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As mentioned in my last blog post I received a free little makeup bag filled with Estée Lauder goodies when I purchased their Resilience Lift Firming / Sculpting Eye Creme and an eyeshadow duo palette a couple of weeks ago.

The makeup bag contained 7 sample sized products (although I think these are quite generously sized).  To be honest, I prefer sample / travel sized products.  You will see in upcoming posts, I’ll often buy travel sized products off eBay.  My reasons for this are 1. If I don’t like the product, I don’t feel bad for wasting money on something I’m not going to use again.  2. The product doesn’t last as long as a full-sized product which means I don’t have to wait aaaages to repurchase a new, fresh version of the product.  3. I get to try new products more often.

Ok, first off the makeup bag is super cute, it reminds me of a Tory Burch bag with the little gold emblem on the front (do you see the resemblance?  No?  Ok…).  It’s not a plastic cheap-looking bag either, it’s made of fabric and the size promises to hold a good amount of products for a holiday trip.

I’ll start with the skincare products:

Resilience Lift Firming / Sculpting Face And Neck Creme

I haven’t tried this one yet and will probably only try it in a month’s time.  The consistency of the cream is thick, yet when I swatched it on my hand it was non-greasy.  It promises to help renew your skin’s elasticity and make it appear more radiant.  It contains an SPF 15 which is always good (who wants wrinkly skin covered in age spots?  Not me!).  I’m quite looking forward to using this little pot as the reviews on the Estée Lauder website are all very positive.  It might just feature as a monthly favourite!  The sample size is 15ml (0.5 oz) which is quite generous, I’d say, since it’s the same size as their full-sized eye creams.

Resilience Lift Firming / Sculpting Eye Creme

I have tried this baby, see this post here.  The creamy hydrating, yet lightweight formula of this product is definitely something that will make me repurchase it time and time again.  My under eye concealer also seems to glide on and blend in really nicely when I use this product.  Hubby and I are going on holiday soon and this little baby will definitely be in my travel bag.  The sample size is 5ml (0.17 oz).

Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser

I have tried this and although the tube says it’s for Normal / Combination skin, I actually find it quite moisturising.  The first time I cleansed my face with this, I used way too much.  A pea-sized amount is enough as it lathers into a creamy foam.  I really love this stuff, it removed all my makeup in one go and left my skin feeling soft and supple.  I will definitely be purchasing the full size.  The sample size is 30ml     (1 fl. oz).

Advanced Night Repair Serum

My mom joined me when I went to purchase the Estée Lauder products and when she saw there was a sample of this product in the makeup bag, she got really excited.  She used to use this years ago when Estée Lauder was still affordable (kind of) and said it feels like silk on your skin.  The website says: “This comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum – 30 years of innovation. Inspired by groundbreaking DNA research – brings your skin a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging.  Now a year-long clinical study proves skin gets better and better: women continued to experience a dramatic reduction in the major signs of visible aging, day after day, month after month.”  Now, I haven’t tried this serum yet and as with the face cream I will probably only try it in a month or so.  But I will keep you posted on whether I like it.  The Estée Lauder assistant did mention that this is to be used after you have cleansed your skin but before you apply your moisturiser.  This stuff is expensive though – R 735.00 ($ 84.00) for 50ml (eeeeeek!) and the Advanced Night Repair Concentrate is R 865.00 ($ 95.00) for 30ml (double eeeeeek!).  The sample size is 7ml (0.24  fl. oz).

Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Extreme Black

Let me start by saying:  I’m not crazy about mascaras that contain fibers to create a false-lashes effect.  I find the consistency of these dry and flaky, they are also a pain in the bum to remove.  This mascara does have fibers (apparently 3 different types of fibres) BUT it isn’t flaky, nor drying.  It is actually hydrating and lengthens the lashes without the ‘spider-lashes-look’.  It’s also a breeze to remove, cleanser and water is all you need.  The mascara contains a vitamin complex enriched with Panthenol (Vitamin B5) to condition lashes, as well as the antioxidant Rosemary which helps to protect lashes against environmental damages. It’s fragrance free, ophthalmologist tested, and appropriate for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  The sample size is 2.8ml (0.1 fl. oz).

Now let’s get to the FULL-SIZED products:

Pure Color Shimmer Gloss in Mod Poppy

Mod Poppy is a subtle prune / mauve lipgloss with multi-faceted shimmer particles.  It feels light on the lips (not sticky at all) and is drenched with conditioning ingredients.  The colour looks sophisticated, and the shimmer provides a dimensional look for the lips – definitely a good colour for Autumn & Winter.  It has been awarded the ‘Best Lip Gloss’ in Best of Beauty Awards (2010) and Allure Magazine (2010 & 2012).  The value of this product is R 250.00 ($ 22.50) for 6ml (0.2 fl. oz).

Pure Color Creme Lipstick in Rose Tea

First let me say the photo makes this lipstick appear more red than it actually is.  It’s actually a subdued rose shade with a hint of beige, it can almost aaaaaaalmost be classified as a nude.  The texture is very creamy but the staying power is not great, I had to re-apply after a couple of hours.  I would compare the consistency of this lipstick to a MAC Cremesheen but more opaque.  The value of this product is R 265.00 ($ 25.00) for 3.8g (0.13 oz).

All in all, I’d say this was an awesome bonus gift!


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