My Winter Must-Haves

Right guys, I know I’m a bit late with this post but there’s still a good almost 2 months left of Winter (ok, maybe less).  So there’s still time for you to go out and get a few of these things, it will brighten up your Winter days – promise!

1.  Woolworths Neon Heart Onesie – Yes, there is a picture of an adult onesie on my blog.  And yes, I wear mine with pride.  I appreciate this might not be for everyone (please don’t call Joan Rivers!) but they have changed the way I spend my days at home.  They are comfortable and keep me warm during the cold Winter days / nights.  I’m very lucky in that I work from home, so I can wear anything to work (I don’t wear a onesie every single day, in case you were wondering).  I own 2 onesies, this one pictured above and another fleece one (both are from Woolworths).  Woolworths sells them for R 350,00 but you can purchase cotton or fleece onesies at Moomoo For Me (online shop) for between R 290,00 and R 350,00.

2.  Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum – This miracle serum was featured in my April 2013 Favourites blog post here.  My skin loves this stuff, it soaks it up and when I don’t use it for a couple of nights, I can feel the difference – my skin isn’t as soft, supple and dewy.

3.  Balm Balm Relaxing Bath & Body Oil in Rose Geranium – I reviewed this a couple of weeks ago here.  I’m looking forward to try the other Bath & Body Oils in this range, so I’ll definitely be placing an order before I run out of this magical oil.  You can spray it over the surface of your bath water for a nourishing and relaxing bath or you can use it directly on the skin.  It leaves no sticky, oily residue and is absorbed almost immediately.  Oh, and is smells amazing!

4.  Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant – I apply this to my lips before I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning, my lips are moisturised and soft.  There’s a reason this has won numerous awards in the beauty industry, it soothes, restores, calms & helps relieve chapped, cracked and dry skin.  When this little tube is finished, I’ll be getting the Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm in the jar – it just looks so cute (I’ll have to figure out how to get over my issue about sticking fingers in jars – so unhygienic)!

5.  Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye – I’m currently using a sample I received in an Estée Lauder promotional gift and I must say, I’m really enjoying it.  I love the texture of this (it’s unlike the original Advanced Night Repair Complex) because this one contains triglyceride for added moisture and silicone for that silky feel.  On some nights I pair it with my EL Resilience Lift Eye Creme for that extra oomph!  I wake up looking like Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) – for reals!

6.  LUSH You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt – I have only had the pleasure of using this twice (boo!) and before I go off on a tangent about my inability to understand why LUSH hasn’t opened a store in Gauteng, let me just say this: ‘Move over regular ol’ bath oil from Clicks!  There’s a new Sheriff it town!’  I never used to be much of a bath person but ever since LUSH came into my life, I’m a changed person.  Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t really lie in the tub for more than half an hour BUT now I look forward to taking a nice, hot bath on weekends.  This bath melt gives off a mouth-watering, orange-lemony scent and leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturised.  I’ve read you can use this bath melt as a massage bar directly on your skin as well, but I haven’t tried using it that way.

7.  Essence Nail & Cuticle Butter Stick – This one was also featured in my May 2013 Favourites blog post here.  It’s moisturising on those dry Winter cuticles, smells divine and doesn’t leave your fingers feeling oily and slippery.  Rub the stick on your cuticles and around the nail area, then gently massage it in (I also usually do this at night before I go to bed, to ensure it stays on for at least a couple of hours).

8.  Nespresso Essenza – I have become quite the coffee snob, and it’s all thanks to this little guy.  How can you not develop a ‘taste’ for good coffee when you have so many Nespresso capsules to choose from!  We also have the Nespresso Aeroccino Frother which is the perfect addition to my long-term relationship with the Nespresso machine.  A sublime cappuccino has never been so easy to make!  Good news: Nespresso shops are stocking the ‘special’ flavoured coffee capsules i.e. Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla as part of their permanent range.  Now I can pretend I’m drinking a Starbucks Caramel Latte or Caffè Mocha.  Bliss…

9.  Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream – I only use this at night (not every night, though, as I have SO many skincare products to choose from) because it is SO luxurious and creamy.  The consistency of this cream is thick & rich, almost like a body butter.  It works wonders for my skin – it brightens and nourishes.  I use this cream on Sunday nights when I have my pamper session, and when I wake up the next morning it looks (and feels) like I drank 2 litres of water!  I look refreshed and dewy, straight out of bed.  Plus, what’s not to love about the packaging of this cutie!?

So, that’s it!  These are the things that have made my Winter, a happy Winter!



  1. Chicara
    19 July 2013 / 09:24

    Great list! Absolute must-haves. You and I are so similar. 🙂 I am obsessed with my neon heart onesie. I also work from home and sometimes work in my onesie as well. He, he. My boyfriend is actually jealous that I have something as warm and comfy as a onesie. 😉

    I’m utterly obsessed with our Nespresso Lattissima+. It’s the coolest thing we’ve ever owned. I’m struggling to drink imstant now. Eeek!

    • Luzanne
      19 July 2013 / 11:39

      Thank you 🙂 Haha! Neal (husband) thinks my onesies are super cute! I think he secretly wishes he owned some onesies as well!

      As for the instant coffee dilemma…I know what you mean! Both Neal and I are struggling with the same issue! x

      • Chicara
        19 July 2013 / 12:17

        Ha, ha. My boyfriend isn’t secretly wishing. He is very vocal about wanting one. 😉 xx

  2. 19 July 2013 / 09:42

    I love everything! I am desperate for Nespresso machine but my husband can’t be bothered and I’m too broke… 🙁
    I also work from home but I kind of stopped wearing pyjamas when I started getting so many deliveries! I love Balm Balm everything too.

    • Luzanne
      19 July 2013 / 11:44

      Haha! I have my parcels delivered to my husband’s office address, so I can wear my PJs / onesies all day, every day…not that I do that. *shakes head vigorously* *blush*

      Balm Balm is the best!

  3. 19 July 2013 / 21:07

    The Balm Balm, 8 hour cream, coffee….I want it all!!!

  4. Tjoppie
    20 July 2013 / 13:05

    Wow, lucky girl to be pampered with all this gorgeous stuff! I specially love the Estee Night Repair Eye! And
    I used my Essence butter stick up within 10 days, lovely!

    • Luzanne
      20 July 2013 / 22:12

      My Butter Stick is nearing it’s end, will have to stock up on it soon! x

  5. Betsie
    2 August 2013 / 00:35

    This is a wonderful list, I have added a few onto my birthday list…

    • Luzanne
      2 August 2013 / 08:24

      I’m glad you enjoyed the list 🙂 When is your birthday, Betsie?

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