City Chic Personal Shopping Experience GIVEAWAY

I have some good news for you, and I have some great news for you!

The good news is that City Chic recently opened up a store in Menlyn, after launching their first store in Sandton City towards the end of last year.  It may be old news to some of you, but to others, I’m sure it’s going to make your day a whole lot brighter.

City Chic new (2)

The great news is that I have one styling session to give away to a Pink Peonies blog reader – basically you and I will be visiting the new Menlyn store and you can pick ANY outfit to the value of R 1500,00.  I don’t know about you guys, but if someone offered me a shopping spree, I’d be all over that!

What is City Chic?  City Chic is a leading Australian plus size clothing brand that offers the voluptuous South African woman a glam fashion experience from size 14 up to size 24.  City Chic has carved a niche in the local market by offering curvy women the latest styles and trends in cuts that are flattering on the fuller figure.  I have been to both the Sandton and Menlyn stores a couple of times already, and I must say, gone are the days when a plus sized lady is forced to wear frumpy old-fashioned clothes because nothing else is available.  The styles from City Chic are fashion forward & stylish, with the added benefit of being both comfortable and complimentary.

City Chic Shop 1-1

I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I love New York.  I’ve never been to the US but Neal knows that the first international holiday we go on (which will hopefully be next year) will be to New York.  When I saw the new Menlyn store, the first thing that came to mind was: New York.  The store makes one feel like you are in a high fashion, super stylish New York loft.  Digital footage flaunts the latest figure flattering trends, plus the shop is bold, glam, sexy and…well…chic.

City Chic has a signature and fabulous ‘Booty’ cut jean that is designed specifically for the local market.  They also sell a range of exquisite lingerie available in sizes not usually catered for in South Africa.  Go take a look at their local website, and prepare to be wowed!  I’m a size 12 and when I looked at some of the items, I actually wished they stocked clothes in a size 12 too.  City Chic prides itself on a one-on-one shopping experience with plus size store assistants that know how to flaunt a fuller figured woman’s curves.  Chantelle from Not Another Poppie visited the Menlyn store back in June and did a little bit of shopping there as well, check out here blog post here.

City Chic new (1)

Both City Chic and I would like to spoil one lucky lady, so I’m not going to make this giveaway about following us on social media  etc.  All I want to know from you, is why I should pick you for this shopping spree.  Leave your comment in the comments section below.

If you have a friend or family member who you think deserve something like this, tell them about this giveaway and ask them to enter.  I look forward to reading your comments!

Here are the ‘rules’ for the giveaway:

♥  This is a store for plus sized ladies, thus you need to be a clothing size 14 or up.

♥  You need to be based in Gauteng (South Africa) in order to enter for the giveaway, as we will be visiting the new Menlyn store for the styling session and shopping spree.

♥  I will be doing a follow-up blog post on the winner’s experience in the City Chic store.  If you are not comfortable with me taking a photo of you in your new outfit, that is 100% ok.  I will, however, ask you a couple of questions on your experience for my blog post.

♥  I will pick the winner in one week’s time – 21 August 2014.

♥  Leave a valid email address in your comment as well, in order for me to contact you, should I pick you as the winner.

Good luck, everyone!

{UPDATE} And the winner is:  Martie Lightley!  Congratulations, Martie!



  1. 14 August 2014 / 07:57

    Damn, if only they had a store in Cape Town!

  2. Annelize Jansen van Rensburg
    14 August 2014 / 09:09

    I would love to win as I always find it hard to shop for my figure, the “normal” shops usually cater for people with a model figure, and I just refuse to wear baggy sacks just because that is all I can find. I also want to look chic and fabulous, as the clothes make the woman? This giveaway would help me for once to look like the million dollars I was meant to be! Please pick me!

  3. 14 August 2014 / 09:41

    I would really like to win this give-away . I love stylish clothes.. But since becoming a mom and having a few medical issues along the way, my figure just didn’t want to go back to my pre-baby days .. Meaning it’s sometimes so hard to find decently fitted clothes that doesn’t sit uncomfortable. This would be a fairy godmother moment for me.. Hee gee gee .

  4. 14 August 2014 / 10:39

    I would really love to win this shopping spree in think I should be chosen because I honestly need clothes !!!! For reason almost nothing fits me anymore …

  5. 14 August 2014 / 11:11

    I would love to win this giveaway, I’m plus size and my wardrobe is in need of a serious update, I haven’t bought clothes in a really long time because I always end up in tears when shopping at regular stores, as I’m short as well nothing ever sits right. We are moving soon so starting a new chapter in my life with some awesome clothes would be amazing!

  6. Bianca
    14 August 2014 / 13:54

    I am plus size and I love looking pretty 🙂 I would love to have a few quality pieces in my wardrobe 🙂 I embrace my curves and would like for woman to see that being curvy doesn’t mean you are unattractive and you should walk around with shoulders hunched.
    It would just be the best Birthday Gift ever for me to win this prize and share with woman what a wonderful experience it was.
    Please, please, please 🙂

  7. Chantal O
    14 August 2014 / 21:07

    I am from CT eish I just know you would have picked me and we would have had an awesome time together but I would like to nominate an awesome friend in JHB who would never otherwise enter as she is always doing things for others and never for herself, its hard for her to accept anything for herself. She recently lost some weight and looking swell and she can do with a phenomenal new look too.
    Its women’s month and since she is a mom and one of the most kindest person I know and NEVER even met her personally in my life, I want to nominate her, cause there is nothing wrong with accepting some love in return too!

  8. Bianca Shaw
    15 August 2014 / 11:15

    This place is awesome! I cannot find clothes that fit me! being a size 14 is so difficult! and these outfits at City Chic rocks… just my style. so classy but yet in fashion

  9. Madzanga
    15 August 2014 / 11:23

    I would love a chance to get a long overdue makeover! After having my son a little over a year ago,its only now that I have decided to be more confident in fully embracing all my curves! these days, every spare cent I have seems to go towards the little one, and this would be a great chance for me to have something for myself and look fabulous all at once:)

  10. Lebohang
    15 August 2014 / 11:31

    I am a big-boned plus size beautiful woman. I find it hard to get clothes that would embrace the beauty of my body. I believe that this give away will be a chance for me to know what kind of fashionable and classy clothing would suit me. Not only will this boost my confidence. It will be a wonderful experience and who know my wardrobe and sense on clothing will also change.

  11. Lee Moteetee
    15 August 2014 / 11:35

    ***Please Please Please Pick me!!! I’m a well rounded and curvy new mom to 9 month old twins and It’s been soooo long since I went to a store and actually found something that looked “right”. Being a full time mom, career woman AND MA student makes it so hard to find time for myself and going from a size 20 to a size 14/16 😀 means I literally have nothing to wear! HELP! :p I’m holding thumbs! Lee<< <3

  12. Jabulile Mahlangu
    15 August 2014 / 11:40

    Hi i’m jabulile #Jadiva to my friends, i love clothes and looking pretty and always make an effort to look good as my friends always say.Anyway i’ve been a big girl since birth but that has never made me feel like a lack something as fashion is in my blood. I’ll be turning 30 next month on the 6th and will be celebrating it with my best friend of 25 who is also a plus size so winning this shopping spree would be a very nice gift for both of us as we will both be celebrating our 30th birthdays and our friendship.PLUS WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR ON THE 6TH FOR MY BIRTHDAY.IT WOULD TRULLY BE AMAZING TO BE DRESSED BY CITY CHIC.#WHOOP WHOOP FOR BIG GIRLS THEY ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH.

  13. Jabulile Mahlangu
    15 August 2014 / 12:01

    Hi my name is Jabulile, i’ve been plus size all my life and that has not stopped me from being myself as always make an effort to look gud. Anyway nex month the Hth i’m turning 30 and my best friend is hosting my birthday party and yes i have nothing to wear so i wud love to be dressed by city chic,and wud also nominate my best friend of 25 yrs since she is also turning 30 in october so it wud be a perfecy gift as we arrive at the even look like a million dollar.

  14. Martie
    15 August 2014 / 12:30

    As I am sitting here with my cup of coffee I am thinking back to all the times I went shopping for clothes that fit my curvy body, and then either leaving with items that I am not happy with or empty handed, just because it was so frustrating to find something that made me feel good about myself and that did not make me look like a oompa loompa. I have always been a bigger girl, ever since I can remember I have struggled with finding clothes that fit my body and made me feel good about myself… Which always left me with a wardrobe NO one would even want for free, lol. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer & since then I have undergone some operations and many a check up with a lot of injections to make sure that I will be ok, which so far so good. But, emotionally it has taken a bad toll on my body & I have gained even more weight, which has made it ever harder to go clothes shopping. Eventually I just gave up and fell into the bad habit of only wearing jeans and t-shirts which is what my current wardrobe mainly consists of. It would mean so much to me to win this amazing opportunity to not only get a new look and tips for being fashionable even though I am not model skinny, but also for a chance to get a bit of my self-esteem back & to know how to shop for my body type and not to settle for anything less than fabulousness! Thank you Luzanne for this wonderful competition & giving us curvier girls the chance to be as fabulous on the outside as we are on the inside. ♥

  15. 15 August 2014 / 13:14

    Good day

    Thank you for the opportunity.My name is Lerato and early this year we were retrenched from work.The difficult part is moving from being able to do things for yourself to asking your partner to help you out.buying clothes for you is out of the question because he’s already taking care of all the responsibilities including our two little kids.I’d always make excuses for going out with him because most of my clothes don’t fit due to weight gain,if there’s one thing I know is that when u don’t look and feel good about yourself then you won’t enjoy yourself because you would think that everyone is looking at you so I opt to stay at home not that I would love to but because at the moment I have no choice.

  16. Susann
    15 August 2014 / 14:09

    I need a shop experience to get me excited about my 14 figure in beautiful outfits. Now that I am older and bolder and have people that constantly want to have me in meetings I actually realised that I have not evolved my style to fit my body – and it is just really pathetic.

  17. fatima
    15 August 2014 / 14:29

    Good afternoon

    Like most large woman I want to be sexy and stylish but still look modest. I love myself, I love my body but I wish I knew all the tricks.

    Here’s praying that I win

  18. Lugene Annandale
    15 August 2014 / 15:50

    I adore City Chic! Unfortunately my credit card doesn’t agree. For the first time I have found clothing that flatters my shape & makes me feel bootilicious & sexy! I always get compliments in my city chic gear & feel amazing. I have the classic pear shape & this allows me to accentuate my small waist. So grateful we finally have a shop that allows the larger women fashionable clothing rather than tent size! I rock my medium size! Would love the makeover session having lost a few cm’s & knowing what’s on the shelves this session with their new rock & denim ranges!!!

  19. Dineo
    15 August 2014 / 16:15

    Hey,im name is Dineo and I haven’t bought clothes since 2010. Then I fell pregnant in 2013 gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and since then im straggling to find clothes that suit my body.

  20. Lee Bras
    15 August 2014 / 19:50

    Pleeease, pick me!

  21. Hettie
    15 August 2014 / 23:53

    Im a young 70 year old “recycled teenager” I love pretty colours and dont love the bland and boring stuff! I love pink, red, blue and green! I’m alive!

  22. Esda D
    15 August 2014 / 23:55

    Im a nearly 40 year old proffessional, that just like comfy clothes. I can realy do with a couple of nice pieces and some expert advice

  23. fisiwe
    16 August 2014 / 13:01

    Hi Pink,

    M starting work at a new place on 1 september in city center Jhb. I would really like to make a city chic but professional, first impression statement. Please let me be the winner.

  24. tiya
    17 August 2014 / 02:40

    hii 🙂
    please pick me, i live in a small town, it’s a struggle to find decently fitted clothing. doesnt help that stores like “Miladys” or “Donna claire” dont have an online store. Tired of wearing black to look and feel comfortable 🙁 need some serious style advice

    • tiya
      17 August 2014 / 02:43

      lol oh and i forgot to add that i dont live in jhb , but im willing to travel to jhb if i win 😀

  25. Aqeelah Alexander
    17 August 2014 / 08:20

    YAY hope I win. Finally a wardrobe make over and pretty cool pre wedding gift for myself. Designs look really cool and sometimes its so hard to find fashionable clothes for plus 14 women or young girls. Fingers and toes crossed hope im a winner 🙂 super excited and anxious

  26. Ilona Fourie
    18 August 2014 / 21:35

    Sjoe it took me a couple of days to think about if I should enter this wonderful competition and why you should pick me……. I really would love to have the opportunity to be spoiled to a shopping spree where I will feel comfortable and relaxed and not wonder if I will be able to find my size. I have struggled with my weight my whole life (It’s in my genes) I joined weighless in November 2012 and have managed to loose 36kg and manage to come down from size 28 to 18, the last 6 months has been a very difficult, I have not lost any weight however I have maintained my weigh loss. My personal trainer encourages me every time I see her and keeps reminding that the scale is just a number. My husband keeps telling me that I am beautiful and he is proud if me. This makeover is just what I need to put that spark back where it belongs as I am woman and therefore I am beautiful no matter what my size.

  27. Belinda Boxall
    19 August 2014 / 11:26

    Hi, I would love to be picked by you for this awesome shopping spree. I love beautiful clothes and looking beautiful and CITY CHIC would do all that and more for me. The clothes in regular stores fit so badly I end up taking 2 sizes bigger than I am and looking like a baby elephant – believe me you don’t want to see that!!

    Please pick me so I can shine again.

  28. Tumi Gloria Mocumi
    19 August 2014 / 17:54

    wow wouldn’t I be the hottest trendy fully figures student if I win this voucher? (thinking out loud)

    oh yes… a much needed make over. I love clothes but after being a young mom all focus shifted to my daughter I even forgot a lil about me… now that I went back to university, I found myself again. the only thing I need now is a stunning City Chic look.

  29. Tatum Du Plooy
    20 August 2014 / 16:29

    Just came across your blog by chance and could not work the entire afternoon as i was reading everything- WOW! clicked on give aways and being a mom for 2 beautiful girls and battling to loose the weight finding clothes that are stylish and also to fly like a City Chic is hard- So i want to win 🙂

    Thank you for your blog – i will be visiting everyday pray i dont get caught day dreaming at work.

  30. Esda D
    20 August 2014 / 18:21

    Whoop whoop tommorrow is the big day! I’ll be having my eye on the page the whole time. Praying that maybe just maybe its me!

  31. Zee Mohlapi
    21 August 2014 / 12:32

    Whaaaa! I wish I lived in Joburg!

  32. Rushe
    21 August 2014 / 14:22

    I’ve been looking for a hip clothing store for sexy clothes for my size. Man. I would LOVE TO WIN THIS.

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