Dove Patches – The #BeautyIs Campaign {Part 2}…plus a GIVEAWAY

I personally enjoy Dove videos, they pull at my heart strings every single time – and I’m not even a very emotional person.  When I first watched the Dove Patches video, I knew what was coming but I also respected the fact that there are ladies out there who would want to wear an RB-X patch.  I know we all have different views on what the Dove videos mean and what they portray, but I’m sure we can all agree that the videos are relevant to society.  I know there are a lot of women in the world who are confident and happy with themselves, but remember there are also a lot of women who struggle with many issues in their lives that have an impact on their self-worth (whether it’s abuse, being unhappy with their job, health problems etc).  We all have insecurities, maybe not every day, but we all have our ‘bad days’.

When I first started thinking about what I wanted to do with this campaign, I did a little bit of research online.  I had a look at the comments that were being made on the actual Youtube video itself (which currently has over 20 million views by the way), and I also read the opinions of the ladies who mentioned what #BeautyIs to them on Twitter.  One lady said: Beauty is a favourite lipstick.  Another lady said: Beauty is a happy family.

When I had my meetup last weekend (you can read about it here), I was looking at what some of the ladies were writing about what beauty is to them.  I wanted to correct them, I wanted to explain to them what I thought they should have said and that’s when the very wise words of Elizabeth Arden came to mind:  “To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman.”  Beauty is…

Who am I to tell someone else what beauty should be to them?  That is exactly what makes us all special – our ability to see what others do not necessarily see (whether it is physical beauty or inner beauty).  And in the same breath, it is also not my place to make anyone feel less than beautiful.  I am the type of person who will keep quiet if I don’t like a certain outfit someone is wearing, I just don’t see why I need to tell them I don’t like it?  That person obviously likes what he / she is wearing (why else would they wear it?) and I’m pretty sure I have worn many outfits that did not conform to the idea of what is fashionable to society – and I’m ok with that…  What I am not ok with, is when someone points out negative things when clearly the person who is being ‘insulted’ is enjoying what they are doing / wearing.  To me, we as human beings need to have a mutual respect for one another.

Beauty is your birthright.  To be beautiful you must be who you are, anything less will only undermine your unique style and self-esteem.  We all interpret beauty in various ways – beauty is different things to different people, and yet, it is also different things to the same person.  Yesterday, I felt beautiful because I really like the way I did my makeup.  But the day before, I felt beautiful because I had a conversation with a stranger.  I feel better about myself when I compliment someone (note, though, I don’t compliment people to make myself feel better), what makes me feel happy is being able to put a smile on someone else’s face, or giving something to someone when they least expect it.  As mentioned in my last blog post, don’t let anyone take your sense of self-worth away from you – surround yourself with people who build you up and make you happy!

Beauty is also a journey.  Our self-esteem is instilled in us during our youth and I think we all go through certain things in our lives that can make or break our self-esteem – what we go through at an early age will mold the personality we are blessed with later in life.  I went through a couple of bad experiences when I was quite young, and even though I am proud of who I have become, I am sometimes still haunted by a feeling of being just not good enough.  Research has shown that people with genuine low self-esteem tend to treat themselves badly, not other people and I truly believe this.  I don’t have a good self-esteem (it is a lot better than what it was a couple of years ago) and only the people who are closest to me, know the extent of this.  But I am working on it, and I believe I will one day get to a stage in my life where I am 100% happy with myself.  It’s a hard journey, but it is worth it.

I’m going to leave my blog post there…because who wants to get all deep and emotional before the weekend, right?

As mentioned in my previous blog post, one of the ladies could not make the meetup so today I am giving away TWO Dove hampers – check out what you can win below:

The notebook on the right is a stunning limited edition notebook – I suggest using it as a type of diary, or a ‘little book of mantras’ to empower yourself.  You can even use it to draw doodles when you just need to let your mind go after a particularly stressful day.

I am not going to do a whole Rafflecopter job with this giveaway because all I want to know from you guys is what YOU think (or feel) #BeautyIs.  You will get a max of 2 entries – one entry for leaving a comment below telling me what you think beauty is AND one entry for tweeting or leaving a post on my blog’s Facebook page what beauty is to you – remember to use the #BeautyIs hashtag and tag both myself (@PinkPeoniesBlog) and @DoveSouthAfrica in your tweet / post.

I will pick 2 winners next week Friday (16 May 2014) and will send off your parcels to you the week thereafter.

{UPDATE}  And the winners are…  Hildegarde_K and Farzana!!  Congratulations, girls!  Please send me your physical addresses so that I can arrange delivery.



  1. Dawn Wallenkamp
    9 May 2014 / 13:51

    Beauty is how you look at yourself, not how others may perceive you.

  2. 9 May 2014 / 13:54

    I think beauty is acceptance of yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than someone at peace and comfortable with themselves.

  3. Mareca
    9 May 2014 / 13:55

    Beauty is a beautiful smile and a good posture!

  4. 9 May 2014 / 13:57

    Beauty is being natural always :)#BeautyIs

  5. Jess
    9 May 2014 / 14:03

    Beauty is feeling confident as your are.

    • 9 May 2014 / 14:06

      included my blog

  6. Rayne Alexander
    9 May 2014 / 14:04

    Beauty is what you make it. It is feeling proud of your life achievments, that is beautiful. It is putting on red lipstick and your highest heels. Beauty is being proud of YOURSELF.

  7. kristal
    9 May 2014 / 14:06

    Beauty is from within. Your inner beauty will shine through.

  8. tamren
    9 May 2014 / 14:07

    Beauty is not on the outside its in the inside it doesn’t matter how you look or what you wear its how you present yourself to people and how you respect yourself image and not losing yourself in a dark side of beauty so just be youself God made you as you are today your a image of God him self beauty comes from the inside out!!!

  9. Megs H
    9 May 2014 / 14:09

    I think it’s a person’s heart that makes them beautiful. A nice, compassionate, caring person is beautiful to me, regardless of how he/she looks #BeautyIs I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs!Fingers crossed! xxx

  10. Alicia Buckle
    9 May 2014 / 14:12

    Real beauty to me is being content with who you are, being confident, friendly and kind. Real beauty is more than skin deep, it goes much deeper than that.

  11. Andrea Madikoto
    9 May 2014 / 14:13

    to me #beautyis self acceptance & self confidence, once a person can accept themselves as they are the world will also see that beauty. i am trying delay to accept myself with mt bad eczema, thanks dove for such a beautiful campaign to help woman like myself.

  12. Megan Richards
    9 May 2014 / 14:22

    Beauty radiant’s from within. I believe that loving yourself and being confident is so beautiful. Not forgetting to be kind to others. Beauty comes from within.

  13. Tertia Burns
    9 May 2014 / 14:56

    Beauty is being so comfortable in your own skin that it radiates through when you enter a room!!

  14. yaseera
    9 May 2014 / 15:43

    beauty is being comfortable with yourself in your own skin, comfortable in the way you conduct yourself beauty is being who you are inside out and owning every step you take its confidence and the ability to feel good about yourself

  15. Anita Steenkamp
    9 May 2014 / 15:47

    Beauty to me is what is in your heart and how you treat others, kindness is the best kind of beauty there is! #BeautyIs Tweeting @anitasteenkamp1

  16. 9 May 2014 / 22:21

    If you feel beautiful, you will exude beauty. We are all uniquely beautiful, we just have to love ourselves and respect everybody we meet.

  17. Ilona Fourie
    9 May 2014 / 23:13

    It was so nice and refreshing to read your opinion on what Beauty is and I think your summary is spot on.

  18. jodi
    10 May 2014 / 01:05

    Beauty is… <3 Being at peace with being your beautiful – self; inside & out. Being beautiful is not about transforming who you are to fit societies check list. Instead, its about enhancing & emphasising all the elements that make you – YOU while encouraging & empowering other beauties to see & do the same.

  19. 10 May 2014 / 06:23

    beauty is being confident in your own skin and accepting yourself

  20. 10 May 2014 / 06:26

    beauty is being confident in your own skin and accepting all your flaws and embracing them

  21. 10 May 2014 / 06:27

    beauty comes from within being confident in your own skin

  22. 10 May 2014 / 06:38

    My twitter handle is @candyangel88

  23. 10 May 2014 / 07:55

    Beauty to me is feeling good in my own skin.

  24. 10 May 2014 / 08:15

    I feel #BeautyIs how you portray it to be,every person is unique and beautiful in there own special way,To me personally its not how you look on the outside but what’s on the inside and if you smile when you walk into a room the whole world will smile with you and this will make you feel happy and beautiful,when god created us he made everyone beautiful with one or more attributes that will shine and make them know that they are special,some people find those attributes sooner than others and others need someone to show them the beauty in themselves,words are powerful tools also if you say you beautiful,you believe you are beautiful so say it with me “I AM BEAUTIFUL” 🙂

    Following on twitter @denise_tf and on facebook @Denise Francis

  25. Bongiwe Mavimbela
    10 May 2014 / 08:48

    #BeautyIs acknowledging your impefections but loving them perfectly because we are all not perfect so those imperfections are reminders that we are humans not perfect creations. Tweeted @XhosaCliqs 🙂

  26. Candice terblanche
    10 May 2014 / 10:39

    Being a plus sized girl all my life I’ve learnt that beauty isn’t how u look or how other people see you…beauty is having confidence and feeling good in your own skin and it comes from inside…the way you treat people,your personality that’s what make you beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you differently or allow you to think differently

  27. Ullricke van Zyl
    10 May 2014 / 10:42

    #BeautyIs God’s handwriting and is only skin deep and every person see beauty in a different way, it’s the doorway from your heart and grows within you .To be true to yourself have fun in life and be cheerful and have a charming personality. Beauty is loveliness, joy,happiness,courage, discipline, integrity, sensible,wisdom,softness,power and it’s art that sparkles and shine in your smile. Beauty is youth and to be like a child to appreciate every small thing around that life offers you. Imperfection is beauty.

  28. Gcobisa
    10 May 2014 / 11:06

    #beautyls it is an inner beauty that is being pulled out by an outter beauty, it’s being confident of the person you are, accepting who you are and not wanting more,helding your head up everytime of your day and give your face a pretty smile 🙂

  29. Rentia Smal
    10 May 2014 / 11:37

    #BeautyIs accepting yourself and being the best you can be. We were all born with a purpose. Be your own best friend!

  30. Kelley Petersen
    10 May 2014 / 11:56

    @PinkPeoniesBlog @DoveSouthAfrica #BeautyIs knowing who you are and
    being happy with it! 🙂 <3

  31. Kelley Petersen
    10 May 2014 / 11:57

    @PinkPeoniesBlog @
    DoveSouthAfrica #BeautyIs
    knowing who you are and
    being happy with it! 🙂

  32. Ashleigh Meyers
    10 May 2014 / 15:22

    what YOU think (or feel) #BeautyIs:

    Beauty to me is love for oneself from within, which will reflect on the outside without the help of other things. It’s all you. All from within. Self love is key, radiate on the outside from love expressed within <3

  33. Mishka Maharaj
    10 May 2014 / 15:33

    Beauty is confidence within ourselves. It’s embracing our uniqueness and not looking at our differences as flaws. Beauty is positive energy from the inside that shines through radiantly on the outside- being happy the way you are and letting that attitude influence other individuals too.

  34. Geni
    10 May 2014 / 15:35

    #BeautyIs that look my hubby gives me when we wake in the morning and he say “morning my beautiful wife”

  35. Marlaine Reynders
    10 May 2014 / 15:36

    Accept yourself – you don’t need something or someone to make you feel special and more beautiful. . . Be yourself, remember it is all about you as a person – feel beautiful everyday, confident, happy, enjoy life, smile & laugh always no matter your circumstances!!!! To be thank full because God make you unique and very special women!!! 🙂

  36. benita johnson
    10 May 2014 / 16:07

    The beaty of a woman its not the clothes she wears,the figureshe carries or the outside beaty,cause such beaty is only skin deep. The real beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes cause that is the true doorway to her heart and that is the place where she can be at piece with herself and the world outside.

    10 May 2014 / 18:26

    Beauty is being yourself be a honest fun loving person.Respect each other.But you will also have to look after yourself correct diet and looking after your skin.No money can buy your health and skin if you have neglect it

  38. Elize
    10 May 2014 / 18:55

    Beauty is within every woman 🙂

  39. Monique
    10 May 2014 / 19:14

    #beautyis having a good heart. I truly believe that good, kind, caring people are the most beautiful people, regardless of what they look like on the outside.

  40. Rumbarani Naidoo
    10 May 2014 / 21:25

    @PinkPeoniesBlog @DoveSouthAfrica #BeautyIs the light which shines from within.It comes from knowing who and what I am and being ok with it all.

  41. Justine Burgess
    10 May 2014 / 21:29

    I believe that Beauty definitely comes from within. Sharing a sincere smile with everyone you meet or having a kind word to say to them makes one a beautiful person inside and out and it will show! 🙂 <3 <3

  42. Shenaaz Khan
    10 May 2014 / 21:47

    Beauty to me is being comfortable with your appearance and having a kind heart.Respect the skin you’re in.

  43. Alexa
    11 May 2014 / 00:00

    Beauty is accepting yourself for who you are right now. Not how you were, or how you will be. But loving yourself as an original, individual artwork.

  44. Whitney Knipe
    11 May 2014 / 06:00

    #beautyis that sincere fulfilment within your heart and soul which each and everyone experiences after each and every unique battle

  45. Leandi September
    11 May 2014 / 20:48

    Someone is beautiful if they can accept everyone around them as an equal.Treat others with the same kind of respect and sympaty they expect to be treated with.Beauty comes from within and shines through in your manners.

  46. Joey
    11 May 2014 / 22:24

    Beauty is walking into a room and knowing that EVERYONE in it is beautiful in their own way 🙂

  47. 12 May 2014 / 11:15

    Beauty is something that people think that they can define and so everyone tries to be that warped definition. But that’s not real beauty. I think beauty is a kind heart, sincere motives and being true to yourself.

  48. Sarika
    12 May 2014 / 11:17

    Beauty is not something the eyes can see, but rather something that the heart can feel. It’s the ability to look at imperfections and be proud of them, because those are what makes us unique. We’re all beautiful, we just have to embrace it!

  49. Andrea
    12 May 2014 / 11:40

    Beauty is seeing yourself for who you truly are, and being in love with that self. Beauty on the inside makes the outside glow with a radiance that in itself, beautifies!

  50. Sibahle
    12 May 2014 / 11:40

    #BeautyIs having a radiant personality and a kind soul. It is about being content with your looks. ( Tweeted – @LadyS____ )

  51. Roxanne Chutthergoon
    12 May 2014 / 14:38

    #BeautyIs being comfortable to be who you are without needing the approval of others. It is being comfortable in your own skin. Being able to laugh at yourself, smile, shout, love, go crazy…But most of it all, it is the ability to love and live life to the fullest, enjoying every single moment you have!

    Tweeted @Roxi_23

  52. Brigitta Nel
    12 May 2014 / 15:35

    Beauty is how a child sees life – innocent and uncomplicated

  53. ragmat baron
    13 May 2014 / 11:32

    #Beauty is only skin deep. I think what is important is finding a balance of mind, body & spirit

  54. Eubia Nkoenyane
    13 May 2014 / 20:36

    #BeautyIs acceptance, in every way. A state of mind where YOU personally decide what defines beauty.

    The accepting of ones flaws, turning them into perfections that everyone admires and remembers.

    Beauty is humbleness in every way, being kind, friendly and welcoming to everyone. An uncomplicated logic of viewing life and actually LIVING it to the fullest.

    The biggest form of beauty is in a smile, not just a personal smile, but a smile that carries out and grows on other people.

    Beauty is contagious. When one believes they are beautiful, then that allows them to want to let everyone experience the feeling. Therefore beauty is in a compliment.

    Beauty is ignorance, ignorance to the “society” and their ridiculous takes on what makes one beautiful.

    Beauty comes in all forms! No one is perfect, and that in its own is what makes us all beautiful.


    @Euby_ on twitter
    FB: Euby Nkoenyane

  55. 14 May 2014 / 20:23

    Beauty is…lighting up the whole room when walk in!

  56. Cathy
    15 May 2014 / 23:07

    #BeautyIs confidence and accepting your imperfections

    tweeted @cathybadcar

  57. Dan
    15 May 2014 / 23:20

    knowing & accepting who I am, flaws and all, because I am WORTH it #BeautyIs

  58. Zee Mohlapi
    16 May 2014 / 15:09

    Beauty is everything around you but only if you choose to see it. It really is a state of mind, if you choose to see the beauty in everyone and everything around you, you WILL see the beauty in yourself.

    It has taken me many years to realize this, but I am beautiful because I choose to see the world as beautiful as well.

  59. Rushda
    16 May 2014 / 15:18

    Beauty comes from deep within. Having the strength to dust yourself off after a bad fall, making that mental note that “NOBODY” will have the power to keep you down. And after everything, looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling proud that you made it through another day.

  60. Jennifer sukhdeo
    16 May 2014 / 15:20

    #beauty is natural, no make-up required!

  61. Kate Ferguson (FergliciousKate)
    16 May 2014 / 15:46

    Beauty is knowing that it’s not about perfection. It’s about a giving heart, warm smile and generosity. If you are beautiful on the inside, you will be beautiful on the outside. Beauty is being a great human being because we are lacking in great people who care. Our world is becoming judgmental and harsh

    • Kate Ferguson (FergliciousKate)
      16 May 2014 / 15:48


  62. farzana
    16 May 2014 / 16:07

    Beauty is both on the outside and inside, when you are happy on the inside it will shine through to the outside.

  63. barbara
    16 May 2014 / 17:48

    Beauty is anything you want it to be, physical or emotional. And it’s ok if it is something physical, because we are all different.

    A brand new lipstick is beautiful for me and I feel beautiful when I wear it!

  64. Jenna
    16 May 2014 / 17:50

    #BeautyIs my family, I have a happy healthy family and that makes me so very happy and in turn glowing and beautiful!

  65. Talitha ❤
    16 May 2014 / 17:52

    To me beauty is everything around us, we choose to see beauty. I used to see the negative in the world and people a lot in the past until I had a life experience that changed all that. Now I look at the world through rose tinted glasses. Seeing beauty in the everyday things, that makes me happy.

  66. Em Cameron
    16 May 2014 / 17:53

    Beauty is in all of us, we just have to see it and own it!

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