Day To Night Makeup Look With Red Square + GIVEAWAY

Red Square ItsAWrap Giveaway

Happy Monday, everyone!  I have had a lot of requests for a ‘day to night’ makeup look in the past, and I figured what better way to show you than to use just 1 eyeshadow palette.  I’ve partnered up with Red Square again, and this time I’m showing you how I transition my daytime makeup to a glam evening makeup look.  It’s super quick & easy, promise!

Before we get to the products I used to achieve the 2 makeup looks you see below, let me ask you this: Did you know Red Square offers a complimentary gift wrapping service (both online and in-store)?  Yep, I’m sure this is a lifesaver for most men and last-minute shoppers out there.

Red Square offered to send me makeup, fragrance or skincare products to the value of R 1750,00.  Being the makeup-loving beauty girl that I am, I chose 3 makeup products (all of which I have coveted for quite some time).  I had so much fun browsing their online store, I probably had 10 different internet tabs open because I just couldn’t pick favourites.  I eventually settled on an eyeshadow palette, an eyeshadow primer (I’ve officially hit bottom on my MAC Painterly Paint Pot) and the most beautiful bronzer in the history of the world!

There are so many Christmas gifts available at Red Square – may I suggest the ‘Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum’ mentioned in this blog post, or ‘YSL Kouros Silver Eau de Toilette’ mentioned in this blog post, or perhaps the ‘Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector’ mentioned in this blog post?

I’ve already added the Benefit Party Poppers Set to my Christmas Wish List (I’ll have to direct Neal to this blog post) – it’s almost like an advent calendar that contains 12 days’ worth of mini and full sized products.

I’m all for stressless shopping – so I’d personally much rather place an online order, but remember to order all your Christmas prezzies before 12pm on Sunday, 19 December, to ensure Santa delivers those gifts on time!

Let’s take a look at the 3 products I ordered, and then we’ll move on to the makeup looks.  I’ll also give you a couple of tips & tricks on how to take your daytime makeup look

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact  – This limited edition bronzer is exactly what your skin needs this Summer.  It contains 4 universal satin-finish shades to warm up pale, light, tanned and even medium skin tones in a very natural way.  It’s not too warm-toned, blends like a dream and contains ingredients that will help keep the skin moisturised and supple, as well as optically minimise lines and imperfections for a luminous, radiant complexion.  For pale and light skin tones, sweep your bronzer brush over all 4 shades concentrating on the top two.  For tanned and medium skin tones, sweep your brush over all 4 shades concentrating on the bottom two.  Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact retails for R 550,00 and will be available for a limited time only.

Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer – I am the biggest fan of the Smashbox face primers, my ultimate favourite has to be their Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer (reviewed here).  If you work long hours, in an environment where it’s hot & humid, or you just want your eye makeup to stay put with no creasing, then this eyeshadow primer is right up your street!  This fragrance-free primer doesn’t feel like your normal gel-like primers, this one’s texture is more like a thick, waxy balm.  Don’t worry, it begins to warm up once you work it between your fingers (I use my ring fingers) and starts to soften, making it easy to apply to the eyelids.  The primer goes on super smooth, but the texture remains a bit waxy until it has had a minute to dry (this is very important, even the packaging says to let it set for 60 seconds).  If you apply your eyeshadow before the primer has set, you will have a difficult time blending it out.  It amplifies the vibrancy of your shadows, and prevents creasing and fading (even on my rather oily eyelids).  I must admit I haven’t tested the bold claim of 24-hour wear, because well… I can’t sleep with makeup on (it’s a big no-no for me).  I am happy to report this primer takes its job very seriously:  It locks your shadow down, even under extreme conditions like humidity and perspiration.  Don’t forget: Smashbox is a cruelty-free brand.  The Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer retails for R 290,00.

Smashbox Double Exposure

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette – This eyeshadow palette contains 7 shimmers, 4 satins and 3 matte shades ranging from beautiful neutrals to bold pops of colour.  Here’s the kicker: Each eyeshadow can be used wet or dry, without running the risk of the eyeshadows hardening or glazing over.  It features ‘coated’ pigments to create multiple effects when used wet or dry, some become more metallic, others become deeper in tone and the rest become more vibrant.  The palette also comes with a handy dual-ended brush, plus a #SHAPEMATTERS how-to insert that features various eye makeup looks for different eye shapes.  There is very little fallout (if any) from the pigmented shades, and I found them very easy to blend.  The Double Exposure Palette retails for R 995,00 – it’s currently out of stock in the Red Square store, but will hopefully be back in stock soon!

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

For ease of reference, I’ve indicated the names of shades that I used for both eye makeup looks in the above photo.


Daytime Makeup Look Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

I applied my primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder as per normal and then went in with a angled blush brush to apply a subtle layer of the Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzer.  When you are doing a minimal eye makeup look, it’s always better to use a light hand on the bronzer & blush as well to even everything out.  I then added a peachy-toned blush to my cheeks, and a golden highlighter to the high points of my face (upper cheek bones, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow).  I filled in my brows, and then started with the eye makeup.

I applied a thin layer of the Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer to my eyelids, crease and brow bone, I let it set for 1 minute.  The following eyeshadow shades I mention are all from the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette – I applied ‘Veiled’ (a satin vanilla cream shade) to the crease to help the rest of the eyeshadows blend a bit easier.  I always set my eye primers with a flesh-toned powder, it creates a smooth canvas for the eyeshadows you place on top to blend out easier.  Using a fluffy brush (similar to the MAC 217 or CALA Blending Brush) I then blended a tiny amount of ‘Espresso’ (a matte medium brown shade) into the crease for added definition.  The ‘Espresso’ shade is very pigmented, so use a light hand.  Next up is my favourite part: I wet my eyeshadow brush (i.e. CALA Shading Brush or Essence Flat Eyeshadow Brush) using my makeup setting spray and applied ‘Quartz’ (the most beautiful rosy peach shade with a gold sheen) to the entire eyelid.  When you apply ‘Quartz’ wet, it transforms into a vibrant metallic shadow that changes from peach to gold in different lighting.  I then added a bit more of ‘Espresso’ to the outer crease and outer lid area because I felt it needed a bit more definition.  For the bottom lash line I kept it simple, I only applied ‘Quartz’ (also wet) to the entire lower lash line.  To highlight the inner corner of the eye, I used ‘Blanc’ (an intense shimmery silver shade) and to define the upper lash line I applied mixture of ‘Espresso’ and ‘Noir’ (a matte black) using an angled brush like the CALA Brow / Liner Brush or Sigma Small Angle E65 Brush.  Add a coat or two of your favourite mascara, and you’re done!

Top Tip: You can also use eye drops or normal water to wet your eyeshadow brush, but I find using a makeup setting spray just helps your eye makeup last a bit longer.

Here’s a scenario: You’re at work, it’s 16:55 and you’ve had a long, and rather stressful day.  While you’re fantasising about a pair of sweatpants and a glass of wine at home, your best friend calls and asks you to meet her for drinks at 18h00.  You haven’t seen her in a while, and her birthday is coming up this weekend so you don’t want to be the jerk that said: “No, thanks.”  It takes you 20 minutes to get home, and from home another 25 minutes to get to the cocktail lounge.  That means you only have 15 minutes to go from a no-makeup makeup look to full glam evening makeup look.

It’s definitely doable!  We have all had to get ready in a hot second when our makeup is at least 8 hours old, here’s how I do it:


Nighttime Makeup Look Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

The first step in going from a day- to night makeup is to use blotting papers to remove any oils that may have built up over the day.  Do not apply your face powder on top of an oily face, because it will most definitely cake up.  Pay special attention to your T-zone, and remember to use patting motions when using blotting papers (not wiping motions).  You can touch up your concealer where you need it, and then set your T-zone and the areas where you applied your concealer with a setting powder.  I applied a bit more bronzer to the perimeters of my face, focusing on the cheeks – this will help to balance out the smoky eye we’re about to create.

When you’re in a rush to dash out the door, you don’t have time to redo your entire eye makeup look.  Here’s what I did: I decided to go for a sultry nighttime look, and used most of the shades I used for the daytime look above but switched out one of the shades.  When you keep the makeup look within the same colour scheme, you’ll find it’s so much easier to transition the look from day to night.

To start off my smoky eye, I blended a bit more of ‘Espresso’ into the crease.  I then flipped the eyeshadow brush I used to apply ‘Quartz’ over, and used that side to apply ‘Copper’ (a gorgeous bronze shade with a burgundy undertone) to the entire lid area.  I applied ‘Copper’ wet to transform it into a metallic eyeshadow.  Applying this bronze shade on top of the peachy-gold, gave it a more rusty copper hue (I love it!).  I touched up the inner corner with that same ‘Blanc’ shade, and then applied ‘Copper’ to the lower lash line as well.  I blended the ‘Copper’ shade in towards the inner part of the eye, to fade in to the existing peachy-gold that was already there to give a bit of dimension to the look.  I like to think my wrinkly eyelids also give dimension to the look – haha!  I intensified the upper lash line with the ‘Noir’ shadow (I applied it wet), so it acted as an eyeliner.  I avoided adding more mascara, since adding new mascara on top of old usually results in clumping.  Adding falsies completed the whole look, I’m definitely not a pro when it comes to applying false lashes but just look at the difference it made.  Use a tweezer to place the centre of the false lash band down on the centre of lash line, and then press down the inner and outer section of the falsies (it takes a bit of practice, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it in under a minute).

If there is anything you see in this blog post, that you would like more info on i.e. what lipstick or lipgloss I’m wearing, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.  I didn’t want to include a list of the other face products I used, because this blog post would have been very long.

I apologise for the difference in lighting in the daytime and nighttime makeup look photos, I took the photos at different times of the day (which made my skin tone look a bit different as well).  It happens when you’re working with natural light for your photos, and I didn’t want to edit the heck out of my photos just to have the skin tones look the same.

Now for the exciting part!  I have a R 1000,00 Red Square gift card to give away to 1 lucky Pink Peonies blog reader.  If you would like to stand a chance of winning a gift card that you can use for ANYTHING at a Red Square store (not online), enter the giveaway below.  To enter, all you have to do is complete your chosen entries via the Rafflecopter widget below.  Simple and easy!  If you are not sure how to use the widget below, take a look at this blog post (I cover a ‘How To’ towards the end of the post).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: I’ve added another Twitter entry to the giveaway (usually I only have one tweet option) because I’ve noticed not everyone uses to Twitter button in the Rafflecopter widget to tweet the generic giveaway message that includes a link to the blog post.  So I’ve added another option for you to RETWEET my giveaway tweet (the one with the photo).  See below:

Red Square Beauty Giveaway Tweet

This giveaway is open to South African residents only.

The giveaway will run until 11:59pm on Thursday, 17th December 2015, with 1 winner being selected at random shortly afterwards.  I always announce the winners of my giveaways on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow me on both social media platforms.

Huge thank you to Red Square for sponsoring this amazing Christmas #ItsaWrap giveaway.



  1. Kristi
    14 December 2015 / 11:45

    I would definitely add the ‘My Burberry’ fragrance to my list – the scent is one of the most beautiful I have ever smelt!

  2. 14 December 2015 / 11:47

    Not so much beauty – but I’ll be stocking up on my usual Chanel Allure Sport 😀

  3. Nicole
    14 December 2015 / 11:49

    Since I’ve recently won, it wouldn’t be fair to enter. But, just popping in to say you look stunning!

    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 14:50

      Thank you, Nicole! 🙂 xo

  4. Ronnae Elliott
    14 December 2015 / 11:49

    Catrice all matt plus shine control
    Bvlgari omnia crystalline eau de toilette spray

  5. Hlelileb
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  7. Linds
    14 December 2015 / 11:55

    What an amazing gift. I would love to try anything from the Benefit range as I have never used their products. The Party PoppersSet looks like so much fun as well as the Pucker up and Party Set. The Estee Lauder night repair serum has also been on my wishlist for quite a while. I am holding thumbs…. 🙂 Btw – I love the lip color you used for your day time look Luzanne. What exactly did you use? Linds

    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 14:57

      For the daytime lips, I only applied a light pink (almost clear) shimmery gloss. The one I used is from Nimue, it’s called their ‘Treatment Lip Gloss’ (it’s a freebie I received a while ago). But something similar would be the Essence Glossy Lipbalms (the small tubes). I like the Nimue one because you can’t really feel the shimmer on the lips. Something that contains shimmer to reflect light off your lips makes them stand out & look a bit bigger. 🙂

      • Linds
        14 December 2015 / 16:06

        Great, thanks Luzanne. Will try the Essence balms 🙂

  8. Yonel
    14 December 2015 / 11:56

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  11. Charis
    14 December 2015 / 11:58

    Gorgeous! What is the lipstick shade in evening mode?

    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:00

      Thank you, Charis – I lined my lips with MAC Soar lipliner and then applied the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in the shade ‘Dreamy’ on top. I must admit, though, I’m not the biggest fan of the L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks because they don’t completely dry down. They’re very matte, but still feel sticky on the lips (sounds weird, I know). I wish we had more liquid lipstick brands available in South Africa. 🙁

  12. Angelique Greyling
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    14 December 2015 / 12:02

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    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:00

      Thank you, Kels! xoxoxo

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    Been wanting this fragrance ever since it launched but could never own it!

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    Thanks to the awesome online sale the last few days I got some benefit goodies last week and then today I got another voucher to use online, so I got some smashbox primer and some lipglosses! WHOOP! I’d probably say the eyeshadow palette you’re using here would be on my wishlist 🙂

    What’s on your lips for the daytime look? I haven’t read the make up application section yet though as I have a deadline, so just read everything except the actual make up application. Will go over that (I LOVE THESE KIND OF POSTS) when I have some more time.

    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:03

      I have the Nimue Treatment Lip Gloss on my lips – it’s a light pink (almost clear) gloss packed with shimmer. You can most definitely get dupes for it from Essence or Catrice, I just like this one because you can’t really feel the shimmers on the lips. 🙂

      • Simone Cameron
        15 December 2015 / 10:53

        I was waiting to see which magical mascara you used for the night time look and then I read they were falsies. lol. I was like: GOT TO HAVE THAT MASCARA!

        Really stunning. Thanks for trying to make it so easy for us. It must have taken FOREVER to write it down in such detail and even to label the colours you used 🙂

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    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:03

      Thanks, Simone! x

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    14 December 2015 / 13:26

    You look absolutely stunning in both. What lip colour is used in your evening look?

    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:07

      Thank you for your kind words, Melissa. 🙂 For the evening look, I lined my lips with MAC Soar Lip Pencil and then applied the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in shade ‘Dreamy’ on top. Not the biggest fan of the L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks though, because they don’t dry down completely & still feel a bit sticky after a few hours (even though it looks matte). Wish we had Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks available here in South Africa. 😉

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    14 December 2015 / 14:34

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    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:11

      Baie dankie, Euneen. 🙂 Ek het my lippe met MAC Soar lip potlood omlyn, en het daarna die L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in die kleur ‘Dreamy’ oor die hele lip area gesit. Ek is nie mal oor die L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks nie, want hulle voel nogals taaierig op die lippe (selfs na ‘n paar uur wat mens dit aanhet).

  65. nasheta
    14 December 2015 / 14:39

    I absolutely adore what you did with your eyes for the night time look! Which lipstick did you use there?

    • Luzanne
      14 December 2015 / 15:12

      Thank you, Nasheta. 🙂 I lined my lips with MAC Soar Lip Pencil, and then applied the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in ‘Dreamy’ on top. I love how matte the L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks are, but they don’t dry down 100% so they remain a bit sticky on the lips (even though they look matte).

      • nasheta
        15 December 2015 / 10:27

        Thanks for the response xx

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    Hi gorgeous Lu!

    Stunning post, I love it. Questions:
    Which falsies are you wearing? I quite enjoy the Eyelure ones and there’s a starter kit that comes with a funny fat plastic device that helps to apply
    Which liner are you wearing? I really battling to find a liquid liner that doesn’t go weird on top of eye-shadow. My Catrice one seems to do the trick but I would love to know a better option.
    which lipstick, liner and gloss are you wearing?

    Big ♡s Cammy xxx

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    14 December 2015 / 15:01

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    The thing that has been on my wishlist since the beginning of time is Dior Hypnotic Poison, but since that isn’t available on RedSquare online, it’ll have to be the 2nd thing on my list – Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme EDP 🙂

  72. Tiana
    14 December 2015 / 15:54

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  74. 14 December 2015 / 16:22

    I’m not fussy, I just want everything from Benefit.

  75. Inge
    14 December 2015 / 17:11

    Thanks for another great blog post – you look gorgeous! – and another great giveaway. I’d love to get a high-end foundation (I finished my MAC a while ago and I’m currently finishing up all the drug store foundations in makeup stash!) and, since I’ve never tried Benefit products before but really want to, I would love to add something from the range as well! 🙂

  76. Liezl
    14 December 2015 / 17:14

    Wishlist…1) Hypnose doll eyes mascara, 2) Benefit girl meets pearl, 3) Clarins
    Hydra-Quench Bi Serum

  77. rehana seedat
    14 December 2015 / 17:20

    I would love the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, and a Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser for summer skin. Tweeted @rehanaseedat

  78. amanda
    14 December 2015 / 17:24

    I have added catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in rose and woody and Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick in better make a mauve to my christmas wishlist

  79. kgomotso
    14 December 2015 / 17:45

    My wish list:
    If Red Square is Mother Xmas then I’m listing my splurge dream items:
    1. Bobby brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base which is a great primer and moisturiser in one retailing for R750+
    2. Issey Mike Eat De Toilette Spray retailing for around R1100 – the fresh floral scent is amazing and light so it’s perfect for summer

  80. Sonja McKaiser
    14 December 2015 / 17:47

    Issey Miyake Eau de Parfum Refillable Spray 🙂

  81. Samantha Muller
    14 December 2015 / 17:57

    I’ve been looking for a good bronzer and this one looks amazing! On my Red Square wish list is the Smashbox gel eyeliner pots and a whole range of the Benefit products 🙂

  82. Rebecca Jasper
    14 December 2015 / 17:57

    I’d love to win!

  83. Lizelle
    14 December 2015 / 18:46

    Great prize! I have my eye on the Estee Lauder Night repair!

  84. Sara
    14 December 2015 / 18:54

    I would love any Benefit products! The roller lash mascara and gimme brow are on my wish list!

  85. 14 December 2015 / 19:07

    I am definitely eyeing the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, Tom Ford’s perfume Velvet Orchid or a couple of Benefit’s box blushes!

  86. 14 December 2015 / 19:10

    If I am lucky enough to win then I will definitely purchase the, Get Your Party On set by Benefit (R585.00) as well as the Estee Lauder Clear Difference Targeted Blemish Treatment (R350.00) because you can’t cover your skin with makeup and not have excellent skin care products to revive and rejuvenate your skin after layering on makeup during the day. Finally, I would purchase the Catrice Camouflage Cream (52.95) to cover up any blemishes on my skin.
    Thank you Luzanne and Red Square for this amazing opportunity to enter this giveaway, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

  87. Amy
    14 December 2015 / 19:10

    Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂 have a lovely holiday!

  88. Jess
    14 December 2015 / 19:27

    The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream Dynamic Hydration for sure!

  89. Jackie Heijmans
    14 December 2015 / 19:33

    You look great in both looks Luzanne. Thank you for the beautiful and detailed update, really loving your posts and check them daily haha. AND thank you once again for the heads up about Aramex Global Shopper, I really am happy with their service.By the way, my Makeup Geek products will be here soon and I am still loving my ColourPop goodies. :)))))

  90. Susan Aling
    14 December 2015 / 19:38

    Love the evening look, you look stunning. I’ve added the benefit hoola bronzer to my wishlist list… or anything from benefit really (:

  91. Jeanine
    14 December 2015 / 19:54

    Wow this is awesome. I love both looks so easy will definitely try these tips next time I want to change my makeup a bit at night. I`m always on the Redsquare website browsing.
    My Redsquare wish list is:
    1.Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
    2.Benefit b.right! Radiant Skincare range
    3.any Smashbox makeup items
    I`m holding thumbs.

  92. Jacqui Teixeira
    14 December 2015 / 22:18

    Looks awesome!

  93. Kelly
    14 December 2015 / 23:03

    This is such an awesome post! Simply love both looks!! I have also been eyeing the smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer at Red Square. Its on my wishlist!

  94. Susann
    15 December 2015 / 06:33

    Benefit Get Your Party On Set
    SMASHBOX Full Exposure Palette
    SMASHBOX Limitless Liquid Liner Pen

  95. 15 December 2015 / 08:06

    Would you believe that I finished my very last drop of perfume last week?! Sad. So my number 1 wish list item is definitely the Red Square Ladies Sampler Box 🙂

  96. Missy
    15 December 2015 / 08:12

    That eyeshadow palette mmmmmmmh

  97. Carla
    15 December 2015 / 09:20

    Elizabeth Arden Holiday blockbuster <3

  98. Anderine Ferreira
    15 December 2015 / 09:46

    The smashbox contour kit and benefit porefessional is on my wishlist 🙂 amazing giveaway

  99. ann
    15 December 2015 / 10:07

    Lovely tutorial. I would love anything from Stila, Smashbox or Benefit, a little Christmas treat from me, to me!

  100. Niela Horn
    15 December 2015 / 10:29

    The smashbox palette looks so amazing it’s on my Christmas wishlist now 😀 So excited about the giveaway too

  101. Andrea Liss
    15 December 2015 / 10:53

    The Benefit range is on my top TOP wishlist!

  102. Stephanie Plandt
    15 December 2015 / 11:42

    I love the Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette, your eyes look stunning!!

  103. Ibtisaam
    15 December 2015 / 12:42

    Would have to choose the Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau de Parfum Spray. Such an amazingly intriguing summer fragrance of which I ran out of. A christmas must have. #ChristmasWishlist

  104. Elizabeth
    15 December 2015 / 13:05

    The smashbox full exposure eyeshadow palette and many many things from Benefit 🙂

  105. Leana Henderson
    15 December 2015 / 13:07

    I would Loovve to Get the Benefit Get Your Party on Set!!! A girls best wish for Christmas:)!!!!

  106. ayesha
    15 December 2015 / 13:26

    I love that you can use these shadows wet. I’d love to get my paws on that palette

  107. Kelly Ann Mawa
    15 December 2015 / 14:08

    The smash box palette is to die for! I hope I win the voucher so I can purchase it, I love the shades so much, and the fact that you can use it wet or dry is an added bonus!

  108. 15 December 2015 / 14:19

    Stunning makeup for both morning and night times that I will try. I think I might go buy the Smashbox palette!!

  109. Esme L
    15 December 2015 / 14:32

    On my wishlist is the My Burberry fragrance for sure! 😀

  110. Roxanne Chutthergoon
    15 December 2015 / 15:46

    Lady Emblem Eau de Parfum – Mont Blanc

  111. Tendani
    15 December 2015 / 15:46

    love the night look, would love to win the voucher.

  112. Natalie
    15 December 2015 / 16:00

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray and Sampar First Hand Cream would be on my wishlist.

  113. 15 December 2015 / 16:57

    Party poppers was high on my list, until I saw the beauty of that Clarins bronzer. So now I think that is at the top of my list!

  114. Vivella
    15 December 2015 / 17:27

    The night time smokey eye looks amazing- those colours on your eyelids is gorgeous! This is a lovely giveaway, I would love to get something from Estee Lauder, Benefit or Smashbox. My wish list is perpetual and never ending!

  115. Pravina W
    15 December 2015 / 18:30

    Benefit Posie Tint

  116. Jana
    15 December 2015 / 19:01

    Love the night time look! I think Boobi Brown products are on top of my wishlist! Thanks Luzanne!

  117. Cosima
    15 December 2015 / 19:37

    I was recently new to makeup but after reading your blogposts I feel very confident and have a good idea about what to try out and some makeup ideas. Thank you so much !! I would definitely buy some essentials to spice up my new makeup collection ♥

  118. Charlene Smith
    15 December 2015 / 20:32

    Bobbi Brown touch up face palette and one of their lipsticks.
    Smash box full exposure palette
    Smash box or Bobbi Brown makeup brushes

  119. Elle H
    15 December 2015 / 22:18

    So many awesome products! A few items I’d like to add to my growing make-up collection:
    1. BENEFIT Get Your Party On Set
    2. Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit
    3. BENEFIT Gimme Brow

    Love your day to night looks!

  120. Fahmida
    15 December 2015 / 23:58

    I’ve been eyeing the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette for a while now but your post and photos have made me curious about the Double Exposure Palette as well…that evening look is simply stunning.
    I’ve also got serious love for the Valentina perfumes….apart from the actual scents which I enjoy, the packaging and rose gold and pink shades are so beautiful and feminine. My wish list just seems to get longer every time I read your blog!

  121. Sansha Coetzee
    16 December 2015 / 10:51

    I have a REALLY long Christmas wish list when it comes to beauty items, but the top products I am obsessing over are:
    -Benefit Hoola Bronzer
    -Lancome Grandiose Mascara
    -Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat Soft Compact Face Powder

    Loved the makeup post, by the way!!!


  122. Gabi M
    16 December 2015 / 11:09

    Definitely would love the Bobbi Brown creamy lip colour lipstick and the Benefit high beam highlighter

  123. Marc
    16 December 2015 / 11:55

    Paco Rabbano Million!

  124. Jenny meier
    16 December 2015 / 12:44

    Excellent post. Would love to win the voucher, got my eye on a few things at Red Square

  125. Jenny meier
    16 December 2015 / 12:47

    I would especially like to try the smash box eye primer.

  126. Natali
    16 December 2015 / 15:10

    Modern Muse by Estee Lauder 🙂

  127. Daniela
    16 December 2015 / 15:58

    Obsessed with the lip colour you used in your night-time look! Gorgeous as always 🙂

  128. Sam
    16 December 2015 / 16:01

    Giorgio Armani Si and the whole Benefit range!

  129. Michelle Baron
    16 December 2015 / 18:00

    Definitely the Double Exposure palette when it’s back in stock!

  130. Monique Nieuwenhuizen
    16 December 2015 / 20:14

    Great Giveaway

  131. R Fourie
    16 December 2015 / 20:22


  132. Anchen Haupt
    16 December 2015 / 21:12

    I’ve had my eye on the Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzer ever since it launched this summer, plus it’s a limited edition so it’s definitely at the top of my wishlist. The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette is also great addition to any makeup collection because it’s so versatile. A girl can always do with a good mascara like Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme, a beautiful sensual floral fragrance (absolutely adore Estee Lauder Modern Muse) and a gorgeous Pure Colour Envy lipstick. And the list goes on…

  133. Ramona
    16 December 2015 / 23:00

    I would love the Pleasures to go Gift Set

  134. Amy
    17 December 2015 / 09:33

    I would love to try Benefit products! And Smashbox eyeshadow palette.

  135. Kathryn
    17 December 2015 / 09:33

    I would love the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer 😉

  136. faeema
    17 December 2015 / 09:37

    Honestly Valentino Valentina is high up on my wish list

  137. Kelsey Niehaus
    17 December 2015 / 09:48

    OMG I would LOVE that Smashbox eyeshadow palette <3

  138. 17 December 2015 / 09:55

    Hey! 🙂
    I think the daytime look is fresh and makes you look younger, it’s a more natural look I think. The night time look is perfect for that holidays cocktail parties or just being out on the town with the girls or with your beau. Both looks are beautiful yet simple, I love it and will definitely be doing my make up like this. I struggled with the raffle copter thing but I hope I got some entries in :).
    Thank you xoxo

  139. Nereshnee Elijah
    17 December 2015 / 10:04


  140. Zakiyya Khan
    17 December 2015 / 10:14

    I would like to add some benefit makeup to my list

  141. anne botes
    17 December 2015 / 10:17

    Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Prime i love

  142. Susan M
    17 December 2015 / 10:18

    I would love to add some Smashbox makeup to my kit (which is non existent!!)

  143. 17 December 2015 / 10:19

    I’ve been DYING to get my hands on Benefit’s Porefessional and Gimme Brow, I’d use any leftover cash for christmas presents:)

  144. 17 December 2015 / 10:19

    I would love to try the CK 3-in-1 foundation, Smashbox BB Water and Sisley Phyto Touche Illusion Dete bronzer.

    Love the nighttime look. Dreamy looks stunning on you!

  145. 17 December 2015 / 10:24

    Love that eyeshadow palette, so exquisite and bronzers are my absolute go-to’s in makeup, I love having glow skin. I would love to get myself a fragrance from Red Square for Christmas, I am using body sprays at the moment:( lol.

  146. Danica vd Nest
    17 December 2015 / 10:37

    I’ve added the Smashbox Double Exposure palette to my Christmas wish list 😉 Also obsessing over many of the Benefit products, especially the Benetint and Watts up highlighter <3 Need! xx

  147. Karley Brown
    17 December 2015 / 10:45

    I would love to get a whole bunch of benefit goodies, especially the pore minimizing primer! That’s on my Christmas Wish List for sure 😉

  148. Annette de Klerk
    17 December 2015 / 10:53

    I have been lusting after a bottle of Victor and Rolf Bon Bon Eau de Parfum for the longest time, and this voucher would be just the ticket! 🙂

  149. Ginna
    17 December 2015 / 10:54

    I would spoil myself with a bottle of Narciso Rodriguez musc collection <3 <3 <3

  150. Jeanelle
    17 December 2015 / 10:57

    Oh my hat, so much to choose from. Top 5:

    – Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10
    – Smashbox Bronze Lights
    – Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
    – Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume + Lift Mascara
    – Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick (Envious)

  151. Sarah
    17 December 2015 / 11:13

    A really difficult choice with so many wonderful products but I would spoil myself with the following products from Clarins, my all time favourite brand:

    -Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil – Dehydrated skin
    -Delicious Self Tanning Cream

    Thanks for your beautiful informative blog posts which I read with pleasure every time I am notified of a new post!

  152. Tanya
    17 December 2015 / 11:16

    I would love to buy a benefit gift set! Been drooling over one since they were released here.

  153. Tidi Esther Child
    17 December 2015 / 11:49

    The Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline perfume is to due for ** faints**

  154. Mishel Botha
    17 December 2015 / 12:00

    I added a DKNY Be delightful gift set from Red Square to my wishlist. I have been dieing to try this fragrance for a while now, so this would be great. Ps. I loved the smashbox double exposure palette. You look stunning x

  155. Rene Groyer
    17 December 2015 / 12:10

    Hi Pink Peonies
    Been lusting after Sisley:s Black Rose Face mask.Great Competition !

  156. 17 December 2015 / 12:31

    That Clarins bronzer is on my list, but also a WHOLE lot of Benefit goodies – my fave! SO many things were calling my name but most of the Benefit items made it onto the wishlist!

  157. Marufah
    17 December 2015 / 12:52

    id definitely want to add some lippy from Mac,still in need of a good lipstick colour for my wedding day..any suggestions ?

  158. Haseena Noor Mahomed
    17 December 2015 / 13:38

    In makeup I’d add Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter, and must-have fragrance Elie Saab eau de parfum – someone once described it perfectly: ‘it could create world peace’ <3

  159. momo
    17 December 2015 / 14:01

    The benefit pretty porefect set and the Smashbox camera ready BB water is definitely on my Christmas wishlist.

  160. 17 December 2015 / 14:10

    It was the benefit party popper set, but after seeing that Clarins bronzer you changed my mind!

  161. Wendy
    17 December 2015 / 14:15

    Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous, Luzanne!
    My Christmas Wishlist would contain the following: Smashbox Double Exposure Palette, ESSENCE Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder, Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara and finish off with a spritz of Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum.

  162. 17 December 2015 / 14:19

    Hi 🙂
    So difficult to choose as my real response would be “EVERYTHING”
    But if I have to choose, I would start with —->

    * Essence 3D Eyeshadow 01
    * Matchbox Travel-Size Full Exposure Palette
    * Bobby Brown Ink liner
    * Essence Longlasting Lipstick in BRIGHT PINK!

    Thanks for the Comp.. *nipples crossed*

  163. Paula
    17 December 2015 / 14:27

    That Smashbox palette! Definitely on my wish list, perfect for a day-to-night look. Holding thumbs! <3

  164. 17 December 2015 / 14:39

    The evening makeup look is absolutely stunning – love it! x

  165. Monique
    17 December 2015 / 14:54

    I need a new perfume so I would definitely use the voucher for that. LOVE the make-up looks.

  166. Nikki
    17 December 2015 / 15:00

    Awesome giveaway! I’ll finally be able to get that Marc Jacobs perfume if I won 🙂

  167. Nicola Meyer
    17 December 2015 / 15:03

    Would love a new bottle of Estee Lauder Beautiful

  168. Aisha Salasa
    17 December 2015 / 15:32

    I would LOVE the smashbox double exposure palette and the brow tech brow pencil!

  169. Linelle
    17 December 2015 / 15:39

    Please do a make up workshop next year – that would be really amazing!

  170. Marisha Naidoo
    17 December 2015 / 16:47

    I desperately want the DKNY Be Delicious Desired Eau de Parfum 🙂

  171. Genevieve Scalf
    17 December 2015 / 17:57

    You look STUNNING! Makeup skillz on point! I need the CK One Skin Illuminator in my life

  172. Jana
    17 December 2015 / 17:59

    Please I want the Benefit Party Poppers

    Liked, shared and followed.

  173. Karen Lamb
    17 December 2015 / 18:10

    You look like Leeanne Liebenberg in these pictures. So beautiful.

    I’d definitely use the voucher on the Gucci Bamboo perfume. It’s on my wish list …

    Holding thumbs

  174. Dineo Maboe
    17 December 2015 / 19:47

    I actually have been coveting that eyeshadow palette that you used… But I also would like to pick up that fragrance sampler box too. Ooh, what to do what to do!

  175. thea lennox
    17 December 2015 / 20:59

    Absolutely love the e smashbox full exposure eye shadow palette and it would be so great to win this great prize

  176. 17 December 2015 / 21:13

    I would love to buy the Red Square Sampler Box of perfumes along with the eyeshadow palette.

  177. 17 December 2015 / 21:35

    All I want for Christmas is the Bobbi brown Shimmer brick in Rose and the Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Raisin 🙂 Hope i find these goodies in my stocking 🙂

  178. 17 December 2015 / 22:33

    My Christmas wish list products:
    Bobbi Brown long wear brow pencil
    Bobbi Brown creamy matte lip colour
    Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit

  179. Megan
    17 December 2015 / 22:41

    My picks would be:

    Smashbox Double Exposure palette
    Benefit Porefessional
    Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact

    PS, You look gorgeous, Luzanne!

  180. 17 December 2015 / 22:52

    I love the Fiori for woman Eau de parfum love it

  181. Daniela Cardoso
    17 December 2015 / 23:19

    Paco Rabanne Lady Million

  182. Cathy Badenhorst
    17 December 2015 / 23:33

    definitely Elie Saab’s Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Spray, absolutely love it!

  183. Lida Bruwer
    18 December 2015 / 09:17

    I would love to buy the Benefit Party Poppers set. 🙂

    • Lida Bruwer
      18 December 2015 / 09:17

      Oops! Just saw the winner has already been chosen. 😉 next time!

  184. Bianca
    29 December 2015 / 12:44

    You look amazing! I wish Smashbox was cruelty-free though, but they are not, along with Estee Lauder brands (which include MAC, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives, La Mer, Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Clinique) are testing on animals and selling in China.

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