Wow, what a hectic past couple of weeks it has been… *sigh*

There is a wonderful market that comes to Irene (Centurion) once a year and what an inspiring experience it is!  The market is called Kamers Vol Geskenke (which means: Rooms filled with gifts) and this year they have 3 events, one being in Centurion again (yay!).  I always save up when I know Kamers Vol is coming to town because I am guaranteed to buy a lot more things than I need.  Where’s the fun in buying things you neeeed anyway?  There is always a selection of jewellery, gourmet food products, ceramics, décor accessories, garden gear, designer clothing and accessories.

The dates for Kamers Vol Geskenke this year are:

So I obviously bought quite a few things last year, one of which was this ‘Colour-By-Doodle’ poster.

The idea behind it is to colour in the whole poster with pencils, colour pens, markers, paint, whatever you want.  Be as creative (or OCD in my case) as you wish!  Some of the bunnies and have been left with only the outline so you are able to draw your own little doodles inside their bodies.  There are also a few English and Afrikaans words and sayings.  Pretty darn cute!

This has been an absolute nightmare for me: First I started with colouring with colour Staedtler fineliners (20 colours) but that didn’t look right (I could see the lines as I coloured and it didn’t create the blended-look a pencil would give me).  I then tried the Staedtler coloured pencils and that also didn’t look right (the fineliners are more vivid, which I prefer) so I went back to the fineliners.  And now I’m too scared to touch this poster in fear of ruining it all together).  I saw this project as a type of Mandala (Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘completion’) project, now although this isn’t a circle and I didn’t draw the doodles myself, I do have to choose the colours, marry them together and create my own little piece of art.  The idea is for it to be therapeutic and symbolic but to me, it has been stress-inducing.  You see I am someone who likes to do something (come now Luz, let’s be honest: everything) well.  If I start with something and I am not good at it, I will stop doing it.  I don’t have the patience or self-confidence to keep doing something when I know I am only doing an OK job.  And THAT’s why this blog has taken me so long, I wanted it to look pretty and relatively professional.

But alas, part of this blogging journey is to be challenged and for me to grow as a person.  I need to start with this and finish it – and I will be doing random updates on the progress of this poster until it is complete.

Anyway, enough with this Dr. Phil stuff…

You can still purchase it in the Kamers online shop, retail price = R 100.00 for this A2 poster.  The size is 710mm x 510mm and is printed on 240gm Eltoro board.

If you would like to read more on Kamers Vol Geskenke or check out what types of goodies are usually sold at this market, here are some links:

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  1. Tjoppie
    4 April 2013 / 12:42

    Oh yeah! Don’t I know about miss or now mrs Perfect? Just enjoy the moment while you are colouring and take it one day at a time as they say! It will look good! You have lots of ‘hidden’ self-confidence my dear! That I know for sure!

  2. Jenny
    16 November 2013 / 09:16

    Please can I can have the doodle calendars creators contact details. Desperately need for Xmas pressies!
    Thank you

    • 19 November 2013 / 21:25

      Hi Jenny! 🙂 I have no idea who the creators of this doodle calendar are but Kamersvol Geskenke (the market I bought this from) is just around the corner (beginning of December). If I see them there again, I’ll ask the shop owner to give me her contact details and I’ll send you a mail. How’s that? 😉

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