I Am BeautySouthAfrica’s First ‘Blogger Of The Month’

Pink Peonies Blog Beauty South Africa Blogger Of The Month

I am beyond excited and proud to be BeautySouthAfrica.com‘s very first ‘Blogger Of The Month’.  If you haven’t heard of BeautySouthAfrica, then keep reading because their website is very interesting and interactive too.  They refer to themselves as an online beauty magazine, your pre-shop stop for product information and reviews.  What makes their website unique is that you are able to join their loyalty program to earn points, trial beauty products and share your experiences (write your very own reviews).  In case you were wondering – Nope, there are no typos in the title of this blog post, their registered name is ‘BeautySouthAfrica’ (no spaces).

You can become a part of the BeautySouthAfrica.com community by registering to become a Beauty Addict (signing up is 100% free).  If you are involved on the site i.e. you comment regularly, review your own products, and enter competitions, you could receive free beauty products to sample and review.  You will gain access to exclusive beauty events and competitions – exciting, right?  You can read a bit more about their loyalty programme here.

When BeautySouthAfrica first contacted me a couple of weeks ago and told me about their new ‘Blogger Of The Month’ initiative, I was very intrigued.  And the fact that they nominated little ol’ me as their first blogger made me feel very special indeed.  They asked me to write 2 articles for their website, film a video for their YouTube channel, and take over their Instagram account during the month of September.  Keep your eyes peeled, as I’ll be tweeting & Facebook-posting notifications as soon as my articles go live on their website.  And I will also let you know when my video is up on their YouTube channel.

BeautySouthAfrica introduced me on their website and social media platforms this past Tuesday, and for the introduction article they asked me to answer 10 questions.  If you’re keen to get to know me a little bit better, then take a look at their ‘ Introducing Blogger Of The Month: Luzanne From Pink Peonies’ article here.  Spoiler…they also asked me to list 3 tips for someone who would like to start a blog.

My first article titled ‘Five Products To Get You Ready For Spring’ went up earlier today, and you can read all about why I chose the products you see in the above photo here.  My second article will be a ‘How To’ and I’m very excited for you to see what I have in store for that one.

A big thank you to BeautySouthAfrica for choosing me as their ‘Blogger Of The Month’, I look forward to working with them this month.

P.S. Just to keep it open and honest, I am being paid to write the 2 articles and film the video for them.  As you already know, though, I love flicking my money at the Clicks and Dis-Chem cashiers (at this stage, we’re already on a first-name basis).  So the money I make from freelance work and sponsored blog posts goes straight back into the ‘beauty shopping’ piggy bank for haul videos and product reviews.



  1. 4 September 2015 / 13:37

    Congrats!!!! You really deserve it!

    I read the post. You are such a wonderful person!!!

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:47

      Thank you, Carina! 🙂

  2. 4 September 2015 / 13:56

    Congratulations!! Never surprised when I see you being awarded these kinds of titles! You totally deserve it!

    Nihaad – the little blog of STUFF

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:48

      Thank you so much for being so supportive, Nihaad. 🙂

  3. Olwethu B
    4 September 2015 / 14:02

    Well done, Luzanne!!! You deserve this and so much more. 😀

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:48

      Thank you, Olwethu. 😉

  4. Geraldine
    4 September 2015 / 14:03

    Dis wonderlike nuus! Ek gaan lees gou jou artikel. xx

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:49

      Ek hoop jy het die artikel geniet! 🙂 xo

  5. Ursula
    4 September 2015 / 14:14

    Congratulations, L! You should be Blogger Of The Year, thats for sure. Your photos are always on point, your tips and tricks are always helpful, and your videos are always entertaining. I’m going to take a look at your article now. 🙂

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:49

      Haha! Thanks for being so sweet, Ursula. 😀

  6. Kelebogile Kel Khumalo
    4 September 2015 / 14:25

    Yaaaasssss! deserver! I am very happy for ya! Congrats in the bag again!

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:50

      Thank you for always being so encouraging, Kels. It’s always nice to see your name pop in the comments section of my Instagram photos, blog posts and Facebook posts. 🙂

  7. Missy
    4 September 2015 / 14:48

    congrats hun…

    hehe im everyday on BeautySouthAfrica and when I saw you blogger of the month it’s like I easnted to shout omw Luzanne 🙂 like it’s my friend that I know lmao

    Can’t wait to read your articles and watch the vid 🙂 mmmmwah

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:51

      Thank you, Missy! 🙂 You are so kind. x

  8. Missy
    4 September 2015 / 14:49

    typo’s sorry* it’s the excitement

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:51

      No worries – haha! 😉

  9. Rhea
    4 September 2015 / 15:58

    Loved the piece on their site and I am so happy that they asked you to be the first of the bloggers of the month. Your blog is not only a treasure trove of information it is also very inspiring.

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:52

      Thank you so much for that compliment, Rhea – it means so much to me. 🙂 xo

  10. Samantha
    4 September 2015 / 16:14

    Best news ever!!! Congratulations, Lu..I luv your blog. XO

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:52

      Thank you, Samantha! 😉 xx

  11. Isabelle Perkins
    4 September 2015 / 21:32

    You totes deserve this, well done. Your blog is definitely my favourite local blog, and it’s so good to see others love your blog as much as I do. 🙂

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:53

      I’m so happy to hear that – thank you, Isabelle! 🙂

  12. Sibahle
    5 September 2015 / 06:46

    Yay!!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 I love BSA

    • 5 September 2015 / 10:53

      Thank you so much, Sibahle. 😀

  13. Lulu
    5 September 2015 / 17:25

    Congratulations, you really deserve it! Your blog and posts are always a pleasure to read Well done!

  14. Carmen klassen
    6 September 2015 / 17:22

    Congrats Luzanne. I must say Im not surprised you and your blog are awesome and you deserve the first pick.

  15. laaiqah
    6 September 2015 / 22:39

    Congrats luzanne!

  16. 6 September 2015 / 22:44

    Eep! Congrats sweetie! 😀 These titles are just the first of many more to come 🙂

  17. Yolandi Barnard
    6 September 2015 / 23:22

    Ek is op hulle mailing list en om eerlik te wees, ek lees nie altyd hulle (sowel as 90% van my ander emails) nie hehe, maar ek was aangenaam veras toe ek die website oopmaak en jou daar sien! Baie geluk!

  18. 7 September 2015 / 08:41

    Hi congrats I am a member of BSA for a while now I totally love the website

  19. Anina
    7 September 2015 / 08:48

    oe, baie geluk! 🙂

  20. Wendy Bean
    7 September 2015 / 16:35

    Well done, Luzanne! You deserve it and I look forward to reading your reviews. Have been a beautysouthafrica-fan for a long time. 🙂

  21. R Fourie
    7 September 2015 / 20:33

    Baie geluk, Luzanne 🙂

  22. Nazli Jacobs Basardien
    8 September 2015 / 12:31

    Wonderful article..
    I have just started following you and i must say i am enjoying your blog and You tube videos a lot..
    I even followed one of your make-up tutorials for a party i went to…
    Congratulations Luzanne

    15 September 2015 / 10:20

    congrats, you are by far the best blogger and I just love reading your blog, I have bought many things you have blogged about and you saved me many pennies thus far and I cnt complain on anything I bought thus far, I am always sceptical of trying new stuff but this blog has given me the confidence to live on the “EDGE” lol thank you so much L, u the best

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