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Loccitane Pivoine Mask Pods

I’ve really been getting into masking lately, every chance I get I’m always looking online for new & exciting face masks and facial sprays.  I’ve been dipping my toes into the latest masking trend called ‘multi-masking’ BUT I’ll admit, my favourite way to give my skin a good treat is still the good ol’ single (or sometimes double) masking technique.

I’ve been a fan of L’Occitane en Provence’s lovely skincare and body products for quite a few years now, so I was thrilled when I received a delivery from L’Occitane South Africa.  If you’re interested in testing out the brand, here’s a list of product reviews that you should absolutely check out:

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Loccitane Pivoine Mask Review

Today I’ll be chatting to you about the L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Masks, all of which launched late last year.  Each mask comes sealed in a cute 6ml sized pod (I just love mini / small things!), which means they are both budget-friendly and great for travel.

L’Occitane has a range called Pivoine Sublime, where one of the main ingredients is Peony extract.  A full view of this range can be found HERE.  There are 3 variants available in the Pivoine Mask category, which includes a Purifying Minute Mask, a Flash Moisture Mask and an Overnight Perfecting Mask.

Let me start off by saying these adorable little masks all smell AMAZING – I mean, who doesn’t love the scent of fresh peonies?!

I’ve already used up all three masks and from my personal experience I’d say that one pod can be used for a single application if used all over the face and neck (no one wants a turkey neck!), or will last for 3 to 4 applications if used as part of a multi-masking routine.

What is multi-masking? Most of us have different areas on our face that have different skincare needs, right?  Multi-masking is the act of applying multiple types of face masks to different parts of the face i.e. a mattifying / clarifying mask to the T-zone, a rich / nourishing mask to the dry areas, and a lightweight / hydrating mask to any other normal areas to help rebalance the skin.

If I were to use these L’Occitane Pivoine masking pods as part of a multi-masking treatment, then I would apply the Purifying Minute Mask to oily & congested areas (T-zone) and the Flash Moisture Mask to dry areas (cheeks & perimeter of my forehead).  Lastly I’d end if all off with a layer of the Overnight Perfecting Mask all over my face and neck right before I go to bed for a boost of hydration.

However, to give these masks a proper testing I decided to apply a layer of each mask all over my face on different days.

Loccitane Pivoine Sublime Masks

L’Occitane Pivoine Pure Purifying Minute Mask  – Most suitable for combination and oily skin types, this clarifying mask helps to extract impurities, tighten pores and mattify the skin (without that uncomfortable tight feeling).  The mask is enriched with peony and lemon extracts to purify congested skin and restore radiance.  Wear-time is 3 minutes (perfect to perk up the skin on an early morning) and you can even use this mask for spot treatments – just make sure you keep it in an airtight container in the fridge and use within four days.

L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Flash Moisture Mask – This silky, super hydrating mask is suitable for all skin types, and targets dry or dehydrated areas.  It contains smoothing, refining and hydrating peony extract and glycerin to give your skin an indulgent treat.  The Flash Moisture Mask has a rich and creamy texture that infuses skin with moisture, leaving it feeling plumped and nourished with a radiant glow.  You can wipe off any excess after 5 minutes or rinse it off with lukewarm water.  After I wiped my mask off with a tissue, I didn’t apply anything else on my skin all day (no moisturiser) – that’s how velvety smooth and supple my skin felt.

L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Overnight Perfecting Mask – If there’s one type of skincare product that I always have time for, it’s something that works on your skin while you sleep.  I’ve already mentioned it numerous times here on the blog: Your skin is most receptive to skincare products and self-repair while you sleep, so I always make time to apply my best skincare products (eye cream, Retinol, serum, night-time moisturiser / overnight mask) every single night.  The Overnight Perfecting Mask is formulated to combat fatigued, lacklustre and stressed out skin, and helps to boost natural radiance.  The lightweight gel-like texture of this mask is very hydrating, but doesn’t leave an oily or sticky residue on the skin (yay!).  It contains smoothing and skin-quenching peony extract and softening myristic acid that help to reduce the appearance of fatigue. When I applied this mask, I made sure to focus on the areas that were prone to dehydration – like my under eyes,  forehead, cheeks and neck (I applied a second layer to those areas).  After I used this overnight mask, my skin felt fresh and revitalised and had a subtle radiance to it.  The mask created a smooth canvas for my makeup and my under eyes actually looked more supple and smooth.  If you’re worried about the mask transferring onto your pillow, you can always lay out a clean towel.

Loccitane Mask Review

Out of the three masks that I tested, I would have to say the Flash Moisture Mask and the Overnight Perfecting Mask were my favourites.  It’s often difficult to see an noticeable improvement after using a mask just once, but there was definitely a difference in how my skin felt to the touch.  My skin also had a lovely natural glow and looked more balanced.

These masks are great little additions to any skincare routine.  Whether you just want to give your skin a luxurious peony-scented treat, or perhaps you’d like to dip your toes into the world of L’Occitane skincare products, or maybe you’re someone who likes to pop on a mask on a long flight / trip – these will cater to your specific skincare needs.  The result?  Glowing, radiant and revitalized skin!

The L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Masks retail for R85,00 each in the L’Occitane South Africa online store or at L’Occitane Boutiques nationwide (find your nearest one here).



  1. talita
    23 January 2018 / 16:05

    Loved this review, thanks Luzanne! 🙂

    I really want to get my paws on that over night mask.


  2. Lungile M
    23 January 2018 / 16:08

    LOL @ turkey neck! 😀 I’m going to see if I can go to the shops tomorrow to buy the mattifying mask.

  3. 23 January 2018 / 16:58

    The Overnight Mask sounds lovely! I would love to see how it compares to the Origins one.

  4. denise
    23 January 2018 / 18:00

    I love how affordable these are, definitely buying the overnight one and the moisture one. 😉

    23 January 2018 / 21:07

    I would like to try the Overnight and Moisture masks 🙂

  6. ingrid van Niekerk
    23 January 2018 / 22:40

    I stopped at the Loccitane store at Mall Of Africa after work today and bought the overnight mask and the moisture mask. Thanks for the great review, Luzanne


  7. 19 February 2018 / 13:11

    Wow! Thank you for the review! I would really love to try these products!

  8. Avashnee
    12 November 2018 / 20:48

    Really wanna try the overnight mask

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