Beauty Tips For The Ageing Gal #1

Beauty Tips For Mature Aging Ladies

I’ve tried it all – the trendy haircut, the overdrawn lips, the super matte foundation, and definitely the overplucked eyebrows.  When you reach a certain age, though, you accept that not all trends necessarily work with your face shape, skin type & eye shape.  Here’s the secret to looking & feeling your best after you have hit the 30- or 40-mark:  Grow up just a smidgeon but don’t take yourself too seriously (we all know I’m still pretty much a kid at heart).  Know what products work for you, which makeup looks & hairstyles are best suited for you, and don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money to look & feel your best.  At the end of the day, we are all ageing (some more gracefully than others) – you don’t have to be in your 40s or 50s to be considered as an ‘ageing gal’.

I’ve had quite a few of my blog readers ask for a blog post featuring beauty tips for more mature ladies.  Ask, and you shall receive…

I’ve rounded up a few beauty tips & tricks that I’ve learned since entering the fourth decade of my life – how scary does THAT sound!?  The fourth decade…  *faints*  Yes, even I have hooded & wrinkly lids (that’s why you never see close-ups of my eyes), thinning & greying hair, and lacklustre skin.

♥  We all know that as we age the skin around the eyes start to become…how shall I put it…saggy & wrinkly (there’s that swear word again).  Black eye pencils can start to look too stark & dark around the eyes, especially if you already struggle with dark under eye circles that are difficult to conceal.  Instead, use a softer, eye-brightening shade, like a metallic plum or bronzy brown.  Draw the pencil along the upper lashes only and flick the liner upwards at the outer corners with a cotton bud to create a tiny little wing.  It’s such an easy way of opening up the eyes.  If you’re not a fan of the ‘perfect liner look’, retrace the lines with the cotton bud to smudge / soften the line.

Eyeliners Mature Women

Splurge:  Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes in Chocolate Lustre or MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Permaplum.

Save:  Essence Gel Eye Pencil in Cocoa Bean or The Body Shop Eye Definer Pencil in Glowing Amethyst.

♥  Try your hand (or hair) at a sleek bob or lob.  In my 20s, I bleached and straightened my poor locks to death.  Once I turned 31, I decided my hair deserved a break.  I went back to my brunette roots and cut about 10cm off my hair.  After chatting to a hair stylist recently, he mentioned that it would probably be best if I tried a lob (long bob that falls between the jaw and the shoulders) since it will probably get rid of most of the damaged hair.  A bob doesn’t have to be boring, you can create textured waves or keep it sleek and polished & add a side braid, plus it’s still long enough to twist into a chignon.  The lob is a very versatile haircut that is super flattering on most face shapes.  Shorter hairstyles also make hair look much fuller, definitely try this if you struggle with thinning hair.  That’s what I did about 2 months ago, and although I miss my long hair, I knew that it had to be done.  I honestly haven’t looked back since, because my hair feels healthy, looks full & thick and is overall in a way better condition than it was before.

♥  Bangs are a quick, easy, and painless way was to hide any lines on your forehead.  ‘Nuff said.

♥  Such cruel irony – as we age, we have more to conceal BUT concealer can also draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.  You want to use a product that conceals redness and circles without caking up.  Liquid concealers (the ones you find in click-pen form) is best as anything that comes in a pan has a wax base that will look thick on the skin, and will settle into fine lines.  A formula that contains light reflecting pigments is even better, as it will blur imperfections and will give skin a luminous look.

Radiance Concealers

Splurge:  Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat or Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Correcting & Highlighting Perfector.

Save:  Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer or The Body Shop Lightening Touch.

♥  If you have already spotted your first greys, consider babylights. Babylights are delicate, blonde highlights created using a very fine colour technique to mimic that baby-blonde hue.  Natural-looking highlights are definitely not a new concept, but babylights take it to the next level.  The delicately highlighted look has been spotted on many celebs (Jessica Alba, Candice Swanepoel, Kate Beckinsale, Karlie Kloss) sporting blonde so natural you’d swear it came from Mother Nature herself.  The highlights are so subtle, which means the technique can be used on any hair colour.  Another advantage of babylights is how glossy it looks on the hair, plus it’s about as low maintenance as it gets because it allows for very subtle regrowth.  Because the highlights are so finely woven, the highlighted roots blend undetectably into the natural hair colour as it grows.

♥  Not only is a glossy coat of a classic red polish on short, well-groomed nails timeless, but it can also make hands look more youthful.  HOWEVER – if you have prominent veins in your hands, a blue-based red will draw attention to them.  Rather opt for a red shade with an orange undertone.  Steer clear from dark & vampy nail polishes, as these accentuate veins, wrinkles and unever skin tone.

Red Nail Polishes Mature

Splurge:  Essie Fifth Avenue or OPI Cajun Shrimp.

Save:  Catrice Fred Said Red or Essence Juicy Love.

♥  When skin is dull & lacklustre (most of us lose the youthful glow to our skin as we age), the answer is often to fake a natural flushed cheek.  This is one of my personal favourite makeup techniques because it really does make a difference.  Try a bright pink blush (but use a light hand), this will give skin a believable, natural-looking flush.  Something like the new L’Oreal Le Blush in shade ‘Rose In Love’ will be perfect for all skin tones.  Use a tiny bit at first, then build up to your desired intensity.

♥  Heavy foundation is a one-way ticket to looking a lot older than you actually are.  Choose a sheer foundation or BB cream, and after you have applied it, press a damp makeup sponge onto uneven or wrinkly areas to soak up excess product.  If you have dark under eye circles or sun spots, dot a tiny bit of concealer on the areas where you need it, not all over the place.  Fresh, well hydrated skin looks much more youthful than a heavily covered complexion.

Mature Skin BB Creams

Splurge:  Estée Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup or Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream.

Save:  Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Anti-Aging BB Cream or Sorbet BB Cream.

♥  Patting the tiniest dab of eyeshadow base or lid primer on the eyelid before your shadow will prevent creasing and keep it in place, this is very important if your lids have even the slightest wrinkles.  Fine lines can exacerbate creasing, and creasing exacerbates the appearance of lines.  Another a vicious circle.

Eyeshadow Primers Mature Skin

Splurge:  Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer or MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

Save:  NYX Eyeshadow Base or L.A. Girl Pro Primer.

♥  As we age, our lips get smaller (especially the upper lip).  The best approach is to stick to shades that enhance your natural lip tone, rather than bringing attention to the area by wearing a bold lip colour.  Look for something between your natural lip colour and a muted berry shade.

Lipstick Shades for Aging Ladies

Splurge:  Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Matte Lipstick in Rose Petal or MAC Lipstick in Syrup.

Save:  Essence I Love Nude Lipstick in Cool Nude or Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Primrose.

♥  If you like an ultra creamy lipstick, try tracing your lips with a clear lip liner, this will prevent the lipstick from feathering and bleeding into the fine lines around your lips.

Anti-feathering Lip Pencils

Splurge:  Dior Universal Contour Lip Liner.

Save:  Palladio Herbal Perfecting Lip Liner.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Have you entered my Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin Hamper giveaway?  It ends tomorrow, so make sure to check it out here.



  1. Anina
    6 July 2015 / 08:47

    Hello Luzanne!
    Het jy al daardie NYX en LA Girl eye primers probeer? Eks nuuskierig om te sien wat jy daarvan dink.
    Gaan jy vir ons n Benefit launch post doen? 🙂 Veral nuuskierig oor Porefessional.
    Mooi week vir jou!

    • Nicolene
      6 July 2015 / 10:37

      Ek gebruik die LA Girl oogprimer… jy kan nie fout maak nie 🙂

      • Luzanne
        8 July 2015 / 16:09

        Jip, Nicolene – hy is baie goeie kwaliteit vir die prys. 😀

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:08

      Hallo, Anina! Dis altyd lekker om ‘n comment van jou te sien! 🙂

      Ek het lank gelede die NYX primer probeer, en hy is lekker maar nogals baie creamy. So as jy baie olierige ooglede het, mag hy dalk crease op jou. Die LA Girl een is baie lekker, nie te creamy nie, maar creamy genoeg. Hy laat makeup ook lekker vasklou.

      Ek gaan definitief ‘n Benefit post doen op die blog, maar dit gaan bietjie iets anders wees as net ‘n blog post oor wanneer die counter launch. 😉

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:10

      Yup! Sucks. Alot. 🙁

  2. Leigh
    6 July 2015 / 09:53

    Hi Luzanne,
    Thank you so much for this post! At 34 I’m already feeling old and so many of these tips are excellent advice! Thank you!

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:10

      You are welcome, Leigh – so happy to hear you enjoyed the blog post. 🙂

      • Leigh
        10 July 2015 / 13:50

        Have you tried the Catrice retouch Light reflecting concealer? In your opinion which of the 4 you had in the blog would be the best buy?

  3. Elmien
    6 July 2015 / 09:55

    Presies die tips en tricks wat ek nou nodig gehad het! Baie dankie, Luzanne! Jy gee altyd sulke praktiese raad. Ek maak ten minste eenkeer per week ‘n draai by die winkels om een van die produkte wat jy getoets het, te koop!

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:12

      Jy is baie welkkom, Elmien. 😉 Jy het sopas my dag gemaak met jou comment – ek is altyd so bly om te hoor as mense winkels toe gaan om iets te gaan koop wat ek voorgestel het. 😀


  4. 6 July 2015 / 10:51

    Awesome post, I am still 21 in my head, hahaha! I find the Clarins BB a bit heavy, and it tends to look cakey on my dry skin. But I love the Sorbet!

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:13

      Thanks, Azraa. 🙂 Haha! That makes two of us!

      The Sorbet one is probably my all-time favourite BB cream, plus it is so affordable.

  5. Vivella
    6 July 2015 / 11:42

    Great post thanks!

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:13

      Thanks for popping by the blog, Vivella. 🙂

  6. Marné
    6 July 2015 / 12:38

    I’ve pledged allegiance to the Smashbox shadow primer many a times before, it makes even the cheapest of shadows last the whole day. I have very oily eyelids and this primer just saves the day every time 🙂
    Thank you for giving us splurge AND save options, absolutely loved it. Stunning post yet again, thank you Luzanne xx

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:14

      You are very welcome, Marné – it’s always so nice to hear when someone enjoyed reading my blog post. 🙂

      And thank YOU for leaving such a kind comment. xo

  7. Sophia
    6 July 2015 / 17:28

    Exactly what I needed! Most definitely keeping these tips in mind, and I love that you included high-end and affordable options.

    Love your blog! XO

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:15

      Thank you for taking the time to read the blog post & leave a comment, Sophia. I really appreciate it. 🙂 xo

  8. Izobelle V
    6 July 2015 / 17:32

    I have been using the sorbet BB cream ever since you first featured it on your blog and I love it so, so much!!!!

    I’m going to check out the Catrice highlighting concealer, Essence gel pencil and the Palladio lip liner.

    Just turned 35 and time isn’t doing me any favours these days.

    Thanx for a brilliant blog post, Luzanne

    Izobelle xxx

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:16

      Yay! I’m so glad to hear that, Izobelle. 😀

      So true, I have a theory: As soon as we hit 30, it’s all downhill from there. 😉

  9. Lizelle Nieuwoudt
    6 July 2015 / 18:54

    Loving these tips, Luzanne! Already made a list of products to buy based off your recommendations. 😉

    • Luzanne
      8 July 2015 / 16:17

      Thanks so much, Lizelle – I hope you love the products as much as I do!

  10. Tjoppie
    10 July 2015 / 10:49

    Thanks for all the good advice and ideas! Your posts are always so helpful!

  11. Roz
    23 July 2015 / 13:46

    Turned 40 this year, eeek! This post is filled with such great advice and pay-day or poor-day options!

  12. 30 July 2015 / 15:50

    Really good post and advice! I’ll be sure to share this with my mom, she is always looking for tips like this! 😉

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