Massive Cape Town Haul

Ok guys, you asked for it – so here is the Cape Town haul blog post.

First, let’s agree that there will be no judging on this blog post.  I enjoyed my holiday and I may have spent a bit of money, but I did save up leading up to the holiday.  I won’t be mentioning prices of the things, because guaranteed I will add everything up at the end of this and will probably have a minor stroke.  If there is a specific product you would like more info or the price of, leave a comment below.  I will be more than happy to provide you with any information (except a total of everything purchased – haha!).  Also, I will be showing you photos of the things and will have the names of the products below the photo, no descriptions because that would probably end up in one dang long blog post.

I did buy a few gifts for family members and friends (which I have not included in this post).

Let’s jump right in then!  I’ll start with the main reason I went to Cape Town…LUSH.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter | Ocean Salt Facial Scrub | Whoosh Shower Jelly | Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly | Big Solid Conditioner | Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

Dragon’s Egg Ballistic Bath Bomb | The Comforter Bubble Bar | Sex Bomb Bath Bomb | Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar | Karma Bubble Bar | Butterball Bath Bomb | Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt | You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt | New Hair Shampoo Bar | Twilight Bath Bomb | Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar | Silver Tin

Then I’ll show you what makeup and beauty items I bought.

Topshop Sheer Lipstick in Lolly | Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation | MAC Oil Control Lotion (travel size) | Topshop All Over Glow Liquid Illuminator | L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream in Anti-Dullness | MAC Studio Moisture Cream (travel size) | L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Concealer | Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque | Riri Hearts MAC Cream Colour Base in Diamonds | Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Duo in Warm Beige | Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush

Rain Africa Angel Dust Bath Salt | Rain Africa Rock Mint Bath Salt | Rain Africa Strawberry Bath Fizzies | Olyfberg Olive Body Butter

Then we have jewellery items I bought from Accessorize.

Hair Ties (love the colours & that BOW!) |Skull Earrings | Owl Bracelet

Then because I love Typo so much, we had to stop and shop whenever I saw a Typo.

Wooden Mannequin | Wooden Hand Mannequin

Mini Polaroid Cards in Tin | Craftiness Is Happiness Pencil Bag

Sweet Treats Paper Packets (set of 10) | Unicorn Travel Mug | Felted Wool Balls Bunting

Then some bits & bobs.

Pink Elephant Watering Can | Vintage Rose Mouse Pad

I also bought some décor items for the house.

Faux Grass Bunnies | Crocheted Candle Holders | Small Biltong Plate

Then something for the kitchen.

Crochet Oven Mitts

When I saw this handbag, I just knew I had to get it.  It’s just so ME!

Pink Pepper Tree Messenger Bag

I wasn’t sure whether you guys would want to see what food & wine items we bought to bring home, but I’ll include it anyway.

Because Neal and I are obsessed with coffee, we bought these 3 bags.  We also stopped at the Nespresso in V&A Waterfront and bought 4 sleeves (Caramelito, Vanilio, Ciocattino and a new limited edition one called Kazaar) but I forgot to take a photo of those – whoops.

Limu Coffee Beans | Uganda Bugisu Coffee Beans | Bugisu Coffee Beans

I am not fond of chocolates.  But I like this Espresso Artisan Chocolate from the Spice Route (they are quite small slabs, so 2 of the Espresso ones are for me and the rest belong to Neal).

Venezuela Rio Caribe Artisan Dark Chocolates (2) | Uganda Artisan Dark Chocolates (2) | Espresso Artisan Dark Chocolates (4)

Then because I love salad, I had to buy a few oils and flavoured vinegars from Tap & Cork in Franschoek (these are 100ml bottles).

Garlic Oil | Truffle Oil | Tomato Vinegar | Granadilla Vinegar | Cranberry Vinegar

Some delicious food items.

Jasmine Flower Syrup | 1kg Tub of Olives | Honey (I couldn’t not take this cute little bear home with me!)

Preserved Garlic | Preserved Peaches | Mustard Vinaigrette

Healthy foods from Wellness Warehouse.

Organic Dried White Mulberries | Organic Chia Meal (because I am obsessed with anything Chia related) | Organic Chia Seeds (again, because I am obsessed with anything Chia related)

Freeze Dried Strawberry & Banana Slices | Cheesy Herb Kale Chips | Freeze Dried Apple &Strawberry Slices

Neal and I are not huge wine drinkers but we do like the odd glass every now and again.

Fairview 2011 Shiraz | Ega (non-alcoholic) Drink

We also did a wine & chocolate tasting at Lourensford (which was one of the best I’ve experienced) and decided to get the following.

Honey Liqueur (this one is mine, all mine) | Lourensford 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon | Lourensford Dark Cigar Plum Chocolate (best pairing EVER!)

Would you guys like to see a few holiday photos we took?



  1. Chicara
    23 October 2013 / 12:43

    WOW! Now that’s what I call a haul. 🙂

    I love that Accessorize bracelet. I need to get one!

    Such fab goodies from LUSH. I can’t wait to see what you think of some of the goodies I have as well.

    Fairview wine is delish!

    Great choices all around. I added it all up in my head and the total is…. *just joking* 😉

    Enjoy everything and don’t let anybody make you feel bad about spending your well-earned money. 😉 xx

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:45

      Thanks, I loved the little owl. You should totally go get one!

      Yes, Neal and I love Fairview wines… Funny enough, I checked our wine rack the other day and we have 3 of the same Fairview 2011 Shiraz bottles. I told Neal at least he’s consistent lol!

      Thanks for saying that, Chicara! xxx

  2. Charlene
    23 October 2013 / 14:41

    I love these products… you really had a great time in Cape Town. I also cannot wait to get to the Lush store and check out there products. I see that Sorbet launched there own BB cream…. have u tried it? When do you use yours?? The Tinted Moisterizer is very light on my skin, it just gives that overall smoothness. Does not cover up a lot as I have pigmentation but it just smoothes out the skin. I am not one that wear heavy make-up as I love the simple look. The lipstick you bought – nice colour for the summer. I so need to get to the store! MAC cream colour base in diamonds, I did not see that. Is it different to the foundation? Love Love all the other stuffies you bought – thanx for sharing them with us. Sorbet also offering a free face maping so guess what – I need to make that appointment as your skin changes all the time. I rather want to use the right products not necessarily the expensive ones. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:42

      I had an awesome time in Cape Town!

      I saw they launched the BB cream, I need to get my hands on a tube to test it out! It looks lovely though… I use my Garnier BB cream on days when I’m just not in the mood to wear a heavy foundation, but I always set my BB creams with a powder (for added coverage and to control shine).

      Yes, I love that shade of lipstick – and it’s quite sheer which makes it perfect as most of my lipsticks are quite opaque.

      Yes, the MAC Cream Colour Base is a cream highlighter, it is SOOO gorgeous! I’ll be doing a review on it (even though it’s probably not available anymore, well maybe it is?).

      I love Sorbet products, they are really good quality at an affordable price. I’m doing a blog post on Sorbet products next week, keep a lookout for that!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Charlene! 🙂

  3. 23 October 2013 / 16:02

    Hahahaha did you have to buy a extra suitcase???
    Awesome shopping!
    Remind me to drag you along next time I hit the shops!

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:37

      Haha! Fortunately we had the car, so I just kept loading the boot and back seats up until I hit the ceiling…. Only then did I start to calm down a bit. 😉

  4. 23 October 2013 / 22:13

    Now this is a haul!! You definitely picked up a ton of goodies Luzanne. Shopping is always so much more fun when you are out of town.

    The jewelry pieces you picked up are adorable!

    I think if I were to add it up I would have a heart attack! 😀

    Great haul, Luzanne!

    And yes, I would LOVE to see some pictures from your trip. I love all of your pictures, they are so professional! <3

    xoxo, Lily

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:36

      I loooove shopping! I always go a bit overboard when I’m on holiday, but it’s good though…it’s relaxing (Neal wouldn’t agree with that statement though haha!).

      Yes, totally!! So let’s not add anything up – haha!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words, Lily. xxx

  5. 24 October 2013 / 09:51

    Lush & Typo have their own gravitational force, its absolutely impossible to walk past a store without getting pulled in and spending your entire paycheck!

    Great haul and yes to the holiday pictures 🙂

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:35

      So true! I just can’t go to a shopping mall if there’s a Typo / LUSH and not go in there. Even if it means I’m at the same shops every day, I’ll go in there every single time.

      The obsessions never end…

      Will load some holiday photos next week! x

  6. 24 October 2013 / 10:01

    Now that is what I am talking about. If you are going to do it you need to do it well right? 😛

    You got some awesome stuff there and I can’t wait to read / see more of the products.

    Most of all, I am so glad you had a fantastic holiday.

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:33

      Will most definitely be doing reviews on some of the products, I already have a few favourites picked out!

      Thanks for your kind words, Michelle! x

  7. Bianca
    24 October 2013 / 10:47

    Brilliant! Loving the LUSH haul. I can’t wait for their Xmas stock to arrive – my wish list is waiting 😀

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:32

      I am literally counting down the days, hours and minutes until that Christmas stock arrives!! 😛

  8. 24 October 2013 / 10:49

    Amaaaaaaazing! Love everything you bought. Especially the watering can, bunnies and olives.

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:30

      I love olives, can’t get enough of them!

      So glad I got my hands on those bunnies, I have been looking for them for such a long time. xxx

  9. 24 October 2013 / 10:52

    WOW! Now this is what I call a haul!! So many amazing goodies. Enjoy using them. Sounds like you had a fab holiday! xx

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:29

      I had a wonderful holiday, and shopping added to the enjoyment haha! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, Charlie!

  10. adajeannie
    24 October 2013 / 13:59

    You are a professional shopper!! You really have some amazing stuff there. and yes, we want holiday pics. Lush really need to get a store in Jhb soon! or maybe not 😉 Cant wait for some reviews on these products.


    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:27

      I am an asset to anyone who wants to take me shopping – haha! 🙂

      I’ll post holiday pics next week, tomorrow I’m doing a ‘Friday Favourite’ blog post.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ada! x

  11. Lulu
    24 October 2013 / 14:49

    What a shopping spree! I love the pink pepper messenger bag and the Whoosh shower jelly sounds lovely! The crochet candle holders looks so sweet and the cutest of them all is the pink elephant watering can, just love it!

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:22

      When I saw the little pink elephant, I knew I had to get her! Those big eyes had me sold! x

  12. Tjoppie
    24 October 2013 / 14:55

    Lovely blog and pics! Did you come back with a little trailer to carry all the stuff? Sounds and looks yummy! The Lourensford dark cigar plum chocolate and the flavoured vinegars sounds tasty!

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:21

      No, but the boot and back seats were PACKED!

      The Lourensford chocolate is divine! Plus I sampled some of the vinegars at the shop while we were there and the tomato one (well all of them) are delicious! x

  13. 24 October 2013 / 16:13

    Wow you got half of Lush!! I love all those things and the owl bracelet especially, and the Topshop makeup (I stiiiilll haven’t got to Topshop and I would really like to try their makeup!)

    • Luzanne
      24 October 2013 / 19:20

      The liquid highlighter from Topshop is worth getting, it’s soooo pretty!!

      I would have gotten all of LUSH if Neal didn’t stop me haha! 😉

  14. 30 October 2013 / 07:29

    Look what awesome goodies you got, I love everything. :)I adore that Lourensford Honey Liqueur. Had it in this blogpost –
    I know you will enjoy it. xoxo

    • Luzanne
      30 October 2013 / 21:01

      That liqueur is absolutely divine! Must have been awesome drinking it from a dark chocolate shot glass! Nom! x

  15. Janlyn
    30 October 2013 / 14:26

    oh my – where did you get those faux grass bunnies from? i definitely need two of those. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      30 October 2013 / 21:02

      The faux grass bunnies are from @Home, they were R 29,00 each. They are just too cute for words!! 🙂

      Thank you for commenting, Janlyn!

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