Product Review – Hey Gorgeous Raspberry Bath Milk

Today I am reviewing the Raspberry Bath Milk from Hey Gorgeous.  I have known for a while now that Hey Gorgeous can customise their products to suit their customers’ needs.  If you are allergic to a certain ingredient, they are happy to substitute it for something else.  And if you suggest a certain type of product to them (maybe a special scent or an added ingredient), they will try make it for you too.  I contacted Hey Gorgeous in December last year and asked them if they would be willing to make a Raspberry Bath Milk for me, and a Chocolate one too.  Pheebs (founder of Hey Gorgeous) was happy to give it a go & test it in the lab.  She got back to me and said she loved both & decided to add them to the Hey Gorgeous permanent product range.  I placed my order and it was quite a hefty Christmas order as I wanted to introduce some of my friends & family members to the brand.

Hey Gorgeous is a South African based company that believes beauty products should be as natural as possible because your body absorbs 60% of whatever we apply to it (makeup, lotions, soaps etc).  They source their products locally and all their products are cruelty free.

The Raspberry variant is not available on the Hey Gorgeous website anymore, so below I include the product description for the Rose Petal Bath Milk.

What Hey Gorgeous says:  Mineral-rich salt bathwater can help turn rough, dry skin into smooth, soft skin, the wonderful fragrance of summer roses uplifts your mood and restores a sense of wellbeing.  Made with 4 different salts, Bicarbonate of Soda, Jojoba and Essential Oils.

My review:  I was super excited to give this new bath milk a go, especially since it was created just for me.  I ordered 3 of these jars, 2 Raspberry (one for me and one for a friend) and 1 Chocolate (for my mom-in-law, she loves choccies).  I received my order just before Christmas and tried to use my Raspberry Bath Milk a couple of weeks after that (probably 3 or 4 weeks) – the photos above were taken as soon as I received the products.  Please note, this particular product from Hey Gorgeous comes in salt form (it’s not actually a milk), the idea is to pour a couple of spoons of this salty mixture into your running bath water & the hot bath water will dissolve the salts.

When I opened up the jar in January, I noticed the bath milk didn’t look powdery anymore, but looked like a solid mass.  I then tried to loosen the bath salts with the wooden spoon that Hey Gorgeous included in the package – the spoon broke.  The consistency of the salt had changed into something that resembled cement (and I’m not even exaggerating), I tried using a normal knife and spoon but that didn’t work either.  I was getting quite frustrated with the situation so decided to add little bits of water to the product in the hopes of the warm water dissolving it a bit, but the salty monster just kept drinking up the water without really softening.  After struggling with the product for probably 10 minutes I just dropped the whole jar into the bath tub.  It took nearly 15 minutes for the product to soften but by that time my whole bath was filled with the salty mixture.  If you think back to your chemistry days in primary school, water can only take up a certain amount of molecules and then it gets saturated (I was never really into the whole chemistry thing, well actually I sucked at it, but I do remember something along those lines) so most of the salts in my bath water did not dissolve.  Needless to say, I did not enjoy the bath because the bottom of the tub was covered in salt & I was sitting in it.  I won’t go into more detail but the bath lasted less than 5 minutes.

The friend I gifted the other Raspberry bath milk to (Hi, Nicole!) confirmed she also had issues with her bath milk solidifying & my mom-in-law as well, so it wasn’t just the one dud.

The pro:  The packaging is super cute, I really love the bright fuchsia sticker.  I also love that Hey Gorgeous includes a wooden spoon with all their jarred products.

The con:  Unfortunately the Raspberry bath milk did not live up to my expectations.  It wasn’t user-friendly (I think it quite enjoyed antagonising me, naughty thing…) and I ended up using the whole jar for just one bath (that’s one expensive bath!) and in the end, it wasn’t a very enjoyable bath either.

The tip:  Remember to use the wooden spoon included with your Hey Gorgeous order and avoid putting wet hands into the jars.  You never know what nasty bacterial gremlins are hiding out under your nails.  My very first Hey Gorgeous product I ever used was the Honey, Papaya & Pomegranate Face Scrub and I used to scoop tiny amounts of the scrub out with my wet hands (like a total fool) whilst in the shower.  I didn’t notice that I was actually ADDING water to the scrub until it was too late.  One day I noticed how watery the scrub had become & only then did the light bulb go off.  I started worrying that in the process of adding water to the scrub, I was also adding bacteria so I just used the rest of the scrub on my body.

The price:  R 110,00 per jar available from the Hey Gorgeous website or Hello Pretty.  Hey Gorgeous has removed Raspberry and Chocolate Bath Milk variants from their list of products sold.  You can still order the Rose Petal variant here or here, but I’m not sure if it settles the same way.

I sent Pheebs an email explaining my experience with the bath milk & also informed her that I would be doing this review (I thought it was fair to let her know beforehand).  She apologised & offered to provide me with a refund.  She also mentioned that the Raspberry & Chocolate Bath Milk products would be removed from their product list until they have adapted the formula and that she would offer a refund to all the customers who had bought these variants.

Please note this review is not a reflection on all Hey Gorgeous products, I haven’t tried enough of their products to be able to comment on the overall quality.  This specific experience of mine was disappointing and I think you guys appreciate an honest opinion, but I have also seen quite a few positive reviews on their products too.



  1. Estee
    26 February 2014 / 13:09

    Your honesty is refreshing, Luzanne. There are so many bloggers out there in it just for the free stuff and will say anything to stay in the game.

    I have an immense amount of respect for you. 🙂

    • 26 February 2014 / 14:29

      Thank you so much, Estee. There’s absolutely no use in me lying to my readers about my experience with any product – I could never sleep at night knowing I had lied to you guys.

  2. Em Cameron
    26 February 2014 / 13:14

    Good for you for speaking up, Luzanne. Your blog posts are always professional, even the not-so-good-experience blog posts. Keep it up!

    • 26 February 2014 / 14:29

      Thank you, Em! It’s always nice to get positive feedback on a blog post like this one. 🙂

  3. 26 February 2014 / 13:16

    I really appreciate you giving your readers honest reviews. It is indeed refreshing. xxx

    • 26 February 2014 / 14:30

      Thank you so much, Nicole! And thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂 xxx

  4. Chicara
    26 February 2014 / 13:32

    Love the honesty. I would never give a product good reviews if it in fact sucked. You need to warn your readers. Such a pity though as the HG products I’ve tried have been lovely.

    • 26 February 2014 / 14:32

      Yes, I mentioned the Honey, Papaya & Pomegranate face scrub in a ‘Favourites’ blog post a couple of months ago, so it’s not like I don’t like ANY of their products. This one was just a not-so-great one… I do think they invent really individualistic products that are special but perhaps with this specific one, they should have tested it for a while longer.

  5. Zee Mohlapi
    26 February 2014 / 13:45

    Thank you for this review, I always trust your judgement on these types of things. You have a way with words, Luzanne.


    • 26 February 2014 / 14:32

      Thank you, Zee! Always nice to see a comment from you… 😀

  6. Ronel Marais
    26 February 2014 / 14:20

    How disappointing… You have mentioned Hey Gorgeous on the blog before, I think you had their scrub in your favourites, so it’s not like you are giving them a bad review as a whole.

    I do appreciate you being honest with your readers, it says a lot about your integrity as a blogger.

    I will never stop reading your posts. x

    • 26 February 2014 / 14:34

      Yes, you are 100% correct – I mentioned the Honey, Papaya & Pomegranate facial scrub in a monthly favourites blog post – I really enjoyed using that one!

      Thank you for your kind words, Ronel – it really means a lot to me. 🙂 x

  7. Rubi
    26 February 2014 / 14:28

    Hi Luzanne:) I’ve been spending all morning reading your blog because it’s so informative and so pretty! The pics are lovely, and the reviews so refreshingly honest. I’m definitely a fan!

    • 26 February 2014 / 14:36

      What a lovely thing to hear, Rubi! Thank you so much for saying that & I am so happy to hear you are enjoying my blog! 😀

  8. 26 February 2014 / 19:03

    I have liked everything I’ve tried but I found the facial products I had to throw away after six weeks and they weren’t even finished due to lack of shelf life. That’s why I haven’t repurchased

    • 26 February 2014 / 21:45

      That’s also very true, Bronwyn… Unfortunately with most products that contain almost only natural ingredients, the shelf life is significantly shorter. I found I could never use up a full tub of face scrub in only 4 – 6 weeks, even more so with the Goji Berry face mask I won a while ago.

      Their body scrubs are nice because you use quite a bit of product every time you shower, so you will probably finish a tub within the 4-week period. 🙂

  9. Taz
    26 February 2014 / 21:40

    Love your blog!!! Even though I don’t always comment on your blog posts, I always read every single one of them and always get excited when I see your notification pop up on my Bloglovin’ feed!

    Keep up the great work!


    • 26 February 2014 / 21:46

      Thank you, Taz! I love reading comments, it really does brighten up my day – so you are welcome to leave a comment anytime…

      Thank you for the encouragement, you put a big smile on my face now! 😀

  10. 26 February 2014 / 23:51

    What a bummer! That doesn’t sound like an enjoyable bath at all! I’m sorry you had to go thru this…but thanks for being honest! <3 Did it smell good? How about the chocolate one, did that smell like chocolate?

    • 27 February 2014 / 09:15

      Yeah, it was quite the bummer…in fact at the time Neal thought I was possessed because I was yelling and running around trying to think of what to do with this tub – haha! Looking back though, it must have looked quite hilarious!

      I actually forgot to mention the scent (bad beauty blogger!!), the scent was not noticeable at all, in the jar I could smell a very faint scent of raspberry but once it was in the bath water, there was no scent really.

      The chocolate one does have a heavy cocoa scent in the jar but I’m not sure how that changes once you add it to your bath water. I’ll ask my mom-in-law. 🙂

      Thank you so much for commenting, Lily! xxx

  11. Henriette
    27 February 2014 / 14:02

    Thanx for the honest review! I’ve been dying to try out this brand – still going to though, luckily my heart is set on one of the serums 😉

    • 27 February 2014 / 15:19

      Let me know how you like the serum – I’d love to hear your opinion on it, Henriette! 🙂

  12. 28 February 2014 / 07:06

    Thanks for such an honest post! Sitting on a layer of salt in the bath sounds awful. Well done for still trying it out 🙂

    • 9 March 2014 / 11:11

      Hey Kylie! 🙂 Yep, it was pretty uncomfortable… Thanks for popping by!

  13. Tjoppie
    28 February 2014 / 14:48

    Such an honest post! Must have been a terrible experience. I was given the Hey Gorgeous marshmallow whipped mousse as a xmas gift. The texture is nice, light and fluffy and absorbed easily into the skin.
    Apart from the fragrance which was gone after about 4 weeks, I quite liked the product!

    • 9 March 2014 / 11:13

      Yes, I remember the mousse had quite a subtle scent and I imagine it would disappear after a while. The mousse does feel divine though – light & fluffy! 🙂

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