Unboxing – I Love You Box ♥ February 2014

I was really, really looking forward to receiving the February 2014 ‘I Love You Box’ from Elephantshoe – especially after receiving the January box.   But alas, this month’s box was a bit of a disappointment for me.  It left me feeling a bit underwhelmed, to be very honest.  When I opened up the courier bag and saw the size of the box, I already had a bad feeling.  This month’s box was quite small and it felt like not a lot of thought was put into the box.  I asked Neal for his opinion on the box, even before I told him how I felt, and he confirmed my feelings.  He said February’s box was just not worth it.

Let’s take a look at what was in the Valentine’s Day inspired box…

The first thing that caught my eye was the fabric bag that contained a stamp.

The stamp is a large stamp – a stamped heart measures 7,5cm x 6,5cm.  I would personally use this stamp for gifts tags, cards and even to create my own wrapping paper.

Then we have a small black ink pad to be used with the stamp.  In the box we also received a roll of ribbon (120cm) with a hearts and kisses design.

We also received  3 cream coloured gift tags (2 of them are stamped with ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ and 1 is stamped with ‘LOVE’) with string.

And lastly I received 5 blank cardboard coloured gift tags with string.  These gift tags are quite large (15,5cm x 8cm).  I will probably use the stamp to stamp a heart on each gift tag.

Here are my gripes with this month’s box:

I am an avid crafter, and so I have come to look for certain things in crafty products.  For example: I prefer stamps that have a clear acrylic backing,  that way I can see exactly where on the piece of paper I am stamping and if the image is straight.  I don’t mind the fact that this stamp is a wooden stamp, BUT then Elephantshoe needs to ensure that the heart is centred onto the wooden stamp backing.  I’m not sure if you can see in my photo, but the heart leans slightly to the left and has been glued to the right of the wooden backing.  This means I will have to take a guess every time I use the stamp and hope I have centred it perfectly onto my gift tag.

Because I have been crafting for quite a number of years, I know what the prices of crafty and stationary type things are.  I also know how much it costs to design and create die-cuts and stamps – I helped a friend create a business case in 2012 for an online shop very similar to Elephantshoe’s online shop.  I did a lot of research and contacted a lot of companies who specialise in the making (cutting) of stamps designed by individuasl.

In my honest opinion, this box was unfortunately not worth the price I paid for it.  It’s not only about the money, though, it’s also about the fact that it feels like not much thought was put into the creation of the box & it feels like it was rushed.  And my heart is broken because I was SO impressed with the last box.  I will order the March 2014 box as I’m hoping the next box will be awesome again.  *holding thumbs*



  1. Caryn
    12 February 2014 / 11:39

    Super gorgeous photos as always, Luzanne. It’s a pity about the February box, I agree, it does seem a bit underwhelming – especially if you compare it to the last box.

    But like you said, there’s always time to improve with the next box. I hope it’s a goodie.

    Caryn x

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 14:35

      I’m really hoping and keeping my fingers crossed the March I Love You Box will be a good one! 😀

  2. 12 February 2014 / 11:54

    I was so excited to read this post, as I loved your post on the Jan box – and everything in the Jan box. So much so that I’ve been contemplating signing up for my own box, but I must admit that the contents of this month’s box put me off slightly…

    Thanks for the great, informative and honest post 🙂

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 14:35

      Thanks, Chereen! 🙂 The January box was a wonderful box. Let’s see what the March box contains, hopefully Elephantshoe will blow my socks off! 🙂

      It’s very important for me to be as honest (yet polite) as possible here on the blog, as I enjoy positive and the occasional negative reviews of products. Fortunately none of my blog readers were able to order the February I Love You Box as subscription sign-ups closed before I loaded the January box review.

      Thank you for commenting, Chereen!

  3. 12 February 2014 / 13:18

    Oh no! That’s so disappointing 🙁

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 14:31

      Yeah… 🙁 It was a bit of a disappointment, but I’m holding thumbs for the March box. 😉

  4. Chicara
    12 February 2014 / 14:05

    The tags and ribbon are so pretty! 🙂 I’ve never bought one of these so I have no idea really how it compares to previous boxes (besides January). But that sucks that you’re not happy. 🙁

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 14:31

      For me it’s not only about how this box compares to the previous ones, it’s more whether it’s worth the money I paid for it – and unfortunately, this box doesn’t cut it.

      You can take a look at the previous boxes on Elephantshoe’s blog here: http://blog.elephantshoe.com/

      Thanks for popping by, Chicara! 🙂

  5. Zee Mohlapi
    12 February 2014 / 14:43

    The stamp is pretty but to me, thats the only thing that really makes the box. The other things are so small and insignificant.

    I will wait for you to do the march box review and will then decide if I shud get one.

    Thank you, L. Your readers can always trust you to be open and honest without sounding like you are bashing a product. Thats what I like about you.

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 21:28

      Yes, I agree Zee… The stamp is really the only thing that I liked, oh and the ribbon.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I don’t like bashing any product and I will never be mean about it. But it is important for me to mention the pros and cons of an item, I wouldn’t want you guys to spend money on something that I think isn’t worth it. 😉

  6. Ronel Marais
    12 February 2014 / 16:43

    I love the items in the box, but I agree…they should have added a couple more items or should have thought about exactly what they add to the box.

    I’ll wait for your review on the March box before I order. 😉

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 21:26

      Thank you for popping by and commenting, Ronel. Always nice to see you around these parts… 🙂

  7. Lauren Henderson
    12 February 2014 / 18:09

    Oh noes! Sounds (and looks) like a bit of a disappointment. 🙁 But there’s always the next box to look forward to. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      12 February 2014 / 21:25

      Exactly! I’m looking forward to the March box, I’m sure it will be better!

  8. Tjoppie
    13 February 2014 / 13:19

    I can imagine you are disappointed, not much imagination went into packing the February box I think. Like the ribbon and your photos are lovely.Better luck next month!

    • Luzanne
      15 February 2014 / 13:13

      Thanks, Mom! 🙂 Yes, I’m holding thumbs very tightly! x

  9. Ronnel
    14 February 2014 / 09:55

    Hi Luzanne
    I love your articles and recommendations, often seeking out products on your recommendations. I too bought the Elephantshoe Feb box and was bitterly disappointed. I feel most of the companies, that offer “monthly boxes” end up disappointing and underwhelming me. The companies in the US that offer these type of things seem to really give value for money and continue to do so from month to month. I will also try another box in March but it will have to “knock my socks off” for me to continue. I really felt “ripped off” with the Feb box especially as the courier fee is on top of the box price. They could have really done something special with Valentine’s day but I feel they slipped up.

    • Luzanne
      15 February 2014 / 13:13

      Thank you so much for your comment, Ronnel. I really enjoyed reading it.

      I’m so happy to see you guys agree with me on the quality of the February box. And I agree with what you said about how companies tend to get comfortable with the whole monthly box subscription thing & after a while no thought goes into the compiling of the boxes.

      In fact, I totally agree with you on everything you mentioned. I feel the same way, Elephantshoe should have done something a lot more special with the last box – especially since it was Valentine’s Day.

      Let’s hope the next one is an incredible box, I will definitely do a review on the next box. If it’s not up to standard, I will also not order a box again – R 250 plus courier charges of R 30 is no joke!

  10. 18 February 2014 / 07:23

    Oh no! I’m sorry it was a dud, it really isn’t that interesting of a box. Although the products are cute, hoping next months is much, much better!

    • Luzanne
      18 February 2014 / 15:07

      Yeah, the March box should arrive first week in March so I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s inside! x

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