January 2014 Favourites

This is probably the only time I will say:  “Thank goodness last month is over and done with!”  I’m so glad February has arrived because:

♥  February is my birthday month

♥  February is also our wedding anniversary month (2 years on the 25th)

♥  And then there’s always Valentine’s Day to look forward to

I’m not going to make this intro very long, because I know most of you guys just want to get to the good stuff.  I will say, however, I only wore makeup like 7 days out of the whole month.  Shock!  Horror!  *bad beauty blogger*  I have no reason for this, and I’m not going to feed you some story about January being a ‘cleansing-no-makeup-healthy-inside-and-out’ month.  Nope, I just didn’t feel like wearing makeup every day.  And so, because I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup this month, I have NO makeup favourites (only 1 makeup-related fave).  January was, however, about skincare for me.  I went for a Dermalogica facial back in December and received Dermalogica samples to take home with me to test out, and I LOVED everything.

So let’s get to the good stuff then…

My number one favourite for the month of the January was the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray.  I received this as a Christmas gift (check out my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ blog post here) and I’ve been using it non-stop since.  This is a super lightweight mist that protects your hair from the damaging effects of heat tools i.e. straighteners, curling irons and hairdryers.  I find the scent of this very pleasant (almost like a floral baby powder scent), and not only does it provide heat protection, I also find my curls last longer when I use this.  This spray can be used on wet or dry hair – I love this for dry hair because it’s a mist (and not a heavy spray) so it doesn’t weigh the hair down.  I’m so impressed with this product, I am thinking of purchasing the ghd Curl Hold Spray and Final Shine Spray as well.  The ghd Style Heat Protect Spray retails for R 180,00 and is available at salon supply stores, selected hair salons, Retail BoxHair Headquarters, Everything Hair and ghd South Africa.

Next up we have 2 OPI polishes – I am so obsessed with these 2 colours, I can’t even handle the excitement!

I bought these 2 polishes a while ago on eBay (you know me, I’m an eBay fanatic) and they arrived beginning of January.  The baby pink shade is called ‘Mod About You’ and the pastel green shade is called ‘Gargantuan Green Grape’ (try saying that 5 times in a row!).  When I saw the 2 shades next to each other, I knew they were a match made in nail polish heaven.  Over the past month, I have worn both of these polishes together in a manicure and I have also worn each on their own – OBSESSED!  Both of these polishes are super opaque (you can probably get away with only one coat if you really wanted to) and apples like a dream i.e. not streaky or goopy at all.  OPI nail polishes can be purchased at selected salon supply stores, selected Clicks & Stuttafords stores (some Clicks stores are now selling Essie and OPI polishes) and from Twincare South Africa – prices range from R 130,00 to R 160,00.  I personally buy my OPI polishes on eBay because they work out to about R 100,00 per bottle (including shipping).

Then we have the MAC Fix+ Setting Spray…

This has actually been a favourite of mine for a couple of months now and I’m not sure why I have never mentioned it on the blog before.  I also own the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist but I’ve found with my combination skin, the Mineralize spray can sometimes give me a ‘too dewy’ finish.  The MAC Fix+ spray can be used in a number of different ways but I personally use it to set my makeup, this means I spray it all over my face once I have completed my full makeup routine.  I am someone who always sets my foundation / BB cream with a powder (to keep the oiliness at bay and add a little bit of extra coverage).  Sometimes, however, I can look a bit too powdery and matte and that’s when I use this gem, it just takes the edge off that ‘too-matte-face’ and leaves the skin with a healthy glow.  The bottle disperses a fine mist, so it will never mess with your makeup and I find my makeup lasts for a couple of hours longer than normal as well.  The MAC Fix+ setting spray is suitable for all skin types and can be used under your foundation (as a primer) and / or over as a setting spray.  This multi-tasker can also be used to intensify your eyeshadows – just spray your eyeshadow brush with the Fix+, dip your brush into your eyeshadow and apply to the lid (trust me, it makes a huge difference to the intensity of your shadows).  And last but not least, you can also use this to foil your pigments – foiling basically means you are applying your eyeshadow pigments wet, it intensifies and transforms the shadow into a metallic-looking foil on the lid.  The Fix+ spray contains green tea, chamomile & cucumber extracts which helps to calm the skin.  This is a little travel sized bottle, but I will definitely repurchase the full size once this is finished.  The MAC Fix+ Setting Spray retails for R 210,00 at your local MAC counter or in the MAC South Africa online store.

Next up we have the Dermalogica PreCleanse, my new favourite first step in my evening skincare routine.

I have been raving about Dermalogica products here on the blog recently – I added a couple to my Birthday Wish List and I mentioned them in this blog post.  PreCleanse is exactly what the names suggests, the first step before you cleanse your skin.  This deep-cleansing oil dissolves the make-up from your skin and when you add water, it  transforms into a milky emulsion that rinses the makeup and any other impurities from your skin’s surface. The PreCleanse is suitable for any skin type (even oily skin) because once you rinse your face, you are left with supple, moisturised skin (there is absolutely no oily layer).  The PreCleanse contains no artificial fragrances and colours and will not irritate sensitive skin.  I love the scent of this, it’s quite herby & refreshing and it makes me look forward to my next cleansing session (weird, I know).  The little bottle pictured above is a sample bottle and it’s finished – boo!  Whilst using PreCleanse I didn’t have any breakouts (not ONE!) and now that it’s finished, one pesky little blemish has appeared on my forehead.  I better get hold of the full size soon!  PreCleanse is available at selected Sorbet stores and selected beauty salons & retails for R 480,00.  It may sound pricey but once you’ve tried Dermalogica products, you won’t want to use anything else.

Then we have my number 1 favourite lip balm of all time (I know, that’s quite a statement!) – Labello Vitamin Shake.  I am a lip balm junkie – eos, Blistex, Soft Lips, you name it, I’ve tried it!  The one lip balm that I always come back to, is this little tube.  I’ve mentioned it here and with good reason:  It smells like a berry smoothie, it is so moisturising and gives my lips a subtle pink glossy finish.  Other lip balms sometimes tend to create a waxy layer on the lips and just sits there like a couch potato but with the Labello Vitamin Shake lip balm, it applies an even, thin, glossy (but not sticky) layer – I really can’t live without this lip balm.  The Labello Vitamin Shake is available at Dischem and Clicks stores and retails for R 17,95 (cheap as chips!).

My unfavourite for the month, isn’t really a true unfavourite.  There are things that I like about this product (who doesn’t like having pink hair!?) and there are things that really bug me about this product.

I bought the TINT Hair Chalk a couple of months ago at the Pro Beauty Expo, I had been looking everywhere for a non-permanent way of giving me ‘My Little Pony’ pink hair.  Now what I love about this product, is that it is non-permanent – you can have pink hair one day, and be back to your normal blonde self the very next day.  What bugs me about this product, however, is how messy it is.  The hair chalk comes in a compact, which doesn’t make it very user-friendly.  Then there’s the issue of having to use gloves because you will be left with bright pink fingertips (and nails) AND you definitely need to apply the hair chalk with a towel over your shoulders as there is quite a bit of fall-out when you rub your hair in the little compact.  My last gripe with this product, is that once your hair is the desired shade of pink, the pigment transfers to EVERYTHING.  You can’t wear your hair down because your shoulders and back will be bright pink within the hour.  You also have to wash your hair before you go to bed, if you don’t, guaranteed you will have pink stains on your bedding.  I appreciate that this is probably what all hair chalks do (the issue isn’t with this specific product) but it’s just way too messy and time-consuming for me personally.  Oh, and I used half of the product for just one application to the ends of my hair (it wasn’t a full head application), this makes it quite pricey too as I paid about R 200,00 for the compact.

If anyone would like to try the hair chalk out, I’ll be happy to send this to you.  Leave me a comment below with your email address and I’ll get in contact with you.



  1. Anye
    3 February 2014 / 13:54

    From which seller do you buy OPI on ebay? I find R140 for nail polish a bit too much. (I only own one.)

    You should try the ghd Curl Hold Spray – it makes your curls last longer and you can use it on dry hair. The only downside is that a bottle does not last a very long time.

    • 3 February 2014 / 18:46

      I honestly don’t have a specific seller I buy from, I usually just search for whichever OPI nail polish I’m looking for and then filter by ‘Price + Shipping: Lowest First’.

      BUT most of the time Beautyzone2007 comes up first, they have really great prices and offer combined shipping (so if you buy more than 1 polish from them, it usually works out between R 80 and R 95 per OPI polish including shipping – depending on the exchange rate). Essie polishes on Beautyzone2007 are even better priced – you can get away with paying between R 70 and R 85 per polish including shipping if you catch it on a good exchange rate day!).

  2. 3 February 2014 / 14:34

    LOVE those two shades of OPI polishes. One day I am going to get the courage to buy from ebay as well. One day….not today….but one day… 😛

    Urgh the hair chalk sounds like a bit of a mess indeed. I know my pink hair is pretty permanent in comparison but the up side is I don’t have the mess issues and every day is a ‘my little pony’ pink hair day 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • 3 February 2014 / 18:40

      If you need me to, I’ll give you a gentle nudge in the right direction haha! 😉

      Yep, the hair chalk was a bit of a fail… I wish I could commit to permanent pink hair, it would be awesome! But I know I’ll be over the pink hair within a couple of days and then I’m stuck… 🙁

  3. Ronel Marais
    3 February 2014 / 15:11

    Im sommer excited on your behalf, you have a fab month ahead!

    Those 2 polishes are so pretty, wow, I must get my fingertips on them stat! And I agree with the ghd spray, its a must have in any hair routine.

    You are my favourite SA blogger, Luzanne. xx

    • 3 February 2014 / 18:39

      Wow – thank you so much for your sweet words, Ronel. You just made my day a whole lot brighter! x

  4. Em Cameron
    3 February 2014 / 17:35

    Love how you explain the different uses for the MAC Fix+ spray, my wedding is coming up and this is exactly what I need. I’ve decided to do my own makeup.

    You make Dermalogica products sound so great, it makes me want to go out and get my skin mapped so that I can buy a couple of products.

    Really enjoyed this post.

    • 3 February 2014 / 18:38

      MAC Fix+ will be perfect for your wedding, Em! You can use it as your primer, setting spray and to intensify your eye makeup.

      Haha! It’s all because I love Dermalogica so much, it’s like puppy love…can’t get it out of my mind! 😉

  5. Stephanie
    3 February 2014 / 17:55

    Yayy!!! For all those exciting things happening this month <3

    I def need to try MAC fix +So much a person wanted

    • 3 February 2014 / 18:36

      I must be getting old, because I’m not really looking forward to my birthday… But I am looking forward to our anniversary, we’ll be going away soon…so that’s awesome! 🙂

      You will LOVE Fix+, I know it! x

  6. alissa
    3 February 2014 / 18:02

    I own those 2 nail lacquers and never thought to use them together in a manicure, but I will next time. I always look fwd to your monthly favorites.

    • 3 February 2014 / 18:35

      Try the two shades together, they really work! 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words, Alissa.

  7. Caryn
    3 February 2014 / 18:49

    I’ll take the hair chalk off your hands if you don’t want it anymore? I’ll send you a mail now…

    Thank you for offering, Luzanne, you are so generous.

    • 3 February 2014 / 22:15

      Thanks, Caryn – I received your mail with your address details. Will send it off as soon as possible, but remember the post office is on strike at the moment so it may take a bit longer to arrive… 🙁 x

  8. 3 February 2014 / 21:55

    Definitely have Fix+ on my shopping list! Just never get round to it somehow . I’ve been pretty bad this month so far, so definitely next month!

    • 3 February 2014 / 22:16

      It’s a great setting spray, Bronwyn, you’ll like it! 🙂

  9. 4 February 2014 / 03:00

    Oohh, you have a lot of things to look forward to in February!
    I love the nail polishes, so pretty! I don’t own many pastel-y shades, but I definitely want to for the upcoming spring months!
    Great favorites Luzanne!

    • 4 February 2014 / 18:10

      I love pastel nail polishes, they’re my favourite…

      Thank you for visiting & commenting, Lily! x

  10. Gina
    4 February 2014 / 13:09

    Thanks so much for the review on the hair chalk.
    I have this at home but have been nervous to try it and end up with pink shoulders (and ruined clothing and linen!)
    Think I may skip straight past this after reading what you have to say about it…

    Love that little travel size MAC Fix+ – I am definitely going to keep an eye out for that! 🙂

    • 4 February 2014 / 18:13

      So glad the short review on the hair chalk helped you out a bit, Gina… 🙂

      You can find the travel sized Fix+ at MAC Pro stores i.e. Rosebank, V&A Waterfront etc.

      Thanks so much for commenting… 😀

  11. adajeannie
    9 February 2014 / 11:36

    Oh my gosh i need that green polish…….

    • 9 February 2014 / 21:56

      It’s a beauty, isn’t it!? *swoon* xxx

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