March 2013 Favourites

So this is my first ‘Favourites’ post  on the blog – exciting!  I have had a few monthly favourites Instagram photos but I only ever mentioned the products’ names and never explained why they were favourites.  This is quite a long post, I didn’t realise having so many favourites for the month would result in such a looooong blog post – so I apologise, but you have been warned!

Here’s a snapshot of my favourite products for the month of March (I didn’t include individual photos for all the products, only the ones where I thought it was essential for you to see the actual colour or swatch).

First up we have Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I have pores that are relatively noticeable, especially on my nose and cheek area and this primer definitely helps my skin look smoother than it actually is.  I won’t go too much into all the benefits of using a primer before you apply your foundation but it also helps my foundation glide on smoother (especially when my skin feels a bit drier than usual).  There are 9 different foundation primers Smashbox has to offer and this particular one contains Dermaxyl Complex which is a peptide treatment said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  It has also been enriched with Vitamins A and E, grape seed extract and green tea for antioxidant protection.

Favourite because it reduces the visibility of pores, helps foundation glide onto the skin and increases the longevity of foundation for the day.

Next up is Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive Day Cream.  As mentioned in my ‘Rubybox Unboxing’ post my skin is very sensitive and dry at the moment and the only skincare range that is currently working for me is Bioderma.  My dermatologist suggested I try this brand as the products are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free – exactly what my skin needs!  This little cream is for dry to very dry skin and contains shea butter and avocado extracts (which is renowned for their nourishing and repairing properties).  A little goes a long way and the texture is ultra creamy, yet not oily at all.

Favourite because it  feels super comfortable on the skin – no burning sensations I get from other skincare brands i.e. L’Oreal, Garnier, Revlon etc.

Third favourite is the MAC ‘Flatter Me” blush from their Archie’s Girls collection.  Read more on this beautiful blush here.

Favourite because it gives my cheeks a pop of colour with a subtle golden sheen.

Then we have the MAC Mineralized Concealer in the shade NW20.  This creamy, easy-to-blend concealer is enriched with minerals and covers / conceals while moisturising the skin.  It is relatively light-weight (yet buildable) and is definitely brightening when used on the under eye area.

Favourite because it covers up dark circles quite well and is moisturising for the delicate skin under the eyes.

Next we have Wet n Wild Color Trio eyeshadow palette in ‘Walking on Eggshells’.

The beauty of this palette is difficult to put into words, it doesn’t look like much in the pan but it definitely comes alive when applied to the skin.  The shimmery pink / light peach colour is perfect as an eyelid colour and works well with the coppery brown colour in the crease.  I usually blend the coppery brown with MAC’s Wedge eye shadow (also a favourite this month!) to make it less shimmery.  One thing about me – I don’t like too much shimmer / frost on the eyes.  All three of these shadows are shimmery and work well together when used in pairs but I cannot see myself using all three of these shades all at once.  The shimmery off-white colour at the top of the palette makes for a great inner-corner highlight.

Favourite because the colours in this palette are absolutely gorgeous and blend really well for an eye shadow palette this cheap (around R 36.00 on eBay).

I might as well have MAC’s eyeshadow in Wedge as my next favourite.

This is a warm-toned, medium brown with a matte finish.  It is perfect for a crease color since it’s a few shades darker than my skin tone.  I like using matte shades in the crease because I feel it defines the crease much better.  It’s also a great transition colour between a darker shade on the lid and lighter shade on the brow bone.

Favourite because it complements my warm skin tone, defines the crease and blends out any harsh lines.

Next up we have Sippin’ n Dippin’ cream shadow from Benefit Cosmetics.

Let me start by saying, in my opinion, this is a good dupe for MAC’s Paint Pot in Rubenesque.  Sippin’ n Dippin’ is a light peachy pink with a golden sheen and the texture of this is very smooth.  I find it applies better with the fingertips than with a synthetic brush and still looks good after 8 hours of wear.  I use it as is but it can also be applied under a powder shadow as an eye shadow primer.

Favourite because it is a crease-proof and the colour pay-off is great.

Wow, this is a long post…  *faints*

Then we have an brow pencil called Lingering by MAC.  I used to be an eyebrow pencil girl, then tried my hand at using a brow powder and LOVED it because it just gives you a more natural look.  But then I started to miss my eyebrow pencil because it is so much quicker and easier to apply.  When you have one of those days when you are either not in the mood to spend time on your brows or you have to do a whole face of makeup in under 10 minutes, a pencil is the way to go.  Eyebrow pencils are not that readily available at Clicks or Dischem stores and the ones that are available are either too dark or have a reddish undertone.  I decided to go to my MAC store and swatch ‘Lingering’ as I had seen a few of my favourite blonde-haired beauty gurus rave about this particular shade and now, after using it for about a month, I see why it is so loved.  The shade is perfect (no green- or red undertones) and the texture is waxy (in a good way because it helps the hairs stay in place).

Favourite because it fills, shapes and defines whilst remaining natural looking.

Another favourite for this month is a MAC lipstick in the colour ‘Fabby’.

It’s a medium pink shade with a pale golden sheen.  It’s kind of a ‘my-lips-but-better-shade’ and definitely work-appropriate.

Favourite because the texture is smooth, the colour pay-off is great and I get about 3 to 4 hours of wear out of this baby.

Next up we have a gorgeous nail polish by Sally Hansen called ‘Pacific Blue’.  Boy, have I been waiting for this pretty to arrive in South Africa…  There has been a lot of  hype around this little polish in the beauty- and nailart world and I totally get why!  It is a vibrant VIBRANT cobalt blue, I have never come across a nail varnish this amazing.  If you would like to see it in action, I’m wearing it in one of my Instagram photos on the left – my heart literally skips a beat when I look at that photo!

Favourite because it is opaque, super creamy, long-lasting and I am still in awe of this colour!

Last favourite for March is my MAC #286 brush.

This is a pricey brush (as all MAC makeup brushes are) but it is definitely one-of-a-kind.  I haven’t seen anything similiar sold by Sigma, Makeup Geek, Coastal Scents or Sedona Lace.  It’s a duo-fibre tapered blending brush made of synthetic bristles.  I personally prefer this brush for either applying under eye concealer or setting under eye concealer with a powder.  It also works as a eye shadow blending brush for sheering out crease colours.

Favourite because the bristles are soft enough for the delicate under eye area and it blends concealer like a professional leaving no brush streaks.

I think I shall limit myself to 4 or 5 favourites per month from now on, this post was waaaay too long!  I’ve also decided to include an ‘unfavourite’ of the month going forward (something I didn’t like or won’t purchase again).




  1. 3 April 2013 / 19:08

    Lovely favorites!Smashbox primers are amazing, I love the hydrating one.


    • 3 April 2013 / 21:48

      I totally agree! They’re pricey but well worth the money! I have the MAC Prep & Prime as well but I find it a bit drying on my skin…

  2. Betsie
    18 April 2013 / 16:23

    Wow I’m loving this new Favourites idea! Looking forward to your next review! Although seeing these nice things is making my shopping list look very expensive… *blush*

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