Where Did I Disappear To?

Where Did I Disappear To

I feel like I owe you an explanation and an apology – it’s not like me to disappear for more than 2 weeks without at least letting my readers know where I am.  A big part of me feels bad for not keeping you up to date with where I’ve been and how I’ve been but in all honesty, the past 2+ weeks have sucked.  BIG time.

I knew I was scheduled for a planned surgery on the 19th of December.  I’m not going to go into too much detail into exactly why I had the surgery because I would like to keep certain aspects of my life private.  The Specialist I went to see at the beginning of December said that I could either have the surgery on the 19th of December or in January 2015.  He said that I would have to sleep over in hospital for 1 night and that recovery would probably be 2 to 3 weeks.  He didn’t go into too much detail on post-op pain and discomfort and I understand why – a lot of people would probably have postponed the surgery indefinitely if they knew everything up front.

I opted for the 19th of December because 1.  I had NEVER been to hospital for an operation (except to have my wisdom teeth removed but one can hardly call that a proper surgery), so being the fool that I am, I was actually looking forward to staying over for a night in hospital.  And 2.  I honestly wanted to get the surgery over and done with as I have been struggling with SEVERE abdominal pain (on an on & off basis) for probably the last 16 years.  Previous doctors diagnosed me with IBS, ovarian cysts, stomach ulcers (this one is true but not related to the surgery) and plain ol’ hypochondria.

I figured since I have a high pain threshold, that I would be up and about within a week post-op.  Stupid me thought I was different to everyone else, I thought I would heal very quick since I’m superhuman.  No idea why I thought I would recover faster than the average human being – I guess it was my way of hoping for the best outcome.

So anyway, fast forward to the 19th of December – I wake up early to arrive at the hospital at 8h00 (my surgery was scheduled for 11h00).  I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything after 22h00 the night before, so you can imagine how much I was craving a cup of coffee.  I remember sitting on my hospital bed BEGGING Neal to go get himself a coffee, so that I could sniff it.  He refused because he knew it would actually make me crave it even more – he’s such a good guy.

So at 10h45 the hospital porter came to wheel my bed into the surgery waiting area – thank goodness Neal & my mom were allowed to wait with me because the surgery ended up only starting at 11h30 as the surgeon was held up in another surgery.  I can’t say I was very nervous leading up to the surgery, which is highly unusual for me as I am normally a very anxious person.  I was trying to stay positive as I didn’t want to go into surgery with negative thoughts running through my head.

Here’s where it gets a bit weird…

The Anaesthetist (an old man, and by old I mean he resembled Dumbledore) came to meet me at about 10h50 and very kindly informed me that my Doctor was still in surgery, so we probably wouldn’t start at 11h00 as planned.  He then said the following to me:  “You know…I’m going to give you the good stuff that Michael Jackson loved so much.  The stuff he took the night he died.”  I remember just looking at this man and saying:  “Cool, thanks…”  I glanced over at both Neal and my mom & both looked a bit taken aback.  Dr. Dumbledore then also went on to tell me that my high cholesterol was actually a good thing – apparently your body needs all the cholesterol it can get.  It only becomes a problem if you’re obese, which I’m not, so he basically told me to stop taking my chronic cholesterol meds (nothing to do with the surgery by the way).  Still trying to stay positive, I just said something like:  “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”  To be honest, I didn’t want to get into a whole debate with him right before I was due to go in for surgery.

The nurses eventually wheeled me in to the operating room and again the Anaesthetist said:  “Ok, so I’m going to give you Michael Jackson’s favourite stuff to go to sleep.”  And I remember wondering why he kept telling me this since clearly it would freak anyone out right before going in to surgery.  I just said:  “Yeah, the stuff that KILLED him!”  I don’t remember anything after that…

The surgery was supposed to last for about 30 minutes but ended up lasting for 3 hours.  There was no way for the surgeon to be prepared for the utter mess going on inside me and the surgery ended up being a lot more complicated than anyone expected, they also ended up removing my Appendix (which was not planned).  Because of this, the Doc said I would need to spend 2 nights in hospital.

Fast forward 3 hours – I wake up in the recovery room with 2 nurses by my side.  I really thought I was in the ninth circle of hell.  It felt like someone had dislocated my shoulder, broken my collarbone, stabbed me in the stomach, punched me in the ribs and to top it all off – I was finding it VERY difficult to breathe.  I was groggy, I couldn’t speak properly and couldn’t tell the nurses exactly what I was feeling…all I can remember is I freaked out and tried to sit up (BAD idea!!) and eventually they gave me morphine & I passed out.  The next few hours after surgery is a total blur for me, in fact, everything until the next morning is a blur.  The only thing I do recall is the pain and discomfort – as mentioned before, I have a relatively high pain threshold but this pain was on a whole other level.

Shoulder and back pain is apparently very common after this type of surgery, it’s called referred pain.  Even with the amount of meds I was on, I couldn’t sleep the first night in hospital – I was super uncomfortable and in a lot of pain.  I was unable to sleep on my side or on my tummy (and the foetal position is my favourite position to sleep in), so I was forced to sleep on my back.  Meh…  Not to mention I was still having trouble breathing, this lasted for a good 7 days post-op.

I hate that this blog post sounds like a total Debbie Downer, but I just want you guys to understand exactly what I was going through and why I went MIA.

Anyway, so I spent 2 nights in hospital and it was not at all what I expected (remember I said I had never been in hospital before and I like to experience new things).  A phyiso also came to see me once a day to help me with my breathing and pain management.  The service (sounds like I was at a restaurant) was pretty good but I was very happy to leave the hospital on the Sunday morning.  Things were difficult when I got home because Neal and I initially didn’t know how to make me comfortable – he eventually created a super comfy area on the couch in front of the TV and that night he also turned our bed into a make-shift hospital bed that was comfy enough to sleep in but also offered support in all the right places.  I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve this man.

I had planned to load at least another 2 blog posts before the end of the year and also planned on filming a Christmas makeup look – all that was RUINED by this stupid surgery.  Even though I knew beforehand that I would be recovering from an operation, I foolishly thought that I would be able to take photos and write a blog post or 2.  I had the best intentions to be active on social media, post photos on Instagram every now & again but in the end I had no energy to do any of this, I was still in a lot of pain and to be honest:  I was depressed.

Christmas turned out being the worst Christmas of my life.  I could hardly spend time with family because I couldn’t sit still for longer than 10 minutes at a time, and also couldn’t walk around for longer than 10 minutes at a time.  Laying in bed (or on the couch) was most comfortable for me because I could breathe easier and the pain was not as intense if I lay down.  Through all the pain, all the discomfort after the surgery I never cried once but on Christmas day I just couldn’t be strong anymore and I just broke down & cried – I cried for most of the day.  As a result of me feeling the way I was feeling (I was a total grumpy grouch for at least a week and a half post surgery), I shut myself off from family, friends and social media & even though I felt like a failure for not recovering as fast as I had hoped, I also just didn’t care about blogging.  I was feeling depressed and despondent.  I was furious with my body for growing these ‘things’ that had to be removed in the first place, and was also angry with my body for not healing fast enough.

I haven’t had the energy to apply makeup or style my hair.  I’ve been doing the absolute minimum when it comes to my beauty routine, but a few products have definitely been my ‘post-op heroes’:

My Post-Op Heroes

♥  Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm – this stuff is amazing to prevent scarring.  I apply it to my scars every day and even Neal is impressed with how well my scars are healing.  I also apply this to any dry areas on my body (heels, elbows and hands) – amazing stuff!  I bought my little tube at Clicks.

♥  Oh So Heavenly Beauty Sleep Wish Upon A Star Soothing Pillow Mist – if you read this blog post, you already know much I love this pillow mist.  Spending your days in bed can lead to the linen smelling a bit iffy (especially in Summer), so I used this to refresh my linen every day (don’t worry, it doesn’t stain the linen).  You can find the Oh So Heavenly range at Clicks.

♥  Vichy Thermal Spa Water – I used this to refresh my skin during the day and it works like a bomb.  It has been hot and humid in our neck of the woods, so misting my face with this has been a life-saver!  Vichy Eau Thermale contains 15 minerals and leaves the skin feeling soothed & refreshed (and is suitable for sensitive skin too!).  Uriage also make a great thermal water, both available at Clicks & Dis-Chem stores.  Vichy products are also available at Red Square, Foschini and Wellness Warehouse.

♥  Batiste Dry Shampoo – I was only allowed to shower 3 days after my operation, and third-day hair means super oily roots for me.  Well…fortunately I had my trusty Batiste dry shampoo on hand, so not only were my roots looking fresh, my hair was smelling pretty darn good too!  Batiste dry shampoos are sold at Clicks.

♥  Blistex DCT Lip Conditioning Treatment – I used this all day, every day.  My lips were super dry after the surgery and this conditioning treatment really hydrated my parched lips.  I also found the fresh minty scent was nice & refreshing.  You can get this little jar at Dis-Chem or Clicks.

♥  Dirty Works 8-in-1 Miracle Cream – I’m not the type of blogger who raves about a product just because other bloggers rave about a product.  In fact, I find it quite exciting when I DON’T enjoy a product while other bloggers have raved about it (it’s kind of like:  “Yeah…I’m not a sheep!”).  This super affordable cream (R 99,95 at Clicks) from Dirty Works have received some rave reviews from a few South African bloggers and with good reason.  After my surgery, my skin care routine was basically non-existent.  I wasn’t interested in applying serums, day creams, night creams, eye serums or eye creams to my skin – I had no energy to do it and frankly, I didn’t care.  I decided to give this cream a run for its money since it can be used as a day- or night cream.  It promises to improve skin firmness, brighten, even out skin tone, hydrate, stimulate collagen production, smoothen skin texture, fill fine lines and reduce wrinkles.  It gives my skin a hit of hydration without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky.  My skin feels smooth (almost like I’ve applied a primer) & healthy and the best part is, I can use it in the morning and at night.

♥  Books – I’m currently reading Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time.

♥  Magazines – my top picks are Fairlady, Glamour, Woolworths Taste Mag, Good Housekeeping, Your Family and Food & Home.

♥  Mentos, M&Ms and lots of water.

Things got easier for me around the 14-day post-op mark when I had my stitches removed.  The pain is a lot better (I only experience pain late afternoon / evening) and the discomfort is better too.  My energy level is still an issue for me – I constantly need to take breaks.  Take a shower.  Take a break.  Walk up the stairs.  Take a break.  Walk around the garden.  Take a break.  Make a sandwich.  Take a break.

My hair is also thinning quite a bit and I have noticed my short term memory has taken a knock but it’s apparently because of the anaesthetics and shouldn’t last too long.  Insomnia is also an issue but I’m trying a few things to see if I can kick it to the curb.

It is now 2 weeks and 5 days post surgery and although I’m still recovering, I feel a heck of a lot better.  My Doc said I’ll only really feel 100% back to normal after about 6 weeks.  I’m feeling more positive these days and will hopefully be back to blogging full-time again next week – I am holding thumbs!  I am also DYING to film a YouTube video but at the moment I look like crap (dark circles and I just look tired) and I don’t have the energy for it yet.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to check in on me via Twitter, Instagram and email, I really appreciate it so much.

And a very special thank you goes out to Neal, my mom and my mom-in-law.  Neal made sure I was always as comfortable as possible, my mom made sure I had a Bubble Tea to cheer me up on the really bad days, and my mom-in-law made sure we had food to eat (as I definitely wasn’t in any state to do food shopping or cooking).

One thing is for sure, I never EVER want to go back to hospital again.  It’s not the hospital so much but rather the whole idea of having a surgery again and dealing with all the pain and discomfort that goes along with it.

So, if I ever have to give birth, I’ll be giving birth in the swimming pool here at home.

…ok, maybe not…  It will have to be one of those inflatable kiddie pools.

Juuuuuuust jokiiiiiing.



  1. Kristi
    7 January 2015 / 14:31

    Luzanne, you really are such a brave, strong, and amazing person! You’re still recovering, but you took the time to do a blog post about your experience, AND about profucts too!

    I’m thinking about you and hoping your recovery goes as planned and I have your care package ready to send!


    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:48

      This comment just TOTALLY made my day…thank you SO SO much, Kristi! I’m so lucky to have readers like you who were constantly checking up on me on Twitter – you really made me feel I mattered (especially during that time when I was feeling super down and despondent).

      Thank you so much for offering to send me a care package, it’s really not necessary, but I appreciate it so much. xoxox

  2. Holly Morello
    7 January 2015 / 14:38

    Goodness, Luzanne. It sounds like a horrific experience! I’m so glad you are feeling a bit better at least, and thank you for taking the time to write this post, it must have been very draining.

    That Doctor Dumbledore (love the name you gave him by the way lol) sounds like a weirdo.

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:45

      It definitely made it into my Top 3 worst experiences of life but everything will be okay in the end, I have a good feeling! 😉

      It was quite draining but I really felt like I needed to let you guys know where I’ve been and why I went MIA.

      Yep, he was definitely a bit…uhm….weird. 😉

  3. Yolandi Wilken
    7 January 2015 / 14:40

    I am so glad you are OK!!!!! I was really starting to get worried about you!!!! I hope you recover 100% very soon, L, and that the surgery was a success.

    You are the best!

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:43

      Everything will be back to normal in no time at all, I’m sure of it! 😀 Thank you for leaving this comment. Yolandi. xo

  4. Isabelle Perkins
    7 January 2015 / 14:42

    Oh my god, I totally LOLLED at your last few sentences!!!

    Good luck with the last recovery stretch, Luzanne. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xxxxxxxxx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:42

      Haha! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, Isabelle – I appreciate it so much. 🙂 xox

  5. 7 January 2015 / 14:45

    OMG Luzanne, it sounds like you went through freaken hell and back! Sorry that you’ve not been 100%, I know what that’s like and the frustration you must be feeling to want to be back to full power, but healing is definitely needed 🙂 Im so glad to hear your back up and about though, was definitely missing your posts!

    Wishing you a super speedy recovery!


    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:42

      That is the absolute worst – I feel like I’m recovering so well (the wounds are looking A LOT better) but when I actually try to do physical things, my energy levels just won’t let me. It’s all good, though, I’m sure I’ll be back to normal soon. Thank you for leaving this sweet comment, I really appreciate it. xox

  6. Naidene Cooper
    7 January 2015 / 14:47

    I hope you feel 100% sooon!! XOXO

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:39

      Thank you, Naidene! xxo

  7. Rozanne
    7 January 2015 / 14:50

    Wow, this sounds so awful. So glad you are on the road to recovery and that you have good people looking after you!

    Sending you lots of strength for the next few weeks!

    You were definitely missed, lots! xx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:39

      I’m so lucky to have friends who constantly check in on me and family who have been taking such good care of me. 🙂

      Thank you for being so sweet and kind, I’m so happy to hear I’ve been missed. xo

  8. Vanessa
    7 January 2015 / 14:50

    Hope you feel yourself soon!!!!! LOVE your post xxx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:38

      Thank you, Vanessa! I’m sure I’ll be back to full capacity very soon! xox

  9. Talitha ❤
    7 January 2015 / 14:51

    You are the absolute best for writing this blog post even though you are not at full capacity yet.

    I hope you are back to your normal self soon, you are in my thoughts. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:37

      Thank you for posting this comment, Talitha – I felt it was about time I sat down to write a blog post just letting you guys know where I’ve been.

      Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts. 🙂 x

  10. Qondiswa N
    7 January 2015 / 14:52

    You are hilaaaaaaarious!!!

    Even though you just went through this traumatic ordeal you still find the humour and strength to joke about things. I wish more people were like you.

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:36

      Bwahaha!! Thanks, Qondiswa – your words just totally brightened up my day!! x

  11. 7 January 2015 / 14:53

    Shjoh mater xxx dit klink absolutely hectic xxx so bly jdoen darm nou okay xxxx sal bid vir speedy recovery xxxx baie baie liefde xxxx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:35

      Dit was ongelooflik hectic!! Ek is net bly dit is nou verby en dat ek hopelik gou weer behoorlik op die been sal wees.

      Ek het jou Christmas Makeup video gelove, jy lyk altyd so mooi!! xoxox

  12. Carmen
    7 January 2015 / 14:59

    I dont even know what to say!!!! I thought my christmas was bad. Im a little more grateful for many things. wishing all the best and hope you feel 100% very soon. Missing your awesome blogs and instagram posts!!!! xo

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:34

      Thank you so much for writing this comment, Carmen – you just brought a smile to my face. 🙂 xox

  13. Elrese
    7 January 2015 / 15:03

    So jammer om te hoor dat jy deur so vreeslike tyd is <3 Ek dink aan jou en hoop jy voel sommer gou gou beter!

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:32

      Baie dankie, Elrese! 🙂 Ek waardeer jou ondersteuning en dat jy omgee. xox

  14. 7 January 2015 / 15:43

    So happy you’re feeling better! That’s is some crazy stuff! I don’t think that dumbledore guy should be workin there, those are not words you want to hear before a surgery…glad you’re healing and doing a lot better, just concentrate on that! Xoxoxo

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:30

      Exactly!! I have no idea why he thought it was appropriate to freak me out like that right before the surgery… 😐

      Thank you for popping by the blog and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it. xxoxx

  15. Bonang M
    7 January 2015 / 15:53

    I have missed your blog posts so much, Lu! Thank goodness you are ok and on the mend, I am keeping you in my prayers.

    Remember to take lots of fluids and rest.

    Lookin fwd to reading all your new blog posts when you feel up to it. XOX

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:26

      Thank you for your sweet words, Bonang. xo I’m drinking loads of water and have recently also started drinking ‘Ensure’ once a day to load up on Vitamins & Minerals and give me a bit of energy.

  16. Simone
    7 January 2015 / 15:59

    So glad to finally hear from you! Was wondering if you died….who would break the news to us! Thankfully you are alive….albeit not so good 🙁

    Sounds like an awful ordeal. Be kind to yourself. …take it one day at a time.

    I am am huge Jodi Picoult fan….. been wanting to get Nineteen Minutes for a while now. Have not seen this one though. … is it good? Will check on Kalahari.

    I’ve also been miserable this festive season….feeling so sorry for myself with how ill I have been, but hopefully as time goes by I will start feeling like my own self again.

    Nice to have you back 😉

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:24

      Thank goodness I didn’t die!! 🙂

      ‘Nineteen Minutes’ was very good, I really enjoyed reading it. I can’t comment on ‘Leaving Time’ yet as I’m just getting into the book now. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve read a little bit more. I LOVE Jodi Picoult, I own every single one of her books – have you read ‘Lone Wolf’? Really enjoyed that one too!!

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so ill, Simone – I hope you will be back to full health again soon! Hopefully the LUSH goodies managed to bring a tiny smile to your face back in December. xox

      • Simone
        8 January 2015 / 11:12

        Lmao….yes thank goodness!!

        Lone wolf…no I haven’t. I was so obsessed at one stage…read about 6 books in a row. The Pact….and another one…the kid in the ice at the end…Oh my soul…broke my heart. I needed a break from the heartache.

        I just finished reading a book called Winter Garden that had me in tears. If ever looking for a new book to read, try it out.

        my kids…I have to hide my Lush stash. My 6yr old had a friend over one day. Apparently they decided to take a bath and she was so upset that she wasn’t able to find my Lush goodies (thank goodness!). My son (3) says: I want to bath in blue water with stars…..so guess what’s his fave? He he.

        Hope today brings you another day closer to healing Luzanne. xxxx

        • Luzanne
          10 January 2015 / 13:37

          Whenever she releases a new book, I immediately buy it and leave the current book I’m reading. I was reading Dante’s Inferno and when I went looking for another book (because I knew I would be bed ridden for a while) at Exclusive Books and saw Jodi’s new one, I bought it and started reading it. 😉 So…I’m pretty much still obsessed!

          I’ll check out Winter Garden next time I’m at Exclusive Books looking for something new – thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

          Bwahahahah!!! Loved reading about your kids and how you have to hide your LUSH stash, Mama turned the kids into little LUSH addicts too? 😀


          • Simone Cameron
            16 January 2015 / 15:06

            My kids were just really upset because I told them the blue water would turn them into Smurfs….lol. So they patiently waited to transform and it never happened….. My daughter keeps questioning me and asks me why I lied. #BadMommyMoment

          • Luzanne
            19 January 2015 / 09:43


  17. daisypersonblog
    7 January 2015 / 16:03

    I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience and that you’re feeling like crap! Hope you recovery goes well! And you’re not really going to stop the cholesterol meds right? You should complain about the anaesthetist, no doctor should be allowed to be so insensitive. Glad you’re doing a bit better xx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:14

      HECK NO! I’m definitely staying on my cholesterol meds, I honestly don’t care what that doc things. He hasn’t even seen my cholesterol test results, so his words were like water running off a duck’s back.

      I’m just glad to be out of hospital and recovering at home. 🙂 Thank you for posting this comment, Janneke. xo

  18. 7 January 2015 / 16:10

    So glad you’re back up and running! Big hugs! xxx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:07

      Thank you so much for being there for me these past few weeks, Ash. Your Whatsapp messages have definitely made this whole experience more bearable. xox

  19. Megs Hartwig
    7 January 2015 / 16:12

    I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery. Much love 🙂 xx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:06

      Thank you so much, Megs – you are so sweet. 🙂 x

  20. 7 January 2015 / 16:18

    There’s nothing nice about hospitals or surgery – hopefully all this discomfort will be worth it in the end though. In the meantime, listen to your body and give yourself the time that you need to rest and recover.

    Happy to hear that you’re starting to feel stronger.

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:05

      You are so right, I have no idea why I was actually looking forward to going to hospital – I’m such a fool!!

      Thank you so much for checking in on the blog and taking the time to leave this comment, Gina – really appreciate it. xox

  21. Nousheen
    7 January 2015 / 16:36

    Wow, that doc sounds like a total freak. I have been so worried about you, I have been checking in on your blog every day since your last post and was starting to think something serious had happened to you, L.

    Simone is right, who would let us know if you died?!!! Not that I even want to think about that.

    Im so happy to see you are blogging again, but take it slow no need to rush into things. As long as we see at least one blog post from you a week, I have missed you so much!!!

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:04

      Yeah, he was a bit of a weirdo to be honest… That is so kind of you, thank you for worrying about me (althought I would never want someone to worry too much about me). 🙂

      I’ll be sure to tell Neal he would have to load a blog post in case anything ever happened to me, but let’s stay positive and hope it will never come to that. xx

      I will see you bright & early next week with a new blog post, for now I’m just taking it easy & trying to rest up. 🙂

      • Simone
        8 January 2015 / 11:14

        Yip….no dying happening here!

        • Luzanne
          10 January 2015 / 13:32

          Thank goodness!! 😉

  22. Veronique
    7 January 2015 / 16:43

    Just know that you were missed, Luzanne. Sounds like you went through a terrible time, but I am so glad you are on the mend. Keep drinking that water and remember an M&M a day keeps the Dr away (especially that Dr Dumbledore, what an insensitive old man).

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 10:01

      Thank you, Veronique… 🙂 This whole experience is right up there with my 3 most horrible experiences of my life, but it’s like they say: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

      LOL! Love your last sentence, so funny!! 😀

  23. Veronique
    7 January 2015 / 16:45

    P.s. Defs getting my grubby hands on the Blistex balm and that Dirty Works Miracle Cream. I already own the Oh So Heavenly mist and Batiste thanks to you. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:58

      Aaaaah, the lip balm is so fresh & minty – I’m sure you will love it! And the Dirty Works cream is a great multi-tasker, I’ve enjoyed using it so much! 🙂

  24. Ronel Marais
    7 January 2015 / 16:53

    SOOOO glad you are okay! Love that you added your post-operation picks and that you can still laugh about some things! 😀

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:57

      Thank you, Ronel – no use in being a TOTAL Debbie Downer… 😉

  25. Clara Dinkelmann
    7 January 2015 / 17:03

    You are so funny, Luzanne, your blog posts are always so entertaining (even one like this one that should be serious and depressing)! So happy to hear from you again and looking forward to reading all your blog posts next week.

    Rest up, we’re all thinking of you. XOX

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:56

      Haha! Thanks, Clara – I try to keep it lighthearted here on the blog, no use in complaining too much about things that I have no control over (and something that will in the end improve my quality of life).

      Can’t wait to be back to full capacity, I’ve missed blogging and YouTube’ing… 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and leaving such a sweet comment. xox

  26. 7 January 2015 / 17:58

    Hi Luzanne,
    Glad you are doing much better. Sounds really scary with all you have been going through.
    Lots of cupcakes and sprinkles your way.

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:54

      Yay! Thank you for sending the virtual cupcakes and sprinkles – definitely brightened up my day! xxo

  27. 7 January 2015 / 18:04

    That sounds awful Luzanne. I am so sorry that the surgery turned out to be more complicated. I hope that after the six weeks you will be fully recovered and not have any more abdominal pain ever again. That’s really sweet of you to be worrying about your readers, and while I like many others have been missing your posts, tweets and instagrams the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself and get better. The blogging can wait, don’t rush it, get plenty of rest and get well soon xxx

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:53

      I’m sure I’ll be back to normal in a couple of weeks’ time – just hoping my energy levels return to normal soon. I was watering the garden yesterday and actually had to sit down while watering the flower beds – haha! I’m sure the neighbours thought I’m such a lazy cow!! 😉

      I’m definitely taking it easy, what you say is 100% true – most important thing right now is to build my strength and take care of myself.

      Thank you so, so much for leaving this comment – you are too kind. 🙂 xox

  28. Em Cameron
    7 January 2015 / 18:36

    Thank God you are ok, was really starting to get worried. So glad you are recovering so well and I pray you will be back to full capacity soon.

    You are one in a million blogger, caring about you readers enough to write a blog post like this one while still recovering. Thank you, Luzanne. xo

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:50

      Thank you for being so kind, Emma. I really felt it was time to sit down and write a post like this one, I was really starting to feel bad for just ‘going missing’ without letting anyone know what had happened. Thank you for posting a comment, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  29. Tiffany
    7 January 2015 / 20:58

    I am so picking up that Miracle Cream, it sounds divine. Really glad you are feeling better and hoping the surgery was a huge success. Good on you for keeping a positive mindset. XoX

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:49

      The Dirty Works Miracle Cream is such great quality for the price! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for me, Tiffany. x

  30. Ursula
    7 January 2015 / 21:00

    Absolutely loved this blog post, Lu!

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I will say a prayer for you tonight. Been missing your blog posts. x

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:48

      Aaaaah, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for being so supportive. xx

  31. Candice
    8 January 2015 / 08:50

    Great to know you doing well now..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:47

      Thanks, Candice. 🙂

  32. 8 January 2015 / 09:25

    Shame hun! I really hope that the rest of the road to recovery is much smoother and that it flies by. Also I hope that this surgery means everything has been sorted and that you are able to live a less painful life going forward.

    Big hugs!!!

    • Luzanne
      8 January 2015 / 09:47

      Thanks, Abby – I’m hoping the surgery was a success too, only time will tell. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to pop onto the blog. xox

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:33

      Thank you so very much, Shaney. 🙂 x

  33. Faatima
    8 January 2015 / 11:17

    Wishing you the best of recoveries. your positivity is amazing!
    you were dearly missed however your health is worth much more to us 🙂

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:32

      Aaaaah…thank you for posting this comment, Faatima. You just brought a huge smile to my face! xo

  34. 8 January 2015 / 11:35

    I’m so sorry to hear how awful things have been for you lately. I can totally u der stand what you’ve been though, I’ve had three surgeries – the last one being the worst – and let me tell you, pain does crazy things to people. The best advice I got from my amazing surgeon, is to really relax. Rest. Recover. Be gentle with and kind to yourself. Don’t put pressure on yourself to heal faster or “do everything”. Even the most minor surgery can have you feeling rotten for a month afterwards, so a complicated 3 hour surgery will mean you need to allowore time for yourself to recuperate. Thinking of you and praying each new day brings small steps of progress. Mwah xx

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:31

      You are so right, Gaelyn – pain does some pretty wild stuff to one’s mental state.

      Thank you so, so much for leaving this comment for me to read – you have definitely helped me to feel more positive about my recovery process. xxoxx

  35. Henriette
    8 January 2015 / 12:44

    So glad to hear you are recovering! I suggest you start planning a special treat for yourself for when you are 100% recovered to make up for the crappy year end. In the meantime put away that computer for as long as you need – now is the time to take care of yourself!!

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:28

      Hahah! I LOVE your idea, Henriette!! Definitely going to book a pedi, massage and facial as soon as I feel up to it! Thank you for checking in on the blog and leaving this sweet comment. x

  36. Neal
    8 January 2015 / 14:28

    I am very proud of you, my Dear.
    You have been very positive through all of this, managing your pain, discomfort and uneventful Christmas(which you love so much) without becoming overly depressed and unhappy.

    Reading these comments puts a smile of my face and I can only imagine what an impact it must have on you, so thank you all for supporting Luzanne and helping her recover through your kind words.

    *kiss* *hug*

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:26

      You have been SO good to me!! Thank you so much, baby. xoxox

  37. 8 January 2015 / 16:08

    Just to help you understand what happened to you after surgery a little better, there is a “crash” that happens after you have general anesthesia. It can cause the type of depressed feelings and “down” that you experienced. I have had a number of surgeries in the last few years and each recovery is different, however I have had some type of emotional crash after each. Sorry to hear there was so much pain and trouble breathing. The other thing I will tell you is that it may take more than 6 weeks for you to feel back to normal physically. Anesthesia really knocks your system for a loop and it took me months after my last one to get back to feeling 100%. Just thought I’d share with you so that you don’t get too down on yourself if you don’t bounce back as quickly. Hoping your recovery goes well…and faster than expected!

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:23

      Thanks for posting this comment, Peggy – it definitely made me feel better about the whole recovery process and my emotional state. I’m so sorry to hear you have had to undergo a number of surgeries in the past years, I hope you have recovered well and that you won’t need to go in again anytime soon.

      I’m keeping an open mind to the fact that it may take me longer to return to a completely 100% normal life within 6 weeks, I am holding thumbs I’ll feel like a spring chicken again soon but I’m not expecting too much from my body. Just taking it one day at a time. 🙂

  38. Melissa
    8 January 2015 / 16:37

    Hello Luzanne

    I was missing your posts! Thanks for giving us an update. I am a doc myself and think my colleagues behaviour is unprofessional and uncalled for. Maybe he was so flustered by your beauty that he pulled out his stupidity hat ;-). Good luck with the recovery process! Thanks for helping our South-African girls to stay as beautiful as always!

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:13

      It’s so nice to hear my posts we missed, thank you for saying that. 🙂

      Bwahahaha! Thank you for being so kind, perhaps he was a bit nervous going in to the operation – he probably had his own personal reasons for acting the way he did, so I can’t be too hard on him. 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, Melissa, I really appreciate it so much.

  39. adajeannie
    8 January 2015 / 18:37

    So sorry you had to go through this Luzanne! Strongs!!!

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:11

      Thank you, Ada! xox

  40. Ingrid
    8 January 2015 / 19:31

    Eeek! I haven’t had ANY surgery and was hoping to permanently keep it that way. Well, ok at least till I was 50 and one of the reasons I’ve been avoiding the dentist for the last coupla years. One thing I hope I’ll be able to do before I do go under is chat to my anaesthetist and change if I get a weird vibe, such a shame that you got stuck with Dumbledore. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and you realise that you had post op blues. No apologies should be needed if you had unplugged for 2 weeks to spend time with what sounds like a loving and supportive family and definitely not for recovery from surgery especially when it was 6x what you were prepared for. Take it easy, try not to expect too much from your body too soon and holding thumbs you feel better and stronger every day.

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:10

      I also don’t like going to the dentist but I try to go at least twice a year because I know the damage will be sooo much worse if I just leave my teeth without going to the dentist. I have the worst teeth – I can just look at a sweet and I’ll get a cavity or I can just look at a toffee and one of my fillings will fall out! Can’t stand injections but if I just left my teeth without going to the dentist, I know I’d have a lot bigger problems to deal with than just a cavity or 2 each time. 🙂

      I’m pretty sure my Anaesthetist was just that one in a million that is insensitive and a bit of a weirdo. It was just my luck that I ended up with Dumbledore – stuff like that ALWAYS happens to me haha! 😉

      Thank you for your comment, Ingrid, you made me feel a whole lot better about the whole recovery situation. 🙂 xo

      • Ingrid
        18 February 2015 / 17:21

        PS Thanks to my conscience and you I actually made it to the dentist the other day. This one actually says it’s not as bad as the other scare mongering dentist said. But yeah I was rewarded with a filling for my avoidance. Anyhoo just wanted to say thanks.

  41. Tana Goosen
    9 January 2015 / 10:07

    Bringing bubble tea was only a pleasure and done with lots of love. Felt quite helpless seeing you in such pain and I know you can handle a lot. But now things can only get better!

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:05

      Thank you for all your wonderful support, Mom! xoxox

  42. 9 January 2015 / 10:14

    I am so very sorry to here about the struggles you have been through 🙁 I can’ even imagine how awfulit must have been for you and your family, seeing you in so much pain. I hope you have a full recovery very soon and feel back to your old self. Sending you lots of Big (gentle) Healing Hugs XXX

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:05

      Thank you, Charlene – and thank you for checking in on me via Twitter as well. I really appreciate it. 🙂 xox

  43. Danielle
    9 January 2015 / 12:59

    Dit was ongelooflik sad om dit te lees, Luzanne. Dit klink hectic, ek is net bly dat jy nou beter is en dat daardie deel van jou lewe nou verby is. Ek het ‘n similar experience toe ek kaak operasie gehad het, hulle moet albei extend het, en ek kon vir ‘n maand niks eet nie, moes net goed drink wat soos baba kos gelyk en geproe het, maar in die einde het alles goed uitgewerk. Operasies is goed, dit help en ons kan albei se ons is deur dit. 🙂 xxx

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:03

      Dit klink asof jou experience horrible was!! Ek weet nie hoe ek vir ‘n maand net pureed kos sal kan eet nie, sjoe… Ek is baie bly dat alles vir jou uitgewerk het, though, ek is seker ek sal binne ‘n paar weke weer spring lewendig & gesond wees! 🙂 xo

      • Danielle
        11 January 2015 / 12:23

        Dit was verby horrible, maar dis verby en ek voel amazing. Hahaha daai pureed kos is aaklig, die dae van baba wees op ‘n adult age. 😛

        • Luzanne
          13 January 2015 / 15:31

          Presies, dis soos hulle sê: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” 🙂 x

  44. Kaye-Leigh
    9 January 2015 / 14:12

    Thank you for giving us such an honest post about your whole ordeal.
    Here’s to wishing you a healthy recovery, you have the time, so make the most of it!
    P.S. So nice to see Neal had his little comment on here too 🙂

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2015 / 13:01

      It was my pleasure, Kaye-Leigh, and thank you for taking the time to read this post and leave a comment. 🙂

      Neal is always so supportive & such a good guy. x

  45. Sibahle
    11 January 2015 / 06:06

    I’m so sorry you had to go through so much pain. Thank you for letting us know about your experience. It is so nice to hear about how supportive your family has been, they are truly amazing. May you heal soon Luzanne.

    • Luzanne
      13 January 2015 / 15:32

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post and leave a comment for me, Sibahle. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  46. Lalannie
    12 January 2015 / 14:33

    Hey Luzanne, only just reading this. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
    On a side note, you write beautifully… so descriptive, i can almost imagine the pain. I recently also had a surgery so i can understand your pain. You are lucky to have a great husband to support you. And he is too cute with his comment on this post too.
    Wishing you the best year yet and looking forward to all you have in store for us readers this view.

    xx Lalannie

    • Luzanne
      13 January 2015 / 15:13

      Thank you so much for this sweet comment, Lalannie. 🙂

      He’s definitely a keeper, that’s for sure!

      Thank you for being such a loyal reader here on the blog, I hope 2015 is a happy & healthy one for you! xox

  47. Marisha Naidoo
    13 January 2015 / 14:36

    I hope your recovery is going well, Luzanne, I am so sorry to hear about this whole ordeal. I am keeping you in my thoughts. XO

    • Luzanne
      13 January 2015 / 15:06

      That is so kind of you – thank you so much, Marisha. 🙂

  48. Charlene
    15 January 2015 / 09:46

    Good luck with your recovery. Soon it will be something of the past. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    Relax and soak up the sun 🙂

    • Luzanne
      19 January 2015 / 10:01

      Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, Charlene. 🙂

  49. 17 January 2015 / 19:04

    LOVE the book! I hope you have tickets to meet Jodi next week 🙂

    • Luzanne
      19 January 2015 / 09:35

      No, I don’t…so sad! 🙁

  50. 4 March 2015 / 11:43

    OMW! Not sure why I only saw this post now!! Babes, I share so many of these emotions. So glad you are better. I hope you are! Dink aan jou! xxx

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