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Foundation Reviews

I think we often forget just how important it is to have a good foundation in one’s makeup collection.  When people ask me what my favourite type of makeup product is, without hesitation, my answer is always: Eyeshadow.  I love colour cosmetics, and I love playing around with different eyeshadow formulas, finishes and shades.  But when I sit down to really think about it, a foundation is actually an integral part of my makeup routine as well.  If your skin looks uneven (whether it’s due to redness, breakouts or hyperpigmentation), you could be rocking the best eyeshadow look but your overall makeup look will still look unfinished.  I think a foundation, whether it’s sheer- or full coverage, just pulls a whole makeup look together.

Flawless skin is the ultimate beauty goal, right?

The secret is to find the perfect foundation for your skin type and skin tone.  Finding that perfect base is no easy task, so it’s best to stick to what you know.  If you have oily skin, choose a matte finish foundation that controls shine.  If you have mature skin (which is usually dehydrated), go for a hydrating foundation that gives you a luminous finish.  And if have sensitive skin, opt for a lightweight, fragrance-free, sheer coverage foundation that evens out skin tone without clogging pores.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to think of a way to start featuring more products in one blog post.  I do have my ‘Beauty Snoop’ series here on the blog, but that is for mostly new products that I recently started using.  Lately I’ve been receiving quite a few requests to talk about my favourite foundations, and the ‘not-so-good’ foundations in my collection.  So I decided: Why not feature them in one blog post?

Catrice Even Skin, LOreal True Match, Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Spotless, Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, Max Factor Miracle Match Review

A new blog series was born, called: “5 xxx | 5 Reviews”.  The idea is to review 5 products from a specific beauty category i.e. mascaras, face masks, highlighters, day creams, brow products, primers, and the list goes on.  I’ll be sure to also include products within that specific category that I did NOT enjoy using, and obviously I’ll tell you why.

I think it’ll be a nice way for me to feature a handful of products to help you decide which 1 of the 5 might be best suited for your preferences and needs.  What do you think?

I’ve been testing the below foundations on-and-off for the past 4 to 6 months, some have been in my makeup collection for longer than others, but I feel I can now give you a proper review of each one.  Each product below has been rated out of 5 hearts (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥).

Ready?  Let’s go!

Catrice Even Skin Beautifying Foundation Review


What Catrice says: “The creamy texture of this foundation contains SPF25 and offers medium to high coverage.  A dermatological study confirms that after just 8 weeks of daily application, the Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation visibly brightens pigmentation marks.  The long-lasting, pampering texture also instantly covers colour irregularities and redness for a silky-matt, smooth skin tone.”

My review: I have the shade ‘020 Beige Rose’ which is the third shade in the range (there are only 4 shades in total).  I found this particular shade is a good match for my skin, because it has a neutral to pink undertone.  The foundation itself blends out really easily and leaves the skin looking even, yet natural.  It contains no shimmer particles, but it does add a bit of dewiness to the skin and for that reason I need to set it with a powder.  After about 3 to 4 hours, I need to blot and powder because my T-zone starts to look a bit oily.  This foundation does have a slight floral scent, but it’s not too intense.  If you have sensitive skin, though, then it might be an issue for you.

I like that the foundation contains SPF25 (every bit helps) and so it will, to some extent, protect your skin against sun damage.  In terms of brightening pigmentation marks, I don’t think the ingredients in this foundation are potent enough to really do anything about hyperpigmentation.  The Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation will cover dark spots, but will not brighten or lighten them in my honest opinion.

I’ll probably keep this foundation to use during Spring and Autumn when my skin tends to be more on the normal side (less oily T-zone).  The main problem I have with it is that it initially has a semi-matte finish, but as the day goes on it doesn’t control oiliness, and it often feels like my skin gets more oily than usual whenever I wear this foundation.

Texture / formula: This foundation is fairly thick & creamy, but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

Packaging: Love the packaging, the frosted glass bottle feels weighty and sturdy, plus it comes with a nice pump.  I find I only need 2 pumps to cover my face and neck, with another half a pump to build coverage where I need it most (my upper cheeks, as I have sun spots there).

Finish: The foundation dries to a semi-matte, yet radiant finish.  I like that it looks like skin, and gives you a natural yet flawless look.

Coverage: The  coverage of this foundation is quite good, medium coverage that is buildable (but definitely not full coverage).  It covers redness, and evens out the skin really well but if you have dark under eye circles or blemishes, then you’ll definitely need the help of a concealer.

Best suited for: I would say this foundation is suitable for normal and slightly dry complexions.  As mentioned, I have combination skin (dehydrated cheek area & an oily T-zone) and unfortunately this foundation did not mattify the skin for very long (even after I set it with a powder), nor did it control oil.  It will probably be okay for combination skin types during the colder months when the skin doesn’t produce as much oil.

Longevity: It lasts for about 4 to 5 hours before it starts to fade around my nose and cheek areas.  I do have to powder around the 3-hour mark, because it can get quite oily (especially on a hot & humid day).  I have worn this foundation on a relatively cool, rainy day and I still developed oil around my T-zone after a few hours.

Beauty tools: The foundation is creamy enough to be used with a makeup sponge or makeup brush.  A dampened makeup sponge won’t absorb much product, and a good foundation brush (like this one) will buff this into the skin creating a flawless finish.  I prefer to use this foundation with a buffing brush, though, because I feel it blends it into the skin for an almost airbrushed finish.

Shade selection: There are only 4 shades available in this foundation, which isn’t great if you have a medium to dark skin tone because the third darkest shade suited me perfectly (and I’m quite pale at the moment).  This is, however, great news for fair-skinned gals, because the shade ‘050 Even Ivory’ is very light with a pink undertone.

Where to find: You can purchase Catrice makeup products at Dis-Chem stores nationwide.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation Review


What L’Oréal says: “With patented colour technology, True Match precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture.  Formulated with Precise Match technology so you can control coverage and fine-tune it.  The ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin.  With Vitamins A and C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract to keep your skin nourished, protected and healthy.”

My review: Let me start off by saying the original True Match foundation (featured here) was my ultimate favourite drugstore foundation for the longest time.  The True Match foundation was reformulated and repackaged last year, and I remember still posting an Instagram photo warning my readers that the new foundation now contains shimmers.  Well, as it turns out I compared the new bottle to my old bottle and was surprised to see the old one also contained light reflecting particles but they are a lot less visible (you almost can’t see them).  When the new True Match foundation is applied to the skin, I hardly notice any shimmer particles (what a relief!).  My perfect shade is ‘2R / 2C Rose Vanilla’ because it has a slight pink undertone.  The ‘C’ range (for cool-tone) contains pink shimmers, the ‘W’ range (for warm-tone) contains golden shimmers, and the ‘N’ range (for neutral tone) contains a mix of both golden and silver shimmers.

Is the new True Match foundation still a favourite in my makeup collection?  Yes, it most certainly is!  It’s perfect for daytime wear and everyday makeup looks due to its decent coverage and lightweight consistency.  It contains an SPF of 17 to protect your skin, but you’ll definitely still need to wear a good sunscreen underneath.

Texture / formula: The new True Match foundation has a silky texture and is a bit more runny than the original, because of this it feels quite lightweight on the skin.

Packaging: True Match is housed in a chic silver top bottle and comes with a pump, which means you can easily control the amount of product you use.

Finish: It has a semi-matte, yet radiant finish.  I used the word ‘radiant’ because even though the foundation mattifies the skin, it doesn’t leave you looking like a flat potato (with no dimension).  It has a soft focus effect, and makes the skin look airbrushed yet very natural as well.

Coverage: Despite the lightweight formula,  the coverage of True Match is really good – medium coverage that is very buildable.  One layer cancels out the redness on my face and immediately evens out my skin tone.

Best suited for: This foundation is most suited for normal, combination and slightly oily skin types.  If you have combo or oily skin, you will have to set the foundation with a powder unless you prefer a luminous finish.  If you have very dry skin, then I imagine this will cling to (and accentuate) dry patches.

Longevity: True Match lasts very well on the skin (about 7 hours) before I can see the first signs of fading around my nose.  Around the 6 hour mark is when I start to see a hint of oiliness on my T-zone, but nothing a quick blot and powder can’t fix.

Beauty tools: The new True Match works best with a synthetic makeup brush (like this one).  I have applied it using a dampened makeup sponge (like this one), but I have a feeling since it is slightly runny in texture, the sponge does soak up a bit of product.  You can also use your fingers to apply True Match, but I prefer not to use my fingers – it’s just personal preference, I find it’s a bit messy and I’m too lazy to get up to go wash my hands.

Shade selection: L’Oréal created True Match with the idea of having shades that are true to skin tones, instead of generic shades that only suit a limited amount of people.  There are currently 9 shades available in warm, cool and neutral undertones with a good range of light, medium & dark shades.  A little birdie told me that 6 additional shades will be launched in June 2016 – so in total there will be 15 shades.

Where to find: L’Oréal products are available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Edgars and Red Square stores.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation Review


What Physician’s Formula says: “Skin-perfecting ultra-fluid foundation delivers flawless, spotless coverage and a finish so natural it looks invisible on the skin.  35% Silicone formula and true-colour pigments create a revolutionary, weightless liquid veil that feels as if you have no makeup on.  Say goodbye to spots!  Powerful, brightening cosmeceutical ingredients help improve the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and sun spots instantly and over time.  Broad spectrum SPF 15 protects skin and helps prevent new spots or discoloration from developing.”

My review: I purchased this foundation mainly because of the packaging – silly, I know!  I did do a bit of research before I bought it at Dis-Chem, and thought the water-based formula sounded very interesting (especially since there aren’t a lot of water-based drugstore foundations available in South Africa).  I’ve always wanted to try the L’Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation (which isn’t available here) and based on my research, the Physician’s Formula foundation sounded quite similar in consistency and finish.

I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation, it has a really nice texture that glides on and evens out the skin without much effort.  The formula is very hydrating but doesn’t slide around like some of my other hydrating foundations.   And even though it feels like a serum foundation, it gives the skin a lovely satin finish that is almost powder-like.  My skin feels like silk in the best possible way, almost like the foundation becomes one with your skin.  One thing I have noticed, is that it’s very important to shake the bottle quite well before you use it as the foundation does tend to separate.

I have sun spots and hyperpigmentation on my upper cheek areas, and although this foundation does contain ingredients that aim to treat & lighten dark spots (not blemishes), I haven’t seen a noticeable difference yet.  Perhaps one would see a more brightening effect if you used it every single day, but I like to change my foundations quite often.   It does contain SPF15, which will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun for a limited time, so I definitely suggest applying a SPF as part of your skin care routine underneath.

I really, REALLY like this foundation – it’s one of my new favourites because it gives me that ‘second-skin’ look and feel, while also covering most of the uneven tones in my skin.  I have the first shade ‘Light’ and I find I do have to use my Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop to lighten it up since it does tend to oxidise within about 10 – 20 minutes (and ends up being a shade too dark for my skin).  The shade selection is very limited, but we’ll get to that a bit later down in the blog post.

Texture / formula: When it comes to consistency, this foundation is unlike any other foundation I’ve ever used, it’s thin & watery and feels like you’re rubbing a lightweight serum onto your skin.  After a few seconds it literally melts into your skin, leaving you with an even and revitalised complexion.

Packaging: I think Physician’s Formula did really well with the packaging of this foundation, they chose the best delivery system for the runny consistency.  If it were in a squeeze tube or pump packaging, it would most definitely dispense too much product. With the dropper, you can really control the amount you need – drop by drop.

Finish: This foundation gives the skin a satin, slightly powder-like finish.

Coverage: It does an amazing job of evening out my skin tone, plus it’s definitely buildable as well.  It won’t cover heavy acne scarring or really dark spots, but will definitely lighten and brighten them.  You will definitely still need a concealer to cover dark under eye circles and sun spots, but Youthful Wear Spotless does a superb job of covering up redness.  It doesn’t settle into the larger pores on my face, and gives a healthy, brightened and youthful look to my skin.

Best suited for: I think this foundation is suitable for all skin types – it’s hydrating enough for dry skin, and gives a lightweight powdery finish for normal and combination skin.  I always set my foundations with a powder anyway, it’s just a habit.  So if you have combination skin, then you might be able to get away without setting it initially (but might have to blot and powder after about 4 hours).  If you have dry skin and you find the finish of this is too powdery (it’s not a matte finish, more velvety), then you can always apply a nice hydrating primer underneath.

Longevity: Staying power is great, even with my oily T-zone skin I can get 8 – 10 hours’ wear on a cooler day, and 4 – 5 hours’ wear on a very hot & humid day.  It tends to fade a bit faster on warmer days, but only around my nose area.  You can always up the staying power by applying a primer beforehand and an oil-controlling powder after application.

Beauty tools: There is a cute little buffing brush included in the packaging (take a look at this image), but I forgot to take a photo of it since I never use it with this foundation.  I find it way too small to use for foundation application, almost like trying to paint a room with an arts & crafts paint brush.  Physician’s Formula suggests dropping a few drops onto the brush and buffing it into skin but I have found this technique to be wasteful – whether you use the included brush or any other foundation brush, dropping the foundation directly onto the bristles only makes the brush absorb most of the product.   I would suggest using the dropper to drop 4 or 5 drops onto the back of your hand, then using your fingers to dot it around the face, and only then going in with a foundation brush like the Sigma F80 or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.  This foundation is way too runny for a makeup sponge, and you’ll end up wasting most of the product since it will be absorbed into the sponge before you can apply it to your face.

Shade selection: For me, the biggest fault with this foundation is that it has such a small shade selection – only 3 shades are available (Light, Medium, and Medium Beige).  I own the lightest shade, and I find it’s still too dark for my skin tone.  It also has a slight oxidizing issue, so if you have very fair skin then you might want to give this foundation a skip (unless you already own the Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop).

Where to find: Physician’s Formula products are exclusive to selected Dis-Chem stores.

Top Tip: I have actually found a better use for the small, slanted Youthful Wear Spotless foundation brush – it’s great for applying cream and liquid highlighters (like this one, this one and this one) because it allows for very targeted / precise application.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation Review


What Maybelline says: “For a satin-perfect skin tone – perfectly smooth, naturally unified, luminous and soft.  Its formula combines the  lightness of a mousse and the coverage of a foundation.  Its texture embraces the skin for a unified coverage with no excess, refines skin texture and gives skin tone a soft and satin finish.”

My review: I bought this foundation at the beginning of this year when I was a bit more tanned, and so the ’30 Sand’ shade I have now is a teensy too dark for me (especially now that we’re moving into the colder months).  I don’t see this as a huge issue, because I can always lighten it using my Shade Adjusting Drops.  The foundation is super blendable and doesn’t dry too quickly, so it’s easy to work with.  Coverage is pretty darn good, so I like to wear this foundation for everyday makeup looks when I want something that evens out my skin tone but still feels nice & light on the skin.  If you’re looking for an affordable, easy to apply, buildable coverage foundation with a semi-matte, yet natural finish…well, then this is for you!

Dream Satin Liquid doesn’t accentuate my rather enlarged pores, and doesn’t settle into fine lines / wrinkles either.  As always, I do set this with a powder because I prefer a matte finish initially that will help to control the oil my skin produces throughout the day.  I see a setting powder as a preventative measure, if you have combo / oily skin and you take the time to set your foundation then it’ll take longer for your natural oils to start peeking through.  The foundation contains an SPF of 13, which isn’t very high, so you definitely need to apply an SPF underneath as well.

Texture / formula: The consistency is thick and creamy, however, it doesn’t FEEL heavy on the skin at all.  On the contrary, I sometimes forget I’m wearing any foundation at all.

Packaging: I like the slim glass bottle with the foundation pump – it allows you dispense just the right amount of product, so there’s no wastage.

Finish: A very good balance between semi-matte and natural, although on oily skin it will most definitely look more dewy than anything else.  It leaves my skin looking ever so slightly airbrushed, but not entirely flawless.

Coverage: I would say this provides a good medium coverage that can be built up to a fuller coverage if desired, but be careful – if you apply too many layers, it can start to look cakey.  It covers up redness, and evens out the skin but I’d like it to cover imperfections a bit better.

Best suited for: Dream Satin Liquid is most suited for normal, dry and combination skin.  It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic, and fragrance free, so  theoretically it should be suitable for sensitive skin as well.  I don’t have sensitive skin at the moment, so I can’t comment on that.  It doesn’t cling to, or accentuate dry patches but if you have really dry skin, then I would suggest applying a hydrating primer as your first step.  I don’t recommend this for oily skin types as it doesn’t control oil very well, and you will have blot & powder every couple of hours.

Longevity: As mentioned, I have combination skin and with this foundation I have to blot & powder after about 4 hours to keep my skin looking fresh and matte.

Beauty tools: You can literally use any type of makeup application tool with this foundation – dampened makeup sponge, fingers, or foundation brush.  On the days when I’m looking for light to medium coverage with a more natural finish, I will use my dampened Beautyblender.  And when I want something a bit more full coverage, I like to buff this foundation into the skin using my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush.

Shade selection: There are 9 shades available, ranging from light to medium-dark.  If you have a very dark complexion, then I don’t think you will find a shade that is suitable for you unfortunately.

Where to find: Maybelline products are available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars, and Red Square stores.  You can also purchase this foundation online at Takealot.com.

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review


What Max Factor says: “A revolutionary new product that cleverly combines flawless-looking shade matching that blurs imperfections and nourishes skin with hydration.  Feeling like a moisturiser on application, Miracle Match Foundation is the first from Max Factor to contain a new silicone ingredient that behaves more like a moisturiser and enables high-performance blendability with medium coverage.”

My review: This newbie from Max Factor aims to find that perfect shade for you, while giving a healthy, flawless look to the skin.  Traditionally, full coverage foundations can look a bit too heavy and / or too cakey.  Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation bridges the gap between coverage and colour match – it aims to offer high coverage, expert shade precision with a very lightweight feel for flawless and healthy looking skin.

I have the lightest shade available in South Africa, called ’50 Natural’, which has a rather strong peachy undertone.  Miracle Match blends extremely well into the skin without much effort, and feels very comfortable to wear.  This foundation does contain light reflecting particles to help brighten the complexion, leaving you with radiant-looking skin.  I agree with their statement that it feels like you’re applying a moisturiser, but for me, this foundation provides light coverage.  It is buildable, but still I feel like this is more of a BB cream than a true foundation.  It evens out the skin quite nicely, but you will definitely need the help of a corrector and / or concealer to cover up any imperfections.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this foundation is more suited for someone who has ‘almost perfect’ skin, someone who doesn’t need a lot of coverage but still wants that little something extra to even out the skin.  For me, this will be reserved for days when I’m having a good skin day.

Texture / formula: The texture feels creamy and nourishing as you apply it, and then lightly dries down and becomes almost one with the skin.

Packaging: I really like it when a foundation is packaged in glass bottle with the foundation pump – it’s just so much easier (and more hygienic) to use.  This one from Max Factor didn’t disappoint!

Finish: Miracle Match has a matte, yet luminous finish (thanks to the tiny golden shimmers).  Not luminous as in dewy, luminous as in bright and youthful.  Don’t worry, the shimmers are hardly noticeable once applied to the skin.  It allows the natural radiance of my skin to shine through without looking too glowy.  Miracle Match contains less powders and added translucent micas, so the skin is not entirely mattified, nor is it left feeling dewy – it adapts to your skin for a finish that is uniquely yours.

Coverage: The formula offers a light coverage that evens out the skin in a very natural way.  It doesn’t accentuate pores, fine lines or dry patches – it leaves your skin looking like…well, skin.  You can definitely build up a couple of layers of this foundation to increase the coverage, but I’d much rather just add a concealer to the areas where I need it.  Two pumps cover my whole face and neck area, but bear in mind it provides the coverage of a BB cream.  If you want medium coverage, then you’ll have to apply 3 to 4 pumps (and that’s just wasting product for me personally).  That’s why I say, I’d much rather only use this foundation on the days when I don’t need the extra coverage.

Best suited for: There’s no doubt in my mind that this foundation is suitable for all skin types, mainly because it is so lightweight and sheer in coverage.  Vitamin B & E, and the added light reflecting particles will give dry skin a subtle radiance, and the light matte finish will be suitable for normal, combo, oily and even dry skin.  IF you have very dry skin, then I would recommend applying a hydrating primer underneath.

Longevity: Miracle Match lasts quite well on my skin, after about 5 hours it still looks good and hasn’t faded around my nose or chin area.  I don’t think it is particularly oil-controlling, but it doesn’t exacerbate any natural oils that my skin produces.  On a warm day, though, I do have to blot and powder around the 6 hour mark.

Beauty tools: This foundation is creamy enough to be applied with a makeup brush, dampened makeup sponge or even the fingers.  If you are after a bit more coverage, then I suggest using a buffing brush with synthetic bristles.

Shade selection: The shade selection is not that great, and I’m sad to say the 4 shades that are available in South Africa will unfortunately not to suit everyone.

Where to find: Max Factor products are exclusive to selected Clicks stores.

The swatches you see below are quite heavily swatched, just so that you can see the shade and undertone of each foundation.  The shade on the right (Max Factor Miracle Match) looks a bit lighter in the photo than it actually is, I imagine it’s because the light was reflecting off it (and it hadn’t set yet).

Foundation Swatches

Shew!  Now that was quite a long blog post…  I had no idea I had so much to say about each foundation.  PLEASE let me know in the comments section below whether this is something you would like to see more of i.e. ‘5 Primers | 5 Reviews’ or ‘5 Hair Oils | 5 Reviews’ or ‘5 Face Masks | 5 Reviews’.  It can be anything – but I need you to tell me what you would like to read about.  You can even suggest specific products that you would like me to review, for example: “Luzanne, I would like to see you review the new Smashbox Primer Oil as 1 of the 5 primers.”

I love receiving feedback, it really helps me to stay on track to create content that you enoy reading.

P.S. Please bear in mind, we all have different skin types and skin tones.  Even if you have combination skin, your skin might produce more oil than mine (and a certain foundation might not work as well for you).



  1. Shana Abrahams
    16 March 2016 / 15:41

    Thanks for this.

    I would love to see a top 5 review of the high end brands for foundation and whether some of the foundations are worth the fuss 🙂

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 16:49

      Thanks for the feedback, Shana – I’ll be sure to do something like that in the future. 🙂

    • melissa
      18 March 2016 / 13:13

      Great review thank you !!!! its hard for me to find a shade that i fall inlove with but this gives a push in right direction

  2. Sharon
    16 March 2016 / 16:12

    Hi Luzanne ,

    I think the 5x feature is a great idea. I would like to see a rating perhaps a mark out of 10 or 5 stars – so when at the end of the article I can see straight away which product you thought was the best. Perhaps at the conclusion you could state your fav one.
    Looking forward to future reviews.

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 16:50

      Great idea, Sharon!! I actually updated the blog post after reading your comment, and added a rating out of 5 hearts for each product. I hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Kate
    16 March 2016 / 16:16

    thanks for your review. i have the catrice foundation and i LOVE it! i bought the lightest shade because the lightest shades are usually still too dark for me but shock horror it was too light!!! but it still works fine, giving me a porcelain doll effect.

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 16:51

      Haha! I can imagine the lightest shade must be really, REALLY light. Great news for ladies who have difficulty finding a foundation that is light / pale enough for their skin. 🙂

  4. 16 March 2016 / 16:17

    I thoroughly enjoyed this review Luzanne, the 5 xxx | 5 Reviews idea is above awesome.
    I’ve never tried any of these foundations, but I’m thinking that I’m maybe missing out. The Physicians Formula one sounds a lot like MAC’s face and body, which is also lightweight and watery.
    I agree with Shana above, I would like to see a 5 Reviews post on high end foundations, why (or if) they are worth the splurge, and then also one on concealers. And also maybe one on topcoats that make your nail polish last longer. Weird, I know, lol.
    Just for interesting sake, which colour are you in MAC, like NW20, and which setting powder do you use?

    I think you started a revolution here with an excellent idea, loved it, thanks! 😀

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 16:59

      Thank you for the feedback, Marné – I really appreciate it. 🙂

      The Physician’s Formula foundation is so much better than the MAC Face & Body. It’s a lot thinner in consistency and the finish is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve used the MAC one in the past, and it was way too dewy for me…oils developed on my face where I didn’t even know oils could develop. 😉 The Physician’s Formula foundation gives you a nice velvety finish, I would have given it 4,5 out of 5 stars but decided to deduct half a point because of the limited shade range.

      I’ll definitely see what I can do about reviewing 5 high-end foundations. I must be honest, though, I tend to stick to mostly drugstore foundations because if the formula doesn’t work out for me, at least I didn’t waste R500 or R600.

      Great idea to feature top coats! I never would have thought of that!

      I am a MAC NW20 foundation, and my favourite setting powder is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in shade ‘Light Medium’ (best powder I have ever used).

      Thank you for the compliment, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed reading the blog post.

  5. 16 March 2016 / 16:29

    Love this post, the Physicians Formula is now on my wishlist thanks to you! I love the Catrice foundation, but it is too light for me, and there aren’t any shades that would suit me.

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 16:59

      I hope you find a shade in the Physician’s Formula foundation that will suit your skin tone, Azraa. 🙂

  6. R Fourie
    16 March 2016 / 18:27

    5x – super idea! 5 longevity lipsticks?
    I have oily t-zone with dehydrated and sometimes dry cheeks.
    I own the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Nude. I used about a quarter but it “stings” my skin. Now its just staring at me. 🙁
    I also own the L’Oreal True Match in 3R/3C. I asked for a sample, used it and was quite happy with the results – so I picked up a full size and now the shade looks tooo pink. The lady did match me. I only used it once.
    It is really difficult to find a suitable foundation – wish someone can do it in store without promoting their “counter”.
    Thank you for the thorough review. 🙂

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 18:49

      I’ve added your idea to my list – thanks! 🙂

      That is so strange…I’ve never felt any stinging sensation when I’ve used the Maybelline foundation. Maybe you got one from a bad batch? If I were you, I would definitely contact Maybelline South Africa (send them a tweet or post on their Facebook page) and ask them what can be done about it. Maybe they can give you a replacement?

      Yes, the ‘R / C’ range will be quite pink in tone, maybe you should rather go for the ‘N’ range of foundations? I find I can work with either the ‘R / C’ range or the ‘N’ range. I do have a slight pink undertone to my skin, but a good neutral foundation works well because it neutralises my pink tones but in a very natural way.

      It so true what you say, though, it’s SO difficult to find that perfect foundation with the perfect undertone. I bought a rather pricey MAC foundation about 2 or 3 weeks ago and the sales assistant insisted that it was the right shade for me. I looked at it on my jawline and it looked like it blended in well. When I got home, though, it was a completely different story… The foundation was SO orange in tone and a bit too dark as well. I’m convinced the samples / testers that they have change in colour over time because the shade I saw at the MAC counter was definitely different (she did give me the same shade name). I can lighten the foundation with my Shade Adjusting Drops but it doesn’t change the orange undertone. I’m so disappointed, such a waste of money. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      Anyway, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

  7. Hanneri
    16 March 2016 / 18:37

    Thanks for the detailed reviews. I really enjoyed reading the post. I like the new features you are adding to the blog and would love to see more 5xxx reviews, e.g. Primers.

    • Luzanne
      16 March 2016 / 18:49

      My pleasure, Hanneri. 🙂 I think a ‘5 Primers | 5 Reviews’ blog post will be next up in the series. 😉

  8. Bianca
    16 March 2016 / 21:41

    Love this post and yes please continue to do them. Would love to see a setting powder comparison for drugstore for us oiler skinned ladies. Currently using Rimmel True Matte but have heard good things about Wet & Wild too – so would love to hear your thoughts.

    What blotting papers do you use? I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find any.

  9. Kelly
    16 March 2016 / 22:00

    Heya, first of all, thank you for the amazing reviews on five of the foundations. I can’t even manage explaining what one does! Wow, u are amazing. Just loved your in-depth reviews. It’s so weird but I was going to suggest in your next post if you could please do a battle of the makeup primers like u did with the setting sprays and rate them like you did as well. I would love to know who wins between the smashbox Photo Finish primer and the porefessional from benefit. There’s also one I’ve seen lately from benefit, the porefessional matte rescue. Would love to hear your thoughts on those 🙂

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:39

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, Kelly – I always appreciate it. 🙂 I will definitely add primers to my ‘5 xxx | 5 Reviews’ list. Primers are a MUST for me, so I’m glad people would like me to do one for makeup primers. The new Benefit Matte Rescue Mattifying Gel is actually not a primer, it’s a type of primer for your makeup primer. You apply it after your moisturiser, but before your makeup primer – it will control any oil your skin produces. I’ll definitely do a review on that one soon. 🙂

  10. Aisha
    16 March 2016 / 22:12

    I enjoyed reading this so much! Definitely continue with the 5xxx blog posts ☺️ could you please do one on BB creams and include Maybelline Dream BB cream, and The Body Shop shade adjusting BB cream?
    Also one of drugstore setting/loose powders? I have this crazy problem with setting powder for my NC42 skin – it gives these white marks under my eyes when I’m pictured with a flash . I have a warm undertone to my skin so I’ve been on the hunt for a good setting powder thats yellow-ey, as I think it will also lighten up my under eye area.
    Also perhaps do a post for 5 drugstore eyeshadow palletes?
    Omg I’m so excited for your next 5xxx post!
    Keep it up, Luzanne. Your blog is the bomb.com.

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:46

      Thank you, Aisha! 😀 I will add a BB cream ‘5 xxx | 5 Reviews’ to my list but I’ve already reviewed the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream on the blog, you can take a look here: http://pinkpeonies.co.za/beauty-snoop-2-maybelline-nivea-lipidol-rimmel-essie/

      If you have any other BB creams in mind, let me know – I’ll be happy to include them in the next review. 🙂

      Drugstore setting powders is also on my list – I recently bought the Catrice All Matte Plus to start testing out. Have you tried finding your shade in the L’Oreal True Match Powder? As far as I know their shade selection goes quite dark. The white marks you see is called a ‘flash back’ and it usually happens when your makeup product contains SPF. If it’s under your eyes, it might also be that your concealer contains SPF, maybe check the packaging.

      Great idea to do a drugstore palettes blog post too – I wish the L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude palettes were available in South Africa…I would LOVE to do an in-depth review on those. 😉

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment, Aisha – I hope you have a wonderful week! xo

  11. Tiffany
    16 March 2016 / 23:00

    Do more! Do more! I’d like to see 5 xxx reviews on primers, setting powders, face masks and mascaras. 😀
    Love your blog so much, it’s the only blog I check in on every day.

    Tiffany xo

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:49

      Haha! I definitely will do more of these – it sounds like most people are keen to see more. 😉 I’ve added your suggestions to my list – thanks, Tiffany. 😀

      And thank you so much for the lovely compliment. xo

  12. Marisha Naidoo
    16 March 2016 / 23:22

    You know what, Luzanne, you are freakin awesome!! Not many bloggers would take their readers’ feedback on board so quickly and update the blog post with their recommendations like you did today. I’m so happy to see you took Sharon’s suggestion and added a rating for each product.

    Keep up the great work!!!


    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:49

      Thank you so much, Marisha!! 😀 It was a great idea, so I wanted to start this series off in the best way possible. 😉

  13. Olwethu B
    16 March 2016 / 23:23

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks, L.

    May you please do a 5 xxx blog post on 5 eyeshadows palettes? They can be high-end or drugstore. 🙂 I would really appreciate that.

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:50

      My pleasure, Olwethu. 🙂 I’ve added your suggestion to my list – thank you!

  14. Anina
    17 March 2016 / 08:54

    Ek is n die hard Estee Lauder Double Wear fan (gebruik dit al vir die laaste 7 jaar), maar dit was nou rerig lekker om te lees oor hierdie!
    Alreeds n groot ondersteuder van die 5×5 konsep! 🙂
    n Paar wat ek graag meer van sal wil lees is eyeshadow primers, setting powders en liquid eyeliners.
    Lekker dag vir jou!

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:53

      Ek is netso mal oor die Estée Lauder Double Wear onderlaag! 😉 Ek het jou idees op my lysie geskryf, hopelik sal ek sommer gou by al 3 uitkom.

      Dankie dat jy altyd by die blog kom inloer, Anina – ek waardeer dit verskriklik baie.

  15. 17 March 2016 / 12:06

    Hi 🙂

    Love this post so much. I really look forward to when you do new posts. Best SA… no wait… worldwide blogger ever. Thanks for always sharing


    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:54

      Wowie! Thank you so much for that amazing compliment, Melissa! 😀 You just made my day!

  16. Danielle
    17 March 2016 / 12:14

    Thanks for this post! Particularly grateful that all of these are drugstore and that means they’re in my price range! I have been trying to decide which foundation to try next that suits my colouring and combo skin. I think I’ll try the True Match foundation. I have a request for you to review the Revlon Colorstay foundation if you will, I’d love to see how it compares to the L’oreal formula and coverage, etc. as that’s what I’m using now. I heard the formula has changed since I got my bottle and I’m a bit wary just to get another one… as it’s relatively expensive.

    As for other suggestions, could you do a “5 contour products, 5 reviews” post? I’m sure many people also want to know what’s good, what lasts, what’s patchy, what’s scratchy, what’s unblendable, what’s too warm for you and should rather be used as a bronzer… there’s a lot to say about contour powders!

    I would also love a post on face masks! I’ve been using Freeman masks and the Good Things manuka honey mask, but I want to branch out!

    Thanks for everything you do for us, Luzanne, I hope you have a great day.

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 16:59

      You’re welcome, Danielle. 🙂 I don’t own the Revlon Colorstay Foundation but will pick it up when I’m at the shops again. I know there are 2 formulas – do you want me to review the one for combination / oily skin or the original one for normal / dry skin?

      Great idea to do a contour products post – you’re right, I’m sure a lot of people would like to read a comparison review on them. Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve added it to my list.

      I’m very excited to do a ‘5 xxx | 5 Reviews’ post on face masks, I have so many that I love to use (and others that I don’t like that much) so will definitely write one soon.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  17. Nazli Jacobs Basardien
    17 March 2016 / 12:42

    I would like you to do a review on 5 Tinted Moisturiser , please .
    I hardly ever wear make-up but would love to start wearing everyday , however i’m not interested in wearing foundation therefore someone suggested a tinted moisturiser.
    I have dry skin and would prefer products with an SPF in…

    Amazing review , will definitely be purchasing one of these soon..


    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:01

      Would you mind if I mix tinted moisturisers and BB creams in the one post? I don’t know of that many tinted moisturisers available in South Africa, but will keep my eyes peeled. I’ll be sure to keep products that contain SPF in mind for the blog post as well. Thank you for the suggestion, Nazli. 🙂

  18. Andrea
    17 March 2016 / 13:39

    Love the idea of the 5 reviews! Such detail too! It’s really awesome because now I feel like I have a clear idea which product would most suit my skin. A little bit of direction always helps because I find the makeup counters can get a bit overwhelming after a while!

    I’d love to see a mascara review where you compare 5 but we also get to see what it looks like on the eye. I often read reviews where there is a lot of detail about the brush or the consistency of the product but I always want to know what it actually looks like and if you can see a difference between the different brands. Just an idea 🙂

    Thank you for the incredible post as always! You put so much effort into your blog and I’m sure all your readers will agree that it is a treat!

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:05

      I completely agree with you – it can sometimes be a real pain to find that perfect foundation (not many testers, too many options, and sometimes an overbearing sales assistant).

      I’ve added the mascara review to my ‘5 xxx | 5 Reviews’ list, and will try my best to include photos of each mascara on my lashes. I must be honest, close-up photos of eyeballs freak me out (that’s why I never really do close-ups in my videos or FOTD / MOTD blog posts). But I will see how I can get around that – promise I will try my best. 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to pop by the blog and for leaving feedback, Andrea.

  19. Lisl van den Hoven
    17 March 2016 / 14:34

    Love your new 5 x concept. I really enjoy mixing high-end and drugstore makeup. How about doing nude eyeshadow pallets? (My favourite make-up item.)

    Many thanks,

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:07

      Thank you for suggesting that one, Lisl – nude eyeshadow palettes are my favourites too! 😉 And I’m sure I own enough of them to do a ‘5 xxx | 5 Reviews’ blog post.

  20. Simone Cameron
    17 March 2016 / 15:28

    I definitely like these types of posts. I didn’t see anything that’s amazing for oily skin, but I do think I’d love to try the True match.

    I’d love to personally see you compare 5 highlighters. Especially with me having major FOMO on not being able to afford the Mary Lou manizer so I’d love to find something cheaper or more accessible that you may enjoy. Also mascaras and primers. And primer spray…. okay that’s my list. lol.

    PS I’d totally love to see you do the no mirror make up challenge 🙂

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:11

      True Match is a great option for oily skin, but you’ll have to set it with a powder. The L’Oreal 24H Matte foundation I reviewed in my last video is the BEST drugstore foundation for combo / oily skin in my makeup collection at the moment. I decided to not include it in this blog post since I already dedicated a video review to it.

      Ooooh, love the highlighter idea!! And I’ve added all your other suggestions to my list as well. There aren’t that many primer sprays out there (in South Africa) but will dig around & do some research. If there’s another primer spray (in addition to the Smashbox one), I’ll find it and will review it. 😉

      I filmed the ‘No Mirror Makeup Challenge’ today – I’ve had quite a few people ask me to do it in the last few weeks for some reason. I had SO MUCH FUN!!! Just need to edit it, and hopefully it will be up on my channel this week still. 😉

      • Simone Cameron
        6 April 2016 / 11:40

        I can’t wait to see the No mirror make up video!!!!!

        I have the L’oreal 24hr Matte foundation and I LOVE it…so maybe I should stick with what works. I just need a decent finishing pray to add a bit of hydration. I know when I’m not taking care of my skin the foundation can look a bit dry.

  21. 17 March 2016 / 17:33

    I loves this post. I read it after the hearts were added so I could immediately see which got the best score.

    I love it when you compare drug store brands, which is easily obtainable and affordable. I would love to see brow kits, mascara, drugstore shampoo / conditioner ranges. (And maybe one on these waterproof eye pencils, waterproof or not I always have racoon eyes after a hot day even with primer)

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:12

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the blog post – thank you for your suggestions, Tanya. I’ve added them to my list, especially looking forward to doing a ‘5 Brow Kits | 5 Reviews’ blog post. 😉

  22. Franzel du Toit
    17 March 2016 / 18:35

    Dankie Luzaan die inligting is baie interessant en dit help baie! Ek sal graag meer wil uitvind oor ‘drugstore acid toners’. Ek volg ‘n paar oorsese blogs en ‘acid toning’ is mos een van die groot boehaais in velsorg deesdae! So moeilik om in SA voldoende bekostigbare produkte te kry wat effektief is. Dankie!

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:33

      Oh, dis ‘n baie goeie idee! Ek sal bietjie navorsing moet doen oor drugstore acid toners, want ek het in die verlede meestal ‘high-end’ acid toners gebruik. 🙂

  23. Jackie Heijmans
    17 March 2016 / 20:44

    Hei hei Luzanne, dankie vir al die goeie inligting.
    5/5 idee is fantasties!
    hoe voel jy oor ‘n “no mirror make up challenge” …. lol
    uhm ek sal daarvan hou as jy n paar goeie produkte noem vir vrouens in hul 50’s … velprodukte en grimering, ens.
    en ja….palettes :))))

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:35

      Dis ‘n groot plesier, Jackie! 😀 Ek het juis vandag die ‘No Mirror Makeup Challenge’ gefilm en gaan die video vanaand begin edit. Ek het dit vreeslik geniet!

      Ek sal definitief probeer om meer produkte te noem wat vir meer ‘mature’ velle gemaak is – dankie vir die idee. 😉

  24. LiezelTee
    17 March 2016 / 20:53

    Love this please! I just started using the Maybelline as my fave Bourjois Healthy Mix is out of stock and quite like it too! Thanks again, always informative!

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:35

      My pleasure, Liezel. 🙂

  25. LiezelTee
    17 March 2016 / 20:54

    sorry – please do more i meant 🙂

  26. 22 March 2016 / 10:37

    I’ve always wanted to try these foundations, especially the L’Oreal True Match and Maybelline Dream Satin but there are no shades that match my yellow-undertoned skintone and are either too light or too dark. I’ve considered getting the shade adjusting drops but I prefer to get a match instead of adding an extra step. Excited to see the new shades they’re bringing out and hopefully *fingers crossed* I’ll be able to find a match.

    Great post as always Luzanne. Would love to see more of these series.

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:38

      Ah no – how disappointing! Have you tried the Bourjois foundations? They have quite a yellow undertone to them. Otherwise, I hope you find a match in the new True Match shades launching later this year. 😉

  27. Riette
    25 March 2016 / 16:39

    Very excited about this series – I am now curious about the Catrice and Physicians Formula foundations. Please could you compare concealers? I am frustrated with concealers that makes you look like you tried to conceal something ☺. I want it to look natural!

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:39

      I’ll definitely do a ‘5 Concealer | 5 Reviews’ post – I think a lot of people would like to see a comparison of 5 different types of concealers. 🙂

  28. Nicky Good
    27 March 2016 / 07:49

    Wow Luz, beautifully Written! What a legend you are. Also VERY beautiful woman ❤️

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:39

      Hi, Nicky!! So wonderful to see your name pop up in my comments section! I hope you and your family are still doing well? Sending you lots of love and hugs! xoxo

  29. Shannin King
    27 March 2016 / 10:25

    Hi Luzanne, thanks for the excellent post, very helpful indeed. I do love your 5x concept and look forward to seeing more from the series.
    I’d love to see one on under-eye concealers, I can never find one that looks natural but has excellent coverage and I’m desperate to cover my under eye darkness.
    I would also love to see one on skincare products for hyperpigmentation, I have it on my forehead/hairline and around my eyes and can’t find anything that lightens it effectively, even though I’m very fastidious about sunscreen.

    All the best

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:43

      I totally agree with you – it’s not always easy to find an under eye concealer that looks natural (and yet still provides good coverage). Will definitely do a blog post for concealers soon!

      Love your idea to do a blog post on skincare products for hyperpigmentation – I also struggle with sun spots on my upper cheek area. I’ve used a couple of products in the past that worked really well for me, so will keep them in mind!

      Thank you for checking in on the blog and for leaving your feedback, Shannin, I really appreciate it. 🙂

      • Shannin King
        30 March 2016 / 20:41

        Thanks for your reply Luzanne, I really appreciate it. Just wanted to say it’s incredible that you take the time to reply to all your readers’ comments!
        Also, is there a way one can get notified as and when you post new blog posts? Don’t want to miss anything 🙂

  30. Yolandi
    27 March 2016 / 21:56

    Ek kan nie sonder foundation nie, daar waar ek gaan, gaan my foundation ook. Dit was nou lekker om te lees! Al jou blog posts is, maar toe ek hierdie een sien toe dink ek net, yay! Ek kan nie wag vir die volgende blog post in die series nie! xx

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:44

      Baie dankie vir hierdie positiewe comment, Yolandi – ek het dit so geniet om dit te lees! 🙂

  31. dionne
    28 March 2016 / 15:24

    Love the 5 in one post. Do you have any advice on choosing shades the lighting in the stores is so terrible that I always leave with something that looks perfect in the store and horribly dark or terrible undertones.

    • Luzanne
      29 March 2016 / 17:50

      I would definitely suggest going to the store with no foundation on. Then blend 2 shades that you think are closest to your skin tone (or neck area) on either side of your jawline. Then go walk around the shops for about 30 minutes or even an hour, this will give the foundation enough time to oxidise (if it does tend to oxidise / go darker). Also be sure to look at the shades on your jawline in natural daylight (use your compact mirror) – I never rely on the artificial light in the shops, they are very deceiving. You’ll be much more likely to choose a shade that is perfect for you if you take these steps.

      Best would be to blend 2 testers alont the jawline (or even the whole cheek area), go home and spend the whole day with the 2 shades on your skin. You’ll be able to see if the foundations change colour over time, how well they wear etc. I know it sounds strange to do this, but I’ve found it’s the only fool-proof way that has worked for me in the past. 🙂

  32. Carmen van Leeve
    5 April 2016 / 08:52

    Ok here is my wishlist of reviews:
    Face Primers
    Make-up setting spray
    Finishing powder
    Face creams for hyperpigmentation
    Treatments for hyperpigmentation (sun spots)

    That’s it for now.

    Thanks for the informative reviews – keep it coming 🙂

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