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I want my blog to be a positive place – a happy place where wrinkles don’t exist and cupcakes don’t make you fat.  And doing a post like this one, doesn’t necessarily put a damper on the overall ‘personality’ of my blog, does it?  I personally enjoy reading these types of blog posts (or watching these types of Youtube videos) as it keeps me from spending my money on things that, for lack of a better word, suck.  I understand that people are different and react differently do different things – something that didn’t work for me might be wonderful for you.  But it’s just not as easy for us South Africans to return a beauty product to a store when we’ve picked the wrong shade, or the product causes our skin to break out.

Enough with the rambling!  I’ll give you reasons why I regret purchasing these items and hopefully it’ll make you reconsider purchasing similar items from MAC in future.  I’m not saying ALL their beauty powders are horrible and ALL their limited edition eyeshadow palettes are inferior in quality, all I’m saying is they didn’t work for me.

First up we have the Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder from the Marilyn Monroe collection.

This is a Beauty Powder, the idea behind a MAC Beauty Powder is that you can use it anywhere – face, cheeks, eyes, wherever.  It’s described as a sheer pale peach highlighter.  To be honest, it’s not a highlighter – it probably tries really hard to be a highlighter, but it’s not.  It’s extremely chalky and powdery and not sheer at all.  When applied to the cheeks, it honestly looks like you’ve been rubbing your face on a chalkboard.  I’m an NW20, which is quite light, and this powder is way too light for me.  I really wanted to like this and I have tried using it in many different ways but the only place I can stand to apply this and where it looks OK, is on my eyelids.  Now you’re probably thinking:  Fool, you should have swatched it in the MAC store!  I did and for a moment I hesitated.  But I SO wanted to get something from the Marilyn collection and because I don’t wear red lipstick, most of the lippies were out of the question and I was intrigued by the Beauty Powder.  Epic fail.

Then we have an item from another collection that came out a couple of months ago – Fabulousness 5 Smoky Eyes palette from the Holiday collection.

I also hesitated before purchasing this one and I could kick myself for not listening to my gut!  The shadows are difficult to work with – not as buttery as your standard MAC shadows.  The colour pay-off of these are also not great, the shadow on the left (Taupeless) is VERY sheer and you almost need to foil it with Fix+ to get any type of pay-off.  Satin Taupe (second from the left), is ‘supposed’ to be the same as the permanent MAC eyeshadow but they are nothing alike (I have both), this version is dry and not easy to apply or blend.  Love Spice, on the right of the 3 larger shadows, is quite dry as well with little to no colour pay-off.  Spellcaster on the top of the smaller shadows is my least favourite from the collection – it’s dry, doesn’t transfer well, creates an uneven look and doesn’t blend well at all.  Black Slip (bottom right) was ok, it’s a bit of a boring colour to me and so even though it blends well, it’s not really a colour I would wear on a regular basis.

The packaging of this palette is SUPER cute, as you can see, but it also tends to get quite dirty (and I haven’t even reached for this palette that often).

Then we have a Superglass from MAC called Sweet Tart.

A Superglass is a thick, sticky lipgloss with both shimmer and glitter particles.  I ordered this one online from Rubybox (I think) and so couldn’t really see just how loaded with glitter it is.  Best way to describe this lipgloss is that it’s the consistency of honey (it’s that thick) with chunks of glitter.  I don’t like it at all!  The glitter settles into lip lines as well as the corners of my mouth – not a cute look.  Because it is so thick and sticky, the longevity of it is great but I just can’t get over how chunky the glitter is.

After learning my lesson with quite a few limited edition collection items from MAC (not all are mentioned here, these are the worst of the worst for me), I’ve decided to stick to only getting lipsticks, blushes, lipglasses (or Cremesheens) and Mineralized Skinfinishes.  I’ve also learned to do quite a bit of research online before getting a collection item, because there’s always the excitement that goes along with looking at a new collection (I’m like a kid in a candy store) and you kind of overlook the bad things because you just want to get something from the collection.

I also NEVER buy the makeup brush sets that come in a collection from MAC, all permanent range makeup brushes are assembled by hand (that’s why they’re so damn expensive) but the collection brush sets are manufactured by machine which makes them more affordable but inferior in quality.  I’ve read up a lot on this subject and tend to steer clear from the brush sets.

My next ‘Products I Regret Purchasing’ blog post will be on drugstore items, so stay tuned for that one in a few weeks!



  1. Lauren Henderson
    24 July 2013 / 12:42

    I know what you mean… Ive also bought things from MAC and when I got home I regretted it. But fortunately in my country, we can return items with no issues!

    • Luzanne
      25 July 2013 / 16:20

      You are very lucky in that you can return used products to MAC. I’ve only ever returned one MAC product – an eyebrow pencil because the turning mechanism broke after me using it like twice. They were happy to exchange it for a new one. But I can’t return a product just because I don’t like the shade (after I’ve used it a couple of times) or because it breaks me out. 🙁

      Thank you for popping onto my blog! x

  2. Bianca
    24 July 2013 / 13:08

    I love these types of posts – they help so much. Keep doing them!

    • Luzanne
      25 July 2013 / 16:20

      Thanks, Bianca! I’ll def keep doing them, I also love reading these types of blog posts! 🙂

  3. 24 July 2013 / 18:56

    Really loved this post. I have a few items I never featur on my blog because I hated them. Maybe I should also mention them. Thanks or your honest opinions XXX

    • Luzanne
      25 July 2013 / 16:23

      You should mention them, it helps other girls not waste their hard-earned cash on something that is only ‘ok’ (or not even just ok!).

      Thanks for checking in on my blog! xxx

  4. Zee Mohlapi
    24 July 2013 / 22:59

    I dont have money to spend on this MAC makeup, I buy the Loreal and Maybelline things. I am looking foward to the blog post of the “drugstore” stuff.

    I always come back to your blog and I love reading what you have to say. xox

    • Luzanne
      25 July 2013 / 16:23

      Thanks so much for the compliment, Zee! I’ll try to have the drugstore one up on the blog sooner rather than later! 😉

  5. Tjoppie
    25 July 2013 / 14:19

    Good post! Yes, more expensive is not necessarily better!
    I also enjoy drugstore products! Good value for money!

    • Luzanne
      25 July 2013 / 16:24

      Yep, very true. Expensive doesn’t always mean the quality is better! x

  6. hb13
    3 August 2013 / 21:32

    I always read the reviews on Temptalia’s site. She is very honest in her reviews of Mac products

    • Luzanne
      3 August 2013 / 21:48

      Yes, I also read her reviews on a lot of products. I trust her opinion. 🙂

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