My #InMyNature Skincare Journey With Elemis + GIVEAWAY


I was recently given the opportunity to embark on a skincare journey with Elemis South Africa – I specifically use the word ‘journey’ because this is an ongoing experience for me.  I was invited to the Da Vinci Day Spa in Sandton City, and was treated to a very relaxing facial and a detoxifying body wrap.  I was sent home with 3 products from Elemis, all suited for my skincare and body care needs and have been testing the products for the past 2 months.  I received additional products last week, which I’m keen to start testing out, but for this review blog post I’ll be focusing on the products I have been testing for the past 8 weeks.  If you’re a regular Pink Peonies blog reader, then you’ll know I always test skincare products for at least 4 weeks before I feature them on the blog because even though active ingredients contained in skincare products usually start to work immediately, the benefits will only be visible after at least 4 weeks’ time.

I decided to add one of the more recent products to the blog post as well (even though I haven’t tested it for long enough) because I’m VERY excited to share it with you – it’s very unique!

So, in this blog post I’m going to share my thoughts on each Elemis product and if you make it all the way to the bottom of the post, there will be a pretty darn incredible GIVEAWAY waiting just for you.  I have organised an Elemis hamper worth R8000+ for one lucky reader, plus a spa voucher too!  Sharing is caring, right?  And what better way to start 2017 off than with a collection of luxurious skincare products, and a relaxing facial / body treatment.



♥  Elemis is the number 1 rated luxury skincare brand in the UK, and their products have won over 200 independent beauty awards, with their cult favourite product ‘Pro-Collagen Marine Cream’ having won over 30 awards!

♥  In the past Elemis products were exclusive to spas and cruise line spas, but they recently expanded their product range in-store (selected Edgars and Stuttafords stores) to make an at-home spa experience possible for people who don’t necessarily have the time to visit a spa.

♥  Elemis is available in 1600+ spas in over 60 countries worldwide, and treats over 6,5 million clients each year.

♥  Elemis uses powerful marine and plant actives coupled with intricately-blended aromatics to form the foundation of all their products.  They ethically source and extract the earth’s natural resources, harnessing and boosting natural properties through skincare science.  Their products are results-driven and they are committed to creating high-performance formulations to amplify the earth’s natural resources.

♥  Elemis do not test on animals and does not use animal by-products apart from honey, beeswax and milk proteins.

♥  All Elemis products are tested by their Master and Elite therapists and the results are fed back to the laboratory.  This cycle can take up to 3 years until each product does exactly what it professes to, achieving real results.  Impressive, right?


When I first started working with Elemis South Africa on their #InMyNature campaign, I mentioned my skincare concerns were mainly ageing and pigmentation (dark spots).  As a result, they introduced me to their skincare range called the ‘Dynamic Resurfacing’ collection.  Elemis recently rebranded, so this collection used to be called the ‘Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing’ skincare range.  You’ll see my products still have the old name on them – for the purpose of the review blog post I’ll refer to the old name, but just keep in mind these have a new name(the ingredients and formulations remain the same).

The Dynamic Resurfacing technology addresses the signs of premature ageing i.e. fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, acne scarring, photo-ageing etc.  Each product in the range features ‘Tri-Enzyme Technology’, meaning they contain 3 enzymes to help boost the skin’s natural exfoliation cycle to reveal fresher, brighter skin and restore even skin tone.

The upper layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells, and if you don’t get rid of them they usually lead to dull & lacklustre complexions.  Enzymes work by breaking down the keratin protein in dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin.  These enzymes are effective non-abrasive exfoliants and usually more gentle than other exfoliating methods like scrubs and microdermabrasion.

Encapsulated Subtilisine (from barley) combined with Papain (from papaya) enzymes safely dissolve the superficial layers of the epidermis, therefore stimulating cell renewal and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, photo damage and skin imperfections.  Protease (from micro mushroom) enzymes improve the cell renewal process, and the antioxidant properties of White Truffle provide a powerful blend of amino acids, feeding the skin with essential B-Vitamins and protecting it from free radical damage.

As mentioned, I was introduced to this skincare range when I visited the Da Vinci Hotel Spa.  Elemis South Africa actually filmed my experience, and you can take a look at the short video here.



In the past, I never used to pay much attention to high-end face cleansers because I always felt like you don’t have them on your skin long enough for the active ingredients to be effective.  I only tend to massage a cleanser into my skin for about a minute before I rinse it off – that’s hardly enough time for any actives to penetrate the epidermis.  I’d rather save my money for skincare products that don’t immediately wash down the drain, something like a serum or moisturiser that actually has time to penetrate the various layers of the skin.  For the most part, I still don’t believe in splurging on cleansers – BUT I must admit, this chemical exfoliating facial wash doesn’t need a lot of time to do its job!  Trust me, the enzymes contained in this cleanser make for an intense exfoliating cocktail.  I initially cleansed my face with the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash 4 times a week but had to cut that down to only once a week because the actives were so…well active.  I was over-exfoliating my skin and so it started to get really dry and dehydrated – the texture on my forehead was getting better, and my skin started feeling smoother but the exfoliating enzymes were a bit too intense for my skin (I have combination skin) and so I had to cut back on how frequently I used it.

These days I use the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash once a week (as mentioned earlier, it’s now called the ‘Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash’) and so far I’m happy with the results.  This is actually the very first chemical exfoliating cleanser that I have ever used, I usually stick to my Clarisonic Aria to manually exfoliate my skin.  I like the feeling of a non-abrasive exfoliant, and this product has definitely opened up my eyes to the world of chemical exfoliants.

We all know exfoliating your skin keeps your pores nice and clean.  Chemical exfoliators remove dead skin cells off your face and make way for new cells to turn over, revealing smoother and brighter skin.  Another great thing about chemical exfoliators is that they can help stimulate collagen production, which in turn will reduce wrinkles.  It’s easy to over-scrub when using a physical exfoliator (with scrubby bits), and when you’re too rough with your face scrub, it can cause irritation and expose the raw tissue to bacteria and infection.  If you struggle with acne / breakouts, using a chemical exfoliator will also benefit you because it fights oil, and removes pore-clogging dead skin cells from a deeper level in the skin.

Ingredients in the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash include Galactoarabinan (from the Larch Tree) which supports a non-abrasive exfoliation action without irritation, as well as Babassu Oil (rich in fatty acids) which helps to nourish and replenish moisture levels.  As part of the Elemis Anti-Ageing Resurfacing Programme, this cleanser encourages the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, actively smoothing and refining whilst gently sloughing away any dead cells on the skin’s upper layers that dull the complexion.  Powerful antioxidant properties of Moringa help to protect skin against environmental damage, and White Truffle Poria Cocos helps to soothe and support the overall surface environment of the skin.

A little goes a very long way, one pump is more than enough to cover the entire face.  I like to focus on my problem areas i.e. forehead, nose and upper cheeks to ensure the enzymes start working there first and then leave it on for as long as possible for maximum benefit.  It’s not a foaming cleanser, and if you wear makeup then I would suggest you use a pre-cleansing product like a micellar water or cleansing balm beforehand to remove most of your makeup before going in with this exfoliator.  If you’re in the market for a cleanser to splurge on, and you don’t enjoy using a scrubby exfoliator – definitely check this one out.



I’m always more than willing to invest in a good anti-ageing night cream – while you catch some zzzzzz’s the skin regenerates, heals and soothes…especially since you’re lying still.  I have been using this cream for about 2 months now and I am very impressed.  It features the same enzyme cocktail I mentioned above to stimulate the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle whilst cellular respiration is at its optimum, resulting in smoother & more radiant skin.  Their patented Tri-Enzyme technology acts as the catalyst in this formulation for safe, gentle and effective resurfacing within the skin’s upper layers.  A synergist lipid complex is expertly blended with antioxidant rich Rice Hull and Samphire to restore skin’s clarity, replenishing skin from daily environmental stresses and pollution.  A complex network of amino acids and White Truffle help soothe and support the surface of the skin.  I think it’s always important to include a soothing agent in a skincare product like this one, because the main ingredients are so active.

This nighttime moisturiser feels incredibly smooth & lightweight on the skin, and absorbs well with no oily residue.  It smells delightfully fresh (no overpowering scent) and doesn’t feel sticky once applied to the skin.  Since using this night cream, I have noticed 2 things: 1. The texture on my forehead has almost disappeared (it’s so much smoother); and 2. some of my darker hyperpigmentation marks are starting to fade.  I feel it’s important to mention, though, that I have also been using a Retinol serum (not from Elemis) every other night, so the improvement in texture can also be as a result of that.  A part of me wishes Elemis supplied me with an entire skincare range (cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, SPF etc) at the beginning of the campaign, because then I would be able to tell you with certainty whether the products delivered on their promises.  I’m very thankful for the products I have received thus far, but I’m sure you understand what I mean…right?  I wish I didn’t have to mix their products with other skincare brands for this campaign, because I feel it’s difficult for me to say whether the improvements I have noticed in the texture and overall clarity of my skin is a result of using the 2 Elemis skincare products (or something else).

This evening moisturiser is definitely not a budget-friendly cream, it’s extremely luxurious (with a price tag to match) but fortunately a small pea-sized amount will cover the entire face, so it should last you for many months.  If you are looking for an effective, hydrating night cream that will improve the surface of your skin, this is definitely one to consider.



Ok, so technically speaking I have only used this twice so far but I’m happy to report: I’m in love!  There’s a reason why these are called ‘Skin Bliss Capsules’, the encapsulated lavender and rose oils provide an endorphin ‘bliss effect’ so your skin is de-stressed and nourished.  The jar contains 30 pink capsules to be used in the morning and 30 green capsules to be used at night, I imagine one is supposed to use 2 capsules every day (which means this product would only last you 1 month).  I don’t think it’s necessary to use these every single day, so I think I’ll use them twice a week as a special treatment for my skin – this will ensure they last way longer than intended.

The pink capsules contain rose absolute to hydrate, soften and stimulate endorphins during the day.  The green capsules contain lavender oil to help restore cell metabolism and maximise cell repair overnight.  Both capsules also contain moringa oil which has the highest concentration of antioxidant properties to help repair the visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution (this allows other nutrients to be absorbed more effectively).

Did you know?  Moringa oil has up to 1700% more antioxidant power, compared to any other cosmetic oil.

I really like that each capsule contains just the right amount of oil to cover my entire face – it’s always easy to go a bit overboard when it comes to facial oils / serums, leaving you with a oily residue on the skin.  But I definitely don’t have that problem with the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules.

As mentioned, the potent facial oil formulations act to de-stress the skin, helping to break down the accumulation of harmful toxins that clog up pores.  These little capsules really are pure bliss for skin that is tired or in need of some TLC.  We all know aromatic essential oils have a therapeutic effect  on one’s mood and enhances feelings of wellbeing and relaxation.  I’m holding thumbs these capsules will give my skin a youthful glow, especially with the festive (party) season ahead.



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst balancing a busy routine can be quite challenging – I’m sure most of you will agree.  The pressures and stresses of our daily lives can lead to a build up of toxins in the body.  It’s always a good idea to adopt simple detox regimes i.e. drinking warm water with lemon or ginger, and exfoliating (or dry brushing) regularly as this will help cleanse the body and stimulate circulation to release toxins.  There’s nothing quite as indulgent as using an invigorating scrub while your taking a hot shower (especially on a cold, rainy day) – the heat and humidity of the shower will open up pores, making any body scrub you use a lot more effective.

I’ve really been enjoying the Lime and Ginger Salt Glow, it smells like a safari spa and instantly lifts my mood.   I like massaging it into my skin in circular motions, focusing on my problem areas i.e. thighs, tummy, and upper arms.  This nourishing exfoliator helps to boost metabolism and circulation, all while energising your skin and awakening your senses.  Lime, ginger and sea salt is blended with bergamot-, coconut- and sweet almond oils to stimulate, purify, tone and leave the skin looking & feeling exceptionally soft.

Yes, Elemis is a pricey brand but I’m sure most of you already know I truly believe in investing in your skincare routine.  Like I always say: Makeup will only ever look as good as the canvas it is applied on!



Elemis South Africa would like to take a Pink Peonies blog reader on their own skincare journey, and have very generously sponsored a GIVEAWAY hamper worth R8000!  There will be 1 winner who will win an Elemis product hamper as well as a spa voucher to visit an Elemis spa for an indulgent treat!  I know not everyone is able to spend a lot of money on skincare products, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to win a skincare hamper filled with the best of the best.  The products will be chosen based on YOUR specific skincare needs, so your new skincare routine will be tailored to help treat and combat your skin concerns and will fit in with your lifestyle.

I’m really excited about this giveaway – it’s probably the largest prize (in terms of monetary value) that I have ever been able to give away to one of my readers!  Thank you, Elemis!

I’m going to keep this as simple as possible, so there’s no Rafflecopter widget for this giveaway.

To enter, all you have to do is complete your chosen entries below.  You don’t HAVE TO complete each entry (except the one where you leave a comment motivating why you should win the prize – that one is mandatory), so if you’d only like to leave a comment below, then your entry will still be valid.  The other entry options are there so that you can gain more entries for the giveaway, increasing your chances of winning the prize.


♥  Leave a comment below telling me why you should win the R8000 hamper prize and Elemis spa voucher.  This entry option is mandatory to ensure Elemis has a way of contacting the winner (so make sure the email address you supply when you comment, is your correct email address).

For EXTRA entries:

Make sure you leave a comment in the comments section below for EACH additional entry you complete – it’s the only way for me to keep tabs on your extra entries.  For example if you decide to share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook, leave a comment saying “Shared on Facebook” and include your Facebook username.  So, at the end of this giveaway you could end up with 7 comments below – one for each entry option you completed.

♥  Retweet my giveaway tweet OR tweet the following giveaway message:

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This giveaway is open to South African residents only.

The giveaway will run until 9am on Friday, 18 November 2016, with 1 winner being selected by Elemis South Africa shortly afterwards.  I always announce the winners of my giveaways on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow me on both social media platforms.

Elemis South Africa is responsible for managing delivery of the hamper, as well as arranging the spa voucher.

If no reply has been received 7 days from the initial winner announcement, another winner will be selected.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is in sponsored collaboration with Elemis South Africa.

UPDATE: There were so many entries for this giveaway, so Elemis decided to choose THREE winners instead of just one.  And the winners are: Vanessa Christiane, Zee Mohlapi, and Melissa (the lady who entered on behalf of her mother).  Congratulations, ladies!  I hope you enjoy your Elemis hampers and spa treatments!



  1. Siwe Mjwara 14 November 2016 / 20:21

    These seem like great products.
    I personally would love to win this Elemis skin care hamper because I am a huge skin care junky who enjoys taking care of her skin. Its just such a shame that my skin is only acting up now in my mid 20’s after surviving through puberty. This hamper would be great for me so that I am able to treat my skin and achieve my flawless skin I once had and dream of.
    Some time out to treat myself at the spa would be a luxury too 😉

  2. Melissa ❀ 14 November 2016 / 20:21

    Hi, Luzanne! My wedding is around the corner and it would be a dream come true if I could pamper my skin and body with some Elemis products. Weddings are expensive, and all my pennies are going into the “wedding fund” these no extra money for luxuries. :)

  3. Zee Mohlapi 14 November 2016 / 20:23

    YAAAAASSSS!!! Love this competition!!!! I think I should win because I’ve never used Elemis products, and want to see what all the fuss is about. I always read about their products on the UK blogs.. 😀

    Please choose me, Elemis!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wendy H 14 November 2016 / 20:29

    Great review blog post, Luzanne, as always! :) I would be over the moon if I won this prize – I’m old, and my skin needs some TLC..

  5. Sharleen 14 November 2016 / 20:37

    My skin is in dire need of a good treat and Elemis will do just that.
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  6. Amy Daniels 14 November 2016 / 20:44

    Why I should win this is because my face is so dry at the moment and need something else to put back some life to it and love to hear good review’s about this brand. Instagram:daniels_amy
    Facebook: Amy Daniels

  7. Natalie M 14 November 2016 / 20:44

    This is an amazing prize. I’d really like to win as my current skincare regime doesn’t seem to be working anymore so I’m trying to change it and try new products but so far it’s been a bit disastrous. My main concerns are anti aging, fine lines, dullness and pigmentation. I am a complete skincare fanatic!!! So I’d really love to try the best of the best.

  8. Laura 14 November 2016 / 20:46

    I would love this prize! I need to start looking after my skin properly and this would be amazing amazing way to start my journey!

  9. Kristi de Freitas-Beitz 14 November 2016 / 20:48

    For years I’ve been trying to find something that works, only to be disappointed and to have wasted money. Sales associates at salons have sold me things just for the sake of making money, and it being the wrong products for my skin. I’ve tried everything from drugstore to salon grade, and nothing has worked. I’ve even tried changing my diet! I went full blown vegan for a few months too! I mean, at one stage I was even making my own crazy natural concoctions from Pinterest in the hopes of something working.

    At this point, I don’t even want to buy anything new, because I’m too scared it’s just going to make my skin look even worse, or end up in the bottom of my cupboard as something that doesn’t work.

    This Elemis prize sounds like an absolute dream for my skin, and something that will actually take it out of the gutter, and get it back to its radiant, glowing, and healthy look. And let’s be honest, 2016 has been one hell of a year, and my skin definitely looks like the end of the year has come and it needs a holiday.

    Winning this world give my skin another chance and would show me that Elemis is the product I need to be using. I’m holding my thumbs tighter than anything that this prize comes to me. It would actually make my skin’s year!

  10. Kristi de Freitas-Beitz 14 November 2016 / 20:50

    Whoops I also tweeted – @heykristi_
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    And of course I already like both you and Elemis on Facebook.
    My comment about why I absolutely need this prize is above. :)

  11. Anisha Singh 14 November 2016 / 20:52

    Dearest Luzanne!

    Ageing is optional.

    Having said that, this 30 something Mum, wife, student, budding entrepreneur is in dire need of some serious skin rehab. And I know that Elemis holds the answer to my skin woes. My first encounter with this cult brand began in Cape Town many years ago when the skin bliss capsules transformed my lackluster skin. Alas, giving up a great job to follow your dreams comes at a price and I am talking about using inferior skincare! I guess neglect, raging hormones and late nights have taken it’s toll and I now find myself hiding under a canvas of makeup! I so want to win this heavenly skin treat for my upcoming graduation. Yes you heard right, after surviving so many human disasters and after the diagnosis of kerataconus, this 30 something lass is graduating with a psychology degree! It’s going to me my proudest moment but I want my face to reflect how I feel in my heart. I want my skin to glow as if touched by Elemis magic! I want to feel good in my skin again. Simple. So please pretty please wave that magical wand so that I can love my skin again? Thanks for a superb review of Elemis and I pray that whoever wins this enjoys the life changing results!

    P.S shared in Facebook(Anisha Singh)
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  12. Sarika Timol 14 November 2016 / 20:54

    Fingers crossed, awesome giveaway

  13. Sarah 14 November 2016 / 20:58

    What a lovely prize! Holding thumbs :)

  14. Natasha 14 November 2016 / 20:59

    Oh wow these products would just change everything, I never know which products to buy this would be the biggest treat.

  15. Erica 14 November 2016 / 21:00

    Thank you for such a awesome prize. Elemis has always appealed to me but I just couldn’t justify the price. It would be such an incredible treat.

  16. Tracy Jacobs 14 November 2016 / 21:01

    Oh wow! Wow! Wow! Heavenly generous giveaway – my skin is tired, dry and I have brown marks and spots – in serious need of a major overhaul in the form of Elemis

  17. Tracy Jacobs 14 November 2016 / 21:02

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  18. Kerryn Lancaster 14 November 2016 / 21:02

    I was introduced to the Elemis products in a surprise upgrade on British Airways at Heathrow after a 14 day-10 city business trip. My skin was in dire need of nourishment- so many air conditioned hotel rooms and airports! When I arrived at the lounge- I enjoyed a shower and then was offered an Elemis facial . I have never felt quite so pampered- I would love to replicate this experience in the comfort of my home:)

  19. Theola Ernest 14 November 2016 / 21:03

    Wow! Amazing prize! I’m a stay at home Mom of a 2 year old and almost have zero time to have a pamper. My skin has been a nightmare, since being on cortisone thrice this winter. So, I need major skin TLC :)

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  27. Sue-Marie Olwagen 14 November 2016 / 21:17

    Why I deserve to win:

    1. I am a very busy mom of two blessings ( 1 toddler, 1 baby ) taking a lot of my time from morning to evening, then I’m a wife and working mom♡

    2. I always put others (my kids, my hubby, my family) needs before mine, and help where I can♡

    3. With a tight South Africa budget it’s very difficult to pamper and spoil myself with anything. Maintaining household needs, kids necessities, and kids vaccinations (without any medical aid) it’s a big difficulty and responsibility!

    #InMyNature please make my dream come true and YEAR


  28. Sue-Marie Olwagen 14 November 2016 / 21:18

    Shared on facebook wuth all my friends

  29. Lize-Mari 14 November 2016 / 21:29

    Had no problems with my skin in school. And now that im older i have an problem skin pigmentation and acne. I think the Tri Enzyme range would be amazing!!!! Would so love to win it and get rid of my scaring! Elemis is the BEST!!!!

  30. Falon Harris 14 November 2016 / 21:30

    I would never say I deserve this more than the next person because Im almost sure we all deserve a little pampering. I’d like/LOVE to win this hamper and the skincare products to get my skin glowing, hydrated and in its most beautiful natural condition ahead of my wedding in march. I am absolutely terrified of a break out or dry skin and id like some professional advice to avoid this. Holding thumbs! #InMyNature

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  36. Carien Dippenaar 14 November 2016 / 21:39

    This is amazing. First of all congrats and being able to have such a huge givaway. I think my skin really needs this, I work alot in the sun. I have such a sensitive skin, I think I should actually use a very powerfull product but my budget won’t allow that. So at the moment I only use cheap products from the pharmacy. I stress alot, I have a very busy schedule, I work alot in the sun, and the last thing I think about is taking care of my skin. This would be a vacation in a bottle for my skin.

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  37. Lize-Mari 14 November 2016 / 21:41

    Shared this awesome blog with facebook friends :)

    Elemis my skin is calling!!!!!!!

  38. Susan 14 November 2016 / 21:43

    I am so excited about this giveaway, thank you for another informative blog post Luzanne.

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway as I have struggled with acne for the last ten years. This has left me with scars and I also have pigmentation on my face which really bothers me. As you mentioned, microdermabrasion is expensive and I would love to invest in this skincare range if I had the money… but I don’t.

  39. Navneet Hood 14 November 2016 / 21:44

    Oohhh my skin could really do with a pampering – I am heavily pregnant and my hormones have made my skin look like a teenager. I cannot wait for my hormones to settle and start treating it. I haven’t been able to use any fancy products because nothing helps and it would be great to win this xx

  40. Susan 14 November 2016 / 21:46

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  41. Susan 14 November 2016 / 21:48

    Visited the Elemis South Africa Facebook page :) (Susan Aling)

  42. Stephanie Smith 14 November 2016 / 21:49

    Hi Luzanne, Congrats on this wonderful giveaway!

    So why does my skin deserve to be bathed in luxurious Elemis products?……shooooooooo. I have that fabulous skin type that is prone to dehydration, redness and eczema around my eyes. I’m 29 years old, not getting any younger (wrinkles are creeping in seemingly every day) and feel like I have yet to find a skincare brand/routine that really works for my skin.Being a fellow makeup lover, I know how important it is to start with the best possible canvas and I try so hard to look after my skin, but feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to try this brand and range, ESPECIALLY since they are CRUELTY FREE <3

    Pick meeeee so I can treat my skin to an early Christmas Present 😀

  43. Susan 14 November 2016 / 21:50

    Checked out @elemissouthafrica on instagram :) (susan.aling)

  44. Vanessa Christiane 14 November 2016 / 21:56

    #ElemisSouthAfrica and #PinkpeoniesBlog – I do believe I am a deserved winner and contender for this amazing give-away! I work in the kitchen of a guesthouse, over a hot stove, fumes, oil, sweat and smoke make up most of my day; this being one of the reasons I am hoping to be considered to be a/the winner of this amazing give-away. At my age I am still getting clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads (even-worse) pimples, enlarged poers and enflamed skin. I trust the truth being told about my skin is in my favour #InMyNature as this is an amazing experience which I would love to take a journey on to see what a change this this gorgeous product and treatments would make to the beginning of repairing the damage! I’ve always been told that whether one uses the cheapest product on the market or a product such as La Mer, one wouldn’t see any change! Well I would be grateful to be treated with ##ElemisSouthAfrica and #PinkpeoniesBlog -!Luzanne is a beautiful woman so no surprise she has teamed up with this awesome BRAND! Wishes do come true Having reviewed all of the videos on the Elemis Facebook Page, odd that it shows no views? Just thought you would like to know.

  45. Angelique Greyling 14 November 2016 / 22:05

    Would love to give Elemis a try! I have combination skin which is acne prone, and have been dying to try some high end products, so winning this would be awesome!!

  46. Bianca Balutto 14 November 2016 / 22:08

    Oh wow I would love to win this hamper and spa voucher I have never used such expensive luxurious skin care products and would love to experience it I’m about taking care of your skin. The Lime and Ginger Salt Glow sounds amazing and those pills I didn’t even know that there were such pills to take *face palm*. Would love to own these luxurious skin care products they really sound amazing and such a treat for my skin.

  47. Rentia Austin 14 November 2016 / 22:24

    What an absolutely amazing prize!!

    I’d really like to win, no, let me rephrase … I NEED to win this …

    Mom of two small, fabulous but very busy kids, working in a very stressful industry in financially challenging times and to top it off, turning the BIG BAD 40 in January.

    My current skincare regime is a bit haphazard at the moment, leaves a lot to be desired and I would love to have access to such a luxurious brand to get my skin looking fantastic again, and be looking FABULOUS @ 40!

    Did I mention that I NEED to win this prize? 😉

  48. Tyler Cullum 14 November 2016 / 22:25

    I believe that I deserve to win this AMAZING Elemis prize because I’m a student, who can’t afford Elemis products but would love to pamper my skin with their amazing range. I am constantly stressed out and too busy to pay attention to my skincare routine so I think that by winning this prize it would be a great way for me to start my skincare rituals. My excema has made it extremely difficult for me to maintain healthy, moisturized skin so this giveaway would make it a lot easier for me to do so. Fingers crossed!

    • Tyler Cullum 16 November 2016 / 21:31

      Retweeted : phuckinavy

  49. Vanessa Christiane 14 November 2016 / 22:47

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  52. Miranda Forrester 14 November 2016 / 22:50

    I am a fully trained skin therapist, and I’m trained ij Elemis as I worked with it inboard the ship. I loved using it on the guests.
    Up until recently when I went on maternity and had my baby, I managed to purchase my skin products at cost price (else Id have never been able to afford it). Then I had my baby… everything changed. My skin has completely changed, so my few products I had left from my working days are no longer effective in treating my concerns. I am no longer working in a dalon where I can get new products. i def cannot afford quality skincare as my main concern now is my baby and I feel super guilty for spending any money on myself. Now its all about the baby. I cringe when I have to tell people I used to be a skin expert because my current routine and products does not reflect my status. I’ve lost my mojo in this new adventure of motherhood. so many changes, it would mean so much to me to be on the receiving end of the pamper. To have a expert analyse my skin correctly and assist me in getting my routine going again. The spa treatment would be the cherry on the cake! What a spoil it would be to be on the receiving end of a pamper for a change!
    So here is to hoping I too can experience the wow of a happy skin, and to have it from Elemis, quality!

  53. Miranda Forrester 14 November 2016 / 22:55

    am a fully trained skin therapist, and I’m trained in Elemis as I worked with it onboard the ship. I loved using it on the guests!!

    Up until recently when I went on maternity and had my baby, I managed to purchase my skin products at cost price (else Id have never been able to afford it) at work. Then I had my baby… everything changed. My skin has completely changed, so my few products I had left from my working days are no longer effective in treating my concerns. And Im running very low on products.I am no longer working in a salon where I can get new products. I def cannot afford quality skincare as my main concern now is my baby and I feel super guilty for spending any money on myself. Now its all about the baby. I cringe when I have to tell people I used to be a skin expert because my current routine and Skin does not reflect my status. I’ve lost my mojo in this new adventure of motherhood. so many changes, it would mean so much to me to be on the receiving end of the pamper. To have a expert analyse my skin correctly and assist me in getting my routine going again.

    The spa treatment would be the cherry on the cake! What a spoil it would be to be on the receiving end of a pamper for a change!
    So here is to hoping I too can experience the wow of a happy skin, and to have it from Elemis, quality!

  54. Vanessa Christiane 14 November 2016 / 22:55

    Shared with amazing women in my life via Instagram too

  55. Sejal Morar 14 November 2016 / 22:56

    I would do anything to try these products out, they sound amazing and it’s everything I need especially for my acne scaring and dark spots, right where my scaring is. I might as well hold a look here sign! No amount of concealer would hide those scars. I’ve always had dry skin and it’s always a mission to find something that removes the dry skin but doesn’t burn your face afterwards or leave your face feeling tighter than an old pair of jeans after a good meal. I’ve used so many products that promise so much but don’t do anything and also having sensitive skin makes it so much more complicated. I would really like to try these products out.

    Unfortunately I do not have Facebook. It’s been more than 5 years now so hopefully what I do, do, is enough.
    Fingers crossed.

  56. Miranda Forrester 14 November 2016 / 22:56

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    Shared on instagram @Mi_Wellness

  58. Sejal Morar 14 November 2016 / 22:57

    Re-tweeted your giveaway tweet.

  59. Shaista 14 November 2016 / 22:58

    Wow I’d really love to win this giveaway and I think that maybe I do deserve it because my skin hasn’t been treating me well lately. Maybe its because I’ve been really really stressed and winning this giveaway would give be a real game-changer for my skin! I’m so excited!

  60. Sejal Morar 14 November 2016 / 22:59

    Tweeted giveaway message.

  61. Sejal Morar 14 November 2016 / 23:02

    Gave the @elemissouthafrica instagram page a visit.

  62. Shaista 14 November 2016 / 23:03

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  65. Leanne Cherry 14 November 2016 / 23:21

    I would love to help my skin with signs of ageing. Unfortunately I’ve hit the dirty 30’s and I have not been fortunate enough to get a way with flawless skin or spend heaps of money on special skin treatments over the year ( in a perfect world , it would be wonderful wouldn’t it ?!) . I have looked after my skin in my twenties but with daily stresses and curveballs that life throws at you … yes I have lines that shows all of this . I would absolutely LOVE to be able to pamper myself with Elemis and have a spoil !

  66. Leanne Cherry 14 November 2016 / 23:22

    Tweeted and retweeted via @LittleMissLee86

  67. Rene Groyer 14 November 2016 / 23:37

    Ever since I first saw Elemis products in Woolworths a few years ago,I was intrigued by the brand.I walked past the display almost everytime I was in Woolworths,smelling and feeling the products.Sales assistance were nagged by me for samples,which sometimes I was lucky to get.Every brochure about Elemis was studied by me,as I took these home.After saving up,I purchased a few products, which although way above my budget,I was so excited to try and was money well spent.Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak was my first purchase and it was fantastic.The sea green bath foam,smelt like nothing else I had ever tried and really soothed my very sore neck and back.As a professional violinist,they took a lot of strain.I also managed to purchase Rose Petal Cleansing Cream and the Apricot toner.It felt like I was on a sea cruise being pampered knowing these products were the choice of beauticians and spa’s on luxury cruises and British beauty institutions.As a dire hard fan of the brand,I think I could be a well deserved winner as I truly apreciate and love the products.
    I have followed Elemis on Facebook for a long time and now on Instagram.

  68. Theresa Eduardo 14 November 2016 / 23:50

    This has been an insightful blog & they usually are! Congrats! I would love to win this awesome Elemis giveaway because I’m a first time mum and my little girl who is now 10 months has been my number one priority. I’ve spent my pregnancy & the last 10 months focused on what’s best for her. Feeding, burping, changing nappies, washing & sterilizing bottles, teaching her to turn over & sit up & lately it’s been teaching her to crawl. It’s been a fulltime job really but I wouldn’t change a thing. Unfortunately it’s meant putting myself & my needs last. I feel that’s part of being a good mom but now that I have a bit more time & I feel it’s important to be more integrated and I need to teach my daughter that it’s important to take care of yourself also. That’s why this prize would go a long way in helping me achieve that objective. Please consider me to go on this much needed journey!

  69. Leigh Anne Swart 15 November 2016 / 06:35

    I have had an extremely stressful year cause I got retrenched recently after 20 years. I m battling financially as jobs are hard to find now days so I think I deserved to be spoilt and And I would love to be pampered with these luxurious products

  70. Pooja Ramsundar 15 November 2016 / 06:47

    I’ve heard so much about Elemis but could never bring myself to purchase their products as I am an honours university student still studying and affordability restraints me.
    However I’ve heard excellent reviews about Elemis from many family and friends and it would be so amazing if I win this giveaway.
    My skincare issues involve acne scaring as I suffered from acne during my teen years. Lower end products do not help fade my scars which results in the use of a lot of makeup to hide my bad scaring.
    I hope pink peonies and Elemis pick me for this giveaway as I absolutely love her blog and would love to win this hamper. It would really change my life!

  71. Pooja Ramsundar 15 November 2016 / 06:48

    Retweeted the giveaway tweet on Twitter and tweeted about the Elemis Giveaway

    Username : _pooja_r

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    Facebook name : Pooja Ramsundar

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    Username: _pooja_r

  74. lauren 15 November 2016 / 07:22

    To be honest with you no fancy stories , I have never ever known what to do with my skin. I really have no clue and get so worried about using the wrong products that I just stay away from everything and use simpler things. I am clueless and it worries me. I would really love to use quality products so I can be brand loyal and stick to the same thing , if it works for me a further investment will be well worth it. I know with bad products they can cause more harm than good with skin hence I stay away.

    This could potentially be life changing for me and it would be a real treat. I have had the most stressful year ever and I am sure that has not done anything good to my skin. Stress has made it all so much worse. I also hate facing people as I feel that I am in some way inferior in terms of beauty and skin. This would really make a huge difference in my life. I am following on twitter @laurengerber1 and Facebook :) awesome giveaway xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  75. Nicole Jansen van Vuuren 15 November 2016 / 07:40

    Thank You so much Luzanne and Elemis for this huge prize, WOW! I was a beautician for 5 years so I know the importance of great skincare products and regular treatments! During those 5 years I had monthly facial treatments combined with high end product and my skin was flawless! Not one day went by that someone didn’t compliment my beautiful, radiant complexion! .

    I will never forget the day when I met a client who used the Elemis range! I was in absolute awe of her complexion, this was an older lady who had aged so gracefully all thanks to this stunning range and commitment to good skin care habits over the years! P.S I recently discovered that Elemis is a firm favourite of Lee-Ann Liebenberg and we all know what a stunner she is I’m sold!

    The problem is I’m a stay at home mom now and I never had the opportunity to embark on my journey with Elemis! We only have one income in our home for now so all luxuries have to take a back seat to provide for our son. In the last 2 years I have seen my skin looking worse for wear due to me neglecting myself to care for my son and run a household! Luckily he is almost 2 now and getting more independent by the day which means I can start taking proper care of myself again and make up for lost time! I changed my unhealthy eating lifestyle 3 weeks ago and the cherry on top would be able to use this fantastic range! Oh I’m also turning the big THREE-OH in December which is kind of a big deal to me!

    Thank You so much for taking the time to read this

  76. Nicole Jansen van Vuuren 15 November 2016 / 07:43

    Sharing on Twitter @vuuren_nicole and Facebook Nicole Jansen van Vuuren

  77. Shirley Ramovha 15 November 2016 / 07:50

    My skin has seen, felt and experienced it all. From acne, rash, allergic reactions, dry patches, oiliness, pollution, sunburn, and stress. Through it all, it has remained my shield, my cover and source of beauty. It’s time to pamper it with luxury, boost it with antioxidants and replenish it with enzymes.

  78. sarah-jane van heerden 15 November 2016 / 08:00

    I love looking after my skin and if I could afford high end skin care products id buy them in a heart beat. I have two small children and often find myself putting my needs aside to make sure I can give my children what they need. Id absolutely love to win these skin care products simply because I really feel like I need to give my skin some REAL TLC and what better way than with Elemis skin care ptoducts. I know my skin will soak it all up and the results will be amazing!

  79. sarah-jane van heerden 15 November 2016 / 08:02

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  81. Cindy-Lee Williams 15 November 2016 / 09:11

    I’m Cindy-Lee and I’m 16 years old. My mom loves beauty products but because she always has to sacrifice trying new things because our financial situation at home isn’t the best I think she deserves it the most. It’s her birthday on the 28th of November and I really wish I could spoil her, to show her how grateful I am for all the sacrifices she makes for my family and I, unfortunately I can’t because our financial situation at home is tough.
    I would really appreciate it if I got awarded this prize so my mom can have an amazing present for her birthday.

  82. Megan Hartwig 15 November 2016 / 09:15

    They may be called “laughter lines” and show that I have enjoyed much happiness in my life, but I will smile more knowing I can improve the appearance of some of those wrinkles, dark shadows and puffiness than with Elemis skin care products. Shared on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers and toes crossed 😉

  83. Carla Van Der Westhuizen 15 November 2016 / 09:24

    I visited (and Liked) the Elemis Facebook page :)

  84. Carla Van Der Westhuizen 15 November 2016 / 09:25

    I visited and followed the Elemis Instagram page! (Carla VDWesty)

  85. Stephanie Ryder 15 November 2016 / 09:26

    I have just finished my masters degree in architecture. This translates to long nights (beauty sleep basically didn’t exist this past year) and lots of coffee (dehydrating) and stress (the effects of which often showed on my face), and lastly huge printing bills (spoiling myself on beauty products just wasn’t an option when printing for the final review) this prize would be THE best graduation present!

  86. Dawn 15 November 2016 / 09:30

    I would love to win the R8000 hamper prize and Elemis spa voucher because my skin is in need of excellent products as I am over 50 and we all know what happens after 50 :-) plus my body is getting tired, working too hard, not enough time for myself so a spa voucher would definitely help with that especially after a long, hard and tiring year.

  87. Carla Van Der Westhuizen 15 November 2016 / 09:30

    Oh my goodness I would LOVE to win this Elemis prize! My skin has gone haywire since pregnancy :( all the crazy hormones I guess. Plus in the months since Harvey’s birth I haven’t had much time to take care of myself. Or money haha! i would LOVE to win this to get my skin back on track, have a bit of pampering which I totally deserve and become a yummy mummy :)

  88. Wendy H 15 November 2016 / 09:32

    Visited the @Elemissouthafrica Facebook page. :) Thanks for the opportunity, Luzanne

  89. Wendy H 15 November 2016 / 09:32

    Tweeted about the giveaway 😉

  90. Stephanie Ryder 15 November 2016 / 09:33

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  96. Hannelise 15 November 2016 / 09:35

    I have recently realized that I should pay more attention to my beauty routine and look after my skin. However I find it very difficult to choose from the numerous products out there to start with. I have a combination skin and for a rookie like me this makes it very tricky! Elemis please help me #InMyNature Skincare journey to find the solution to my best skin! Make me fall in love with your products! Xx

  97. Em Cameron 15 November 2016 / 09:35

    I am a mommy of two kiddies, and raising them as a single mom. I often don’t have time or money to treat myself, so I would love to win this prize. This year has been very hard on us (I think most people will agree) and something like this will put a spring back in my step. :)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Luzanne. xoxoxoxoxoxox

  98. Em Cameron 15 November 2016 / 09:36

    I shared the giveaway with my friends on Facebook.

  99. jade abbott 15 November 2016 / 09:39

    I guess I’d just like to win to receive an actual skin care assessment, I’ve never had one before and although I’ve never had much problems with other products on my skin it would obviously be a great benefit to actually know my facial skin and how I can make it better than it is now.

  100. Janet 15 November 2016 / 09:39

    Thanks for a thorough review. I’m not familiar with Elemis products, but with similar concerns of ageing and pigmentation, I’d love to try them out. A bonus for me is that they are thoroughly put to the test (and not on animals) before being marketed which assures the user of results!

  101. Janet 15 November 2016 / 09:42

    Like an shared on fb (Janet Watson Perry)

  102. Noorjehaan 15 November 2016 / 09:43

    Hi Luzanne,

    Thanks to you and Elemis for this amazing giveaway.

    I have been struggling with my combination skin over this past few months. My skin was just too dry, flaky and eczema prone in winter, now its dehydrated and oily at the same time!

    I’ve tried quite a few “high end” products over these past month, nothing seemed to help.

    Elemis is of course a bit out of my budget but I would love the win this hamper prize in order for me to have an opportunity to try their much coveted skincare products which i believe will address my skin concerns.

    As for the spa voucher this is a bonus that I would love to win after having a tiring year at work, i just need to de-stress and what better way to do so.

    thank you xxx

  103. Michelle 15 November 2016 / 09:45

    I d love to win this hamper cos I love trying out new products and pampering myself. Has also been a difficult year personally so I d love to treat my boyfriend to some pampering at the spa! Holding thumbs!

  104. Janet 15 November 2016 / 09:47

    Visited the Elemis fb page ! (JanetWatson Perry)

  105. Emma 15 November 2016 / 09:49

    I would love to win this prize because I can’t afford to buy Elemis products at present but REALLY want to try them, and I’ve never had a spa day. Been trying to save up for one but it’s just too difficult in today’s financial climate…
    I tweeted the giveaway (@vintagevixenCT) and followed Elemis

  106. Emma 15 November 2016 / 09:49

    I shared the post on Facebook and tagged you and Elemis and used the hashtag (Emma Follett-Botha)

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    I already follow Elemis on Instagram

  109. Janet 15 November 2016 / 09:51

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  110. Lizaan 15 November 2016 / 09:53

    It would make one amazing Christmas gift to my sister in law.

  111. Janis 15 November 2016 / 09:59

    I turned 31 this year and I’ve been thinking that I need to turn my skincare routine around. I have combination skin which can make finding the right products tricky. I’ve always been a beauty junkie on a never ending search to find that holy grail product that will turn my skin around. I now also have pigmentation in my neck thanks to wearing perfume on my neck and exposing it to the sun. So there’s all these problems to think about. I would love to try this range out as it speaks to my concerns and it sounds like a miracle worker.

  112. Liesl 15 November 2016 / 10:12

    I would love to win as I have never tried anything from Elemis and I only hear good things about them!!

  113. Noorjehaan 15 November 2016 / 10:14

    Shared on Facebook and tagged Pink Peonies and Elemis South Africa (Noorjehaan Edros)

  114. Simone Cameron 15 November 2016 / 10:19

    I remember how you always said: Don’t splurge on cleanser! So this must be some special stuff <3

    My skin is feeling horrible and I honestly at this point can't afford anything for my face. I purchased J&J night cream and face wash on special and it's doing nothing for my skin. I've got 3 kids and support extended family so unfortunately my beauty treats are becoming far and few between. Would really love to win this.

  115. Simone Cameron 15 November 2016 / 10:24

    Visited Elemis’ Facebook page. Simone Cameron

  116. Clelia Louw 15 November 2016 / 10:33

    I would love to win this as I never really treat myself so this would be a dream come true! A little pampering is good for the soul and my soul could use a little love

  117. melissa martin 15 November 2016 / 10:35

    This is such a wonderful giveaway !!!!! i honestly love the fact that you show much love and care for you readers and with the help of Elemis it could only mean wonders.

    I would like to win this product as i have only heard good things and from you reviews i fully trust your opinion. I for one know that i would never be able to afford high-end products but i do know that my skin does need some TLC.

    So i am holding thumbs i am sharing with all and i wish all good luck

    thanks again Luzanne much love

  118. Saabirah Moosa 15 November 2016 / 10:47

    I’m in my early 20s and finally realize the importance of good skin care! I would love love to win this as my student budget simply won’t comply at the moment!
    Fingers crossed!!

  119. Saabirah Moosa 15 November 2016 / 10:51

    Retweeted giveaway tweet! @saabirah_moosa_

  120. Roxanne Chutthergoon 15 November 2016 / 10:51

    My skin is in need of some restoration and good, old pampering! My budget is so shoe-string, even my shoe laces are feeling too stretched! Please send me this as an early Christmas prezzie :)

    Entered on Facebook – Roxanne Chutthergoon

    Entered on Twitter – @Roxi_23

  121. ann 15 November 2016 / 10:55

    what a lovely generous give away.
    I love trying new beauty and skincare products and Elemis has been on my “must try” list for a long time. Unfortunately, as a busy ( older) student with a very limited budget this has been a range well out of my price range. I also have skin concerns that will definitely benefit from the care of these products- early signs of aging, dark spots, uneven skin tone.

    All the stress this year ( with country wide students protests disrupting my lectures and my exams), in addition to trying to finish the very difficult final year of my degree AND secure a job next year ( to pay back all those loans!) has also done a number on my skin, all the signs of stressed skin, dehydration, blotchy , hormonal acne and dry patches too.

    I would love to win this range and pamper and restore my skin after the horrible year that has been 2016.

  122. ann 15 November 2016 / 11:00

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    ann Mcpeppermint

  123. ann 15 November 2016 / 11:00

    Visited the Elemis South Africa Facebook

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    Visited the @elemissouthafrica Instagram page.

  125. Ayanda Moloi 15 November 2016 / 11:09

    Oh goodie goodie!Winning this amazing hamper would be ideal for me.I am 3 months post-partum,and after NEVER having a skincare routine of any sort,my skin is in a terrible state (along with awful post-partum hairloss,blech!).I would love,love,love to start taking better care of my skin,more so with my daughters Baptismal Ceremony in March (Im hoping to have healthy looking skin in those photographs).Please,please,please choose me. :D:D:D:D *My fingers AND my daughters teeny weeny fingers tightly crossed*

  126. Ayanda Moloi 15 November 2016 / 11:11

    Elemis South Africa Facebook page LIKED! :) by Ayanda Moloi

  127. Karla Oosthuizen 15 November 2016 / 11:15

    These products look amazing.
    Having just moved cities, my skin has been playing havoc with me and I have yet to find a product that works. It would be great to win a product that you sound so excited about! The range looks amazing and I would love to give it a try.
    I love taking care of my skin and pampering myself and this would be the best way to do it!

  128. Julie 15 November 2016 / 11:19

    I don’t enter a competition if I think others would benefit more by winning, however I would love to win this one. I was fortunate enough to use an Elemis product years ago and it was heavenly. I could really do with some pampering right now and this giveaway would be a perfect way to end a very tough year!

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter.
    Julie hall

  129. Shelley Wessels 15 November 2016 / 11:41

    My skin and I have not always had the best relationship. There’s been a lot of trial and error in trying to find out what works…and this is still an ongoing process. I’d love to treat my skin with the benefits of Elemis and hopefully this will be lead to our fairytale ‘happily ever after’ ending…

  130. Heather 15 November 2016 / 11:48

    Iv always had bad skin and older still I have issues big pores occasional pimple – Just would love to revive this run down skin and bring it back to life!!

  131. Ayanda Moloi 15 November 2016 / 11:49

    PinkPeonies Facebook page LIKED by Ayanda Moloi

  132. Ayanda Moloi 15 November 2016 / 11:50

    @ayandanmoloi Entered on both Facebook and Twitter :)

  133. Tania Brewis 15 November 2016 / 11:56

    I have always wanted to try Elemis skin products, so this would be a dream come true. Being a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, I don’t spoil myself nowadays…always their needs first. My skin is calling out for this stunning giveaway!!

    Shared on Facebook – Tania Brewis
    Shared on Twitter – @BrewisTania
    Shared on Instagram – taniabrewis

  134. Coral Le Roux 15 November 2016 / 11:57

    2 years and 3 months ago I got sober….and now I am completely and utterly addicted to beauty products! Please help support my healthy addiction :-)
    #ElemisSouthAfrica and #PinkpeoniesBlog

  135. Stephanie Chicksen 15 November 2016 / 12:10

    I’m at that age where I’ve started to think about anti ageing facial products and products that will ensure i have healthy skin as well as a skin regime that will work into my busy lifestyle. I’ve always had problems with allergies, eczema, sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation and there are not many if any products that really meet my me I’ve tried them all. I really think that my skin needs some pampering and I would love to try a skincare range that will not only wake me up in the morning but relax me after a stressful day at night and have the bonus of meeting my skincare needs.

    Fingers crossed xx

  136. Geraldine 15 November 2016 / 12:29

    This is such an indulgent prize wow! I enjoy pampering my skin but, with the cost of living rising I find my skincare routine slowly getting very basic (which is not necessarily bad). Slowly approaching 35 I need to step up my game and indulge in products specifically targeted to my skincare needs. Elemis is luxury personified.

  137. layla 15 November 2016 / 13:10

    I WOULD LOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE TO WIN THIS ! I am currently struggling with my skin ! and cant seem to find a regime that works .. and If it works for you I know it is a great product !
    After a stressful year of completing my studies this prize will be a great way to end off the year

    P. S This will be the perfect birthday present as it is my Birthday…fingers x’d

    liked both your blog and Elemis

  138. Linda Bulcraig 15 November 2016 / 13:45

    I have heard so many amazing things about this brand and its products but unfortunately I just don’t have any extra money to be able to go out and buy them for myself right now. 2016 hasn’t been the greatest year but it would be really nice to finish it off with a wonderful treat like R8000 worth of Elemis products and a trip to the spa.

  139. Corrine 15 November 2016 / 14:25

    Sounds like amazing products!
    I’d love to win this since I always struggle with skin care products (I have very sensitive skin ). Also my wedding is in 6 months so would love to have something to pamper my skin with leading up to the big day! (wedding savings also deplete any beauty budget – haha)

    PS I read about the smitten on your blog and have tried it since and it’s amazing! Thanks :)

  140. Natalie M 15 November 2016 / 15:23

    Visited the Elemis South Africa Facebook

  141. Natalie M 15 November 2016 / 15:24

    Visited the @elemissouthafrica Instagram page.

  142. Juanita Loubser 15 November 2016 / 15:32

    My skin so desperately need tender loving care and with these amazing products I will be so skin-ready for the hot dry summer months. Just love all the products in this range ♥

  143. Juanita Loubser 15 November 2016 / 15:34

    Shared on Facebook Juanita Prins Loubser and Twitter @loubserjuan

  144. Noorjehaan 15 November 2016 / 16:01

    visited @elemissouthafrica on Instagram – @noorjehaan

  145. Zoleka Ngqebe 15 November 2016 / 16:12

    Lovely prize.
    The reason why I would like to win is because my skin has a tendency to attack and break out at the worst of times. I have gone from brand to brand testing products for adult acne that just flares up at will.
    My biggest concern though is the pigmentation marks left by the blemishes.
    its summer and I really don’t want to live under a mask of make up.
    I believe the spa brand Elemis will make a big difference.

    I would like to win so I can have the spa pampering in my own bathroom.
    P.S. I retweeted

  146. Sharne 15 November 2016 / 16:38

    Since becoming pregnant last year I have been struggling with my skin. I have tried numerous products but everything only seems to work for the first week or two, thereafter my skin breaks out and becomes dry and I’m back to square one again. I do not mind buying an expensive skin care range, however I would first like to make sure that it will work for me long term. My biggest wish would be to have clear skin so that i would be able to go make up free for a day without feeling self conscious the whole day. I would love to win this prize as this range seems wonderful.

  147. Jackie K 15 November 2016 / 16:39

    Elemis products are just fantastic, I would love to treat my skin!

  148. Sabine 15 November 2016 / 17:37

    I would love to win this for a gazzillion reasons, but mostly, because my skin really does deserve a treat

  149. Sherry De Ponte 15 November 2016 / 18:17

    I would love to win this prize for the simple reason of never pampering myself. I always put my child and hubbys needs first. It’s about time I try put mine first and give this a shot!

  150. Rachael Neary 15 November 2016 / 18:48

    I want to win this prize because not only have I never tried Elemis before, but this blog post is making me think twice about it!

  151. Tamara Botha 15 November 2016 / 20:18

    Because 40……yes, 40 is just around the corner for some *cough ‘me’* and my skin crys out for this spoiling!

    Seriously, I have seen UK and USA youtube beauty content creators make glorious mention and am THRILLED Elemis is now more readily available in SA:)

    Holding all digits firmly crossed for the win!

  152. Shantel Govender 15 November 2016 / 21:31

    After having many years of flawless skin ,recently I have being developing breakouts that leave a dark black discoloration of my skin .
    I am desperately in a need to have my skin restored to its natural state .
    And being a firm believer of the Elemis products ,I truly believe that the Elemis products have restored my skin and added a radiant glow .

  153. Shantel Govender 15 November 2016 / 21:45

    The additional entries

    shared in Facebook(Shantel Govender)
    Liked Elemis on Facebook and Instagram (@shantelgovender)
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  154. Jess 15 November 2016 / 21:45

    Why should I win? That’s a really tough question. I would really love to win of course! I’m 33 now and my skin is starting to show signs of ageing. The last time I splurged on skincare, the formulation made my skin break out. So I have reverted to a budget brand. I’d love to try a hgher end brand that looks super gentle and lovely. I don’t know how you will make this decision, but please pick me!

  155. Jess 15 November 2016 / 21:48

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    I visited & liked on FB

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    I liked and followed on Insta @capetown.meow

  158. Sash Somai 15 November 2016 / 22:55

    I knowwww this product is amazing

    Stole my sisters pro collagen cleanse ….I couldn’t get over how amazing it smelt & felt on my skin … I managed to convince her to give it to mee just before my wedding (puppy eyes & all!!!) … Being the sweetheart that she is she gave it too me Even tho her hubby bought it for her @ a spa in Cape Town
    I would looooove to win this & share it with her this time around ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  159. Mariam Dramat 16 November 2016 / 03:19

    Wow Awesome competition. I would love to win the Elemis hamper, i must admit i dnt take care of my skin. i look twice my age. I only wash my face with water . I have blackheads, uneven skin tone, every week i have Three or more pimples , dry and flaky skin and redness. I dnt know whats wrong with my skin but it burns. The products sounds AMAZING!!!! Shared on Facebook – Mariam Dramat , RT and entered on Twitter @MDramat , following on facebppk and twitter both pages

  160. Lara Moyles 16 November 2016 / 07:29

    I have been struggling with very sensitive skin for the past few years, coupled with acne. I’ve tried nearly everything to get rid of the acne, and have had to resort to Roaccutane. But I started experiencing side-effects, and have had to take myself off the course.

    I believe that good skin comes from what you choose to nourish it with. I think that the Elemis skincare range could seriously rejuvenate my skin, and give it the love and care that it deserves.

    • Corrine 16 November 2016 / 08:21

      If you don’t end up winning the Elemis voucher, Invest in a smitten for yourself- Your acne is likely because of products that are upsetting your sensitive skin (I also have extremely sensitive skin and am speaking from experience)

      Also, search Facebook for TLC organics ( I use their healing cream and their sensitive skin soap and it’s really worked wonders for me. (I’m not affilliated in any way just believe in referring a good product) Oh and they have very affordable prices.

  161. Natalie 16 November 2016 / 07:33

    My skin has been changing and leaving both me and it frustrated! I have been trying new options to find something that works but no joy. I would love to try Elemis and maybe it’s the right one for me.

  162. Natalie 16 November 2016 / 07:34

    Shared on twitter.

  163. Corrine 16 November 2016 / 08:17

    Visited the facebook page

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  165. Leany nel 16 November 2016 / 11:35

    Like the page on fb -✔
    Liked it on instagram -✔
    Shared on facebook leany nel -✔
    Dont have twitter-

    Never had problems with my skin…. until recently(pizza face in process )
    Tried everything!!! Facials and more facial, products and more products…
    But i came to an inclusion… MY FACE (SKIN) NEEDS ELEMIS!!!!
    (Buy cause im still a student i cant affort it but like each woman writing a comment i reallyyy wont it)

    Please pick me
    Comment -✔

    • Leany nel 16 November 2016 / 11:41

      I really really really really really really want it and i need it,and elemis want me to,and i want it to..
      Carley tae jepsen remix by leany nel wanting elemis!!!

  166. Vanessa Christiane 16 November 2016 / 14:17

    Once again this has got to be the most awesome giveaway – what I really it’s also an anti-cruelty Product Range and as you know as you supposed e for my Cuppa-for-Cansa, this s all I portant! Not only for me, but I can’t digest how skme companies still deem it necessary to torture Furbabes I the ‘apparent’ name od Beauty! One more sleep …. sooo exciting to know I have a chance at winning with you Luzanne and Elemis South Africa!

    I have entered and shared on every possible le available social portal, thank you again for the a axing generosity, not only for this competition but all of them – I’ve yet to win one so am hoping that this is my time!

  167. mercialeen o'connor 16 November 2016 / 14:42

    after a rough year of being in and out of hospital – 5 times, things are starting to look up. I would love a little pampering session to hit off 2017 with a bang and a new me. a new better me for 2017

  168. Pravina W 16 November 2016 / 14:56

    Each month I put away a portion of my salary to buy Elemis. I’m not a big earner so a little goes a long way for a little bit of luxury heaven that is Elemis for me. This prize would be a blessing and dream come true. I love the products for the quality and will continue to buy my piece of heaven even if I am not selected as a winner. Thank you Elemis for keeping me motivated for payday and thank you Luzanne for your lovely sophisticated blog.

  169. Paulina 16 November 2016 / 17:33

    Well I would love to win because I have never really won any prize before, but this one would not be for me it would be for my amazing mommy to say thank you for always putting herself first above her children, grandchild, husband. It would be so special to see her use luxury products such as Elemis for the first time ever and receive a well deserved pampering for all the years of running around after us. Please pick me so I can make someone elses day special, my mom xxx

  170. Denise Helen Gordon 17 November 2016 / 08:31

    At 50, having a mature, sensitive and dehydrated skin, I find that I have to change my skin care range and regime from time to time. Having read about your experience and how much you love the Elemis product range, I would really love to be the lucky winner of this incredible R8k hamper and spa giveaway. I am certain that my skin will benefit from Elemis!

    I have entered on all platforms 😀

  171. Joles 17 November 2016 / 16:07

    Dearest Luzanne,

    When I saw the notification about your upcoming review, I thought, here’s goes another, but when I read about this incredibly amazing brand and products, I couldn’t believe that something like this was available. All the words describing Elemis are so positive, heartwarming, healing and welcoming words…nourishing, replenishing, repairing, smoothing, bliss-effect, rich in fatty acids, encouraging, truffles, cocktails, rejuvenating, glowing, restoring, radiating, hydrating, energizing, awakening, activating, harnessing, boosting, pampered, plumped, result-driven etc.

    When I saw the fabulous competition, my heart skipped a beat and my eyes became teary. I thought to myself, gosh, this is exactly what I need and I really hope to be selected as the winner of this unbelievable Elemis hamper. My birthday is next week and what perfect timing, also, as we enter into a brand new year as well, to discover and try this amazing product and begin this amazing journey. I become very emotional and withdrawn, about a month before my birthday. I do a lot of introspection and look back at my years. My greatest fear is becoming old and grey and wrinkly. Looking into the mirror over the last 4-5 years, I see a tired and worn girl, with a deep longing, looking back at me. I know that perfect skin is within my reach. Elemis has 25 years of research experience in harnessing the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations that will genuinely transform my skin. And I know that beautiful skin is #InMyNature which Elemis will bring back to life.

    My ordeal of imperfect skin and my skin concern began when I hit my teens. I had flawless, baby like skin before that. Puberty arrived and all went well, but when I turned 15, I decided that I wanted to be all grown up and tried out for the first time the routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Looking back then, how I longed for “adultness” and yet now I long to go back to “childhood”.

    Within 2 days, my skin “exploded” with acne. I suppose the product was not the right one for me. The Consultant who sold the products to me, stated that my skin was merely adjusting and to keep on with the new daily routine. Sad to say, my skin has never been the same. Since that first day, of “being all grown up”, something triggered my beautifully flawless skin in a negative way. Since 16, my whole beauty regime life has been trying out various products from limitless brands including top class beauty houses, to vitamins, to dermatologist visits, to a series of intense medication. I listened to anybody and everybody about what product to try out to resolve my skin issues “once and for all” and yet nothing has worked.

    To date, I have spent thousands of Rand on products, some hardly used. I have taken vitamins and oral supplements to even assist me from the inside out. I have a combination skin with blemishes and discoloration, and some scars and dark spots . After entering my 30’s recently, I noticed that my skin has changed in many ways, different to my teens. I have pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, subtle scarring and my skin is very dehydrated. My skin is not as supple as it once was and I know that the renewal process has slowed down with cell rejuvenation etc. Needless to say, the years have rolled by and some 15 years + later, I am still in search fulfilling the dream of having beautifully radiant and glowing skin once again and to be comfortable in just being me, without any cover-ups. I want to be confident in my very own skin untouched by BB creams, powder or foundation.
    Yes my thirties has been an exciting, thrilling and wonderfully challenging time especially with my career and relationship. Finishing off my BCOM degree with those endless nights of burning the midnight oil and less sleep did take its toll. My graduation was certainly an emotional evening for me as I looked back and realised that my long path of sacrifices was finally over. With that my work load and responsibilities increased. Together with some grey hair, I have definitely noticed a few lines around my lips and eyes. In the last few years since entering my 30’s I relocated to the UK, and lived in India, returned to Gauteng, bought a car, relocated to Durban, sold a car and then became engaged. In the last 3 years I have moved 5 times.

    Since entering my 30’s, my skin is not as supple as it once was and I know that the renewal process has slowed down with cell rejuvenation etc. Life has become so rushed that I often forget to put on sun screen and definitely have damage from the UV rays. It would be a heaven sent blessing to win this and be given this opportunity to finally have bright, radiant and glowing skin. My 30’s something skin has started to show the signs of premature ageing with fine lines, uneven skin texture and some acne scarring consequences from my teenage years and uneven skin tone. I wish I had a magic formula or have a miracle take place where I could remove the ugly, tired and worn top layer of my skin and find that flawless, fresh and glowing skin that I had back in my early teens.

    I’d love to try Elemis new technology in the day and night creams and serums. The research and science found behind Elemis Laboratories is beyond amazing. What is even more amazing is that the ingredients used are sourced and extracted from the earth’s natural resources, harnessing and boosting natural properties through skincare science. My heart just wants to scream, bring it, bring it, bring it home to me and sink in deep into my pores and work your incredible magic.

    Through the years, the terms cell renewal and exfoliating, resurfacing and microdermabrasion. I have been heard ever so often and to undergo such processes required lots of money. Reading about the Encapsulated Subtilisine, has me so intrigued and I will sign on the dotted line to experience the power of renewal and reversal of all the years of damage and harm.
    I would be thrilled to give this world renowned product a try, to have healthier, bright, radiant illuminous & younger-looking skin again. Help me bring back my youth. Restore, reverse and strengthen my skin barrier. Help me defy my age. I commit wholeheartedly to Elemis. I cannot wait for all of these wonders to work on me, me, me!!! My face, my skin will be the work of incredible technology and lab research! I cannot wait for youthfully hydrated, smooth and even skin tone from now.

    I really want and need and deserve this fantastic skincare recovery journey with Elemis because of all the years of deep insecurity I have carried. I look at some people who look so natural and so confident with so much ease and I want to be that way. I want to walk out the door without any makeup, with just a touch of lip gloss and be proud to be ME without that self-conscious, deep down, gut feeling of uneasiness and feeling exposed. My shyness, my self-confidence, my outlook of life and my own impression of me is going to sky rocket! I will treasure and cherish this opportunity with all my might. I cannot wait to get started and reverse all the harmful, negative effects that my skin has endured. Nobody has the power to reverse the clock or go back and redo their life or pause the sand in the hour glass. I would like to embrace this new chapter of turning 35 in a few days and enjoy my years as they roll on with confidence and graciousness. I want to age gracefully, subtly and elegantly with the help of Elemis.
    This is going to change my life, my world, in such a dramatic way! I want to testify to this that Elemis works, and works amazingly well. I want to walk out the door without any makeup and just a touch of lip gloss and be proud to be ME without that self-conscious, deep down, gut feeling of uneasiness and feeling exposed. I want to be comfortable in my own skin and have perfect skin, after all, its #InMyNature. My shyness, my self-confidence, my outlook of life and my own impression of me is going to sky rocket! I cannot wait to begin this skincare journey in discovering the new me, with beautiful, flawless, glowing and radiant skin! I cannot tell you how much my heart is longing for this and screaming out, select me, select me, select me please!

    Shared on Facebook (Joles Lazarus)
    Loved and Liked Elemis on Facebook and Instagram (@jolene.lazarus)
    Tweeted (@jo2311)

  172. Kristen Elliott 17 November 2016 / 19:13

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway! I have been struggling to find a brand that really works for me and my skincare needs for ages now. From this review, perhaps Elemis could be it. I would really love to start a skin care routine that shows improvements that can last in the long run and not only the first week.

    Please choose me!

  173. Rachael Williams 17 November 2016 / 23:32

    Why I am crossing my fingers to win this amazing giveaway:

    Each product out there I feel I’ve tried
    They just leave skin feeling sensitive or dried
    Hours spent deliberating at beauty stores
    “Which product will work” I implore!
    Dearest Elemis, I say with a cheeky grin
    I want to feel the genius, quality on my skin!
    Pigmentation, acne scarring is my concern
    To win this amazing giveaway is what I yearn!
    This product is clearly a cut above the rest
    Hoping to put the product to the test

    Elemis I have spent hours daydreaming about these gorgeous products and am looking for a long term solution for my skin! To win would be a privilege :)

  174. Rachael Williams 17 November 2016 / 23:36

    Went and the gave the Elemis South Africa instragram page a like and good browse too!

  175. Rachael Williams 17 November 2016 / 23:44

    Shared on Twitter too!
    Username : RachWilliams777

  176. Gaynor Betts 18 November 2016 / 16:11

    What an exciting prize!! I would really love to win these beautiful Elemis products as i am struggling with really dry skin at the moment.
    Thank you SO much for this wonderful opportunity !

  177. Vanessa Christiane 19 November 2016 / 13:10

    Awesome write-up, did those Capsules deliver? I once used Elizabeth Arden capsules, they felt like silk on my skin. Entered via all possible social media options

    I want to embark on an @Elemis_SA #InMyNature skincare journey with @pinkpeoniesblog – R8000 hamper is up for grabs!

  178. Loren Courtney 19 November 2016 / 17:50

    Hi there,
    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I am a huge skincare junky and I love taking care of my skin. However, I would love to treat my mom with this hamper as I think she really deserves it. She doesn’t always spend the money to treat herself, so I would love to treat her with some luxury.
    Thank you and good luck to everyone else!

  179. Loren Courtney 19 November 2016 / 17:52

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    And of course follow you on all social media sites!

    Twitter – @_lorencourtney
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  184. Candice 20 November 2016 / 21:23

    Wow just looking at all those comments with regards to why you should win the Elemis hamper, just tired me out. Honestly I know I’m late via entering but this was the only me time I got. I would love to win cause I’m a woman, mother and wife and I know that I deserve it 100%!!!!!!

  185. kajal 21 November 2016 / 23:01

    Wow this would be fantas to try the elemis range and a dream come true to use some good beauty products

  186. kajal 21 November 2016 / 23:04

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    Shared on facebook Kajal Brijlal

  189. GRAM MOODLEY 23 November 2016 / 06:20

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway as I have always having acne for the last tthree or four years. This has left me with scars and I also have pigmentation on my face which really irrates me. This product microdermabrasion is expensive and I would love to buy this but cannot afford it as i am unemployed liked and shared on twitter, facebook and Instagram too GRAM82

  190. Tarryn B 23 November 2016 / 11:30

    Sjoe, every one has such great reasons why they should win the Elemis hamper. I don’t really have much of a story or a reason why I should win. This has been a LONG year and I’m tired. Consequently, my skin is showing it. I’d love to give it (and myself) a bit of a boost. I can’t afford Elemis and would love to give them a go, but hey, so does every one else here!

    Tweeted (@sonneillon)

    Good luck every one!

  191. Shané Smit 23 November 2016 / 11:31

    I want to win because ive dreamt about havong perfect skin for years, but I still struggle with acne and scarring. Most products Ive tried has no effect or is way too expensive. So this would be a perfect oppurtunity to get beautiful skin.

    PS thanx for some great reviews about great products.

  192. Shané Smit 23 November 2016 / 11:37

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  195. Ruline 23 November 2016 / 11:44

    As I am retrenched from work the 1st thing you cut on buying , are facial products … a friend gave me an Elemis gift pack at that time and now it has run out too! My skin really need a major “lift’. Please surprise me this Festive Season …

  196. Ruline 23 November 2016 / 11:46

    Visited on Facebook

  197. June Marks 23 November 2016 / 11:47

    Its been a very hard long year and my body and soul are in need of therapy and healing and this would be a great start

  198. Shané Smit 23 November 2016 / 11:48

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    Visited and followed Elemis on Instagram. @shanesmit1997

  200. Mikela van Dyk 23 November 2016 / 11:52

    Hellooo Luzanne & Elemis! I would be sooo grateful if this would be the first thing I’ve ever won. These products sound fantastic, and I have tried literally everything, broken the bank and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. (Sing it in your best Bono voice.) I struggle with very dry skin and redness and even small bumps, and now that I’m approaching 30, I’ve noticed that my sleeping lines / wrinkles don’t seem to go away and are turning into permanent lines. O_O Help!

  201. Shané Smit 23 November 2016 / 11:52

    Tweeted @shanesmit1997

  202. Kaylee Prentice 23 November 2016 / 11:58

    I’d love to win this awesome prize because I’d love to get my hands on these amazing products! I’m such a beauty, makeup and skincare junkie and haven’t had the opportunity to use brands like Elemis (#StudentLife). Although my skin has cleared up during the years but I have some acne scars and pigmentation that I think these products could help with.

    I have visited and followed Elemis on Facebook (Kaylee Prentice) and Instagram (@kaylzkinz).


  203. Simone soupen 23 November 2016 / 12:07

    Dear Lu I’d like to win because I have been searching for a product for a long while now that would give my skin the ultimate hydration and boost it needs , for a long time I couldn’t use any products because i had unsurfaced eczema which caused terrible breakouts and peeling skin , i had been to dermatologists and unfortunately those products don’t work and cost alot , I just want to be able to go out again without piling on tons of makeup and have glowing skin and not worry about the factors like the sun and uv rays the eczema returning the pigmentation on my forehead it’s about time i can enjoy my beautiful self and feel better about myself. Shared and posted on instagram and facebook

  204. Jess 23 November 2016 / 12:14

    Wow this is such a generous giveaway! Thank you Elemis and Pink Peonies for this opportunity

    I would love to win this giveaway! I honestly couldn’t think of anything better! I have recently completed my honours in accounting and Tuks (I just got my results last week! ) The last 4 years have been extremely difficult, especially this year it has been extremely hard and stressful and has taken a toll on my skin.
    Besides the fact that my studies were stressful, my mom and dad have both been in hospital this year which is added additional stress and is clearly visible in my skin.
    As a I don’t have a job right now I can’t afford the proper skin care that I need to help get my skin on the right track.
    My mom and gran always said to me how important it is to look after your skin while you are young.

    Winning this Elemis prize would give my skin the kick start that it needs! I have oily skin and as a result of that and without the proper skin care, I have a lot of break outs and scaring from when I was younger.

    I love all thins skin care and beauty! But unfortunately I have not been able to try such a luxurious brand such as Elemis!

    Even if I do not win, I hope it goes to a girl who really deserves it <3 xxx

  205. Jess 23 November 2016 / 12:15

    Visited and liked Elemis on Facebook <3 xx

    • Jess 23 November 2016 / 12:15

      My name is Jessica Harper xx

  206. Jess 23 November 2016 / 12:16

    I visited and likes Elemis on Instagram @Jess_harper_

  207. Kim Patience 23 November 2016 / 12:20

    This is a great prize
    I am on a major healthy make over and what better way to include my skin also in this quest. Unfortunately this has been a bit neglected lately.

  208. Jess 23 November 2016 / 12:23

    Retweeted your giveaway tweet Luzanne @jesshar15455297 xx

  209. KAY 23 November 2016 / 12:26

    The Elemis products look fantastic and luxurious. I’d love to win so I can pamper my skin. Age is one thing you can’t run or hide away from but with gorgeous products like these at least I stand some sort of chance against anti aging

  210. Lean Breytenbach 23 November 2016 / 12:35

    Dear Luzanne

    I am a mom of a two year old! So I am constantly tired. And constantly tempted to fall into bad skin habits. So this is definitely taking a toll on my skin. My skin needs pampering sooooo bad! I am going into my mid-thirties and it’s terrible to actually be ashamed of my skin.

    Elemis seems like a fantastic solution and the best “new years resolution” for my skin!

    Love your blog, and as always, excellent post. <3 <3 <3

  211. Margo 23 November 2016 / 12:41

    I’d love to win this because like many other women, i juggle many things on a daily basis, I work a full time job in HR where I deal with people all day, I’m a mom of 3 pre-teen boys and I bake part-time for extra income. I spend a lot of time on making sure that others are cared for and ends are met. I would love to have something just for me, particularly a spa treatment since I’m so busy 7 days a week and to have Elemis products for myself is on a wishlist right now, but I would love that to become a reality since it’s just a bit out of financial reach at the moment.

  212. Melissa 23 November 2016 / 12:43

    I would like to win this hamper for my mother who suffers with quite bad hyper pigmentation.

    She has really been through a lot. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and with all her aches and pains and ailments to have to deal with her skin is a whole other ball game.

    A few years back she was given a cream which contained hydroquine which she was unaware of which took away the pigmentation but when she actually found out what the contents of the cream was she had to immediately stop it. To add kindle to the fire the pigmentation came back with a vengeance and spread right through her face.

    I know her skin puts a damper on her loving and kind hearted spirit and she cannot financially afford this Product range. If she was to win this hamper and the trienzyme products assist or lighten her skin problem it would really brighten up her life it the best possible way.

    You are only as beautiful as you feel and I know my mum is beautiful on the inside she just needs to feel that same beauty on the outside.

  213. Lean Breytenbach 23 November 2016 / 12:51

    I shared on Instagram! @leanbrey

  214. Lean Breytenbach 23 November 2016 / 12:53

    I follow Elemis South Africa on Instagram.
    Instagram username: @leanbrey

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    I shared on my Facebook profile with #inmynature and tagged Pink Peonies and Elemis South Africa.

  216. Tracey 23 November 2016 / 13:36

    For me, it would be like winning the skincare lottery because I love taking good care of my skin by using good quality products.

  217. Irmgardt 23 November 2016 / 13:46

    i would just love to win a product that sounds so awesome. its frustrating to keep searching for a product that works for you as well as be animal friendly.

    one needs to take care of yourself but normally as a mom, I am last in line a

  218. Nazmeera Ismail 23 November 2016 / 18:18

    As time passes us by, we are only getting older. I have become more beauty concious. Maybe it’s the realisation that I’m getting older, but I don’t necessarily have to look that way. In the past I would be lured by beauticians and Spa’s to buy expensive products, but I could never justify the buy as would not know if I would like the products of if it would agree with my skin. I have been reading so many blogs/articles reviews on Elemis. This would be an amazing win in more ways than one. I work shifts an don’t always have the time to go for regular facials. This seems like a 5-star facial in the privacy of your own home. Keeping my fingers crossed …

  219. Sanet L 23 November 2016 / 20:12

    At the end of the year we are all in need of a bit of pampering. I’m ready to be pampered!

  220. Jolene van Wyk 23 November 2016 / 20:40

    I’d love to win this, as I struggle with eczema and think Elemis might be worth a try! Especially after reading the blog post. I’m also 20 weeks pregnant and haven’t gone to a spa for Any kind of treatment in so long. It would be lovely to get treated a bit.

  221. Jolene van Wyk 23 November 2016 / 20:45

    I tweeted about the competition, and I retweeted both your tweets about the competition. @jolene_p

  222. Jolene van Wyk 23 November 2016 / 20:46

    I visited and am following Elemis South Africa on Facebook

    • Jolene van Wyk 23 November 2016 / 20:48

      Username – Jolene Profitt van Wyk

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    • Jolene van Wyk 23 November 2016 / 20:49

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  224. Gretchen du toit 23 November 2016 / 22:39

    Wow! I honestly have no clue what to write. Some amaizing comments… i recieved a Elemis hand cream once as a present from a client. I loved that hand cream. Could not find it anywhere. Now, 6 years later, 2.5 kids( still under 3 years) later and I have the 1 in +- 500 chance to get my hands on more products of this great range! On a scale from 1-10….skincare for a mommy is way down on the list of priorties….more in the minuses! I am sure allot of the mommies will agree! Like you said! Sharing is caring….i will be sharing the prize with my neglected skin. Promise…

  225. Rehana Seedat 23 November 2016 / 23:03

    I have Premature ageing & sun damaged skin
    My skin becomes extremely Dry, dull and dehydrated skin & has fine lines and wrinkles. I also have Pigmentation (dark spots). The Summer sun – in combination with the heat, humidity, and air conditioning – wreaks havoc on my skin.. Over the years, prolonged sun exposure has gradually thinned my skin and caused fine lines & wrinkles. The Sun, wind, and sand has been harsh enough on my sensitive skin, so I really need good products that won’t cause breakouts or rashes. With all the outdoor activities I do from hiking to swimming and my high risk of getting skin cancer, I pay close attention to using effective products that will improve my skin condition. Picking the right brand for my skin is important to me. During the Summer months my sensitive skin develops painful sunburn, premature aging, and unsightly flaking. My sensitive skin becomes highly pigmented and has lots of brown spots and is really in need of a good effective products. I HAVE SHARED THE POST VIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER @rehanaseedat and via Instagram. Have retweeted as well

  226. Tracey 24 November 2016 / 05:48

    Like and visited @ElemisSouthAfrical on Facebook!

    • Tracey 24 November 2016 / 05:51

      Facebook username: traceymeystroebel

  227. Tracey 24 November 2016 / 05:50

    I want to win this @ElemisSouthAfrica hamper and spa voucher because my son is now 7 months old, I have just finished breastfeeding and my hormones are playing havoc on my skin… I want to be a pretty Mama again! ❤ #InMyNature

  228. Tracey 24 November 2016 / 05:53

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  229. Tracey 24 November 2016 / 05:53

    Shared the post on Facebook!

    • Tracey 24 November 2016 / 05:54

      Facebook username: traceymeystroebel

  230. Khadija 24 November 2016 / 09:28

    I NEED to win this because Elemis is a range i cannot afford otherwise. I take pride in my skincare even by minimising make up usage to give my skin a chance to breathe. Winning such a luxe hamper would truly be a dream come true.

  231. Linda LAing 24 November 2016 / 15:17

    I think I should win because I am at a point in my life where I am looking after ME for a change. I am loosing weight and changing my hairstyle so I can look fabulous. This prize would help me a great deal. I know I will be feeling like Parisian aristocracy by the time I am done and hey…what girl does not want to feel like a star!

  232. anne botes 28 November 2016 / 13:03

    AMAZING PRIZE & PRODUCT i would love to win it share on facebook retweet and follow on Instagram cross my fingers

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