Beauty Bargain – Affordable 18-Piece Makeup Brush Set + GIVEAWAY

Makeup Brushes South Africa

I’m starting Monday off with a *BANG*,  because well…why not?  If you’re having a rather blue Monday, then I hope this giveaway will brighten your spirits just a little bit.  The last few weeks have been incredibly busy (and rather stressful) for me, so I thought it would be nice to share something exciting with you.  Take our minds off the everyday stresses of life, and celebrate our love for makeup (and makeup brushes).

I’ve been so blessed with amazing brand collaboration opportunities these past 2 to 3 months, and it’s all because of YOU.  If you didn’t support my blog as much as you do, or share my content with your friends and family, then my blog definitely wouldn’t be where it is today.  Brands like beautyblender, Giorgio Armani, Real Techniques, Lancôme, Red Square etc. collaborate with me because you continue to support my blog.  So, in a way today’s giveaway is a small thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts, for leaving a comment, for sharing my content with your friends, for sending me random tweets & photos of the products you have bought because of my reviews, and even for pressing that ‘like’ button on my Instagram / Facebook posts.

At the moment I’m working with The Body Shop, Clarins, Gumtree and some other secret brands on collaborations and sponsored posts.  As a matter of fact, I’m a Brand Ambassador for The Body Shop South Africa at the moment with a special focus on their Shade Adjusting Drops (which I reviewed back in January here) and their new Fresh Nude Foundation.

Anyway, so please see this giveaway as a special ‘Thank You’ from me to you.  I bought the makeup brush set with my own money (nothing is sponsored) and I’m thinking of doing giveaways like these on a regular basis going forward.  I love working with brands on giveaways (where they provide the prize) but I think giving away a prize that was bought with my own money, makes it just that little bit more special?  What do you think?

We all know I need another makeup brush, like I need a hole in the head.  But we’ve all been there, right?

Lazy Sunday afternoon.


Searching for random things we don’t need…which makes total sense at the time.

“Oh yes, I definitely need that unicorn shaped eraser (even though I don’t own a pencil).”

That’s how I became the owner of this makeup brush set.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, then you probably already know these 2 things about me:

♥  I love shopping on eBay – they really do have the best bargains, but you have to be smart about which bargains you choose.

♥  My motto is: A girl can never own too many makeup brushes.

I reviewed a set of Real Techniques Bold Metals makeup brush dupes in this blog post, and I received some amazing feedback.  I did, however, notice that a lot of ladies still feel a bit nervous when it comes to placing international online orders, so I decided to purchase a second set for a giveaway.

I placed the order for this brush set around the 19th of March, and received my parcel slip (to collect the parcel from my local post office) the at the end of April.  So, the set arrived 5 weeks after I placed my initial online order.  I’ve been playing with the brushes over the past couple of weeks, so I can definitely give you a detailed review of the set as a whole.  I’ve also washed the brushes a few times, just to see how they hold up in terms of shedding.  Here are my thoughts:

Makeup Brushes Review

When I first laid eyes on this 18-piece cream-gold brush set on eBay, I fell in love with it straight away.  As much as I love the stunning brush sets from Zoeva and Luxie Beauty, I just can’t seem to drop almost R2000,00 on a 12-piece brush set.  I’m definitely not saying one can compare the quality of these eBay brushes to a Luxie Beauty brush set, BUT if the brushes are soft and they work well…then why not save some cash, right?

I think it’s important to mention that not all eBay brushes are amazing quality, there really are some terrible brushes (and sets) out there.  So it’s always best to read through the seller’s feedback scores / reviews, and examine the pictures to see whether or not the bristles look like they would feel nice on the skin.  I wrote a very detailed blog post called ‘Online Shopping 101 – How, What, When? {Part 1}’ a couple of years ago, you can take a look at that blog post here.  I go through how to place an order, what to look out for, how postal delivery works, etc.

This set retails for +- R245,00 on eBay and the seller I bought my set from offers FREE shipping.  Now, if you remember when I purchased this eBay brush set, I didn’t pay any customs / duties charges.  But with my latest order I did end up paying +- R107,00 in customs / duties (for 2 brush sets) when I collected my parcel from the post office.  It’s still a VERY good deal, though, since the set consists of 18 makeup brushes – 6 face brushes, 10 eye brushes, and 2 brow brushes.  That means you pay +- R16,50 per brush.  BARGAIN!

I’m not linking a specific seller because the last time I did that, the brushes sold out within a few minutes.  ALL you need to do is head over to eBay, then type “18 Pcs Professional Soft Makeup Brushes Blush Eyeshadow Cosmetic Set + Pouch Bag” in the search bar and sort by ‘Price + Shipping: Lowest First’ OR click here.

The brushes are all super soft and 16 of the 18 brushes contain Taklon (synthetic hair) bristles.  What I really like about this set is that all the makeup brushes are housed in a faux-leather brush roll / clutch.  When my brushes first arrived, I could smell a rather intense glue scent.  If this ever happens to you, all you need to do is unroll the clutch and leave the brushes out in the open to ‘breathe’ overnight.  By the next morning you won’t smell a thing – promise!  The brush roll is very well-made (no loose threads or splitting seams) and it rolls up in such a way that all your brushes are neatly tucked in – this makes it the perfect travel companion.

eBay Makeup Brush Set Review

The handles of these brushes are made from wood while the ferrules are aluminum, they feel very sturdy and I haven’t had any of the ferrules come loose.  I love the matte finish of the handles and ferrules, it makes the brushes look way more pricey than they actually are.  Even though the brush bristles are synthetic, I find they pick up product quite well (usually synthetic bristles pick up less product than natural hair bristles).

The face brushes are dense and soft, but I must admit I wish the small fan brush was just a little bit more dense.  It applies highlighter beautifully but I feel it would pick up a bit more product if it had more bristles.  Other than that, I really like the whole set!

I always wash all my brushes before I use them because, let’s be real, I don’t know where those brushes have been.  Washing is quick & easy – the synthetic bristles don’t hold on to product too much and they also dry relatively fast.  I’ve washed the brushes 3 times in the last couple of weeks, and I haven’t had any issues with shedding.

eBay Brush Set Review

The set consists of the following makeup brushes:

♥  Large Fan Brush

♥  Small Fan Brush

♥  Powder Brush

♥  Blush Brush

♥  Flat Bronzer Brush

♥  Flat Foundation Brush

♥  Fluffy Shader Brush

♥  Dense Blending Brush

♥  Medium Shadow Brush

♥  Small Shadow Brush

♥  Inner Corner Highlight Brush

♥  Flat Tightline Brush

♥  Angled Liner Brush

♥  Small Eyeliner Brush

♥  Sponge Smudger Brush

♥  Eyebrow Comb and Brush

♥  Spoolie

♥  Lip Brush

Since most of the brushes feature synthetic bristles, you can use them to apply liquid, cream or powder products.  Some of the brushes are quite multi-purpose, for example: I can use the smaller eyeshadow brushes to apply shadow, clean up around any edges (brows, lips) with concealer, do precision contouring, smudge out eyeliner etc.  And the small angled brush isn’t only good for eyeliner but for eyebrows too.

I do think the set is missing just one brush, a nice fluffy blending brush like this one.  There is a blending brush in the set, but it’s a bit too short and dense for my liking.  It applies colour really well, but it doesn’t diffuse the colour as much as a fluffier brush would.

Top Tip: As for the flat foundation brush (you know I’m not the biggest fan of a paddle shaped brush), you can always use it to apply your face masks.  You’ll have so much more control over where you apply your creamy face mask (you won’t have to wash it out of your hairline) and I have found using a brush like this one also applies an even layer of mask all over the face.

For just under R300,00 these brushes really did exceed my expectations – they get a big thumbs up from me, and I’ll be keeping my set for travelling.

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…the GIVEAWAY!  I have 1 x Matte Cream Gold Makeup Brush Set to give away to one lucky Pink Peonies blog reader.

Affordable Makeup Brushes South Africa

To enter, all you have to do is complete your chosen entries via the Rafflecopter widget below.  Simple and easy!  If you are not sure how to use the widget below, take a look at this blog post (I cover a ‘How To’ towards the end of the post).
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: I’ve added another Twitter entry to the giveaway (usually I only have one tweet option) because I’ve noticed not everyone uses to Twitter button in the Rafflecopter widget to tweet the generic giveaway message that includes a link to the blog post.  So I’ve added another option for you to RETWEET my giveaway tweet (the one with the photo).  See below:

Makeup Brush Set Giveaway


♥  This giveaway is open to South African residents only.

♥  The giveaway will run until 11:59pm on Monday, 23rd May 2016, with 1 winner being selected at random shortly afterwards.  I always announce the winners of my giveaways on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow me on both social media platforms.

♥  If no reply has been received 7 days from the initial winner announcement, another winner will be randomly selected.

♥  Please only enter the giveaway if you plan on sticking around, unfollowers give me the sads.

♥  All entries will be checked and any false entries will be removed.

Good luck, everyone!



  1. Margo
    16 May 2016 / 13:41

    Holding thumbs, this is a great giveaway!

    • Vanessa Christiane
      23 May 2016 / 13:11

      Love to win a set of brushes, was sevastated when I went on a date night with my hubby last Friday. … the only little square brush I have had for years seemed to have grown legs, so I tried applying with a dove pad… not so great believe me!

  2. 16 May 2016 / 13:43

    Those brushes look so pretty 🙂

    Who doesn’t love a Pink Peonies Giveaway


  3. 16 May 2016 / 13:44

    Oooh so many options…
    I’ll just say this… Monday has been busy and productive and fingers crossed that Rafflecopter chooses me, I’m in desperate need of a new brush set.

  4. sylvia mcgrath
    16 May 2016 / 13:46

    Thank you! Wow, Luzanne thank you for being so kind and generous. You deserve all the fantastic opportunities that are coming your way!!!!

    And congrats on being a Body Shop ambassador 🙂

  5. JessicaB
    16 May 2016 / 13:48

    Winning these awesome brushes would be the kick in the bum I need to practice my blending skills and start wearing make-up everyday again.

  6. Jess Manim
    16 May 2016 / 13:48

    Ah, brushes! I need some in my life.

    Well, more. Can you ever have enough?

  7. 16 May 2016 / 13:49

    Ooh I hope I win! I’ve been meaning to get a full brush kit but I am a student so dropping thousands of rands on a quality set has always been a bit stressful for me – I want to make the investment but it’s always so hard to do! This competition came at the perfect time. I love that it has not one but two fan brushes! A lot of sets that I see don’t even come with a fan brush at all. My make up collection would (almost) be complete if I had these (because lets be real – you can never have enough make up)!

  8. melissa
    16 May 2016 / 13:50

    OMW Luzanne you really put so much effort in all i was so waiting on this post and thought have you forgotten but to think you literally took time to first play around with it and test it makes my heart smile even more , i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo in love with it the color the look its like i wont use it I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE im so greatful for this post i have printed it too the info alone is awesome the giveaway is a sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool bonus. im very excited i will ramble i better stop

    thank you once again love your blog post stay sweet !!!!

    whoop whoop

  9. Megan Hartwig
    16 May 2016 / 13:51

    What an incredible prize 🙂 Need this in my life, and thank you for spoiling us the reader of your blog. Fingers crossed 😉

  10. Jackie K
    16 May 2016 / 13:51

    Oh my word… I so badly need brushes

  11. 16 May 2016 / 13:52

    Fingers crossed! Here I go again 😉

  12. Bianca Balutto
    16 May 2016 / 13:52

    Those brushes are pretty I need to own them:)

  13. Salmaa
    16 May 2016 / 13:52

    These brushes are stunning! And as usual your pics are fabulous

  14. Marzanne Swart
    16 May 2016 / 13:53

    I am ordering on ebay and Aliexpress like CRAZY these days! I would love to add this to my collection!

  15. Liesl
    16 May 2016 / 13:54

    I would love to win this great brush set. I really need it in my life but shopping on ebay is unknown territory for me 🙂

  16. Willemien Engelbrecht
    16 May 2016 / 13:55

    I would love some new make-up brushes! They would look great on my dresser!

    Thanks for the insightful posts … I really enjoy reading about what other enthusiasts have to say!

    Holding thumbs!

  17. Annica
    16 May 2016 / 13:56

    Amazing!!!! Dis nou hoe n mens n Maandag moet begin!!! Dankie dat jy so baie goed met ons deel. Ons eet jou ‘blog’ soos soetgoed op!!!! Ek stem saam met jou, n mens kan nooit genoeg kwassies he nie. Ek hoop ek word as die wenner aangewys! Dit sal my jaar maak!

  18. Sara
    16 May 2016 / 13:59

    Ah this is awesome! love cheap finds!

  19. 16 May 2016 / 13:59

    Ohhh I wish this comment to be lucky! And the important Question is how are YOU!?

  20. Maryke Nel
    16 May 2016 / 14:01

    Hoping to win! They sound awesome☺

  21. Bianca
    16 May 2016 / 14:01

    Best. Beauty. Blog. Ever
    I recommend this blog to ALL of my female friends. And each and every one started following it religiously. We all LOVE that you review local products from all price ranges. I now buy Catrice products because I read the reviews – and I LOVE them!

    Thanks for the great reviews!


  22. Jacqui C
    16 May 2016 / 14:02

    Love love this blog!!!

  23. Leigh Wells
    16 May 2016 / 14:03

    DIY Make-up brush cleaner 🙂

    2 Tablespoons baby wash or dish washing liquid
    2 Tablespoons Olive Oil or Oil based make up remover

    Work wet brush into a mixture of the wash and oil.
    Wash thoroughly and gently squeeze access water out of brush.
    Dab brush on paper towel
    and leave to air dry


    • Luzanne
      16 May 2016 / 14:05

      LOVE your comment, Leigh!! So helpful! 🙂

  24. Andrea
    16 May 2016 / 14:04

    Oh yes please!!!

  25. Sonja
    16 May 2016 / 14:06

    These look like a must-have! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  26. Ronnae Elliott
    16 May 2016 / 14:08

    Awesome blog!

  27. Linell Nyakutsikwa
    16 May 2016 / 14:08

    that is a generous big heart from you Luzanne…thank you for all the input in your blog much appreciated. Bloging is not easy it takes soo much and it is soo much that we do not realise…anywhere keep on keeping on.

  28. Nicolette
    16 May 2016 / 14:09

    Fingers crossed and toes all crossed. Thank you for a great blog!

  29. Janet
    16 May 2016 / 14:12

    I really enjoyed taking the time to read this review because it took my mind off the first part of this Monday….. 🙁 Still nervous about international online shopping. We had to cough up for an order from Singapore last year, and it was a nasty surprise….! I own… let me think…. 2 or is it 3 brushes in total (yes, really) so I’m not familiar with the advantage of using brushes for makeup application because I’ve always used my fingers mostly (yes, really) however, from all the tutorials and reviews I’ve watched/read, it seems brushes are the best way to apply make up and make a huge difference to the end result, so I’d love to try! Have a great day 🙂

  30. ruth t
    16 May 2016 / 14:14

    awesome giveaway!!! my brushes leave a lot to be desired!!

  31. Jyothi Laldas
    16 May 2016 / 14:15

    After the awful day I have had thus far this really does bring some joy to my heart =) Thank you for the chance to win

  32. Zaheerah
    16 May 2016 / 14:16

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  33. Shantelle
    16 May 2016 / 14:16

    Love this blog! So excited that this is becoming more popular in South Africa and that companies are actually getting involved here.
    Would looove this prize, these brushes look beautiful and the synthetic hair is a bonus! #crueltyfree

  34. Joles
    16 May 2016 / 14:17

    Oh wow! I recently read about the benefits of flawless makeup from using either the blender or a brush. I use my finger tips currently 🙁 I so need this <3

  35. Megan
    16 May 2016 / 14:17

    Like you say…you can never have too many makeup brushes. Thank you for the giveaway.

  36. Zubeidah Tasriet
    16 May 2016 / 14:18

    Oooohhh pretty brushes all sorts and sizes 🙂 What’s not to love!

  37. Michelle Rademan
    16 May 2016 / 14:19

    Oh my soul… I LOVE ebay brushes. I am such a bargain hunter and would love to own a matching set… (I only have a few odds at the moment and I am a bit OCD when it comes to things being odd, I like things symmetrical and in sets 😉 )

  38. Nuri
    16 May 2016 / 14:19

    You always give the best reviews on products. I ever leave your blog unsure of something. THANK YOU <3

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    16 May 2016 / 14:20

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    16 May 2016 / 14:20

    Looks amazing!! Need a lovely travelling set 🙂

  41. Nikki
    16 May 2016 / 14:22

    These brushes are AMAZING!
    As always fabulous giveaways, no nonsense reviews & great content.

  42. Stephanie
    16 May 2016 / 14:22

    makeup brushes eeeeeep..ive been eyeing ebay makeup brushes but our post office sometimes makes me think twice before ordering as well as customs and duties.

  43. Nadine
    16 May 2016 / 14:23

    Ohhh!!! thank you so much for this give away. It is such a great gift for any lucky winner.
    Thank you for putting so much effort into all your posts. You deserve all the exposure and gifts that has and will come your way!!!

  44. schantelle
    16 May 2016 / 14:23

    Awesome giveaway

  45. 16 May 2016 / 14:24

    I really need to get some good makeup brushes for my kit, as the one we got for our advanced makeup artistry course sheds SO badly!! I actually want to get 2 sets just like this – one for my personal use, and one that I can label for my pro kit. Looks LOVELY!

  46. Nirel
    16 May 2016 / 14:25

    Brushes are the key to any good make up look! And a decent good make up brush set is the answer!!! This brush set is amazing! I need it in my life #pinkpeonies #giveaway

  47. Michaela
    16 May 2016 / 14:25

    Always love a good bargain!

  48. Mariska
    16 May 2016 / 14:27

    Wow! I can’t believe there is so many quality brushes that are not that pricey. This is such good news!! My sister introduced me to your blog and I have been following it ever since! Thanks for the amazing feed back and wonderful posts!!

  49. RIA
    16 May 2016 / 14:27

    Looks like fabulous brushes sets. Thank you for sharing

  50. Carmelita Emery
    16 May 2016 / 14:28

    I just love your blog❤,..I recently finished my make-up artistry course and I’m busy putting my kit together, these beautiful brushes will fit in perfectly.


  51. Monique
    16 May 2016 / 14:29

    I was truly having a blue Monday but seeing this competition has made my day! I would love to own this beautiful set

  52. Shaheeda Petersen
    16 May 2016 / 14:32

    I would love to shop from ebay but I wonder sometimes about the customs charges as they seem to apply only sometimes and I can’t find out how it really works so I never know if/how much they’ll charge me. This brush set seems like a bit of a steal even with customs charges though 🙂

  53. Marilet
    16 May 2016 / 14:32

    Im so glad you had good experiences with E-bay, I have ordered numerous times but never received any of my packages.. Now Im just to scared to order again.

  54. Tracy
    16 May 2016 / 14:34

    always enjoy your posts. congrats on becoming a Brand Ambassador!

  55. Karshnee Chetty
    16 May 2016 / 14:35

    After a long morning of being stuck in traffic and running late to work, a post on exactly what I want is all I needed. I also love shopping on ebay for both price and convenience, it does involve a bit of a wait but when it arrives its like getting presents you forgot about. Also believe it or not I have been looking for a good brush set and case and even told my boyfriend that’s what he can get me for my birthday 🙂 So when this popped up on the Facebook I just couldn’t resist.

    Thank you for the review and the awesome blog!

  56. Megan
    16 May 2016 / 14:38

    These brushes are absolutely stunning, would love a set like this to add to my make-up collection. Fingers & toes crossed 🙂

  57. Shay Mohamed
    16 May 2016 / 14:39

    Everyone needs a little sparkle and glamour in their lives. These brushes will do just that. Add soarkle to our faces when we use it.

    Fingers crossed.

    Awesome that you spoiling your readers x

  58. Julianne Sharp
    16 May 2016 / 14:43

    This is AWESOME from your side! Just shows how great you are and how much you value your supporters!

    This looks amazing! Who doesn’t need more make-up brushes, right? hehehe

  59. Wardah
    16 May 2016 / 14:43

    Thanks for generously purchasing the brush set to give away to us!

  60. Na-eelah
    16 May 2016 / 14:43

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  61. Shana
    16 May 2016 / 14:44

    They look so pretty 🙂

  62. Monique Bothma
    16 May 2016 / 14:44

    Hi All

    I’m soon doing my Bridal Make-up course & what better way to start than with my new Ebay 18 Piece Brush set.
    <3 <3 Sending some LOVE <3 <3

  63. Kelly Viljoen
    16 May 2016 / 14:45

    Whoot how lovely

  64. Rachel Goldstuck
    16 May 2016 / 14:46

    Great prize!
    Happy Monday

  65. Nicole Jansen van Vuuren
    16 May 2016 / 14:48

    Oh my goodness Luzanne your giveaways are simply amay may! I have the worst selection of make up brushes but due to me being a stay at home mom I simply cannot afford the luxury, so I try my luck at entering your giveaways 😉 ♡

  66. Tanya
    16 May 2016 / 14:48

    Its really nice of you to do these give aways! Who would love a set of brushes that came frome the Pink Peonie herself!!!!♡

  67. 16 May 2016 / 14:49

    I am obsessed with this blog! Always reading up on it, it is super helpful! So thoughtful to do this amazing giveaway! Especially on a gloomy Monday, it made my day much more exciting! I would do anything for these brushes, inlove❤️

  68. Terri Rosslind
    16 May 2016 / 14:50

    Wow! I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful collection like this but could never afford it so i go in store just to feel the soft bristles against my face (don’t judge lol)

  69. Shirley
    16 May 2016 / 14:54

    This would be an absolutley AMAZING way to cheer me up on this seriously blue Monday and pretty myself up 🙂

  70. Chaune Wentink
    16 May 2016 / 14:58

    I absolutely love your blog!!!!

    Btw – I couldn’t agree more with the fact that you love eBay!!! and i totally agree with your motto that a girl can never have to many brushes (and if i can add to many makeup products, lol)

    I really enjoy your blog and all your post and thank you for giving us a chance to possibly win a brush set!! what an awesome giveaway!!! – would absolutely love to win as i’m desperately running low on makeup brushes!!


  71. Taniel Crouch
    16 May 2016 / 15:02

    Hoping to win!! 😀
    Would be a great way to start my make morning routine journey.

  72. iamajs
    16 May 2016 / 15:03

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    16 May 2016 / 15:04

    Love ♡

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    16 May 2016 / 15:05

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    16 May 2016 / 15:05

    Coffee and cupcakes(Mini woolies for today) are normally my cheer for a Monday morning but sheww this giveaway is really special Luzanne! Thank you X

  76. Kelly
    16 May 2016 / 15:06

    Really awesome post and giveaway Luzanne! You’re just to kind to take the time and spoil us with a giveaway that wasn’t sponsored. I find that amazing 😀 Love the fact that you appreciate your readers/fans that much 🙂

  77. mercialeen o'connor
    16 May 2016 / 15:10

    You gotta love these awesome giveaways

  78. Jessica
    16 May 2016 / 15:13

    Congrats. I am so happy for you. I have been following you for almost a year now, and love seeing how you have grown. I feel like a proud mom!
    If you could see my sad looking brush set I’m sure you would hand these over without even blinking. Holding thumbs.

  79. Louise
    16 May 2016 / 15:15

    Ooohhh i hope its me

  80. Tanusta Jainarain
    16 May 2016 / 15:16

    Am i the only 1 who stil uses sponges to apply makeup lol,if i win this wil b the 1st set of makeup brushes to cum my way

  81. Jenni Ely
    16 May 2016 / 15:28

    My brush sets are nearing their end 🙁 fingers crossed!

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    16 May 2016 / 15:32

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  83. Zahrah
    16 May 2016 / 15:33

    Would love to win these brushes. I ordered a set of metallic brushes on ebay after reading your post. But I wasn’t as lucky as you. Still waiting for my order. Sent the seller a message and they apologised saying it got lost along the way and will be resend inf it again. Waiting to get it before end of May. I don’t mind the wait as long as I receive my order. It is really a bargain. Thanks for all the tips x

  84. Melissa Carstens
    16 May 2016 / 15:44

    love this blog – inspired me to start my own business as a make-up artist. would be a great start to win such a brush set. heres holding thumbs! 🙂 xxx

  85. Khema
    16 May 2016 / 15:46

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  87. ann foster
    16 May 2016 / 15:50

    The brushes are lovely, and so kind of you to do another giveaway.
    So on to the anything else” part: Monday has been a rough one, rushing from one side of the city to another, road works making me late on my way back from an appointment that ran way over time, getting chewed out by a superior for no real reason, and a late meeting that will end after 7pm. When is Monday ending?!

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    16 May 2016 / 16:56

    Oh but these brushes look fabulous! I’d love to win but good luck to all 🙂

  101. KarlaMüller
    16 May 2016 / 17:07


  102. Liezel
    16 May 2016 / 17:11

    Ooh, how exciting. It’s after reading your previous post about buying from Ebay that finally got me to take the plunge. And since then I’ve ordered 3 more times from Ebay. I think I may be addicted! So thanks. Have you ever tried Aliexpress?

  103. Kivanya Naidu
    16 May 2016 / 17:17

    These are really gorgeous brushes! I’ve only owned 4 brushes since I’ve started liking makeup, which are from Cala ( based on your recommendation). Best investment ever!

  104. Maretha Fourie
    16 May 2016 / 17:21

    Sounds amaaaazing 🙂 🙂

  105. Tasneem
    16 May 2016 / 17:31

    Anything?… Hmm. I just finished my last day at work, now for my last assignment and then exams. Then a month where i can practice and improve my make up skills. This brush set will be PERFECT for that!

  106. Sharleen
    16 May 2016 / 17:39

    Would love this set of brushes

  107. Megan
    16 May 2016 / 17:40

    These brushes look amazing! I totally agree that a girl can never own too many makeup brushes 🙂

  108. Elizabeth
    16 May 2016 / 17:43

    Brilliant giveaway. Thanks Luzanne! I would love to win this makeup brush set. Currently I own 2 brushes, a blush brush and an eyeshadow brush.

  109. Susan Aling
    16 May 2016 / 17:44

    Have been having the worst Monday but this post made it a bit better… would love to win this set!

  110. rabia
    16 May 2016 / 17:46

    having the most stressful monday ever!!! 🙁

  111. Sabine
    16 May 2016 / 18:32

    any comment 🙂 Having a super awesome week!!!

  112. 16 May 2016 / 18:34

    Love these!!! They are soo prettt!

  113. Adri
    16 May 2016 / 18:38

    I hope I win this set. Have a nice day.

  114. dionne
    16 May 2016 / 18:50

    Love the idea for the foundation brush. Hope I win this! So kind of u.
    Looking forward to your next post as always!

  115. stephanie
    16 May 2016 / 19:31

    these look like fab makeup brushes

  116. Sim
    16 May 2016 / 19:33

    Great post as usual! I definitely agree – one can never have too many make up brushes. I would love to win and expand my make up collection 🙂

  117. Shannin
    16 May 2016 / 19:38

    Congrats on all your success Luzanne! Thanks for the great giveaway and excellent content…good luck everyone 🙂 .

  118. Bella
    16 May 2016 / 20:16

    Lose brushes are to die for!

  119. Bella
    16 May 2016 / 20:18


  120. Alexandra
    16 May 2016 / 20:36

    Always love your reviews! They are so detailed and I have yet to find one that leaves me with unanswered questions. I am in desperate need of some new brushes and am seriously considering putting some money aside to grab them next month 🙂 That’s if I don’t win the giveaway of course haha! 😉


  121. R Fourie
    16 May 2016 / 20:40

    My Monday was just a bundle of stress ….. work interview ….. need I say more??

    I am glad that the companies take notice of PINK PEONIES – they will realise that it would all be worth it☺

  122. Wardah da Costa
    16 May 2016 / 21:00

    *fingers crossed* 🙂

  123. Lynette Van Zyl
    16 May 2016 / 21:03

    These brushes look so great omg! It’s about time that we are able to find AFFORDABLE good quality brushes that will actually make it to South Africa- I get very sad when foreign Youtubers have a collection of a million different makeup brushes and the only ones I can find are from Dischem. I would love to be able to get my hands on these brushes. And they’re so pretty! Bonus! x

  124. Donna
    16 May 2016 / 21:29

    I would love to win these 🙂

  125. natasha lamoreux
    16 May 2016 / 22:40

    Well breakfast today was an egg white omelet with plain oatmeal. I’m starting a healthier eating plan hope it goes well.

  126. Ashley Bree Perez
    17 May 2016 / 04:17

    My day is pretty good(:

  127. Jonna Beeton
    17 May 2016 / 05:25

    These brushes look stunning! There are a few specific brushes that I would love to have in my make-up bag, but just simply can’t afford! Student life 😉

    This blog never dissapoints ♡

  128. Nadine
    17 May 2016 / 07:23

    OMG! Pink Peonies have the best giveaways ever!
    Luzanne you are really the sweetest to spend your own money just so you can spoil us. Thank You!
    Awesome and in depth review as always.
    I hope I win this set. It’s super stunning.
    My fingers are crossed

  129. Maryke
    17 May 2016 / 07:56

    Fingers crossed! Would love this set!

  130. 17 May 2016 / 08:05


    How great is that, my worry with extremely affordable brushes is that they will shed a lot after washing. I have a set that broke my heart, it sheds so much all you see after using the powder brush is colour brisles on your face.

    I have about 10 tabs open here looking on Ebay too “I’m addicted” lol.

    Looking forward to the give away. I just need another set plus I’ve never won anything 🙁

  131. Melanie
    17 May 2016 / 08:05

    Stunning set. I NEED this please!!!

  132. Naidene Cooper
    17 May 2016 / 08:28

    I don’t own a make up brush set so this would be Amazing!

  133. Sarah Yeeranna
    17 May 2016 / 08:36

    Wow what an awesome prize!! Love!!

  134. Carmen van Leeve
    17 May 2016 / 08:59

    Firstly Congrats on being the Body Shop Ambassador! Your blog really has made a difference in my life and I am sure many others.

    Such a lovely giveaway! As I am still building my brush collection this make up set looks just right 🙂 nice selection of brushes. Good luck everyone 🙂

  135. Leigh
    17 May 2016 / 09:30

    Hi Luzanne, I would so love to win this brush set! All my brush needs sorted if I did!!!!!!!!!!!! As always, your blog posts are just awesome and you deserve all the good publicity you are getting! Keep it up! So stoked that an SA girl is doing so well xxx

  136. Chelsea Strachan
    17 May 2016 / 09:59

    These brushes look amazing! Hoping I win this one.

  137. Pravina Walabh
    17 May 2016 / 10:34

    Fingers crossed

  138. Natalie
    17 May 2016 / 10:49

    This set looks awesome!

  139. 17 May 2016 / 11:05

    Luzanne, you’ve really build an empire for yourself, you should be pretty proud of it. Love all your posts and wish you all the best of luck. Goes to show, that hard work and determination will get a person far! xoxo Lauren

  140. 17 May 2016 / 11:07

    I seriously need to update my brushes, so this looks awesome. Also, I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m starving 😉

  141. Natalie M
    17 May 2016 / 11:13

    Those brushes looks stunning, especially love the fan one. Holding thumbs.

  142. Kelebogile
    17 May 2016 / 11:28

    Congrats on being a Brand Ambassador for The Body Shop SA. You are definitely going places love ! couldn’t be more happier for you! Keep it up

  143. Tasmiya Khan
    17 May 2016 / 11:38

    So excited for this – Really need a new set of brushes. #WishMeLuck! 🙂

  144. Charlene Govender
    17 May 2016 / 12:53

    Oh pretty, pretty please ….. would love these brushes! 🙂

  145. Roxanne Chutthergoon
    17 May 2016 / 13:07

    I am doing boot camp at the moment to look fab again 🙂

  146. jade abbott
    17 May 2016 / 14:01

    Can I like go on a holiday right now?! 🙂

  147. Cathleen Masters
    17 May 2016 / 15:29

    Been wanting to buy me a set of makeup brushes. Bought 2 Cala brushes a few months ago; when I first started following your blog.

  148. courtney b
    17 May 2016 / 15:33

    I just woke up and had a cup of coffee! yum !:)

  149. 17 May 2016 / 15:43

    Those brushes do look beautiful. I would love to own a set. Sending out happy winning vibes to all!! xx

  150. Nabeela
    17 May 2016 / 16:11


  151. Isabella da Silva
    17 May 2016 / 17:02

    This set looks like it has almost every brush a gal could need! xx

  152. Sally Good
    17 May 2016 / 17:08

    Love the look of these brushes! 🙂

  153. Xtina
    17 May 2016 / 19:48

    I’d love to win these brushes! First time I heard of them was on this blog! I’ve since been hunting for them ! Unfortunately at the Foschini I went to they had a limited set, now image if I won this whole set!!!!!

  154. Alison Perrone
    17 May 2016 / 23:52

    These brushes look awesome! I would love to win

  155. Anthea
    18 May 2016 / 09:51

    I recently discovered your Instagram account via my good friend @lalannieknoll. I’m 47 years old, my daughters are practically independent and i find myself having time and resources to invest in myself again. So I’m following beauty vlogs, blogs, Instagram accounts etc like and loving it! There’s been so much to discover and I’ve been having great fun experimenting with make up and fashion.

  156. Simone Cameron
    18 May 2016 / 10:32

    I woke up sick….so wasn’t a great Monday…he he. BUT I managed to get a 2.5hr nap in after medicating myself which was awesome after being up all night with Mr Adam.

    We all know you have a make up brush addiction….lol. I desperately need more brushes…I was looking at the Urban Studio brushes and flip even R100 a brush for me is so steep at the moment 🙁

    You deserve all the brands wanting to work with you, you put sooooo much into your blog. You are not just a beauty blogger, you’re a beauty educator….and I think that is just worth so much more than just showing us how to apply eye shadow 😉

  157. Courtney
    18 May 2016 / 11:22

    I’ve loved reading your blog for what feels like forever now! My favourite posts by far are your “popping up products” I read them religiously! <3

  158. 18 May 2016 / 11:30

    Hello Luzanne

    Congratulations on being the brand ambassador for The Body Shop!

    I only have one brush at the moment, so winning this fabulous brush set would be awesome.

  159. Sheniz Boois
    18 May 2016 / 11:54

    I’ll probably end up buying this if I don’t win 😀

  160. Lean Breytenbach
    18 May 2016 / 12:11

    Would love to get my hands on these… I only own TWO make-up brushes in the last 5 years!


    And thank you to YOU for putting some life back into my make-up and beauty routine with your posts!

  161. Remona
    18 May 2016 / 12:41

    Wow what a great spoil this would be for the winner! Thanks for a great blog, Luzanne!

  162. 18 May 2016 / 12:45

    So awesome! I previously asked another blogger about make up brushes and to do a video about which is which and what to use it for(still waiting lol), but reading your blog, i am more clued up now! Thank you 🙂

  163. Thembakazi Sonwabe
    18 May 2016 / 14:36

    Wow thank you for this giveaway! Hope your blog goes from strength because it is one of my favourites.

  164. Gina
    18 May 2016 / 14:46

    I really need new brushes. Holding thumbs!

  165. 18 May 2016 / 14:46

    Brushes 😀
    I’m always entering your amazing giveaways. Love the blog babe 😉

  166. Pooja Ramsundar
    18 May 2016 / 14:47

    These brushes are just what I need to start my collection of makeup brushes.
    Would absolutely love to win this

  167. Celeste
    18 May 2016 / 14:50

    I need these in my life!

  168. angie Van der Berg
    18 May 2016 / 14:51

    wow! good to know, thank you!

  169. Tammy
    18 May 2016 / 15:01

    These brushes are nothing short of STUNNING!!!!

  170. Jamie
    18 May 2016 / 15:07

    I need these so super bad!!!
    How beautiful!!!!

  171. 18 May 2016 / 15:09

    As a makeup brush addict, I would love to try them, have them and add them to my collection :))))))

  172. Linelle
    18 May 2016 / 15:45

    So pretty, would love to have them but will definitely also have a look on eBay 🙂 thanks Luzanne!

  173. amy pugmire
    18 May 2016 / 16:03

    Usually I eat pretty good but today I had a bear claw! 🙁 I found them at the grocery store the other day and couldn’t resist!

  174. Juanita Thesner
    18 May 2016 / 16:05

    Ja, ja, ja! Awesome borsels beslis

  175. Cherie
    18 May 2016 / 16:12

    Need mac set is on its last and cant afford new ones..on a wedding budget:(

  176. Abigail Smith
    18 May 2016 / 16:15

    Wow! These brushes look amazing! I hope I win! Thanks for the post!

  177. Losh Kisten
    18 May 2016 / 16:15

    amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing giveaway # following on all social media and shared # love this

  178. Angelique
    18 May 2016 / 16:34

    i’m a sucker for make up brushes! Especially ones that do a great job!

  179. 18 May 2016 / 16:51

    Those brushes are gorgeous. I don’t like buying from international sites- our local post office is Blegh, and a friend’s parcel got lost in transit so I’m a bit sceptical- but I WILL do it one time to get me some Bundle Monster plates!

  180. Sarah
    18 May 2016 / 19:25

    Yay for makeup brushes! One can never have too many 🙂 crossing my fingers and toes for this one…

  181. Emizer Oka_Vin_k
    18 May 2016 / 22:42

    Wow your blog stay winning..all the time. I just love the effort that you put and always doing these giveaways to keep your readers happy..

    Thank you and wishing you many more years in blogging..

  182. Starla B
    19 May 2016 / 06:47

    I love that these all look so fabulous. I would love to try these out! Happy Thursday!

  183. Brenda
    19 May 2016 / 07:19

    Interesting color combo for brushes!

  184. Linda Bulcraig
    19 May 2016 / 08:06

    Oh my gosh, these brushes are amazing!

  185. Cornell Botha
    19 May 2016 / 12:06

    These brushes will be perfect for a beginner make up junkie like myself!!
    In order to get the perfect look I will need the perfect tools and these are divine!!

  186. Bev Moodley
    19 May 2016 / 14:57

    As a woman with, what could only be called a “make-up brush addiction”, these brushes would be my perfect fix! They are exquisite!

  187. Em Cameron
    19 May 2016 / 15:53

    Want! Please please please let me win!

  188. alissa
    19 May 2016 / 16:25

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway, L!

  189. Samantha
    19 May 2016 / 16:32

    Love the brushes, please let me win

  190. Daphne
    19 May 2016 / 16:47

    Thanx for this great opportunity, Luzanne 🙂

  191. thea lennox
    19 May 2016 / 21:54

    This would be so awesome. Would be great.

  192. Tanya
    19 May 2016 / 21:57

    Mars is the only known planet solely inhabited by robots ^^

  193. Fiona Swart
    19 May 2016 / 22:55

    You always have the best damn giveaways, Luzanne!

  194. Mita
    19 May 2016 / 23:21

    Love it!

  195. Zakiyya Khan
    20 May 2016 / 07:36

    I love the look of these brushes, and i think im gonna love the feel of it too!!!

  196. Jeanelle Smuts
    20 May 2016 / 09:38

    I went to a make-up workshop last night. The beauty therapist was a rep for a make-up company and was showing us how to apply make-up with their products. Spent R840 on foundation and powder…and I actually realise that the brushes made the actual difference. not the make up!! I don’t have ANY brushes!!!! THIS is what I need!!

  197. Eloise
    20 May 2016 / 09:46

    Hi Luzanne
    These brushes look absolutely AMAZING!! I would love the large fan brush for a perfect highlight.
    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway “just because”, your posts are always very insightful!

  198. caroline ritson
    20 May 2016 / 12:47

    Love, love, love this brush set!! Just what a girl needs.

  199. Missy
    20 May 2016 / 13:07

    Crossing fingers and toes

  200. jenny meier
    20 May 2016 / 13:13

    Ooh, those brushes would fill some gaps in my collection

  201. Nausheen
    20 May 2016 / 13:52

    Great giveaway !! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Plus very informative regarding affordable brushes especially since it’s so easy to spend so much money on make up!!!

  202. Charlene
    20 May 2016 / 16:48

    Awesome review!

  203. Fathima
    20 May 2016 / 17:01

    Your blog is awesome!

  204. shameeya
    20 May 2016 / 18:35

    An awesome giveaway hoping I win this one!!

  205. Anderine Ferreira
    20 May 2016 / 21:39

    Amazing brushes….they look so soft and fluffy 🙂

  206. 20 May 2016 / 22:15

    Whaaat R2k for those other brushes are crazy! This definitely seems like a sweeter deal 🙂

  207. Delphine
    21 May 2016 / 08:15

    Makeup brushes really are a game changer!

  208. Ingrid
    21 May 2016 / 11:06

    Thank you for this incredible giveaway!

  209. Hannah
    21 May 2016 / 11:34

    amazing giveaway, wow!!!

  210. Jean
    21 May 2016 / 13:37

    Good makeup brushes make all the difference in makeup application, I need these in my life!

  211. Qondiswa N
    21 May 2016 / 15:38

    I want to win, pls pls pls

  212. Sana Hadj Salah
    21 May 2016 / 19:27

    These brushes look gorgeous!
    Thank you for the giveaway! (^_^)

  213. Simone
    22 May 2016 / 12:37

    So happy to find a good SA beauty blogger, the brushes would be a bonus

  214. Iman
    22 May 2016 / 13:52

    LOve your blog and all that you post!

  215. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel
    22 May 2016 / 19:59

    Such a great brush set.

  216. Elane
    23 May 2016 / 09:57

    Love! yes, please

  217. Nazneen
    23 May 2016 / 11:11

    Fingers crossed for this one <3

  218. Alicia Viljoen
    23 May 2016 / 13:07

    What a great give away!

  219. 23 May 2016 / 13:12

    WOW! These brushes look amazing! Congratulations on all the endorsements, you do amazing work! you deserve all the blessings!

  220. Verushka
    23 May 2016 / 13:12

    Always try to enter your competition and always struggle, I really hope to win this. Fingers crossed!! <3 Love your blogs

  221. Marcy Loubser
    23 May 2016 / 13:14


  222. Nthabisemg
    23 May 2016 / 13:15


  223. Lara
    23 May 2016 / 13:18

    My favourite South African beauty blog! These brushes are absolutely gorgeous!

  224. Charlie
    23 May 2016 / 13:28

    I absolutely love your blog & your YouTube channel. This giveaway is awesome, I would love to win these brushes. <3

  225. Tara
    23 May 2016 / 13:36

    These brushes are so pretty – fingers crossed ❤!

  226. 23 May 2016 / 14:04

    I’ve ordered brushes from eBay and they’ve been such poor quality that they’ve shed everywhere. These look much better and the colours are so pretty. And it was a top rated seller so I’m scared to try again.

    • Luzanne
      23 May 2016 / 14:13

      I agree, some makeup brushes on eBay can be total duds sometimes. I bought Laura Mercier brushes (looking back now they were definitely fakes) once and was so disappointed with the quality. It’s unfortunately a chance we take, but if you receive a good set of brushes, I feel like it makes up for all the bad experiences in the past. 😉 xo

  227. Caitlin Denholm
    23 May 2016 / 15:04

    Its always lovely getting new brushes, even if it is just to test the out and see the quality of them.
    I love reading your reviews, you always give such good detail and descriptions of what you’re reviewing 🙂

  228. Daniela Aldera
    23 May 2016 / 15:14

    This post is so beautifully laid out! I read your blog regularly, and I absolutely appreciate how much effort you put into your work. Keep it up, Luzanne! x x

  229. Tasneem
    23 May 2016 / 15:37

    So crazy about your posts! Winning this giveaway would be AMAZING!! Fingers crossed xx

  230. Saabirah
    23 May 2016 / 16:08

    I would love to win this set! So pretty and so handy!

  231. 23 May 2016 / 16:44

    I’ve seen a few great tips on Pinterest on handy ways to clean your brushes. One of my favourites is to tie your brushes up upside down after washing them. You tie them up upside down on your towel-hanger-thingy with a few hair bands; in that way they can dry to the perfect shape with no risk of water getting to the ferrule and loosening the glue. It works like a bomb and is really no trouble at all 🙂 xx

  232. Nereshnee_elijah
    23 May 2016 / 18:06

    I would love love love this awesome giveaway

  233. 23 May 2016 / 18:07

    I absolutely love your blog 😀 It inspires me everyday to become a better blogger 🙂 I would love to win this so much, I am in need of some new brushes and these are gorgeous 😀

  234. 23 May 2016 / 23:29

    I’ve never won a give away, but maybe today is my lucky day!! 🙂 Thanks for the great post.

  235. michelle walker
    23 May 2016 / 23:43

    Thank u for the info on the brushes, i have seen them before but didn’t know if i could trust the reviews!

  236. Daniela Cardoso
    23 May 2016 / 23:50

    would love some really professional makeup brushes like these 🙂

    Exhausted today from studying for Varsity exams coming up next week, so a surprise would be awesome

  237. Cathy
    23 May 2016 / 23:55

    typical blue monday…too stressed from spreadsheets so an awesome prize win would be great

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