Beauty Besties 2013 – Makeup

So here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for: My ultimate best of the best makeup products!  Now, you guys know how much I love my makeup products (I own more makeup products in my collection than any sane person should), so naturally it was impossible for me to just stick to my top 5 products.

I hope you have your beverage and nibbles ready, it’s going to be a long one…

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream – anyone who knows me personally, will know that this has been a beauty staple of mine for 2013.  I used to be a full foundation type of girl but 2013 marked the year where I branched out a bit, embraced my natural self, and started really getting into BB creams.  I love both Garnier BB creams currently available to South Africans (the original and the one designed for combo / oily skin) because I use the original in the colder, drier weather in Winter and the combo skin one during the warmer Summer months.  These BB creams offer great coverage (light to medium, yet they’re buildable) but is still light enough to let your natural skin peek through and doesn’t feel like you’re piling on the makeup.  For a full review on the Garnier BB Cream for combo / oily skin, click here.  Retails for R 69,95 to R 89,95 at Clicks and Dischem stores.

Revlon Age Defying Concealer – I have no idea why I haven’t mentioned this concealer as a favourite on the blog before because I constantly reach for it.  It’s creamy, provides great coverage, doesn’t accentuate texture areas around  the eyes, plus contains anti-aging ingredients – what’s not to love?  Retails for R 139,95 at Clicks, Dischem, Foschini, Edgars, Red Square and Truworths stores.

Sorbet BB Cream – as mentioned above, 2013 was the year of BB creams for me.  I tried out a heck of a lot of BB creams (and CC creams) and the Sorbet BB cream really impressed me.  Main reason why I was impressed, is because Sorbet isn’t known for makeup products.  They have incredibly awesome skincare and body products, but this BB cream was their first makeup-related product.  And usually when a brand decides to branch out from what they are good at, and create something completely different…well…they usually fail at the first attempt.  This is, however, not the case with the Sorbet BB cream at all.  I gave this BB cream a short review in this blog post, but the short of it is:  I love the consistency of this BB cream because it’s a lovely whipped texture, yet it feels light on the skin.  The coverage is light to medium (which is perfect for me) but what makes this BB cream is that it is suitable for all skin types (no, really!).  I have combo skin and if I set it with a powder I am set for the day (I don’t turn into an oily beast at the stroke of 3pm).  Other bloggers who have normal and even dry skin also love this BB cream, so yes, whatever your skin type – it will be your BFF.  Retails for R 99,95 at Clicks stores.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder – this is the crème de la crème of all the face powders I own (and I own quite a few).  It’s finely milled so it is perfect to set your foundation and even your under eye concealer (no cakeyness, promise), it gives a little bit of coverage, plus keeps my pesky T-zone matte (not a flat matte, a 3D matte).  I mentioned this in my ‘May 2013 Favourites’ blog post and I am still in love.  Retails for R 320,00 at MAC counters and the MAC online store.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer – if I had to choose just one favourite product for 2013, this would be it.  It has been mentioned quite a few times here on Pink Peonies, but if you would like to see what I had to say about it in my ‘June 2013 Favourites’, click here.  It provides the perfect base for your makeup, fills in pores and fine lines, enhances the longevity of your foundation and just makes your skin look better than it actually is.  Retails for R 350,00 at selected Foschini, Edgars, Red Square, Woolworths stores and the Clarins online store.

NYX Butter Gloss – I love all the NYX Butter Gloss shades (well I’ve purchased most of them) but this particular one called ‘Peaches & Cream’ is my absolute favourite.  It’s a dupe for the MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass, which is a hot pinky coral shade (a must-have for Summer).  I’m usually not into bright shades for the lips but there’s just something about this one.  I’m not the only one who likes this shade because whenever I wear it, people ask me what I’m wearing on my lips.  This gloss is very creamy, the pigmentation is spot on and it’s not sticky at all – 3 wins in my book!  For a short review on the Butter Gloss in shade ‘Maple Blondie’, check out this blog post.  Retails for $ 5,00 (about R 50,00) in the Cherry Culture online store (they do ship worldwide).

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade – for a full review on the original Revlon Lip Butters (plus swatches of all the shades I own), go check out this blog post here.  And for a short review on the new-ish Lip Butters that were part of the Gucci Westman collection (swatches also included), click here.  This particular one is called ‘Pink Lemonade’ and is limited edition from the GW collection.  This is a warm light pink shade with a delightfully buttery texture, an easy on-the-go lip product.  Retails for R 125,00 at selected Clicks stores (I’ve seen a few Clicks stores still have this collection available).

NARS Orgasm Blush – beauty cult favourite.  Everyone and their dog has probably heard of NARS Orgasm blush, so I’m not going to go into too much detail on why I love it so much.  Do yourself a favour, google ‘NARS Orgasm’ and lose yourself in the black hole that is Youtube.  Or better yet, just google images of this blush.  After seeing a few swatches of it, guaranteed you will want it!  Retails for $ 29,00 (about R 300,00) on Kiss and Makeup NY (with a flat rate shipping charge of $ 10,00).

Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter – another huge cult favourite – Essie Button wishes she could have children with this highlighter (no jokes!).  I am so glad I took the plunge and got this while it was on sale on Feelunique because it is now my number 1 highlighter (scooch over MAC Soft & Gentle and MAC Lightscapade).  The beauty of this highlighter cannot be described in words (as with NARS Orgasm), so I urge you to also google swatches of this beauty.  But if you can wait for a while, I have a review of it coming up soon (I’ve already taken photos), so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Good news:  It’s on sale AGAIN for $ 20,40 (about R 210,00) on Feelunique (they offer free worldwide shipping, plus my duties & taxes are never ridiculously steep), so grab your credit card and get shopping!

Revlon Baby Stick in Pink Passion – this was my favourite pink blush for 2013.  It’s a non-powder blush in a stick form (I say non-powder because it’s not really a cream blush either) and gives the cheeks the perfect glowy pink flush (without the oily finish you get from a proper cream blush).  It’s also suitable for the warmer weather here in the southern hemisphere because it provides a satin (leaning towards matte) finish, I know, it sounds weird because it isn’t a powder blush.  Trust me, go swatch ‘Pink Passion’ (not the other shades, they’re not very pigmented) – you are going to love it.  This blush is also mentioned in my ‘Revlon Pacific Coast by Gucci Westman Collection’ blog post.  Retails for R 99,99 at selected Clicks stores (I’ve seen a few Clicks stores still have the Gucci Westman collection available).

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly – strangely enough I haven’t mentioned this eyelid primer in a ‘Favourites’ blog post before, even though I reach for this almost every time I wear eye makeup.  The reason why I love this so much is because it makes your eye makeup last all-day (no creasing), plus it evens out the lid area.  I have tiny veins on my eyelid and this just creates and even canvas for the shadows.  Retails for R 200,00 at MAC counters and the MAC online store.

Maybelline One By One Volum’ Express Mascara in Satin Black – this was a favourite in my ‘June 2013 Favourites’ blog post and I’m currently on my second tube.  It doesn’t give you clumpy lashes (because it has quite a wet formula), makes your lashes look super black and thick, plus it has a plastic brush (I’m personally not a fan of the old school bristle brushes).  Retails for R 120,95 at Clicks, Dischem, Edgars and Foschini stores.

Stila Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Glow – I can’t get over how gorgeous the lightest shade in this trio is!  It is so pigmented & shimmery and is the perfect inner corner highlight shade because it just brightens up the eye area.  I use the other 2 shades to darken up the outer V area and the lower lash line.  Going through all these favourites really makes me want to do review blog posts for you guys, because there’s nothing better than actually seeing a swatch of this.  Retails for R 270,00 at selected Truworths and Woolworths stores (this specific shade isn’t available on Style36 or Rubybox).

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Walking On Eggshells – go take a look at my monthly favourites blog post here, where I mentioned this trio.  My 2 favourite shades in this trio is the bottom shimmery peachy pink shade and the coppery brown shade in the middle.  They work so well together, I actually just can’t take it!  Wet n Wild cosmetics are available in South Africa now, they are an amazingly affordable brand with top quality makeup.  Retails for R 59,95 at selected Clicks stores.

Jordana Fabuliner in Brown – I have mentioned this liquid eyeliner in a couple of blog posts too, this out this particular blog post where it was a favourite.  The name of this is so fitting, because it truly is a fabulous eyeliner.  I prefer the brown shade because I have blonde hair and black can sometimes look a bit too stark (especially when I’m going for a casual natural eye look).  It is a dark cool-toned brown shade and the tip is sturdy enough to create the perfect line or wing.  Retails for $ 2,99 (about R 30,00) in the Cherry Culture online store (they do ship worldwide).

MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering – this brow pencil was also a previous favourite here on the blog, check it out here.  I have tried and tested so many brow products, and yet I always come back to this one.  I have very sparse eyebrows and always need to fill them in.  This pencil is great for when you are on the go and can’t be bothered with filling in your brows with a powder.  Lingering is the perfect shade for blonde girls because it isn’t too dark, or too red-toned or even too green-toned.  Retails for R 170,00 at MAC counters and the MAC online store.

Phew!!  I need to take a break now after writing this blog post…  Have a lovely weekend, and come check back tomorrow to see what my hair care and nail favourites were for 2013.



  1. 3 January 2014 / 19:50

    I got a Revlon lip butter is Juicy Papaya for only R40 at Clicks today. I’m so excited to finally try it.

    • Luzanne
      3 January 2014 / 21:56

      That’s awesome, Natasha! I need to go take a look at the Clicks sale that is on at the moment! 🙂

  2. Kelly M
    3 January 2014 / 22:07

    We don’t have Stila over here but I wish we did. I grew up in the US and lived there until recently, so I know how wonderful Stila products are. 🙁

    I adore your whole blog setup, it’s so beautiful! You are the only non-US blogger I follow now… Good job!

    • Luzanne
      3 January 2014 / 22:13

      Aaaah, that sucks… Stila is one of my favourite makeup brands here in South Africa, their products are great quality.

      You are too kind, Kelly, thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Stephanie
    3 January 2014 / 23:09

    Yes, I have been waiting all day for this!!! Such nice favs. I love WnWs Walking on Eggs shells. I really want to try Nars -organism. But im not really a blush girl

    • Luzanne
      4 January 2014 / 10:33

      Haha! 🙂 Not a blush girl? Wow, I am a big fan of blush – you should try NARS Orgasm though, it will look lovely on your skintone. 🙂

  4. Holly Morello
    4 January 2014 / 09:33

    Nars Orgasm was a favourite of mine too! Please do a review on Mary-Lou Manizer and the Stila Trio Eyeshadow, I would love to see.


    • Luzanne
      4 January 2014 / 10:33

      I will definitely do reviews for you, thanks for asking Holly. 🙂

  5. 4 January 2014 / 11:48

    You are enabling!! I have been wanting Mary-Lou Manizer for ages, now I feel compelled. Even though I just got a beige Bobbi Brown shimmer brick which is awesome…

    • Luzanne
      4 January 2014 / 14:36

      Haha! 😉 At least it’s on sale at the moment, so doooooo eeeeeeet! Get it, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  6. Tjoppie
    4 January 2014 / 12:03

    Garnier BB cream is also a great favourite of mine and the Revlon Age Defying Concealer is a must!

    • Luzanne
      4 January 2014 / 14:37

      I’m so glad you agree and thank you for commenting! x

  7. 5 January 2014 / 05:09

    Oh how I love that BB Cream! Especially during the summer months when I don’t want anything heavy on my face.
    We have a lot of the same favorites here. I too love the NYX Butter Glosses, Lip Butters, and theBalm highlighter, they are some of my HG products!

    Walking on Eggshells….one of my go-to’s!! I actually have been trying new palettes and such, that I’ve forgotten about my beloved WnW trio!

    Great favorites Luzanne!!


    • Luzanne
      5 January 2014 / 13:07

      Yep, looks like those were clear winners in quite a few blogger’s books!

      I didn’t mention any palettes in my ‘Beauty Besties’ because the ones that were my favourites are not very easily accessible in SA (or even to order them from overseas is a mission). But my 2 fave eyeshadow palettes last year were the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the Lorac Pro Palette.

      Thanks for commenting, Lily! xxx

  8. 6 January 2014 / 10:05

    great products. 2013 was really a year of BB creams. I’m still trying them, would like to try the CC cream also. so here’s to new and more products testing in 2014.


    • Luzanne
      6 January 2014 / 10:15

      Yes, it seems everyone started using BB creams in 2013 (I even introduced my mom to the wonders of using a BB cream).

      I’m tempted to try out the Stila CC cream, but need to finish a foundation / BB cream product first before I can buy a new one. 🙂


  9. Anye
    9 January 2014 / 14:48

    Love this post. I love the Garnier BB cream for oily combo skin. It was my go to product while I was in Durban during December (no makeup stays on your face in Durban with that melting heat). I am a bit worried that alcohol is one of the ingredients, eeck.

    I have only recently stated purchasing makeup from overseas and I cannot figure out how the import duties work (I am blond :-)). I have tried doing research and apparently you are not suppose to pay duties on products less than R400/R500, but I did?

    • Luzanne
      10 January 2014 / 16:09

      I agree, having alcohol as an ingredient isn’t great. The denatured alcohol listed in the ingredients is both good and bad for your skin. It is bad because it is drying on the skin (which is what you would expect of a product that is designed for oily or combo skin) but it is good for your skin because it has antibacterial, antiseptic, and astringent properties. If you have super sensitive skin, though, I would suggest trying the Sorbet BB cream since it doesn’t contain any alcohol (just checked the ingredients list now).

      I always pay duties / taxes for parcels with a value of over R 200. I used to not pay duties / taxes on parcels that were marked by the sender as ‘Gift’ but that stopped a couple of months ago, so now you do pay taxes on any parcel. Not sure where you read that the PO doesn’t charge for parcels under R 400 / R 500 but I have always paid (even if it’s a small amount) on parcels of about R 200 and up. 🙂

      Thank you for commenting, Anye! 😉

  10. Chicara
    10 January 2014 / 20:09

    Love all the picks. I haven’t had a chance to try the sorbet BB cream but it’s on my list.

    I also love the Revlon blush stick. It’s also on my faves list of 2013. 🙂

    The Wet n Wild palette is awesome. It’s become my everyday shadow for when I’m too lazy to do a heavy eye.

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