About Me & My Blog

Hello!  My name is Luzanne, creator of the South African beauty blog called Pink Peonies.  I have always had a love for all things beautiful (and delicious) – makeup, nail art, crafts, photography, a little bit of fashion and FOOD.

So here’s my blog, my version of pretty and my 100% honest opinion on the world of beauty and lifestyle.  My blog posts will mostly be related to makeup, hair care, skin care or nail care (as beauty is my first love **don’t tell my husband I said that!**) but I will also include the odd post about delectable nibbles, fantastic fashion finds and home décor too.  I promise I will keep it as interesting as I possibly can!

Let’s get personal: I live in Gauteng (South Africa) with my darling husband and two adorable little dogs – Charlie (aka Prince Charles, the sweetest little boy in the world), Jezebelle (aka Jeze, the little terrorist).  We also had the honour of giving little Daisy (our rescue dog) a loving home for 2 wonderful years but she is in doggy heaven now stuffing her cute little face with roast chicken drumsticks.

♥  Lifestyle Fetishes:  Peonies, fabric bunting, Instagram (you can follow me here), nail art, horror books / movies, pastel colours, typography, puppy’s breath, Pinterest, online shopping, glitter and facials.

♥  Food Fetishes:  Cupcakes, smoothies, watermelon, macaroons, good coffee, mangoes, fireball candies and coconut chunks (from Woolies).

♥  People Fetishes:  My hunky husband, and my fabulous blog readers!

A little more info on Pink Peonies blog:

Founded in 2013, Pink Peonies is a beauty & lifestyle blog creating fresh & original content including product reviews, beauty tips & tricks, and makeup & hair video tutorials.  As a full-time blogger, I have been featured in various publications such as Your Family, Finesse magazines, and The Citizen newspaper.  Pink Peonies has also collaborated with brands such as Giorgio Armani, Kiehl’s, Lancôme, The Body Shop and Red Square on various sponsored campaigns.  I am currently a Brand Representative for Revlon South Africa, and was an official Brand Ambassador for The Body Shop South Africa earlier in 2016.  I was recently nominated as 1 of Women24’s top social media influencers, and appeared on the Afternoon Express TV show as a Revlon #LoveSquadSA member.  I was also Beauty South Africa’s first Blogger Of The Month in September 2015, and my blog posts have been featured in The Body Shop USA, Red Square and Edgars newsletters.