NEW LUSH Products & A Sneak Peek Of The Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection

LUSH Oxford Street

For me, there’s nothing quite like innocently popping onto the LUSH South Africa website to stock up on 2 favourites that I recently ran out of, and seeing that very special tab at the top of the online store.  You know which tab I’m talking about?  The one that says ‘NEW’…  Yep, LUSH have added new Oxford Street products to the online store (and these products are available in-store as well) – eeeep!

As mentioned, I placed an online order about a week ago and LUSH very kindly sent me TWO samples of the new products (they’re always so generous with their samples when you order online).  I was so impressed with the 2 samples (Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask and Limelight Toothy Tabs), I couldn’t wait to head over to my nearest LUSH store (the one in Fourways) to go sniff every single new product.  I popped in to the Dainfern Square LUSH store this past weekend, and once again, spent way more money than I should have!  I’m going to give you a rundown of all the new Oxford Street products below, and will also tell you whether I bought it this past weekend (and what my first impressions are).

Be sure to keep reading ’till the end, because I have some inside info on which of the Valentine’s Day products will be coming to South Africa (not all will be available here unfortunately).  My next online order will be for the Valentine’s Day collection items, I already know which items I want to get my hands on based on last year’s V-day collection haul.

To help guide you on your way to bathing bliss, I’ve been compiled a list of all the glorious new products.  Enjoy!


Cup O Coffee Face Mask

Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating Mask ♥ R160,00 for 150g / R245,00 for 325g

If you’re a procaffeinator (like me), this coffee-filled mask is just the thing to kick-start your day.  Wake up and invigorate the skin and mind with the rich, intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sweet roasted cocoa extract.  Kaolin deeply cleanses impurities from the pores and ground coffee acts as a gentle scrub to buff away dryness and reveal the glowing skin beneath.  You can also smooth this all over your body to feel soft, clean and wonderfully fragrant.  Other ingredients include organic agave syrup and fair trade vanilla absolute – yum!  This product is suitable for vegans.

As mentioned I received a small sample of this with my previous online order and I am in love!  If you love the smell of coffee and you are looking for a mask that will purify and gently exfoliate the skin, then this needs to be on your ‘To Buy’ list.  Kaolin clay also reduces inflammation & irritation, regulates oil & moisture in skin, fights acne & breakouts, and stimulates healing.  It also smells like that perfect first cup of coffee in the morning – it’s a definite winner!  This is not a fresh mask, so it can definitely be shipped via the online store to anywhere in South Africa.

Five O Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie

Five O’ Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie ♥ R 145,00 for 100g

This one’s for the fellas, although I’m pretty sure anyone can use it.  Lather up with this whipped shaving smoothie containing soothing lavender, invigorating coffee, nourishing jojoba oil and conditioning olive oil for the closest, softest shave possible.  Kiss razor burn goodbye and say hello to silky smooth, perfectly soothed skin.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Floating Island Bath Bath Oil Bath Melt-1

Floating Island Bath Oil Bath Melt ♥ R39,50

The original Floating Island Bath Melt has been reformulated, and is also sporting a brand new look.  Escape to your own sweet-scented island and float away to the scent of vanilla, sandalwood and lemon foam to calm a weary mind and restless body.  Just like palm trees dotting island shores, a vanilla pod is planted on the top of each Floating Island – so adorable!  Floating Island also contains organic shea butter to soften and nourish the skin.  This product is suitable for vegans.

I bought 1 x Floating Island this past weekend, mainly because it was just too cute to pass up on.  As I was walking around the LUSH store, I could hear one of them calling out to me: “Take me hooooome!”  I think I’ll keep him aside until Winter, because that’s when my skin really needs the intense nourishment that these Bath Melt / Bath Oils provide.

Razzle Dazzle Luxury Bath Oil-1

Razzle Dazzle Luxury Bath Oil ♥ R39,50

Rub-a-dub-dub!  This is a shimmery hot pink bonbon packed full of essential oils that will moisturise and revitalise your skin.  It contains refreshing bergamot oil, antibacterial violet leaf absolute, nourishing organic shea butter, and skin softening fair trade organic cocoa butter.  To me, Razzle Dazzle has a bit of a berry scent, thanks to the mixture of dried blackberries and raspberries, with a zesty squeeze of lime.  Other conditioning ingredients include coconut oil to clean out your pores, and jojoba oil to help your skin absorb all of these wonderful oils.  Razzle Dazzle will soften your bath water without making it too oily or greasy – this one is also perfect for the dry Winter season ahead.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Big Bang Bubble Bar

Big Bang Bubble Bar ♥ R64,50

Start your day off with a bang, not a whimper, and treat yourself to a colorful bubble bath filled with softening avocado butter, zesty grapefruit oil and refreshing lemon myrtle oil. Simply crumble under running water, then lie back and think of yourself in this great expanse of a universe.

Key Lime Pie Lip Balm

Key Lime Pie Lip Balm ♥ R95,00

For lips as scrumptious as pie, this zesty lime treat is filled with zingy lime oil, sicilian mandarin oil, nourishing argan oil and restorative butters.  I bought Key Lime Pie this past weekend for 2 reasons:  1. I have NEVER had the pleasure of eating a slice of real key lime pie (it’s on my Bucket List though, one day when Neal and I travel to the US for a holiday); and 2. I have never used any makeup or lip product from LUSH (except for Bubblegum Lip Scrub) and I wanted to give it a go.  I was a bit hesitant about this one when I first saw it online because based on the swatch photos, it looks like there is a bit of glitter in this lip balm (I don’t like textured lip balms).  BUT I was very happy to see (and feel) the shimmers are hardly noticeable.  There’s no gritty feeling on the lips, so I think the tiny shimmers just give a nice sheen to the lips.  Key Lime Pie smells amazing – very fresh and sweet (almost like lemonade).  This product is suitable for vegans.

Buttered Brazils Lip Balm

Buttered Brazils Lip Balm ♥ R95,00

For best results, butter them up… your lips that is! Nourishing nutty organic brazil nut oil, fair trade shea butter and coconut wax is blended up into this rich lip balm.  Dark chocolate, cocoa roasted extract and fair trade vanilla absolute  give it a decadent sheen.  I sniffed this at LUSH this past weekend, and it doesn’t have an intense fragrance (I prefer subtle fragrances when it comes to lip products), it smells like a creamy custard dessert.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Passion Fruit Lip Balm

Passion Fruit Lip Balm ♥ R95,00

This exotically energetic balm contains extra virgin coconut-, jojoba-,  passionflower- and sweet wild orange oils that effortlessly glide over your lips.  It smells like a fresh fruit juice on a hot Summer’s day, and gives the lips a glossy sheen.   I also sniffed Passion Fruit lip balm in-store (let’s just say I sniffed all the new products) and it also doesn’t have a heavy scent to it – fresh & fruity.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Rose Lollipop Lip Balm

Rose Lollipop Lip Balm ♥ R95,00

Soothing Turkish rose oil, softening candelilla and orange peel waxes make this a rose lemonade treat for the lips.  It also contains hydrating fair trade shea butter and uplifting sicilian lemon oil.  I was expecting Rose Lollipop to smell like Rose Jam Shower Gel or Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, but instead it has a fruity scent with subtle rose notes in the background.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint

Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint ♥ R95,00

Two words: Flamingo Pink.  Give your pout some serious staying power with this hot fuchsia lip tint, and keep your lips smoochably soft at the same time.  Kalahari melon oil and extra virgin coconut oil soften, while delectable agave syrup and candelilla wax create an even base for colour.  There’s a hint of spearmint oil to stimulate your lips too, plus a flavour burst of fresh strawberries.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Sunkissed Lip Tint

Sunkissed Lip Tint ♥ R95,00

This one really intrigued me when I first saw it in the LUSH SA online store.  It doesn’t look like much in the packaging, but when I googled swatch photos I knew that it had to join my makeup collection.  Think rose gold, but for your lips.  This shimmering lip tint is packed with exotic ingredients to ensure your lips stay holiday-ready at all times: Fresh banana, soothing oatmeal, and sweet almond oil provide the perfect base for a soft, petal-pink shimmer.  The inclusion of ground oatmeal and neroli oil will help to heal dry and flaky lips.  As for the scent, it smells quite sweet & fruity, and reminds me of a sherbet sweetie.  This product is suitable for vegetarians (NOT vegans) as it contains beeswax.

Let me start the ‘Toothy Tabs’ section off by explaining what they are, and how to use them.  These are solid toothpaste tablets that don’t contain any synthetic preservatives, they are lightweight, travel-friendly and come in a recycled and recyclable plastic container.  The formula contains baking soda, kaolin clay (100% safe) and cleansing essential oils that will clean teeth and freshen breath.  Toothy Tabs are self-preserving and come in a variety of natural flavours – perfect for at home, long flights, gym bags, overnight stays, and festivals.

Regular toothpastes contain water, and because they contain water, they generally need preservatives.  LUSH ditched the water, and therefore the added preservatives, plus they also ditched the old-school tube packaging too.  Conventional toothpaste is mainly packaged in aluminium-lined tubes coated in plastic and are usually not recyclable, meaning that billions of tubes have to go to landfills every year.

How To Use:  Pop one in your mouth and crunch it up with your teeth.  Grab your wet toothbrush and start brushing your pearly whites, the Toothy Tab will foam just like regular toothpaste.  Then rinse well and you’re good to go!  For more information on these Toothy Tabs, go take a look on their website here.

Bling Toothy Tabs

Bling Toothy Tabs ♥ R105,00

Bling contains Papain (papaya) extract, zingy brazilian orange oil, energising guarana seed powder, sweet frankincense oil and hydrating almond oil  – this powerful combo will leave you with fresh breath and sparkly teeth.  Even though Bling tabs are rolled in edible golden sparkle, the gold shimmers won’t be noticeable on your teeth once you have rinsed your mouth.  This product is suitable for vegans.

LUSH Boom Toothy Tabs

BOOM! Toothy Tabs ♥ R105,00

Nibble one between your teeth for a blast of sea salt, aniseed and black pepper with the taste of spicy cola.  Powdered charcoal will gently exfoliate your teeth, while persian lime oil will eradicate bad breath.  This product is suitable for vegans.

LUSH Oral Pleasure Toothy Tabs

Oral Pleasure Toothy Tabs ♥ R105,00

I must admit, the name and description of this one makes me feel a bit awkward – haha!  I’ll leave it to LUSH to describe these Toothy Tabs: “Come slowly, mouth. Lips unused to thee. Mingle among floral rose oil and vanilla absolute. You’ll be salivating for the tongue-tingling tincture of electric daisies and a passionfruit flavour, just the job for mouthwatering brushing.  Nibble one between the teeth and start brushing.”  This product is suitable for vegans.

LUSH Limelight Toothy Tabs

Limelight Toothy Tabs ♥ R105,00

This showstopping mixture of lemon- & lime oil, and baobab fruit powder creates a fizzing, sherbet-like experience.   As mentioned I received a generous sample of these with my previous online order (7 tablets) and I am in love with the scent of these – they really smell like lemon sherbet sweeties.  This product is suitable for vegans.

LUSH Miles Of Smiles Toothy Tabs

Miles Of Smiles Toothy Tabs ♥ R105,00

Keep your mouth in mint condition.  Cleansing kaolin and a triple whammy of minty goodness (wild mint oil, english peppermint oil, and organic peppermint oil) ensure this solid toothpaste will freshen up your mouth and make your teeth sparkle.  For intensely icy airwaves, simply nibble one between your teeth and start brushing.  This product is suitable for vegans.


Fortunately I have some inside info on the LUSH Valentine’s Day 2016 collection – a little birdie told me there was a slight mix-up with LUSH South Africa’s Valentine’s Day shipment, and unfortunately not all of the collection products will make their way to our shores.  BUT they are desperately trying to arrange for another shipment to be sent, so although for the time being ONLY Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Roses All The Way Soap, and The Kiss Lip Scrub will be coming to SA…I will still include information on the rest of the collection items in case LUSH manages to stock everything.  Let’s hold thumbs!

The limited edition collection will be in stores and online on the 28th of January 2016.

LUSH Valentine's Day 2016

The Kiss Lip Scrub ♥ R95,00

Caster sugar, fine sea salt, edible red hearts and hundreds & thousands will polish and keep your lips kissable.  Buff your lips to pouting perfection with this deliciously sweet and perfectly pink lip scrub.  Sweet mandarin oil and cocoa butter will leave your lips feeling soft, smooth and ready for some serious smooching.  And if you don’t have a Valentine this year…  Who cares?  We all want soft supple lips, right?  This product is suitable for vegans.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ♥ R58,50

This is one of my favourite LUSH bath products – here’s my review blog post from last year.  Sink into a magical bath filled with beautiful essential oils, colourful pastel waters, rainbows and dreams.  Relaxing lavender, sensual ylang ylang and mood-boosting neroli oils create a unique and uplifting fragrance as mountains of bubbles leave you feeling as enchanting and dazzling as unicorns themselves.  Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb ♥ TBC

Melt into an embrance of softening water, with butter hearts that coat the skin in a chocolate orange fragrance.  Uplifting Brazilian orange oil, comforting fair trade vanilla,  nourishing fair trade organic cocoa butter, and organic extra virgin olive oil will leave the skin feeling silky soft.  Gold glimmer lustres and red edible hearts add a lovely touch to this Bath Bomb.  This product is suitable for vegans.

Roses All The Way Soap ♥ R55,00

Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, this rose-shaped soap is made with fresh rose petal infusion, kaolin, rose oil, and coconut oil to soften and moisturise the skin.  It will gently fade to a soft creamy colour as you lather up, treating your skin to a delicate and rosy experience.  This product is suitable for vegans.

The Kiss Lip Gloss ♥ R95,00

Kisses are so much sweeter when they’re infused with fair trade shea butter from the Ojoba women’s cooperative in Ghana.  This soft, hydrating butter will moisturise your lips, while Kalahari melon and organic jojoba oils add a touch of the exotic.  Organic illipe oil and agave syrup give a lovely slip and delicious shine to your lips too.  Who could resist?  This product is suitable for vegans.

Prince Charming Shower Cream ♥ R85,00 (100g) / R160,00 (250g) / R275,00 (500g)

I remember Prince Charming from my ‘Valentine’s Day 2015 Haul’ last year but this year instead of it being a shower gel, LUSH decided to reformulate it into a shower cream.  Be swept off your feet by fresh pomegranate juice and lashings of uplifting grapefruit oil.  Soothing marshmallow root and fair trade vanilla pod infusion offset the zest with sweetness and fair trade organic cocoa butter softens skin.  To me, Prince Charming didn’t have the most interesting fragrance – I liked it, but I’m not sure I’ll buy it again this year.  I’d rather invest in a couple of the new Valentine’s Day items, plus The Kiss Lip Scrub (since I’ve never tried it).  This product is suitable for vegans.

The LUSH Oxford Street products are available in the LUSH South Africa online store or at your nearest LUSH store (Cavendish, V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk, Gateway, Dainfern Square and Rosebank Mall).

So there you have it!  Which of the products I mentioned in this blog post do you have your eye on?

Oh!  And if there’s a specific product mentioned in this blog post that you would like me to review on the blog, let me know in the comments section below.



  1. Remona
    19 January 2016 / 08:21

    O goody!! I would love to try out the cup of coffee face mask and the Boom toothy tabs (for my coffee and tea stained teeth) and how cute does the floating island bath oil looks!? Maybe I should forward this to the husband for a nudge 😉
    Thanks again for a great informative post!

    • 19 January 2016 / 11:08

      It’s so cute, isn’t it!? I think that’s a great idea…especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner. 😉

      My pleasure – and thank you for reading, Remona. 🙂

  2. 19 January 2016 / 09:32

    I was in LUSH on Sunday. I was devastated when I learnt that SA doesn’t stock Million Dollar moisturiser, I could have got it just a few weeks ago if I knew! I had a whiff of the new lipbalms and the Rose Lollipop and Buttered Brazils are way up my alley.

    PS I went to Oxford Street store in December and spent 2 HOURS there!! Heavenly

    – Jane Wonder –

    • 19 January 2016 / 11:16

      I’ve also wanted to try Million Dollar moisturiser for such a long time, ever since I saw Victoria (InTheFrow) use it. I received a small sample of Gorgeous moisturiser a few months ago and I was SO sad when I finished it. It really is an amazing moisturiser – it’s quite expensive though (R695,00) but it contains ALL the BEST natural oils. I’ll have to save my pennies, because I really want to buy a full-size soon. 🙂

      I’m so jealous that you got to go to the Oxford Street store – wowie! I’d probably have to take a lunchbox with me because I’m pretty sure I’d spend the whole day there. 😉

  3. Simone Cameron
    19 January 2016 / 10:48

    I really really should NOT read these Lush posts! I can’t wait for payday so that I can do an order….and what makes it even easier, is that hubby is now also a HUGE fan. He is OBSESSED with the Dirty Shaving Cream I got him….he wants nothing else and already told me he is running low. lol. So will get him some more and then I think the smoothie above as well for him to try out.

    UNICORN HORN!!! Is it not the most precious cutest thing ever? Can’t wait to get some. Will also try one of those lip tints. Oh and the coffee mask if they can ship it. I know the fresh masks they don’t have available for online purchases 🙁

    You’re soooo bad for my budget Luzanne! he he.

    • 19 January 2016 / 11:22

      LOL! LOL! LOL! I’m so happy to hear your husband loves LUSH as much as we do now, at least now he knows what the hype is about! 😉 I still have to convert Neal – currently he only likes the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar, which he uses after a long ride or race (mountain bike).

      They can definitely ship the coffee mask (it’s not a fresh mask) – thanks for pointing that out, I’ll update the blog post to let people know it can be shipped. 😉

      I am SO glad to see Unicorn Horn again, it really is magical!

      You know I love enabling you guys to buy all the best beauty products in the world – one day we’ll start a ‘Beauty Shopaholics Anonymous’ group…but we’re not quite there yet. 😀

      • Simone Cameron
        20 January 2016 / 10:42

        Lol..totally, you’re an enabler!

        My husband is now googling to see which beauty box type unit he prefers. Gave me his opinions after researching the 3 I know about and tells me he totally understand why I’d have a need for one. lol. Even he is suffering from the #PinkPeoniesEffect

        • 20 January 2016 / 11:55

          You just made my day!!! The first man to suffer from the #PinkPeoniesEffect – it’s a new record for me! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Roxy
    19 January 2016 / 11:26

    Ok I want Razzle Dazzle, Big Bang, Cup O Coffee, Rose Lollipop, The Kiss Lip Scrub, Unicorn Horn and Limelight NOW!!!!!

    Thank you for introducing us to all the new lovelies at Lush, Luzanne.

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:49

      My pleasure, Roxy – I hope you manage to get your hands on those LUSH goodies soon! 🙂

  5. Maureen
    19 January 2016 / 12:38

    That Cup Of Coffee scrub / mask is what I need in the morning. 🙂

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:49

      Sounds like the best ‘pick-me-up’ for those early mornings! 😉

  6. Yolandi Wilken
    19 January 2016 / 13:39

    Ek wil so graag daardie Key Lime Pie lip produk probeer, dit klink heerlik. XO

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:50

      Dit ruik so lekker – Neal het gesê dit ruik amper soos suurlemoen / lemmetjie jellie poeier. 🙂 xo

  7. Newlande
    19 January 2016 / 16:25

    Wow. So glad I bought the whole Valentines day collection in Holland last week. Almost waited till back in SA.

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:51

      I heard from LUSH last night and they confirmed all the Valentine’s Day products will be coming to SA, as well as the Valentine’s Day gift sets. 😀

  8. 19 January 2016 / 22:20

    The coffee scrub sounds divine! The toothy tabs…I mean really, they seem a bit silly! Haha!
    xo, Lily

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:52

      It smells so good!!! 😉 The Toothy Tabs are quite unique – I’ve really enjoyed testing the Limelight ones I received as a sample.

      Thanks for popping by the blog, Lily. xoxoxo

  9. Rheba
    20 January 2016 / 09:24

    So excited about all these products!!

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:53

      LUSH always launch the most interesting products – it’s always exciting! 😉

  10. Elenor J
    20 January 2016 / 09:41

    Buttered Brazils sounds right up my street..I love the smell of dark choc, nuts and vanilla. 🙂

    • 20 January 2016 / 09:53

      In that case, Buttered Brazils is definitely your spirit animal! 😉

    • 20 January 2016 / 14:41

      They’re so fun, aren’t they? 😀

  11. 27 January 2016 / 17:25

    Unicorn Horm was the first bath bomb that I purchased from Lush. It is still my favourite and I can’t wait to purchase another. Hopefully, J spoils me with it again this Valentines day, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

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