation for Morgan Taylor’s Halloween 2015 collection, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the greatest cult film and longest running theatrical release of all time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This collection wouldn’t be complete without a little absolute pleasure, so they added a glow-in-the-dark top coat for the electrifying floorshow to finish the look.  Limited edition Morgan Taylor nail polishes are exclusive to selected Dis-Chem stores.


The Body Shop Virgin Mojito (starting at R 99,00) – An irresistible blend of the extracts of zesty lime and fresh, crushed mint from the Caribbean, The Body Shop has created the ultimate cooling Virgin Mojito body cocktail.  The collection features a shower gel, body butter, body scrub, body sorbet and an innovative, brand-new fragrance format called ‘body splash’.  This new product lets you splash on the crisp, refreshing scent of lime and fresh mint after the shower to extend the feeling of freshness all day.  The Body Shop products are available at The Body Shop stores and selected Clicks stores.


theBalm theManizer Sisters (R 529,00) – Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this trio of Manizers has been found guilty – of being gorgeous.  Designed for girls on the run, this highlighting trio enables you to emphasise your finest features.  This palette contains 3 triple-milled multi-tasking highlighters, shimmers and shadows.  These champagne, rose, and golden-bronze shades are flattering on all skin tones and easy to use so you can take your glow on the go.  theBalm products are available online at Retail Box.


theBalm In The Balm Of Your Hand (R 746,00) – This all-in-one face palette contains favourites from some of theBalm’s best sellers, including 4 perfectly coordinated eyeshadows, 3 universal blushes, a matte bronzer, a champagne-hued highlighter, a classic red lip color, and a nude lip and cheek cream.  Best of all, it fits ‘In theBalm of Your Hand’!  theBalm products are available online at Retail Box.


L’Occitane Almond Youth – L’Occitane draws upon the regenerating power of almond native cells to help renew and revitalise epidermis cells.  Associated with smoothing almond proteins and stimulating almond tree buds, this exclusive complex acts on 5 key signs of body ageing – dryness, skin slackening, lack of tonicity, fine lines and skin irregularities.  The collection features a Almond Velvet Serum (R 660,00) and Almond Youth Velvet Balm (R 710,00).  Both products have a flowery and powdery almond tree flower scent that leaves a sophisticated and feminine veil on the body.  Expect to see these 2 products soon, as I started testing them last week.  L’Occitane products are available at L’Occitane boutiques (take a look at their list of boutiques here) or in the L’Occitane South Africa online store.


Lindt Lindor Maxi Ball (R 199,99) – The bliss you know and love just got a while lot bigger!  Lindt is delighted to introduce you to their largest EVER Lindor indulgence – filled with 44 smooth, melting Lindor milk truffles, the Maxi Ball also doubles up as an elegant truffle holder, so you’ll always have a place to store your Lindor stash.  Lindt also recently opened up a Chocolate Boutique in Sandton City, so you can stock up on a variety of delicious international Lindor flavours at their Pick & Mix station.  I think this Maxi Ball will be great for the festive season, it’s a tradition in our family to always share chocolate balls on Christmas day.  Lindt SA sent me one of these huge balls about 2 weeks ago, and I’m happy to report the ball is now empty (normally I don’t like chocolate, but I can’t say no to Lindt chocolate).  I’ll have to go to the chocolate boutique in Sandton City to go stock up on my ultimate favourite flavour: Coconut Truffle.  The Maxi Ball is available at selected retail stores nationwide.


Dermalogica AGE Smart Overnight Retinol Repair (R 1350,00) – Another launch I am REALLY excited about!  Drawing on one of the most powerful ingredients recommended by medical professionals to radically treat the signs of aging, Dermalogica introduces new Overnight Retinol Repair.  Overnight Retinol Repair accelerates skin renewal, reverses the signs of photo-aging, improves skin tone, and increases skin firmness.  This is the first-ever retinol treatment to offer a unique customisation option, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a retinoid while experiencing maximum comfort and efficacy.  Key to the formula is 0.5% retinol, pure Vitamin A, which has been demonstrated to reverse both the signs of intrinsic aging (genetics) as well as extrinsic aging (environmental).  Studies have shown that retinol significantly restores the structural integrity of the skin, accelerating cell turnover and renewal, stimulating collagen production, improving epidermal thickness, and increasing elastin biosynthesis.

While the benefits of using retinol on the skin are numerous, skin irritation can be a common side effect, with some individuals experiencing itching, burning, redness, and peeling.  To minimise this ‘retinoid reaction’, Dermalogica recommends pre-conditioning the skin, starting with small concentrations of retinol application so skin can build up natural retinoid receptors and a tolerance to the ingredient over time. Taking this recommendation one step further, Dermalogica includes a new Buffer Cream with Overnight Retinol Repair (both are included in the kit), allowing users to control the concentration of retinol being applied to skin, and further helping them adjust to the active ingredient.  Containing 8% aloe vera extract, Buffer Cream soothes and moisturises, without any ingredients that may exacerbate retinol irritation. Available at any authorised Dermalogica stockist (for example Dermalogica storesSorbet salons or other beauty salons) nationwide, and in the Dermalogica South Africa online store.


LUSH Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb (Price TBC) – Inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule brings mischievous revelry to the tub with a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil.  As it slowly froths in the water, hypnotic swirling silver lustre is released and the deep green exterior soon gives way to a rich, wine-coloured center.  Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine begins flowing, the revelry really begins!  Popping candies fizz and crackle, creating a world of magic and mischief right before your eyes.

LUSH Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream (Price TBC) – A feast for the senses!  Get down and earthy with this mischievous, herbal blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with an intriguing fair trade vanilla sweetness.  As you rub this addictive lather all over the body, organic wheatgerm oil provides a nourishing dose of vitamin E to ensure your skin is in fine (and fragrant) party form. You won’t be the fool after washing with this.

Ok, so here’s the deal:  I know for a fact we’ll be getting 2 limited edition products in for LUSH Halloween (we’re not getting Nightwing or Sparkly Pumpkin) – big thank you to Sam for giving me the inside info.  As for LUSH Christmas stock, you’ll have to wait and see what I feature in next month’s ‘Products Popping Up’ blog post.  LUSH products are available in the LUSH South Africa online store or at your nearest LUSH store (Cavendish, V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk, Gateway, Dainfern Square and SOON Rosebank Mall).  Halloween stock should arrive within the next week or so.


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme Geranium & Neroli (R 875,00) – This divine new variant of the iconic and award winning Elasticizer was inspired by Philip’s annual trips to his favourite holiday retreat in Portofino, Italy, this intensive and luxurious pre-shampoo conditioning treatment is infused with 100% natural neroli, geranium, lavender, rose and orange oils.  Multi-award winning Elasticizer adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine to all hair types, whilst the light floral and citrus fragrance leaves your senses revitalised.

Philip Kingsley One More Day (R 385,00) -To help maintain the wellbeing of your hair and scalp between washes Philip Kingsley has formulated One More Day Dry Shampoo, this is a lightweight spray that refreshes and soothes the scalp, absorbing excess sebum whilst providing volume and texture to the hair, leaving you ready for One More Day.

Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch Hairspray (R 445,00) – This is a modern hairspray designed to give long-lasting flexible hold, texture and natural control without stiffness.  The weatherproof formula helps to shield hair against humidity and frizz, whilst UV filters provide protection against colour fade.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence (R 665,00) – This heat protecting conditioning spray has been specifically formulated for extremely over-processed, porous and African-Caribbean hair types.  The super concentrated formula helps to strengthen and repair the most damaged areas of the hair’s structure.  This leave-in formula detangles and improves manageability, whilst helping to protect the hair against degradation caused by heat styling.  Philip Kingsley products are available from selected Edgars stores and online from Philip Kingsley South Africa.


Lip Ice Shimmer Up (R 24,99) – The new trendy limited edition Shimmer Up range combines Shea Butter, Vitamin E, shimmering pigments and a burst of fruity fragrance to make your lips pout ready!  Glide on bare lips for an amazing tint and shimmering gloss finish (available in 2 shades called Paparazzi Plum and Strawberry Shock).  Available at all leading retail outlets (Dis-Chem, Clicks, PnP, Checkers etc).


ghd Arctic Gold – Your favourite ghd products just got cooler, with limited edition Christmas gift sets.  Wrapped up in warm white and arctic gold, their catwalk inspired gifts are sure to keep you on trend this season, while providing ultimate styling results.  These gift sets will be available at selected hair salons and in the ghd South Africa online store from mid-October.

ghd platinum styler gift set (R 2999,00) – ghd platinum with tri-zone technology delivers constant, even heat that reduces breakage by 50%, increases shine by 20% and is proven to be kinder to hair colour.  Gift set includes ghd platinum, warm white roll bag, two white sectioning clips and arctic gold gift box.

ghd V styler gift set (R 2299,00) – ghd V styler with smooth gold plates make straightening on all hair types easier and quicker, while contoured edges help to create perfect curls and waves.  Gift set includes ghd arctic gold V styler, warm white roll bag and arctic gold gift box.

ghd curve soft curl tong & roll bag (R 2199,00) – ghd curve soft curl tong features a large barrel to create volume and tumbling soft waves on longer hair. Gift set includes ghd curve soft curl tong, warm white roll bag and arctic gold gift box.

ghd curve creative curl wand & roll bag (R 2199,00) – ghd curve creative curl wand has a tapered barrel to create natural looking curls and deep waves.  Gift set includes ghd curve creative curl wand, warm white roll bag and arctic gold gift box.

ghd dry & style gift set (R 3299,00) – ghd air professional hairdryer, ghd V classic styler in bespoke arctic gold & heat mat create the ultimate Christmas party look.


Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara (R 119,95) – This volume building mascara packs a punch and adds 10 times the volume intensity of your natural lashes. Formulated with macadamia nut, jojoba, and olive oils for conditioning, and enriched with D-Panthenol to help strengthen lashes.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Extreme Black Mascara (R 89,95) – Make an impact with the richest, most intense ink-black imaginable.  The revolutionary formula provides extreme volume and length, and contains a silicone complex that provides elasticity and flexibility, proven to enhance the natural lash up to 8 times.  This all-in-one formula is enriched with argan oil to permeate and condition each lash to promote healthy, strong hair while adding colour and shine.

Wet n Wild Cover All Face Primer (R 99,95) – This makeup primer can be used all over your face to minimise the appearance of pores, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, prevent your foundation from caking, and brighten your complexion for ultra-vibrant colour that lasts all day.  The key ingredient in this miracle primer is white sapphire, formulated into a smooth, silky cream that glides on effortlessly.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil (R 47,95) – This 2-in-1 dual-ended eyebrow pencil combines pigmentation with a lightweight formula that lasts all day.  Available in 2 shades: Blonde Moments and Brunettes Do It Better.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Shaper (R 47,95) – This brow wax contains beeswax to tame and condition those unruly brow hairs.

Wet n Wild products are exclusive to selected Clicks stores.


Shampooheads – This unique product range with gentle but powerful ingredients is specially designed for boys and girls with different kinds of hair, and different personalities.  The range is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic approved, PH balanced, paraben-free, contains no GM ingredients.  It is not tested on animals, contains natural fruit extracts, tear free formulations, and has child friendly packaging.  The brand is centred around 3 main characters, each character has individual traits identifiable to all children and parents.   Shampooheads will be available at selected Clicks stores from mid-October.

Awesome Annie – Annie is clever and bright and has many interests and hobbies.  Her range includes a tropical fruit scented 2-in-1 shampoo & body wash (R 59,95), a conditioner (R 59,95) and a Fuzz Free Detangler (R 59,95).

Busy Bob – Bob is never still and is full of energy keeping busy playing all day long, he is a curious character who is adventurous and loves to explore the world around him.  His range includes a blueberry scented 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner & body wash (R 59,95) and a Crazy Gel hair gel (R 59,95) that is easy to wash out.

Raging Rosie – Rosie is a spirited little girl who shows her emotions openly. She is sensitive and sometimes worries about the world around her, she is afraid of many things including; dogs, insects and the dark.  Raging Rosie needs lots of reassurance and encouragement to experience new things and when she does, she blossoms with confidence.  Her range includes a strawberry scented 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner & body wash (R 59,95).


SAMPAR Crazy Cream (R 565,00) – For those unsatisfied with BB and CC creams, SAMPAR’s new innovation aims to please.  A paraben-free product with multiple skincare and make-up benefits in one, Crazy Cream makes the perfect day cream for an even toned, smooth skin and gives the appearance of foundation without the heaviness of makeup.  With new Hydro complex formula, Crazy Cream enables the skin cells to retain moisture, giving you ultimate hydration and suppleness for up to 24 hours.  SSP (Smart Sun Prevention), a breakthrough in sun protection, acts like a UV ‘vaccine’ at the heart of the skin cells, protecting the DNA and reinforcing the skin’s natural defenses against harmful UVs that cause photo-ageing.  SSP is equal to a 15 to 20 SPF and lasts all day long.  Available in 2 shades: Nude and Tan.  SAMPAR products are exclusive to selected Edgars and Woolworths stores.


Giorgio Armani Sì Huile De Parfum (R 1395,00) – The first oil-based perfume with a pipette, this is a highly concentrated version of the original Sì fragrance that creates a deeper scent that will remain fragrant throughout the day with only 4 drops.  Placed delicately on the pulse points, where the blood flows close to the surface and warms the skin, Sì Huile de Parfum wraps women in a subtle and persistent trail.  Apply behind the ears, on the nape of the neck, in the hollow of the throat, on the chest, in the crease of the elbow, on the wrists, on the lower back, or behind the knees – these are all pulse points.  Sì Huile de Parfum is alcohol-free and will not dry the skin, plus it contains vegetable oils (macadamia, sweet almond, argan and musk rose) to keep it deliciously fragrant.  You can layer this with any of the other Giorgio Armani Sì fragrances to create your very own unique sensory cocktail.   Giorgio Armani Sì fragrances are exclusive to selected department stores (Edgars, Stuttafords, Red Square and Woolworths) nationwide.


Tweezerman Precision Folding Brow Razor (R 250,00) – Touch-ups are quick and pain-free with this sharp blade suitable for stray brow or facial hair.  The high quality Japanese blade and a soft-touch foldable handle make this travel ready razor perfect for home or on the go. The razor won’t harm sensitive skin, and it includes built in brush to shape brows.  Available at Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide.


Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser Expert Cleansing Foam (R380,00) – This daily cleanser effectively removes makeup and excess sebum to give skin a clean, fresh and hydrated feel.  It is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive and dehydrated skin.  An exclusive combination of high performance cleansing agents, selected for their optimal skin tolerance properties, and fused with a powerful purifying active removes excess sebum and skin impurities.  The formula combines Xylitol (anti-dehydration agent which promotes and controls water flow), Zinc (anti-seborrheic active improves the appearance of oily skin and has an anti-microbial action, helping skin to regain clarity), Urea (optimal moisturising agent for the epidermis which removes scales from the skin’s surface and restores suppleness) and Glycerin (a hygroscopic substance of vegetable origin which provides a hydrating and protective film and removes scales from the skin’s surface).  Dermaceutic products are available from Dermaceutic clinics nationwide, as well as these stockists.


L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Foundation (R 179,95) – True Match foundation has been repackaged AND reformulated!  The new formula contains new shade enhancers for shade matching precision, and the idea is that the foundation will adapt to your skin tone.  Skin perfecting pigments and the ultra gliding creamy texture give a homogeneous finish, plus even better colour matching and longer wear.  Neither the website, not the packaging mention that the new formula contains shimmer particles – pink shimmers for the C range, gold shimmers for the N range etc.  I bought one of the shades (2C Rose Vanilla) at Dis-Chem yesterday to compare the new formula to my beloved original True Match foundation, I really hope the shimmers aren’t noticeable once applied to the skin.  L’Oréal Paris products are available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Edgars and Red Square stores.


Vichy Ideal Soleil Bronze Spray SPF50 (R 295,00) – This lightweight spray combines high protection and fast tan, a high factor sun protection with a hydrating tan optimising complex in an exclusive and innovative packaging format.  Skin is protected thanks to the patented filtering concept in our MEXORYL SX and XL technology.  Extra strength UVA protection is guaranteed, even against UVB and long UVA rays.  Their innovative new packaging is highly resistant to sand and water and features a smart on/off locking system that is built right into the cap.  The spray bottle itself can be used in any position, even upside-down, making it ultra practical for any situation.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Bronze Gel SPF50 (R 199,00) – This moisturising face protection is enriched in melanin activators, responsible for the natural tanning process.  It helps protect skin against sunburn and UV damage, which can lead to sun spots and hyperpigmentation.  It contains 0% self-tanner, is free of parabens and is non-comedogenic.  The hypoallergenic formula has been tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control.  Vichy products are available at Dis-Chem, Red Square, Foschini and Clicks stores nationwide.

There you have it – all the new launches for the month of October 2015!  Which products are you most excited about?  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate (you already know how much I love the Midnight Recovery Concentrate), Morgan Taylor Fight Like A Lady 4-pack, Studio Basics foundation brushes (they’re so affordable, it’ll be interesting to see if they’re good quality) and The Body Shop Virgin Mojito body scrub (I bought the shower gel yesterday and it smells so fresh & zesty).

I was at a Dermalogica event earlier this week, they told us about all their new releases for the next few months, and the AGE Smart Overnight Retinol Repair was included in the press pack.  I’m very excited to start testing it – Retinoids are all the rage at the moment, because they cause enhanced collagen production, skin smoothing, and evens out pigmentation.  They also obliterate breakouts, improve skin texture and tighten pores – such multi-taskers!

Oh!  While were on the subject of Wet n Wild and Kiehl’s…have you entered both their giveaways on my blog?  If not, click here and here (the prizes are amazing!).



  1. 8 October 2015 / 14:05

    I know you loved it but I never got on with the L’Oreal True Match, I found it applied like chalk. I’m actually quite excited to try the new ones though, they seem like they may be more dewy! Would love to see you do a Youtube first impressions on it?

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:36

      I’ll definitely do a review & comparison of the two foundations, I’m also keen to see how they compare, especially now that the one contains shimmer. Keep an eye out for the review soon! 🙂

  2. 8 October 2015 / 14:34

    RIGHT! i need the wet n wild brow shaper, some of the mac lipstick and the dual ended foundation sponge and blush brush because it looks awesome lol 😀

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:38

      Those MAC lippies look stunning, don’t they? I wish I could rock purple lipstick all day every day, but I don’t think it suits me… 🙁 It dual-ended brush does look interesting, I wonder if you have to dampen it before using it (like you do with the Beautyblender)…I’ll see when I get it. Thanks for popping by the blog, Siobhan. 😉

  3. Simone Cameron
    8 October 2015 / 14:37

    Oh wow…so many items…so little money! Lol…story of my life!

    I am looking for a nice brow pencil so will try that wet n wild one.

    The manizers trio…*drool*

    Would also love to get my hands on the kiehls daytime oil.

    Fantastic selection of products. Thanks for the time you put into these posts 🙂

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:40

      Haha!!! I hope the Wet n Wild brow pencil is good – not too waxy and not too dry either. Let me know what you think if you decide to get it. 🙂

      I know! The Manizer Sisters look gorgeous! If I didn’t already own Mary-Lou and Cindy-Lou, I would totally get the trio.

      I have serious shark eyes for the Kiehl’s daytime facial oil, if it’s anything like the MRC then I know I’ll love it.

      Always a pleasure, Simone. 🙂

      P.S. I hope Adam is still doing well?

  4. Linelle
    8 October 2015 / 14:44

    Absolutely love the look of the new ghd and those Morgan Taylor nail polish colours, definitely need it in my life! Thanks for the great blog post 🙂

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:44

      I would give up half my makeup collection to own the ghd Arctic Gold flat iron – it’s so beautiful! Ok…let’s rather make it a 10th of my makeup collection. 😉

      I love all pink nail polishes, so the MT Fight Like A Lady mini pack is right up my alley.

      Thank you for popping by the blog, Linelle. 🙂

  5. 8 October 2015 / 15:38

    I liked the formulation of the L’Oreal True Match before, I wonder if I’ll like the new one… I am in love with my Bourjois Healthy Mix at the moment so that’ll have to wait 😉

    xxx – Jane Wonder –

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:45

      I agree, I haven no idea why they felt they needed to ‘fix’ something…especially since it was never broken to start with. 🙁 I’m going to start testing it this weekend, I’m holding thumbs the formula, coverage and finish is still the same. Eeeeek!

  6. Melissa ❀
    8 October 2015 / 15:41

    Love these posts!! They always get me super excited and I find myself making plans to go to the shops ASAP! 😀

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:46

      You and me both, Melissa! I’m already planning a trip to the shops this weekend! 😀

  7. 8 October 2015 / 15:42

    I am never disappointed with your new products launch posts because I discover products I have been wishing for that are now available in SA like theBalm makeup I was so excited and promptly went to Retail Box site to have a look at what else they have. Thank you for this

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:48

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear that, Isabel. 🙂 I can vouch for theBalm products, I don’t own many of their products but the ones I do own are top quality! Definitely check out their highlighters, I’ve heard their blushes and the eyeshadow palettes are amazing too. 😉

  8. Anina
    8 October 2015 / 15:46

    The Balm, sjoeweee….dit lyk amazing!!

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:49

      Ek stem 100% saam met jou, Anina! ‘In theBalm Of Your Hand’ lyk asof dit die perfekte alles-in-een palette is. 🙂

  9. Jenna
    8 October 2015 / 16:11

    My favorite type of post and once again you didnt disappoint, Luzanne. Thank you for all the effort you put into these blog posts, you are doing an amazing job with your wonderful blog. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:50

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Jenna – it really means a lot to me. 🙂

  10. 8 October 2015 / 17:21

    I’m most excited for the L’Oréal True Match Foundation
    Did you perhaps notice the “W” shade range?
    Would love to hear your thoughts on the new formula

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:51

      They hadn’t unpacked the W shade range when I was there, but I think it will probably also contain golden shimmers as gold goes best with a warm yellow-toned foundation. I’ll start testing it this weekend and will do a comparison review soon. 🙂

  11. Kim
    8 October 2015 / 17:30

    Fave blogger! I hope some of these brands at least send you some of their products to review because you show their new releases on your blog? I know Im not the only one who would love to see reviews on that dual-ended brush, Kiehl’s daily face oil, TBS virgin mojito (mojitos are actually my favourite cocktail), ghd curling wand and the retinol product. I went out and bought the True Match foundation yesterday after you mentioned it on your Instagram because the original was not for my skin type (I sometimes have normal to dry skin) and Im hoping the new formulation will be more hydrating. Pls do a review on the foundation as I would like to compare my experience to yours.

    Thank you for all the effort you put in to your blog, Luzanne.

    xo Kim

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:57

      Aaaaah, thank you so much, Kim! 😀 I do get sent some of the new products sometimes, but definitely not everything. 🙂 I honestly don’t mind, though, as these ‘new launches’ blog posts aren’t product reviews so I don’t need every single product to be sent to me to mention it here. Obviously it’s nice if a brand does send me product to review sometimes but I definitely don’t expect it (or feel I’m entitled to it).

      Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll definitely share my thoughts on the dual-ended foundation brush, Virgin Mojito (I can already tell you I LOVE the scent), True Match foundation, and the Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair as I have them here at home. As for the others you mentioned, I will try see if I can get my hands on the Kiehl’s facial oil too. But I won’t be able to review the ghd right now, maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list. 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, Kim. x

  12. Cherise Finlay
    8 October 2015 / 17:58

    WOW….. all these products! I wish I could do what you do!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to order Morgan Taylor online!

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 09:58

      Haha! I definitely don’t receive all these products when I mention them in my ‘new launches’ blog post. 🙂 You’re welcome, Cherise – thank you for popping by the blog and leaving a comment.

  13. Arrie
    8 October 2015 / 18:22

    So many great product launches again and such a lovely post Luzanne! I really have to get my hands on these mini-packs of Morgan Taylor polishes – they are such better value than buying the bigger bottles and never finishing them.

    That Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate sounds incredible. I’ve never used a daytime face oil because none of the one’s I’ve tried have ever absorbed properly and created a slip and slide for my makeup. After the success of my introduction to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I’m very keen to try more from Kiehl’s! X

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 10:01

      Thank you, Arrie! 🙂 I agree, I won’t buy full sized limited edition Morgan Taylor nail polishes again, it’s just not worth it for me as I know I’ll never finish them. I really hope Essie SA will bring their mini 4-packs to South Africa soon as well.

      I hear what you’re saying, I’ve also experienced the same in the past so I’ve mostly stuck to applying a facial oil at night. I’m sure the Daily Reviving Concentrate won’t disappoint, though! 😉 xo

  14. Sibahle
    8 October 2015 / 18:49

    You are so right Luzanne 🙂 the Christmas madness is around the corner and I will once again look at your blog for gift inspiration. The ghd gift set looks amazing!!! I will definitely be buying the Virgin Mojito range from The Body Shop.

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 10:02

      Yay! I was thinking about the gift guide blog posts just the other day…I need to start doing my research and look for new & exciting local online stores. 🙂

  15. Carmen Klassen
    8 October 2015 / 20:25

    I dont want to think about Christmas yet but the stores are not helping. I was in Sandton City on Tuesday and there were afew stores that had Christmas decor. I happened to visit the Lindt store OMG my mother had to drag me out. Im not a choccie kind of gal but the coconut, white and caramel lindt lindor are to die for. I saw the maxi ball and tnought that would kill me.

    I also popped into The body shop and got the Virgin Mojito shower gel for me and butter for my mom. I love it after a cadio workout. So zesty and fresh. It puts a spring in my step. Im holding thumbs it doesnt give me a rash.

    I have to get my hands on the dual ended brush, Morgan Taylor fight like a lady and wet n wild max volume plus mascara.
    Before this becomes an essay thanks for the 411. Now let me give my credit card the 411 and see how it takes it.

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 10:08

      Woolworths already has Christmas choccies and other food items on the shelves – I was so shocked when I saw it this past week!

      Those Lindt coconut truffles are my downfall…I’ve had to exercise some serious restraint the past few times I’ve been to Dis-Chem because the boxes are right there at the queueing section by the tills and I can feel their little beady eyes on me, calling my name…

      The Virgin Mojito shower gel is just lovely, I like using it in the mornings to wake me up!

      Best you start preparing your credit card for the next few months, because it’s going to be exhausted by the end of December (especially with all the Xmas kits & promotions coming out). Maybe you should take it to cardio with you! 😉

  16. 9 October 2015 / 08:40

    Great post as usual.
    I need that dual ended foundation sponge and blush brush!!!
    I would also love for you to review the Loreal foundation in the new formula so that we know if it is better than the old formula 🙂

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 10:10

      The brush looks so interesting & unique – I love that there are no other brushes quite like it available in SA at the moment (and it’s so affordable too).

      Review & comparison of the L’Oreal True Match foundation coming right up! 😉

  17. 9 October 2015 / 08:51

    I love L’Oreal foundation but I cant use it anymore not out of my own choice but because they don’t stock mid tone shades..all they have is light and dark, nothing inbetween for the olive/tan tone girls. Its a real disappointment that they have the shades they just don’t stock them for the South African market.

    • Luzanne
      9 October 2015 / 10:12

      You know…I was actually thinking the exact same thing the other day when I was looking at the shades. The US & UK have 21 shades available, and we only have like 6 or 7? I don’t get it, especially since we have so many different skin tones here in South Africa. I’ll ask my contact at L’Oreal why this is…

      Thank you for checking in on the blog, Stephanie. 🙂

  18. 9 October 2015 / 12:02

    So annoyed that I couldn’t make the launch because of work, sigh!

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 08:58

      I really enjoyed the event, and Dr. Diana Howard’s speech was so informative. 🙂

  19. 9 October 2015 / 12:06

    Definitely going to be giving the Lush Lord of Misrule shower gel a go – never tried it but it sounds really interesting. I got my hands on the Manizers palette – it made sense at the time as I don’t actually own a full size of any of those powders. Sjoe. People were not joking about Mary Lou. That’s the stuff dreams are made of! Also really interested in the Kiehl’s, but I’m not sure my wallet can handle it this month! Maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas list (to me, love me)…

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:01

      Me too! I love the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb, so I’m sure I’ll like the shower gel as well. I’m so looking forward to more LUSH Oxford Street products coming to SA, I’ve heard we’ll be getting a lot more soon! I think the trio is great value for money, if I didn’t already own 2 of the shades, I would totally invest in getting the palette.

      I also often buy myself gifts for Christmas and my birthday! 😉

  20. Hlelileb
    9 October 2015 / 13:20

    Those MAC lipstick are a must have and the purple one i will definitely look good on it..Pretty 🙂

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:01

      It’s gorgeous!! The purple ones really stood out to me. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:02

      I hope so too! Let me know what you think if you decide to pick it up. 🙂

  21. Farran
    10 October 2015 / 20:45

    I’ve tried the all Shampooheads products with my kids (They’re already available here in Dubai) and I must say I am very impressed! I would recommend them.
    I’m a Kiehls addict so I’m dying to try that Daily Reviving Concentrate!
    Another great post! Thanks so much!

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:05

      That’s great news! I love the packaging of Shampooheads, apparently the founder of this brand was on Dragon’s Den and that’s how she got the capital investment to start the business. 🙂

      I’m also really looking forward to start using the Kiehl’s daytime facial oil, I’m sure it’s going to be a winner!

      Thank you for checking in on the blog, Farran.

  22. 10 October 2015 / 20:53

    Oooh, that MACnificent Me palette looks stunning! Just started using the Shampooheads range on Beanie – SUCH cute products, and they work really well too! x

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:06

      Aaaah, that’s great to hear! I hope Beanie is still doing well, that squishy face of his is just too cute! 🙂 xo

  23. 11 October 2015 / 16:00

    Loving the look of the new Mac and Wet n Wild products! Thanks for always sharing new product releases each month. It just gets my excited for the month ahead, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:07

      It’s my pleasure, Rivania. 🙂 xo

  24. 12 October 2015 / 18:33

    So curious about the Wet n Wild primer! I’m looking for one that won’t break the bank.

    • Luzanne
      13 October 2015 / 09:09

      Fortunately it’s affordable enough, so if it doesn’t work out for you, you can pass it on to a family member without feeling like you just spent a lot of money on basically nothing… I’m sure it’s very similar to the L.A. Girl primer, like a silicone-based one. 🙂

  25. Lynn
    14 October 2015 / 08:56


    I recently purchased the new Sorbet Sensual range, with the luxurious oil. Oh it smells so lovely! 🙂 I placed the Sorbet Sensual hand wash in my bathroom and even my husband complimented the smell… bonus! 🙂 But my absolute favourite is the Sensual body scrub… it makes my skin feel amazingly soft and supple. This whole range is great, thanks for the great post! 🙂 This new Sorbet range is what I will be spoiling every one with, this Christmas! 🙂

  26. Jaxx
    18 January 2016 / 15:47

    Where did you get the l’oreal True Match foundation colour N3? Diskem only stocks neutral from N4 and that’s too dark.

  27. michaela
    8 June 2016 / 00:20

    Hiiii there

    Im new to your blog. I love how informative you are!
    I appreciate that.
    Ookay soo heres the thing. Im 20 female and a long time acne suffer.. my acne has cleared up although I break out here and there.
    Iv got combination skin and very scared to try the kiehls midnight recovery concentrate. Simply because its a oil and my skin and oil are not friends except tea tree.

    Im scared it will break me out.
    Any advice?

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