How To – Remove Glitter Nail Polish In 3 Easy Steps

We all love glitter nail polish (whether you use it for an accent nail or on all 10 of your digits), but we all hate removing glitter polish too!  In the past, before I knew about the ‘foiling trick’, I used to only wear glitter polish on an accent nail (this is where one nail is painted a slightly different colour or finish to the other nails) and that was it.  I dreaded the whole removing glitter polish process, all the rubbing and scrubbing was too time-consuming and frustrating.

Enter Pinterest…


About 2 years ago I was having a look-see around Pinterest and saw a picture of a girl who had foil wrapped around her fingertips.  So I thought to myself: “She does know aliens don’t control your mind through your fingertips, right?”  But the photo piqued my interest, and so I clicked to see what the blog post / article was about.  And with the click of a button, my life would never be the same again!  Quite the drama queen, I am…  I now apply glitter polish to my nails (sometimes even all 10 of them) without so much as a flinch or blink, because I know removing it, is a breeze.  I have seen quite a number of girls (especially in South Africa) complain about the hassle of removing glitter polishes, and when I asked them if they knew about the ‘foil method’, they said no.  So I’m probably correct when I say most of you girls also don’t know about this miracle method and that’s why I’m doing this blog post today.

What you will need:

♥  A glitter manicure.

♥  Nail polish remover (the Essence Nail Art Nail Polish Remover Ultra is my favourite for this).

♥  Cotton balls or cotton rounds (cut into smaller pieces).

♥  Aluminium foil (cut into sizes large enough to be wrapped around your finger).

Here are the steps:

1.  Saturate the cotton ball or cotton round with nail polish remover and place the saturated cotton piece on your nail.

2.  Wrap the piece of foil around your fingertip (it doesn’t matter if the matte or shiny side is on the outside).  Make sure it’s firmly wrapped around that little finger, so that the nail polish remover doesn’t evaporate.  Wait 5 – 10 minutes depending on what sort of nail polish remover you’re using (the Essence Nail Polish Remover Ultra takes about 5 minutes & the Cutex brand takes about 10 minutes) and how many coats of glitter you are wearing.  Do one hand at a time as wrapping the foil around your fingertips (without tearing it) while you already have foil wrapped around your one hand’s fingertips, gets a bit tricky.  I do this while I’m sitting in front of the TV watching an episode of my favourite series – that way it doesn’t feel like wasted time (add a cup of tea or glass of wine & you’re all set!).

3.  After your 5 – 10 minutes is up, you’re all set to remove the foil.  Unwrap the foil carefully (because then you can use it again), apply slight pressure (press down on the nail) and slide the cotton off the nail.  All or most of your glitter polish should slide off quite effortlessly!  Remove any left-over pieces of glitter with another cotton pad and some nail polish remover (there shouldn’t be a whole lot of glitter left on the nail though).

I like to wash my hands to remove any residue from the polish remover (as this tends to dry out the nail and cuticle area) and apply a generous amount of my favourite hand cream or cuticle butter (my favourites are Soap & Glory Hand Food and LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter).

I used to also use the Essence Peel Off Base Coat (I have this in my nail polish stash and use it from time to time) – but unfortunately it has been discontinued.  I’ve also read adding a thin layer of Pritt Kids Glue (the liquid one in the red bottle) or Modge Podge (for all you crafters out there) as a base coat will help the glitter polish peel right off!

That’s it, guys!  Give this a go, and let me know what you think?  If this doesn’t change the way you look at glitter polishes, heck, then I don’t know…

Happy Monday!  And hurraaaah for a short week!



  1. lameez @hojokukitu
    17 March 2014 / 11:29

    Happy monday 2u2!Thank u for sharing:)

    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:21

      Pleasure, Lameez! 🙂 And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! x

  2. Merissa
    17 March 2014 / 11:41

    This is aaaaawesome! Im putting on some glitter polish tonight to test it out – wow!

    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:20

      So happy this blog post has encouraged you to wear glitter polishes a bit more often! 🙂

  3. Estee
    17 March 2014 / 13:10

    You have beautiful nails, Luzanne, such a nice shape to them. Thank you for this blog post, I havent heard of this but will give it a try. xox

    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:19

      Ah thanks, Estee – let me know how it works out for you… I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how easy it is! 🙂

  4. Zee Mohlapi
    17 March 2014 / 13:17

    MY LIFE HAS BEEN A LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you for this blog post, Lu, you have changed the way I look at glitter polishes. Now I can buy all the glitterz I want and not worry.


    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:17

      Bwhahahahahaa! Happy to be of service, Zee! *takes a bow*

  5. Ronel Marais
    17 March 2014 / 14:32

    Luv luv luv this, Luzanne! I never even knew about this, thank you so much for making my life easier. 😀

    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:08

      Yay! Thanks so much, Ronel! I hope you will be wearing glitter a little more often now… 😉

  6. 17 March 2014 / 15:37

    Not sure why I didn’t think of this since I regularly use the foil method to remove gelish (now that is one awful DIY process).

    Will certainly try it next time I put some glitter polish on.


    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:07

      Oh wow! I never knew you could use foil to remove gel too!?

      Thanks for commenting, Abby! 🙂 x

  7. Melissa ❀
    17 March 2014 / 15:55

    Awsum stuff, this sounds so quick and easy!!!

    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 17:05

      It really is super quick and eay – you’ll be amazed! 🙂

  8. 17 March 2014 / 20:54

    Definitely will try it out – have glitter polish on now but I DREADED GETTING IT OFF. So thanks for sharing!

    • Luzanne
      17 March 2014 / 21:00

      It makes me so happy when you guys find my blog posts to be helpful – love it! Thank you so much for popping by and leaving a comment, Ailsa! 😀

  9. Fiona
    17 March 2014 / 21:56

    Awesome stuff! Going to try this – also only do an accent nail for fear of removing the dreaded glitter polish. One worse to remove is the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat – I am hoping it will work on that too! 🙂

    • Luzanne
      18 March 2014 / 16:54

      I’m pretty sure the foil method will work for the Fuzzy Coat nail polish, I’ve used this method on non-metallic glitters (plastic ones) and it worked for it too!

      Let me know how it works out for you, Fiona! 🙂

  10. 18 March 2014 / 01:33

    I absolutely HATE taking off gel or glitter polish. I may just have to rock a glitter mani soon…thanks for sharing with us, Luzanne!

    • Luzanne
      18 March 2014 / 16:54

      Pleasure, sweet Lily! 🙂 x

  11. 18 March 2014 / 06:21

    Thank you Luzanne! I googled this method after you recommended it on Instagram and it really works!

    • Luzanne
      18 March 2014 / 16:55

      Yay! Such great news! I’m happy to take all the frustration off your hands… 😉

    • Luzanne
      18 March 2014 / 16:56

      Haha! I hope you enjoy wearing your glitter polishes, Kylie! 😀

  12. Sibahle
    19 March 2014 / 06:35

    Thank you so much 🙂 I haven’t used glitter in 6 months because of the hassle of removing it.

    • Luzanne
      19 March 2014 / 08:45

      Such great news, Sibahle!! Now you can wear your glitters without having to worry – enjoy them! 🙂

  13. 19 March 2014 / 13:37

    Great tip. It really is super easy and makes removal a breeze!! I agree with you, you can now wear glitter without worrying about later. Love this

    • Luzanne
      20 March 2014 / 07:25

      Yes! I’m so glad I came across this, it has really made my life a lot easier and hassle-free when it comes to removing glitter manis. x

  14. Lulu
    20 March 2014 / 12:06

    What a great helpful idea! Thanks a lot!

    • Luzanne
      20 March 2014 / 21:19

      Pleasure, Lulu! So glad I could help you. 😉

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