5 Tips – Healthier Skin & Stronger, Shinier Hair

5 Tips Healthy Skin Shiny Hair

Some of my favourite blog posts to read are the ‘Top 10 Beauty Hacks’ or ‘Beauty Tips & Tricks’ type blog posts.  And because I love them so much, I like to feature a few of my own beauty tips here on Pink Peonies blog.  Sometimes, it’s not really a product that will solve your hair or skin problems.  Sometimes these problems are actually caused by bad habits – everyday habits you might not even realise are bad habits.  I don’t know about you but a glowing, clear complexion & soft, shiny hair are pretty much my ultimate beauty goals – everything else is just ornamental.

Today I’ll be letting you in on 5 hair care and skin care secrets that have really made a difference in the overall health of my hair and skin.  Most of these tips are things you can do at home, without having to go out & buy a new product.  And then 2 of the tips are product recommendations that I think you need in your life.  If you’re struggling with lacklustre locks that look a tad bit blah, or skin that needs a pick-me-up…keep on reading!

Tips For Healthy Skin Strong Hair

TIP 1: As it turns out cotton is often the moisture-sucking culprit that dries out our hair.  The answer?  Get your hands on a satin or silk pillow case / slip.  Satin won’t snag your hair or cause friction like cotton, which can rough up the cuticle of the hair (cuticles that don’t lie flat against the hair shaft leads to dry & less shiny hair).  I also find my curls (or any other style) last much longer when I sleep on a satin pillow – as mentioned cotton pulls the oils from your hair & dries out a style, creating static, bedhead, and frizz.

These satin pillow slips are also a game-changer in the skin department, when I wake up in the morning I don’t have a single crease on my entire face (and I’m the type of person that presses down and contorts my face while I’m sleeping).  Sleep creases are like ironing wrinkles into the skin, and being the anti-aging gal that I am, I welcome these satin pillow slips with open arms.  The lack of abrasion also helped with the redness on my skin.  Also, remember satin & silk is less absorbent than cotton, so all those anti-aging lotions and potions will stay on your face & won’t penetrate into the fabric of your pillow.

My satin pillow slip of choice is from Dear Deer (their logo is the sexy little deer magnet in the photo above), which you can purchase for R 140,00 online at Dear Deer, Retail Box, Rubybox or Zando (the 2 latter online stores are a bit more expensive though).  You can also take a look at the Dear Deer stockists list here.

Plus, it’s like laying down on a breath of cool air.  Get your hands on a Dear Deer Satin pillow slip (available in 7 colours) – it’s beauty sleep’s secret weapon!

TIP 2:  Keep a claw hair clip in the shower & use it to keep your hair in a bun on the top of your head after you’ve applied your conditioner or hair treatment.  I think most of us don’t even think about the fact that a lot of the conditioning treatments start to rinse out of the hair while we’re scrubbing, buffing, washing and rinsing our body.  Keep your hair out of water’s way by either clipping it up in a bun or covering it with a plastic shower cap (use the cheapie ones you get at hotels).  You want to give that conditioner or hair treatment a fighting chance to improve the overall condition of your hair.  We all like to get the most out of the products we spend money on, and if the conditioner is going to start rinsing out within a minute after application, then you might miss out on all the benefits.

TIP 3:  After shampooing and conditioning your hair, do a final rinse with cool water to seal the cuticle and leave hair looking extra shiny.  Super hot water opens the surface of the hair strand (the hair cuticles stand up), this also leads to colour fading quicker because the dye molecules escape.  Stick to lukewarm water when you wash & rinse you hair and as mentioned, do a quick final rinse with cool water.  I know most of you are thinking:  “In this Winter cold?!  You’ve got to be kidding, Luz!”  I totally understand where you are coming from, BUT it really does make a huge difference.  If you can’t bear the thought of standing under a cool shower, then go as low in temperature as you can possibly can.  We all want naturally shiny hair, right?

TIP 4:  One of my favourite beauty tips – washing your face after you rinse your shampoo and conditioner.  Cleansing my skin used to be the very first step in my shower routine, until I read somewhere that doing this could lead to breakouts and congested skin.  I decided to test this theory, as I struggled with small bumps on my forehead and hair line breakouts for a very long time.  Turns out, it really does make a difference.  Cleansing the skin after rinsing your hair will prevent you from having hair care product build-up on your face (and hair line) and will help your skin stay clear.

My current favourite face cleanser is the Human + Kind All-In-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser (R 149,95) – it’s a rich, chemical-free facial cleanser that lathers away excess dirt, face- and eye makeup.  The all-in-one formulation exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises leaving the skin with a natural, healthy glow.  Also included in the box is a super soft & velvety deep cleansing cloth that helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells (plus it’s machine washable – bonus!).  The cleanser contains organic jojoba oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil, organic sunflower oil, natural vitamin E and arnica oil (all those oils mean it literally dissolves even waterproof makeup), plus it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

What I also love about the brand is that they believe being natural is being kind, and for this reason, each product is formulated using natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or harm the environment.  They also pride themselves on using but no chemicals, no colourants, no parabens, no perfume & no additives.  No animal testing on product and ingredients.  You can find Human + Kind products at Clicks, Wellness Warehouse, Stuttafords or in their South African online store.

TIP 5:  Use overnight masks.  Overnight masks are typically more intense treatments than your regular 10-minute masks, and are often meant to soothe and hydrate the skin while you’re sleeping (almost like a supercharged night cream).  BUT thing that sets sleep masks apart from your average night cream is that they are lighter in texture, so you can actually wear them overnight without creating a mess on your pillow.

Here’s something I bet you DIDN’T know about overnight masks:  Their purpose is to create a permeable (absorptive) seal on top of your skin that makes anything underneath it penetrate better.  So, you are supposed to apply your serum, eye cream and night moisturiser before you apply the overnight mask (remember to wash your face in following morning).  My personal faves are the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask and the Freeman Beauty Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask.

The Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£ 23,00 / R 425,00) boosts your skin’s ability to hold on to moisture, meaning you wake up looking luminous and dewy, almost like you’ve slept in close to a humidifier.  This intense moisture replacement mask contains avocado and apricot kernel oil to deeply and instantly quench dehydrated skin. This mask if best for dry skin types, and also contains Japanese seaweed  to repair skin’s barrier (preventing future dehydration and signs of premature aging). It’s unfortunately not available in South Africa, but if you know of any beauty mules heading your way anytime soon, ask them to pick it up for you.

The Freeman Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask is a lot more affordable (R 16,95 per sachet) and leaves my skin feeling plump, soft and my dry patches were nowhere in sight.  I get 4 full-face and neck applications from 1 sachet, but if you apply a thick layer then you will probably only get 2 or 3 uses.  I prefer to apply a thin layer of this one since it can feel quite slick on the skin (if you apply a thin layer, then you won’t have to worry about it transferring onto your pillow).  It contains antioxidant-rich honeydew and calming chamomile to rejuvenate the skin.  It’s also spiked with coconut and jojoba oils – 2 of my favourite moisturising ingredients.  The sugary-sweet melon scent might put a few people off, but I quite like it.  I also really enjoyed the light texture; much thinner and more readily absorbed than most overnight masks I’ve tried so far.

The thing with overnight masks is that you need to consistently use them before you see noticeable results – you might FEEL a difference in the texture of your skin after just 1 use, but for strong visible results you need to indulge in a good overnight mask at least once a week for about 2 months.  Thanks to overnight masks, I am officially psyched to conk out come bedtime.

I’ve heard the new The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is phenomenal too, but I can’t find it in stock ANYWHERE.  I think it’s an urban legend.  I think everyone is talking about how amazing it is, when really it doesn’t even exist.  I think it’s a unicorn.  If you do see it in-store, and you live in Pretoria or Centurion, please let me know!  I have shark eyes for that overnight mask.

Aaand I have a BONUS TIP for you!  If you read my ‘Best Of Beauty 2014 – Beauty Tools’ blog post then you are probably already familiar with the CALA Wet n Dry Detangling Brush.  Its flexible bristles help detangle wet hair without breaking it and it’s also the perfect brush for ladies with thin hair.  Because its bristles are so gentle, it works through knots without snapping fine strands, and its padded cushion moves along your scalp to prevent further breakage.

We all know hair is most fragile when it’s wet, and using a normal brush with stiff bristles can damage the hair quite a bit.  I find my damp hair glides through the flexible bristles of this CALA brush, plus it doesn’t snag or pull at the hair at all.  This brush is suitable for all hair types (curly, straight, thick, fine, extensions, even wigs) and can be used on wet or dry hair.  The CALA Wet n Dry Detangling Brush retails for R 59,95 and is available at Dis-Chem stores.



  1. Jeanine Burger
    20 May 2015 / 11:22

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog posts and photo’s!

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:40

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog posts, Jeanine! 🙂

  2. Simone Cameron
    20 May 2015 / 11:27

    Finally the new look revealed! I love the dark hair, perfect for winter. You’re such a stunning girl…you just radiate beauty from inside which makes you all the more beautiful! PS I may have porridge brain and seen you with the dark hair before….I am doubting myself here that this is the first time I am seeing the dark hair… *scrunches face*

    I must say Clicks is really coming to the party with all the great brands they stock now. I just love going into Clicks, more so after reading your blog posts. ha ha. Will look out for that cleanser. I’ve been using the Garnier cleanser for spots and The body shop’s tea tree oil cleanser, so I do feel I need something that doesn’t dry my skin out so much.

    I tired that mask after you blogged about it and I do love it!

    Also thanks for reminding me I have a satin pillow case! Usually my daughter steals it…but I bought her one of her own now, but I got so used to her stealing it that I gave up on ever using it again.

    I hope you’re feeling better….physically and mentally!

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:46

      Haha! I have loaded a few photos here and there on my social media platforms but haven’t posted a fully detailed blog post yet. I needed to get used to the colour and cut first, because let me tell you: It was quite a shock to the system when I first saw it! 😉 The blog post is coming, with more info on my new hair care and hair styling routines.

      Thank you for the beautiful compliment, Simone – you always make my heart happy!

      Yes, tea tree products can be quite drying on the skin… I only ever use those types of products when I’m going through a breakout phase (which I am going through right now as I’m writing this comment…meh). I want to do a blog post on my top products for those breakout / problematic / stressed skin phases.

      You gotta sit that child down & tell her LUSH & satin pillows are OFF LIMITS! 😉 Everything else is fair game…

      Feeling much better, thank you for caring enough to ask, Simone. 🙂

  3. 20 May 2015 / 11:45

    Love jou nuwe haarkleur!!! <3

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:46

      Baie dankie, Mariska! 😉 x

  4. Carmen
    20 May 2015 / 12:16

    Such a lekker long read….
    When I saw the photos of the products I wanted to cry. I have been wanting products from the Origins range for so long now. I always see Zoella, Tanya Burr and Kathleenlights using it when I watch their youtube videos and think how amazing it must be. Unfortunately I don’t have a product mule so I need to think up another way to get my hands on them. Soap and glory is another product I would love to get.

    I generally clip my hair up while i have conditioner or treatment because of my super sensitive skin. I also cleanser after rinsing my hair for the same reason. I do it because if I don’t I will look like a little monster by the time Im out the shower.

    Im awaiting so many deliveries fromm products I ordered after seeing it here. One of them is the Burt’s bees cleanser and moisturizer from Biovea(should be here tomorrow). Im so tired of the same cleanser but to afraid to try a new one (sensitive skin sucks) Until now of course. Bless your heart and the people at Clicks because now I can try another. Hold thumbs I find it.

    Lastly (sorry for the verbal diarrhea) I purchased 4 of those freeman over night masks. I love them so much. Funny thing I washed my face and applied it straight away a few minutes later my skin is feeling tight dry and itchy and I think oh not for me so I wash my face again and apply moisturizer. The next day I try it again but this time after my moisturizer OMG the best thing ever my skin in the morning is better than a babies bottom.
    Gosh this is a blog post on its own what I actually wanted to say was thank you for the recommendations and YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:55

      YAY for essay comments!!

      I own 2 Origins products and I use both so sparingly because 1. it’s an expensive brand; and 2. it’s difficult to get hold of. The Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is just as amazing but I won’t do into more detail as I don’t want to make you salivate. 🙂 My friend (the beauty mule) came to visit again last week & I have quite a few Soap & Glory products to feature in my upcoming haul blog post, so you might want to give that blog post a skip. Or not. 😉

      You are so smart! But it must be terrible to have such sensitive skin. I can’t imagine having to deal with incredibly sensitive skin. 🙁

      I hope you receive your BIOVEA order soon, I’ve heard a few people have had issues with orders taking a bit longer than expected. I’m sure you’ll find the Human + Kind cleanser at Clicks, I’ve seen it at most (if not all) of the Clicks stores around my area (even the smaller stores).

      Freeman Beauty masks are the bomb.com! So affordable and yet such amazing quality!

      Thank you for always brightening up my days with your comments, Carmen. I really appreciate it so much. ♥

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:55

      You’re welcome, Candice.

  5. Bonang M
    20 May 2015 / 13:01

    You are looking so beautiful, Luzanne!

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:55

      Thank you so much, Bonang! *blush*

  6. Bonang M
    20 May 2015 / 13:02

    P.S. Thanks for these great tips, I’m definitely getting one of those satin pillowcases and the overnight mask from Freeman. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:56

      Awesome! Let me know if you love them as much as I do! 😉

  7. 20 May 2015 / 13:04

    I do Tip 3 in the basin to avoid frozen toes and other things hehe.

    Thanks for this xx

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:56

      LOL! Great idea! 😀 xo

  8. Anina
    20 May 2015 / 13:24

    Jy lyk great! Niks cheesy smiles nie….

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:57

      Baie dankie, Anina! 🙂 ♥

  9. Geraldine
    20 May 2015 / 13:42

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to have you back! I missed your blog posts so much last week!!!!

    Thanks for the tips, most of these I didn’t even know about. 😀 Overnight masks, never even knew they existed! Wow

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:57

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Geraldine. 🙂

  10. Inge
    20 May 2015 / 14:29

    Love these tips and tricks, you’ve opened up my eyes to so many new products and beauty habits. I’ll be visiting Clicks this weekend to take a look at that cleanser and am adding the satin pillow to my birthday list for next month. 😉

    Inge x

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:58

      Great stuff, Inge! I’m sure you are going to love those products! 🙂 x

  11. Ursula
    20 May 2015 / 14:30

    So glad you are looking so happy and healthy!! XO

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:58

      Thank you, Ursula! 🙂

  12. 20 May 2015 / 14:43

    I am loving the new look, the hair colour suites you. Thank you for all the valuable information you are sharing with us. I am even sitting with my diary making notes of the products, prices as well as the websites they available on. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge it is much appreciated.

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 14:59

      Thank you, Nicky. 😀

      It’s my pleasure, I love sharing my knowledge & tips with you. Sharing is caring, right? 😉

  13. 20 May 2015 / 15:26

    The Body Shop Mask does exist and is amazing, hahahaha. I bought it at the Sandton one immediately when it was released. I can check next time I go if they still have.

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 15:00

      Aaaaaah, that mask is haunting my dreams! I even dreamt about it the other night… MUST. FIND. IT!

      Thanks, I might just have to drive through to Sandton to get it (if it’s in stock). 🙂

  14. Holly Morello
    20 May 2015 / 17:13

    Looking gorgeous as always! 🙂 I am obsessed with the sleeping mask from The Body Shop. When it first launched here in Oz it was a huge hit with beauty bloggers and vloggers. If I could, I would send you one but I’m sure you’ll find it in your country much quicker.

    Thank you for the tips re cleansing face after shamp & cond, and using a hair clip to tie my hair up. 🙂


    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 15:01

      Thank you, Holly – that’s so kind. 🙂 I’m sure it will be back in stock soon, but in true Luzanne form, I must have it NOW! Patience is a virtue… Patience is a virtue…

  15. Wendy H
    20 May 2015 / 21:58

    Loved the tips about the nighttime masks and satin pillows!

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 15:01

      Thank you for popping in on the blog, Wendy. 😉

    • Luzanne
      21 May 2015 / 15:02

      It makes a big difference… 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my blog & leaving a comment.

  16. Faatima
    22 May 2015 / 10:14

    Thanks for sharing your tips! With winter being here my skin and hair is really suffering. Definitely going to get hold of a satin pillow case.

    Please can you advise for a good hydrating and moisturizing body lotion. my skin is extremely dry even though i try to moisturize after every bath 🙁

  17. Tjoppie
    23 May 2015 / 13:47

    Love your tips and photos! Must get my hands on a silk or satin pillow case, or maybe I can put this on my Christmas wishlist eventhough it is still 7 months to Christmas!

  18. Nikki
    11 June 2015 / 18:27

    Hi Luzanne! Where did you pick up your Freeman Honeydew and Chamomile sleep mask sachet? Thank you xx

    • Luzanne
      11 June 2015 / 18:50

      Hi Nikki – I bought mine at the Dis-Chem in Centurion Mall. 🙂 xo

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